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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 70-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
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Comment 12 Feb 2016

I live in Texas and work with a ton of guys from Louisiana and heads will roll. This guy just signed his death warrant. There are some crazy cajuns and they care sooo damn much about their LSU football team, that he might have to resign by monday for that boneheaded statement. 

That would be like getting pulled over and to try and get out of the ticket you tell the officer that he looks like a big pussy in his blue polyester outfit. Common sense is missing from far too many people in this country.

Comment 12 Feb 2016

Knar, I think some tool didn't get the Old School reference.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

It's funny how stories form 20+ years go in different ways. I repeated that because it came from a record producer's mouth backstage after the show. We were also all wasted so I am not claiming it was gospel either.

Comment 11 Feb 2016

I wasn't training for the draft (trying to get in a camp), but in 98 I was training like this, deep stretches, working on fast twitch muscle explosion and 40 times 5 hrs a day, pretty much sleeping and eating the rest of the time. I would throw up at least once a day during the intense training and I was in fantastic shape. It was the hardest 2 months of my life if you take wrestling practice out of the equation. 

the start of the 40 is everything, when I got to Cali I had a horrible technique, I took 2 tenths of a second off my time by learning how to start correctly. Hopefully Darron can pick up something that helps him run even faster and get him into the first round for sure.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

If you listen to load the most out of any Metallica album then that is why you don't understand the correct statement that they went downhill after Cliff died. It sounds like you are looking at the argument from simply playing the instrument standpoint instead of what someone like Cliff brings to the band in a complete package way. 

If you were in confession right now I would tell you to listen to master 12 times, Lightning 9 times and Kill Em All 33 times for your penance. If you complete this task I think you may understand how important Cliff was and what real metallica sounds like.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

never thought that about Jimi song. 

wrapped up like a douche another runner in the night is the one that got me as a teenager

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Did anyone actually pay attention to what as going on? He didn't walk out because he couldn't take what reporters were saying, a bronco DB was getting interviewed a couple of feet away and basically calling Cam out. They fucked up by having opposing players way too close after the game for interviews. So stupid, I doubt any of us would have sat there and listened to that.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

JC I have never done a single thing in my life to be considered hip, I reserve forearm shivers for those vaginas. With that being said I have seen Metallica at least 5-6 times and have been listening to them since 1986, but every time I see them now I can't get past how hetfield sings and bops around like he really does want to perform at halftime. Hell every now and then he does belt out some cords like he used to sing pre 93ish and its awesome.

I will always be a Metallica fan, but I really want to punch james in the stomach for changing how he sings, some people will say he evolved, but when you are a thrash metal band who's first album title was going to be "Metal up Your Ass" and now you have your hair cut short like you work in a suit and tie, you have changed and went the wrong direction from Thrash Metal.

if you want to enjoy Creeping Death and the rest of the songs watch this and the other ones from this show. This guy has em all.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

watch it again, manning was knocked on his ass by big number 99. he had 0.0 chance making the tackle and cam was a total chicken shit. I mean he was scared to dive after the ball (which he would have recovered if he wasn't such a pussy.) The should revoke his mvp for that yellow streak that will forever be down his back. cam you are a huge athletic QB and should be embarrassed, I hope the whole team gets to talk shit during film for at least a month on this one.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

I sure wish that Kyle could wrestle at 197 because he would kick Mcintosh's ass and we would have a really good chance winning HWT too with Tavanello. If Myles can pull it out against nickle then we will be good to go.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

It is very scary. I played 20 years from pee wee through college and semi pro and I had several symptoms of someone that had brain trauma. I got a treatment from a friend of mine in SoCal last november and I can concentrate and focus again, I don't go from 0-100 anymore and I have cut arguments with my wife by 95% (there will always be the 5% because women are nuts.)

Here is a little whiteboard commercial my friend Dr. Edrich did and if you know anyone with brain trauma or PTSD this is a life changer. you can PM me and I will talk to someone anytime.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Ok so I got something deleted last night about the ric flair signing of the stars thing. I said that as a kid I thought flair was gay. I made a simple statement, it wasn't hateful, I was around 10 in 1981ish and  that's what I really thought. just sharing a memory of my wrestling fan years when I thought it was real.

according to the policy the is no Abusive or hateful comments related to race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. I really don't think saying when I was ten I thought this guy was gay is abusive or hateful. It certainly would if I was saying f-ing c.....sucking f*&&#^ or something of that nature. There is a world of difference between a punk that says things that and tries to seriously hurt someones feelings if they were to read the post and someone that just says someone seemed gay.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Silver, JC ball is on the same level as D3 at least and the better programs could beat most of the d2 schools or whatever they are calling it now. We had 6 guys play in the NFL that played with me at JC I played for.

There is a big jump from HS to a JC team too. You know how when you watch a player that is committed and he is killing guys but he is 6 inches and 50 lbs heavier because they play in a small school division? JC isn't like that, when you watch his film and he is bulldozing guys that are small, remember he is 6-8 so the OLB he knos 5 yards back is 6-3 and 230. 

I am almost as excited about Malcolm Pridgeon signing as I am for Bosa. He is going to be a wrecking ball from day one. mark my words and Go Bucks.