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Comment 21 Aug 2015
What I found interesting was that Gruden kept harping on how this is all new to Manziel, being in a huddle, calling plays etc. If I'm a high school recruit who thinks he has a shot at the NFL, why would I go to TA&M? Sounds like they don't get QB's NFL ready. I also question whether the Browns can get a QB NFL ready.
Comment 19 Aug 2015
He did not enter that game as a 3rd stringer who'd been warming the bench all year. And hadn't he started a couple of games at the end of the season? I love this guys take. They had the Heisman winner at QB and we had "2 game starter" Cardale Jones. I would have been happy to have let their 3rd stringer have 2 starts before playing us and see how that turned out for them.
Comment 10 Aug 2015
Unfortunately, just drafting a Buckeye isn't enough. They have to receive good coaching and have good players around them to succeed. The Browns have been short in both of those departments for a long time.
Comment 06 Aug 2015
It always makes me laugh when all the armchair QB's/PG's declare that someone "deserves" this or that. I would think that a very miniscule percent of us get paid to be talent evaluators at any level, let alone the professional one. High school talent doesn't always translate to college and college talent doesn't always translate to the pros. Just because someone isn't in the league now, it doesn't mean they won't be in the future. Good luck to all former Buckeyes chasing the dream.
Comment 03 Aug 2015
Looking at the current recruiting rankings, I don't think Ohio State needs more alternative uniforms. Teams that don't have the tradition (of winning) or history (of winning) of the countries perennial powerhouses need alternative uniforms.
Comment 31 Jul 2015
You mean when he tried to tackle the defender who intercepted the pass?
Comment 31 Jul 2015
No, 100 is just ridiculous. I think 59-0 is perfect.
Comment 12 Jul 2015
I mean, he has been training by boxing this summer. That could come in handy if they jump Dontre again this year.