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Comment 22 Sep 2015
I don't remember, but it was actually funny. Seriously though, maybe it's just my age and I didn't get some of the references, but nothing struck me as particularly clever or original.
Comment 19 Sep 2015
This is nothing new. It's hard to get excited about a MAC team you're favored to beat by 35. Throw in the fact that the offense looks like complete garbage and you have the recipe for a quiet and passive crowd.
Comment 15 Sep 2015
Heehee! You said good woody stories. (I'm channeling my inner 12 year old).
Comment 12 Sep 2015
42-24 and 38-0. You won't hear this Buckeye fan complaining after they had 2 days of practice to get ready for Hawai'i.
Comment 08 Sep 2015
I wouldn't say no crybabies. There was the one guy whining about how much he hates Urban and that he was trying to run up the score. Every fanbase has those guys.
Comment 06 Sep 2015
In case you didn't realize, it's what he does. And he got the exact reaction from you that he was going for. I hope he picks against us every game. He's proven time and time again his general lack of knowledge for college football.
Comment 30 Aug 2015
If Ohio State did this we'd be saying it's great how lose this team is and how great it is that they know how to have fun and not take themselves so serious. The same applies here. Just some college kids having a little fun.
Comment 29 Aug 2015
Not only was he the Defensive MVP against Oregon, but you're assuming that he won't improve any and learn from some of the mistakes that he made. Bosa doesn't always make the right read and rushes the wrong hole, do you want to replace him too?
Comment 21 Aug 2015
What I found interesting was that Gruden kept harping on how this is all new to Manziel, being in a huddle, calling plays etc. If I'm a high school recruit who thinks he has a shot at the NFL, why would I go to TA&M? Sounds like they don't get QB's NFL ready. I also question whether the Browns can get a QB NFL ready.
Comment 19 Aug 2015
He did not enter that game as a 3rd stringer who'd been warming the bench all year. And hadn't he started a couple of games at the end of the season? I love this guys take. They had the Heisman winner at QB and we had "2 game starter" Cardale Jones. I would have been happy to have let their 3rd stringer have 2 starts before playing us and see how that turned out for them.