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Comment 09 Aug 2012

only 3 metro areas smaller than Columbus have more than one pro team... N.O. Buffalo Milwaukee and none have NHL+NBA 

Comment 09 Aug 2012

I like the effort but this is never happening... 

1. Columbus already has an NHL team... it would be one thing if they added a team that didn't play the exact same season of the year... 

2. The website is misleading...

- yes Columbus is 15th in city size but that is irrelevant... they are 30-32 in the different metropolitan/urban area statistics that are actually used for population base

- the site mentions like 6 cities that are smaller which have an NBA team... but that again is irrelevant b/c you'd want to find smaller cities that have 2 or more pro sports teams as this is the category Columbus would be in with an NBA team.  Memphis, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Portland, OKC, etc are no different than Columbus, ONE professional sports team.