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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 02 in the desert. Brought tears to my eyes right there in the stands. Made a futures bet $10 at 70-1 odds for us to win it all in July before the season. GO BUCKS!!!!
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Comment 24 Nov 2014

I will remind everyone to boycott ordering or allowing anyone you know to order anything from dominos pizza. That food is created by the enemy and just like woody pushed a car to the Ohio border before injecting money into the state up north's economy, we should do the same and order from donatos or just get a good frozen pizza.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I believe his facilities are failing him. He messed up several times with players names and breakdowns. I have no idea how someone that went to OSU for 4 years played football for Woody Hayes and coached here for 7 years could slip up on a song like that unless he is losing it.

Comment 21 Nov 2014

it depends on what he has been doing so far this season hopefully he has been traaining like a madman and is in terrific shape. If so then he can step right in and crush QB's playing rush DE is just pin your ears back and get to the QB so there shouldn't be much disparity between his last game and the one he gets to play in this season.

Good Luck Spence we would love to have you back. For those who are on a moral soap box then just remember we are here because we love OSU football and we like to win, unless you are thinking about hiring the players or letting one of them marry your daughter why do you care if the do something that has zero impact on you and your family? That is one of the bullshit things about the internet everyone wants to judge and let everyone know how they would handle it, but think about it who cares? I played football for 23 years from my first snap in pee wee till I tore ligaments in my foot and was done and football players are here for our entertainment and thats pretty much it. How many of you actually know the players and if you do or did 30 years ago how many are in your contacts on your cell phone? Quit making more of it than it is. So the kid used some drugs, he didn't hurt or commit a crime when he did and the only person that he did hurt was himself so like one of the other posters stated why would he be suspended for something that all other non sports scholarship students wouldn't hear a word about?

I am all Buckeye and always wish the best for all our players, so just sit back and take it for what it is.... Entertainment for us guys that are either too old to play anymore or never got the chance to play past HS. Go Bucks and let Noah play!!

Comment 21 Nov 2014

Who cares if its Leinart or may complimenting the Buckeyes the only thing that matters is it's happening right now and this is exactly when we need the media to start gushing over us instead of lumping us with the rest of the big ten. Everyone was ready for us to completely dominate with Coach Meyer.... well guess what..... the time is here and now. Enjoy the ride because in season 3 with urbs we get to see what his recruiting and his style of coaching can do for OSU and we are on the right path to run through everyone. 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Man coverage all game and stack the box. Kwon plays whole game and his job is to shut their RB down. Eazy Pezy 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Heres an idea. don't follow anyone be a leader. Jalin you are going to be an All American first round pick. Fuck all of those that think they can play or do a quarter of the things you have to on a daily basis. We are a big family here and as we all know sometimes family members say things they regret. Shake it off and kill everything the rest of your career!!

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Really? how many lawsuits and bad things have happened to date? None that i can remember, I was hanging out with a buddy in 90 when it all started. we were sitting there smoking a joint and a crowd showed up and jumped so we said fuck it and went in too. We hooked up with some chicks that lived close by so we ended up getting laid and our clothes dried before we walked home to lane Ave.

SO yes it is total BS that they regulate such a spontaneous thing that stuck and became a tradition, for all the pussies that ruin things like this and are part of the control everything crowd, next time you are going to reach for a beer try smoking a joint and chill out.

Comment 05 Nov 2014

I agree its without question because Jim fell on a sword for his team and his school. I think he loves OSU maybe not all people here (mean jeans and other suits) but would never root against the Buckeyes in any sport.

Comment 01 Nov 2014

why is anyone talking about fireball. Drink Firewater that will pep you up a bit! When I used to work at the Beer Barrel Saloon at Put in Bay we would drink 3 stooges to catch up to everyone when we got off work at 12. 

3 Stooges

1 part Jager

1 part Firewater

1 part Rumplemintz

some people were not born to handle this shot "Big Jay" but if you have the stomach then this is the ultimate be right with ya shot!!

Go Bucks!!

Comment 24 Oct 2014

research shows.... snopes says..... All this is coming from people that were never a part of what is happening. Sexual assaults are stupid and don't make any sense at all. The people that are involved are going to do bad things when they grow up. Other types of hazing is fine, its the PC no ones feeling should be hurt ever attitude that is trying to shut hazing down. Don't get me wrong if anyone does anything that is a jailable offense like seriously hurting someone or sexual assault that isn't hazing anymore its criminal. Lets say a group of seniors grab a freshman, take his shirt off, hold him down and give him a cherry belly (smacking stomach with open hand) then thats something you deal with and move on. 

I don't believe you understand the dynamics of hazing. Hazing happens so the new kid understands they are at the low end of the totem pole (thats not a racist saying is it?) and it makes them endure something that isn't fun and may hurt pretty bad. It shows the older kids that their fellow teammates are trustworthy and once you go through hazing you are a true brother for life with everyone involved. So as long as the hazing is good clean natured and mildly violent then its fine and if you are against it then you probably need to put the thumb back in your mouth, close the window so you don't have to hear the kids playing and keep sucking...

Comment 01 Oct 2014

we have 3 TE's that are better than he could ever be by just adding weight. You need to understand something GFL, WR's are prima donnas and are not tough enough to play TE. I played TE for many years and as much as I loved catching a ball and running 50 yds for a score I had to have that same passion blocking a 270 All American DE or blocking down on a 330LB tackle and then moving up to the second level and have a 240 LB running 10 yards at me trying to knock my head off. WR's are too worried about their hair and getting into the end zone to want to break spines on every single play.

I had a coach that would yell at me for not running towards the end zone every time because I would turn towards the middle of the field to hit someone in practice. TE's have to be complete savages to play and excel at the position and you need to be born with that mentality, not try to pick it up along the way because you can't crack the 2 deep. I actually get fucking offended and want to strap on the shoulder pads and helmet when people just assume anyone can play TE and it doesn't require the toughest player on the field to play.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

"I think this team can still win the [Big Ten] championship," Hoke told reporters after the loss. "I really do."

Flounder could be more delusional than mishitgan and cincy fans combined!!

Comment 14 Sep 2014

What's my Delta Tau Chi name?
Dorfman, i've given this a lot of thought. From now on...your name is Flounder.

Comment 13 Sep 2014

Jalin needs to be our return guy. Dontre tries the cute shit too much, Jalin is going to break one real soon, almost did today. Get 17 the ball and he will make things happen!!