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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 70-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Braxton Miller
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe
  • SOCCER TEAM: Team USA, other than that I don't care

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Comment 16 Sep 2016

is it still going to be a Buckeye bar or does the definition of hipster mean those cats are just too cool to have a sporting event on the TV? Reason I ask is that I have been there for a couple of games when I used to live in SoCal and I am moving back in November.

Comment 16 Sep 2016

Seriously cc? any guy that knows movies could come up with that list in 15 minutes tops. I assume you never played or coached in college so I will let you know that there are times during the week when you have to shut down football. You need to get away from the practice, film study, weight room, Ice bath in the training room, role play with your teammates away from the field and just relax. Do something 180 degrees from the sport. 

Even if it took the whole coaching staff 2 hrs to complete this list over beers and pizza they were doing it together and bonding on a human level instead of X's and O's and figuring out how their O line squad would make the defensive line or vice versa look like shit because they were dominated in practice. in other words....

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Spanos declined comment on the agent movement or contract specifics.

"I prefer to keep the details quiet, but I would like to thank Todd France for his professionalism and his help in getting this deal done," Spanos said.

What a complete turd spanos is...... I prefer to keep the details quiet.... what happened last week when you took to social media like a scorned girlfriend...

Comment 25 Aug 2016

87, I golf at The Woodlands Country Club every week and they have no problem with cargo shorts. Not all of us are tiny enough to wear skinny jeans. A belt with your shorts on the course? Tucking in your shirt? There are a lot of rich fat guys out here that disagree with you on that one. I would have to say your idea of what is acceptable attire on a course is in the minority. I have played on at least 30 tournament courses in the last 15 years and all of them I have been wearing cargo shorts.

I am going to test your hypothesis next time I come back to C-bus I will play at Muirfield and Scioto CC and have my cargo shorts on with my polo untucked. If I get called out I will be man enough to let you know.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Career Stats

The accumulated varsity totals are in the last row of each table.

Total Rushing Yards
Average Rushing Yards
Rushing Yards Per Game
Rushing TDs
Total TDs



Year Grade     Team   GP Car  Yds   Avg   Y/G    Lng  100+  TD
Varsity Totals              45 968   7999  8.3  177.8   88    18     81
15-16 Senior Varsity    9 203   2150  10.6  238.9  83     9     23
14-15 Junior  Varsity  12 231   2267  9.8  188.9    86     9     27
13-14 Soph Varsity    13 273   2170  7.9  166.9    88            18
12-13 Fresh Varsity   11 261   1412  5.4  128.4    84             13

Comment 23 Aug 2016

here are the two guys he will be competing against at 197

Kollin and Kevin were state champs their senior year. Kollin tech falled his opponent in finals and Kevin pinned his guy and they both came second place jr and soph seasons. Kevin is also Kyle's little brother.

Comment 23 Aug 2016

All I can see is he;s not on the roster while all the rest of his class is. I have visited some other sites and there was talk about grades but nothing confirmed. I was really hoping this kid was going to come in a contribute right away. 

Comment 17 Aug 2016

YTOWNBUCKI, there was a great article with Jack regarding tiger a couple of years before he had his knee surgery. Jack was pissed off because the media was crowning tiger the greatest. He basically said look I have been behind tiger since he was a teenager and pulling for him to be the one to break my records, but too many things can come into play to derail a golfers career. 

he went on to point out the torque on his left knee and that could become an issue.... two years later surgery and many problems to follow.

he made a huge statement about marriage and family life and how that kept his game laser focused and the whole family was on board and part of his dream. He mentioned that tiger could start having problems at home and it could affect his ability.... Jack is nostradamus, nostradamus is Jack.

That's why people in all walks of life should refrain from knee jerk reactions and crowning someone GOAT or condemning someone for a situation that deserves to be looked at before judgement is passed.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

Use a pellet gun. Nobody wants to kill a dog unless its attacking a person or another pet but shooting it in the ass with a pellet might just make him spin around and run in the opposite direction

Comment 13 Jun 2016

winner, winner chicken dinner! Urbs and his staff will keep the ego's in check.

Comment 13 May 2016

First time I really watched Nick's film and I have to say wow, he is already a monster. His freshman film showed him reading plays like a senior or someone in a good college program. This is going to be tremendously fun.