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Comment 13 Jan 2015

To hell with ESPN but damnnnnnn so glad so many witnessed such a glorious day for that team, the staff, the university, the state and fans everywhere BOSS

Comment 13 Jan 2015

The only attitude I have is listen to sound points no matter what it is this was the first post where I even uttered anything resembling my opinion because I was keeping it to myself until u idiots pushed it too far, so I have no damn clue what ur talking about o and btw I know this comment is late but u said we won't be talking about this till spring, well we're already talking about it especially after cardales performance, if nothing else I care about everyone living in reality whatever that may be. Stop being anti future and trying to call me out for caring about the years ahead, I don't tweet at players or any bullshit like that and this is the closest thing I have to a social networking account, go back to school and relearn manners, reason and clearly reading comprehension you ignorant POS

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Sports science is stupid and breinkus seems like a nice lady but this is just another ESPN gimmick every sports science u see there are multiple athletes they could use to get relatively the same data that's why sports isn't about science it's about people...and u win with people. That's why zeke scored because he wanted it not because he's that much more athletically gifted than everyone, although maybe a little, just give this run on a vine loop that's all the science I need 

Comment 26 Nov 2014

i can't even put into words the utter vastness of your stupidity, we would be idiots if we weren't "debating" this.  also, what debate? everything is clear cut in the scenario, the reason there's a debate it because there is so much impartiality because of peoples history with braxton, so these people with blinders on have talked themselves into thinking braxton is a better fit at the qb position but really they are just butt hurt and i get it, braxton is FUCKING awesome

i like to think in a small corner of my mind that braxton even knows he NEEDS to beat JT out this summer, like a man, because JT has earned a battle at the very least with the way he has played.

seriously, i am so tired of you people who think its a) dumb to talk about qb controversy and b) the holier than thou troll fuckers on this forum that try to silence the FIRE FICKELL folks, its a harsh view yes, but literally NO DEFENSE in the tressel era was this awful, yeah go ahead, keep blaming scheme, the changing game, weak linebackers, you know what accounts for that? good coaching

Comment 26 Nov 2014

or maybe one expulsion of a very good player will serve as a resounding wake up call to not fuck around, i'm sorry but i have little to no sympathy for this.  especially when there are guys that would have never gotten in trouble, given 4 hard years and gotten a degree which is better than we ended up getting from spence.  you can say everyone makes mistakes blah blah but he made a mistake (got caught) and fucked up again (and GOT CAUGHT AGAIN) hes a idiot, dude is blowing down molly like his life depends on it.  bottom line is there are kids out there who don't make those mistakes and also aren't "self righteous," you know who those guys are? everyone else on the ohio state team who hasnt gotten popped for drugs, the ones that came to ohio state to play football

Comment 17 Nov 2014

to supplement this, we should all take a step back and look at how good we've all been saying Barrett is, this issue arising was inevitable, the blogs we read paved the road to it for god's sake

HERES A SITUATION: starter goes down, backup is heisman candidate plays out of his mind, no one ever considers or talks about or entertains the idea of the backup remaining the starter--------YOU WOULD NEVER EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN IF HE'S THAT GOOD AND HAS SCORED MORE TD'S IN HIS FIRST 10 GAMES THAN MARIOTA AND THE LAST TWO HEISMAN WINNERS ANNNDDDDD MORE THAN TWICE AS MANY AS BRAXTON MILLER OR TERRELLE PRYOR

Comment 17 Nov 2014

i feel like i'm going to have a perpetual love/hate relationship with the quarterback position in 2015, its a "good problem to have" on paper, but idk how it ACTUALLY is a "good problem" to have, its a problem

his performance against minnesota was pretty darn good, and he did throw a pick, but he looks like he breezes through these games. i really think there is something to how calm and collected he always seems, it makes me, as a spectator, feel that he is THAT calm and collected in his knowledge of the offense.  his confidence oozes out more and more weekly and he continues to regularly show us a new aspect to his game and repertoire.

everyone cites millers running ability. yeah its amazing. JAW dropping, and miller probably didn't have the weapons consistently.  However, i refuse to believe the offense would be running better than this with him taking snaps. Miller isn't a qb first, Barrett is. Herman has called Barrett the smartest he's ever coached and it has shown in his ability to actually SPREAD the ball out, run the option VERY WELL (in spite of what some call a lack of speed) and just overall has allowed the OSU offense to reach almost peak efficiency.

