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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 70-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
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Comment 9 hours ago

say whatever you want and keep telling yourself the hardballs is your savior but isn't that what was said about dickrod and flounder? When will people like you understand that its the mishitgan program that is the problem. That curse I put on that little whore ann arber when i was there back in 98 really worked. you tools are screwed no matter who is hired.

"Once great, now washed up. A study in mopishness!!"

Comment 17 Dec 2014

BPL, if a mishitgan fan would have been in my face with a megaphone after we lost the infamous Shawn Springs slip game I would have crushed the megaphone down his throat. When you are 21, drunk as hell and lost such a huge game the emotions end up getting the best of you sometimes. With that being said lewan is a bum and if you are a player for the losing team you HAVE to keep it in check, there is too much to lose. 

Comment 11 Dec 2014

Tight End. We have to out-run corners, safeties and linebackers. We have to out tough and beat down the linebackers when they take shots at you running by and during their attempt to cover you. Block a guy like JJ watt one play then block down on a 350 lb lineman the next. Have the best hands on the team and be the one that the QB can always count on for making the 3rd down conversion or TD in the corner of the endzone. I know people think the QB is the hardest or CB but look at it this way: put a DB or any other position at TE and see if they can do it at the highest level. Why is it that TE's usually are good Basketball players as well? They are the hands down best all around athletes on the field.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I have always thought that too. just like all the national enquirers of the past, but I will tell you when it comes to sports they usually have the scoop before SI and spin do. I work from home and every now and then my wife will walk in my office and say did you hear about so and so? and i will say no, just to find out that TMZ got in front of a story. she actually did on this one and even after i saw it on the other sits she asked me if I listened to the 911 call and I said there isn't any 911 call. She then reminded me why its futile to question your wife and played them for me.

It seems to me that she didn't want to be the only one that didn't call the police after he tried to get her out of the apartment.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

It sucked balls. i have seen every show and my wifes old business partner was one of the whore extras for the last 3 seasons but I think it was such a hit and miss show. sometimes it was awesome like when we got to see jemma get he brains blown out and sometimes it was stupid like a suicide by that punk? he needed to die like Opie did getting his brains beat out by a bunch of other criminals or maybe the victims of his BS. HIs kid was annoying too. I guess it was good sometimes and when it wasn't it gave us time to make fun of stupid shit.

I have never been a person that like the glorification of criminals but this show is like mold it just grew on me . Overall a decent watch but nowhere near the mountaintop that people make it out to be. 

and PS fuck off kurt sutter for having all the gay scenes, we all know what happens in prison but it didn't make anything better by being so damn explicit.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

That would be sick. Come to Ohio State play in 3 maybe 4 games and impress the scouts enough to get drafted in the first round. hows that for a recruiting tool for all the i need it now kids.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

good plan. If cooper is too much then we go to plan b and bring safety help with apple covering him. I do believe Grant will be fine because the d-line is going to be giving little vagina sims his worst day ever.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

if you can do it while in Nawlins that would have the most potent results since it is a. where the game is played and B. the voo-doo capital of the USA

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Hoyer is starting because they can always yank him if his bad play continues but if they were to start Johnny and he stinks the place up how do you think Hoyer will perform if he comes off the bench. This is the right thing to do and Coach Pettine is dead on here and the Browns are too a playoff team, maybe not deep into but a playoff team. If we didn't have so many damn injuries this year we would only have 2-3 losses at this point.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

please re-watch the penalty bosa got for ripping off the helmet of the mishitgan pussy. he didn't have his hands on the helmet at all he had the guy by the shoulders and was throwing him down and his forearms basically in the follow through took his not tightly strapped helmet off. Pay attention before you get on him about something that would have been overturned if possible.

the offsides was total monkey shit, the center should have been called for pulling him with the head bob.

Comment 28 Nov 2014

1971 so my record is 21-20-2

I would like to see at least 87-0 so we can change the largest victory in the record books to reflect a name that does now want to make you puke in your mouth. Go Buckeyes!!

Comment 24 Nov 2014

I will remind everyone to boycott ordering or allowing anyone you know to order anything from dominos pizza. That food is created by the enemy and just like woody pushed a car to the Ohio border before injecting money into the state up north's economy, we should do the same and order from donatos or just get a good frozen pizza.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I believe his facilities are failing him. He messed up several times with players names and breakdowns. I have no idea how someone that went to OSU for 4 years played football for Woody Hayes and coached here for 7 years could slip up on a song like that unless he is losing it.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

it depends on what he has been doing so far this season hopefully he has been traaining like a madman and is in terrific shape. If so then he can step right in and crush QB's playing rush DE is just pin your ears back and get to the QB so there shouldn't be much disparity between his last game and the one he gets to play in this season.

Good Luck Spence we would love to have you back. For those who are on a moral soap box then just remember we are here because we love OSU football and we like to win, unless you are thinking about hiring the players or letting one of them marry your daughter why do you care if the do something that has zero impact on you and your family? That is one of the bullshit things about the internet everyone wants to judge and let everyone know how they would handle it, but think about it who cares? I played football for 23 years from my first snap in pee wee till I tore ligaments in my foot and was done and football players are here for our entertainment and thats pretty much it. How many of you actually know the players and if you do or did 30 years ago how many are in your contacts on your cell phone? Quit making more of it than it is. So the kid used some drugs, he didn't hurt or commit a crime when he did and the only person that he did hurt was himself so like one of the other posters stated why would he be suspended for something that all other non sports scholarship students wouldn't hear a word about?

I am all Buckeye and always wish the best for all our players, so just sit back and take it for what it is.... Entertainment for us guys that are either too old to play anymore or never got the chance to play past HS. Go Bucks and let Noah play!!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Who cares if its Leinart or may complimenting the Buckeyes the only thing that matters is it's happening right now and this is exactly when we need the media to start gushing over us instead of lumping us with the rest of the big ten. Everyone was ready for us to completely dominate with Coach Meyer.... well guess what..... the time is here and now. Enjoy the ride because in season 3 with urbs we get to see what his recruiting and his style of coaching can do for OSU and we are on the right path to run through everyone. 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Man coverage all game and stack the box. Kwon plays whole game and his job is to shut their RB down. Eazy Pezy