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Comment 26 Nov 2011

I agree.. I am so excited for next year. The coaches will be gone and we can start to build something special!

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Does anyone think that maybe miller was too flustered to get the right play call in on that 3rd down? I honestly cannot believe that a coach would call that play...

Comment 13 Apr 2011

Take it for what its worth but I know the president of OSU's student government and he said there is more bad to come with Tressel. I am still not convinced that the worst has passed.

Comment 10 Sep 2010

I'm am so sick of leBron. All he is doing is taking our focus off the game. I couldnt give to sh*ts if he is there or not, this is OSU football and thats all that matters on saturdays.

Comment 30 Aug 2010
I'm actually open to the game on thursday. Lets all take a deep breath and see how it turns out before calling for a change