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Comment 10 Feb 2016
Could have, but didn't. I didn't say it wasn't dangerous, but you could say that about a lot of tackles. Players have the potential to get hurt every play. Shazier was neither penalized or fined for his hit on Gio. A hit that caused a concussion. Talib's face mask was just that, a face mask penalty. I've seen guys' heads spun all the way around. I just think I've seen worse and there's been no suspension, let alone 6 games or a whole season as another poster suggested.
Comment 16 Jan 2016
Maryland has to cool off at some point. Bucks aren't actually playing badly, they're just not making shots. We pump fake a 3 to get a shorter, wide open shot and miss. Maryland has made 7/10 3 pointers.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
There's nothing to fix. It's just one of those days. This team will be much better next season.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Indiana is getting every call/no call, every loose ball/rebound, and they're making every shot. My sports weekend couldn't have been worse. Edit: maybe the Bucks are missing every shot more than Indiana is making every one, but, you get the point.
Comment 10 Jan 2016
Bernard did not duck, watch it again. The Steelers receiver in the first half did duck but still didn't get in the head. Refs were very inconsistent.