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Comment 10 May 2015
Alabama, IF they wanted to be there and prepared for the game. Because we all know they only lose when they want to, not because they played a better team.
Comment 23 Mar 2015
I totally agree. Didn't almighty UK get bounced in the first round of the NIT a couple years ago? Izzo has had a few years where he didn't sniff the conference title either. He's certainly not perfect, but I'll take Matta for at least a few more years. He's earned and deserves that. If he's still pulling in top ranked classes but finishing mid pack in the B1G, then a change might be necessary. He's lost as many guys early as anybody. Mix that with some players not living up to expectations and you're going to have some down years. I too have been following the Bucks since the 70's, and this is by far the best decade + of Buckeye basketball. Embrace it and enjoy it while it lasts. There's no guarantee it gets better when Matta is gone.
Comment 23 Mar 2015
We might have inbounded the ball, but of course the camera was showing the celebration, so I don't know for sure. I don't have a problem with home games for the higher seeds. Who's going to go see Ohio State vs North Carolina at a neutral site? The refs should have had better control of the game at the end though.
Comment 22 Mar 2015
"the Bearcats hung around long enough to turn the 10,000 Kentucky fans in attendance into foul conspiracy theorists." Thanks for this. There were UK fans on Facebook claiming that all fouls are called against them and that Willy Cauley Stein gets called for fouls just by walking onto the court. I had to laugh and stir them up a bit. They're undefeated, win most games easily and yet UK fans have to have something to whine about. I pointed out how many more fouls Cincy was called for but that didn't do any good. They're thugs you know. We're supposed to feel sorry for poor little Kentucky. They never foul anyone. I was in the kitchen and knew when a foul was called against them by the amount of boos coming from the tv.