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Comment 22 Mar 2014
This Facebook, Twitter, Instagram generation is pathetic. Just because he didn't live up to your expectations doesn't mean he sucks. The kid obviously LOVED The Ohio State University! He gave everything he had everytime he was on the floor. I bet you weren't bashing him when he was making free throws to ice the game against Nebraska. Sorry for the rant, but I've just had enough of the hate against OUR Buckeyes. Stay hidden behind your computer screens and phones and keep spewing forth the hate if it somehow makes you feel better about yourselves.
Comment 20 Mar 2014
I wouldn't call it out of his way when it looks like that's where his seat his. He doesn't appear to be pointing, calling out players names, cursing. Just some harmless hollering. I would hope as Ohio State fans that we would have a little thicker skin to be able to deal with something like this. I'm pretty sure this has to be the biggest win of his Dayton fandom so I wouldn't get too judgmental over a 3 second GIF.
Comment 20 Mar 2014
I'm trying to figure out what he did that was so bad. His team just won a game in the tournament that they probably shouldn't have against the in state giant. He should be happy, jacked, whatever. We won 2 games on buzzer beaters last year that had me jumping all over my living room. Let Dayton and their fans enjoy the moment and let's move on.
Comment 17 Mar 2014
If we were to shoot the percentages we just shot against Michigan, while making a few free throws at the end, we could totally beat Syracuse. They're far from an offensive juggernaut, so it would be a defensive battle. A game that we could win by getting the ball in the high post against the zone and hitting some intermediate jumpers. Don't just stand out there and chuck up 3's all game long. A month and a half ago I wouldn't have thought that beating Syracuse was possible. We just have to get past Dayton first and then see what happens.
Comment 17 Mar 2014
I'm much more worried about getting by Dayton first. This is exactly the type of game this year's team would struggle in. If we get by them, I'm not at all worried about Syracuse and their zone. We'll be the underdog with nothing to lose. It will be a defensive game where each team should have trouble scoring. If we play and shoot the way we did against Michigan, except for the free throws at the end, we have a good chance. No added pressure this year of expecting a deep run like in recent years.
Comment 16 Mar 2014
We need him on the floor for his defense and rebounding, he just needs to stop chucking up 3 pointers all game long.
Comment 14 Mar 2014
This team just doesn't know how to play with a lead. They lose their intensity, focus, whatever, but they just don't play with that "killer instinct". They expect things to happen when they have the lead instead of making things happen.
Comment 14 Mar 2014
That's why I love ADV! His energy, hustle, emotion. Is he out of control sometimes, yes. Miss to many shot, yes. But when he gets in the flow he can play. Diebler didn't exactly light it up from 3 point range his first couple of years and I'm sure he had alot more playing time than ADV. Great comeback. They limited Nebraska's drives to the basket in the second half like I said they should and they started chucking up shots at the end of the shot clock.