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Comment 06 Sep 2012

Bourbon is like barbecue. If you're spending time debating it, you're wasting time drinking it.

Comment 11 Feb 2012

When you made your decision to attend a D1 football school on full scholarship how difficult was it? 

Unlike most players who decide to go to an "NFL factory" only to sit on the bench or transfer to an FCS school two years later, he seemed like he realized that where he goes has an enormous impact on the rest of his career/life, and realized that for every pro to attending one school there were multiple cons to consider. While MD isnt known as a football factory, look at the Giants roster. They have 4 guys from Troy. Guys from Delaware, UMASS, Brown, Cornell...if he's got the talent and gets on the field to get noticed, he'll be fine, but it really seems like he just wanted MD to be the choice, to stay close to home, even if it wasn't the best one on paper. And it seems like he took the time to think rather than make a rash decision that has a lot of serious long term impact on his life 

Baylor has some solid but not spectacular receivers, and they had a pretty good year with what I'd call a single stud.