Guys, if this topic is already getting the Fire Fickell thread treatment and being disregarded, thats totally fine and I'll go by the standard already set, but this WILL be an issue, unless one of them gets hurt, its a looming GIANT story for potentially the entirety of CFB, to disregard this topic is naive and its REALLY good filler talk during the week IMO, I could talk about it all day, but at the moment i'm not sure if its taboo yet or not

Comment 11 Nov 2014

jt threatens to drop a sexy bomb over youre head to ruin your day on 3rd and forever and still rip off a 40 yard run. you're threatening the definition of threat if you don't think jt is more of a threat than miller, miller can juke and that is 80 percent of his game

Comment 11 Nov 2014

oh here come the holier than thous who dont want us to talk about something that IS going to be a HUGE issue, just because theres still football going on in a season where now were just waiting for people to lose. SORRY for focusing on the issues that WILL be a major deal on a website devoted to OSU sports and the future of these programs (ex. recruiting coverage) and also, OSU is a young team that will have alot of expectations in 2015 and will be expected to probably be top 5 in the preseason.  Braxton/JT is part of the OSU football story now, deal with it

Comment 11 Nov 2014

if that happened im guessing mabe increased running output but smith and thomas would have 200 yards less receiving each i would guess.  Braxton was NEVER going to make OSUs offense more dynamic than it is now.  the ONLY difference I see that favors miller and not even that much is his ability to break a big run.  have you idiots been watching JT run.  he very may well have better running instincts than braxton and can easily get 40 yards on a given play, so were talking about getting a touchdown and getting a really big run as being the only way in which JTs game is weaker than brax compared to his immeasurable advantage over braxton with his arm

Comment 11 Nov 2014

THIS ALL DAY, never in his career could he or will he be able to replicate that strike

Comment 11 Nov 2014

"I'd still take Braxton right now. No one can say he wouldn't have been able to put up passing numbers similar or better than JT"

Um, I can.  What makes you think braxton has near the level of this kids pocket poise, JT was batter than Braxton is in the pocket in HS.  Also, his decisions to run I think are better than Braxton on plays that arent designed.  JTs arm is single handedly why we are seeing peak OSU offensive efficiencey.  Its like meyer said of the passing game his first two years, it was pathetic then slightly better than pathetic.  Sure, other things come into play there but if that doesn't say something about your qb being able to hit on big plays idk what does. If JT beats scUM, wins the big ten champioship game and wins ONE playoff game i think he earns it outright on the field alone, he will have more big game wins than braxton in his career

Comment 20 Oct 2014

i think this play was chosen because its so open and you can literally SEE him making a smart decision but he made at least five other plays that were as good or better than this one.  Also, this isnt that amazing when you think about braxton miller maybe only a couple of more games into the season made his wisconsin hail mary where he had his eyes down field and stopped millimeters before the LOS to crank it to Devin. Just sayin' and i like JT more than braxton in pure terms of OSU winning a natl championship

Comment 08 Sep 2014

dude i dont agree with this guy at all but dont pull the youre lonely because youre mad card, for all we know you're overcompensating for how buthurt you are because you wasted money on that monstrosity of a game.  and ell of you need to say things like "don't post again" this site has fantastic people as admins let them handle it, you look like you have a power complex when you say things like that and you look even worse when you have a power complex...on the internet

Comment 24 Sep 2013

I'm sorry am I the only one who is critical of Sullinger here or is everyone on the "do t get caught" bandwagon? I of course hope he comes out better on the other side but to me Sullinger has breached the realm of idiot professional athlete (who just happened to play for OSU) stop being an idiot get your shit tiger he play ball and make $, people say athletes make mistakes too bla bla bla yeah well they also get off easy in court and are afforded a lifestyle in which they have the means to live a lavish yet safe and clean lifestyle, there's never an excuse

Comment 19 Sep 2013

not to be a scathing douche because the office is one of my favorite shows ever but i wanted to shoot my tv in the face during this part of the episode those kids should have their SAG cards shredded

Comment 19 Sep 2013

i wish i could think this way and honestly would be truly suprised if you actually do but ill take your word for it lol.  its hard for me because they have just been slowly but surely shaping the way college football is perceived and i dont like the way college football is perceived so whenthey say something i dont like...i dont like it. (this quote by herbie uncharacteristically puts the sec on blast but don't worry he still wearing those Nike cream filled green and yellow compression shorts

Comment 19 Sep 2013

dont get me wrong i agree with the last chunk of your post but i do tend to be one of the people who believes in beating the "establishment." I mean that sugar bowl game was a fun little treat while it lasted but lets be real ARKANSAS? This is a team that would be about as relevent as tennessee right now if not for felix jones, darren mcfadden and ryan mallett.