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Comment 20 hours ago
Some kids just don't have to try or work very hard growing up. Everything comes easy to them. When everyone else's talent catches up to them they don't know how to handle it. They've never had to work hard or worry about fundamentals, they were just that much better than everyone else. Maybe this happened to Amir. Some thrive under that pressure, others crumble. Hopefully Amir figures it out this year and becomes a post player that Matta can count on. Edit: Showthem beat me to it.
Comment 26 Jul 2014
TTUN has a 7th grade girl they are promoting at their summer camp. Really? That's not how his post reads. But I guess it is up for interpretation. It just struck me wrong.
Comment 25 Jul 2014
I still don't see the humor. This really doesn't have anything to do with the Michigan team per se. It's a camp open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. It's not gender exclusive. It's sad that we have to try and make fun of Michigan or whoever for every tiny little thing.
Comment 25 Jul 2014
The Detroit News ran this story, not TTUN. Sam seems like a very mature and obviously athletic girl. This doesn't mean she's going to try to play college football or even high school for that matter. This was just a chance to showcase her talent. Having been around youth football a little bit, I can tell you she's better than most boys that age. I say good for her!
Comment 24 Jul 2014
But I don't think hot dogs, cigars, and beer are PED's either.
Comment 14 Jul 2014
They can spin it however they want, bottom line is they're trying to put bottoms in the seats. That's pretty sad that the proud UofM, with their Michigan Man, has to try and bribe people to come to games with doughnuts and fireworks. I personally go to Ohio State games for the experience that it is. TBDBITL, the Shoe, the players on the field, the list goes on and on. No amount of fireworks, or free giveaways would make me want to go more. Using fireworks at Ohio State to enhance the fan experience is just that, an enhancement to an already sold out stadium.
Comment 12 Jul 2014
During the Cooper years, Michigan owned Ohio State. Their fans were even saying that it wasn't much a rivalry anymore. They said MSU was a bigger rival and more important game. Enter the Vest and now Urban and the tables have turned. So in the last 26 years, Ohio State's record vs Michigan is 13-12-1. I'd say that's pretty even. For oldtimers like me, there is no replacing Michigan as our main rival. 13 years is just a blip in the entirety of this rivalry. And it might be over half the life span of some of my fellow 11W members. Michigan might be down now, but they will be back. Just not anytime soon I hope.
Comment 10 Jul 2014
I assumed that getting tickets to the Kent State game would be easier than getting UC tickets. What's that old saying about assuming? Couldn't get 4 tickets together for Kent St but there were plenty to choose from for UC in the south stands. It'll be the first time me, the wife, and our 2 kids will be seeing a game together at the Shoe. Super excited, and it's almost a night game (6pm kickoff). We won't have to leave the house by 8am either.
Comment 10 Jul 2014
They had just presented a story on Alabama's latest arrest and didn't once mention Saban or any kind of problem with player arrests at Alabama. Then they throw up this sparkling graphic. Matt Millen was on this panel of "experts" if that tells you anything about how this went down.
Comment 02 Jul 2014
Did it last year. Fulfilled a lifelong dream of running on the field. I even high-fived Brutus as I was heading toward the finish line. Won't be there this year, had back surgery May 1st, but I'll definitely do it next year if they have it. The finishers medal was awesome, it was a replica of the Shoe. Best medal of any race I've ever done.
Comment 28 Jun 2014
Why do we get so offended when everyone else in the country doesn't drink the scarlet and gray kool-aid? Just win games and everything else will take care of itself. The last Heisman winner for the Bucks didn't get a national championship. As a fan, I'd rather bag about NC's than Heisman's.
Comment 27 Jun 2014
In the NHL, you get a point for having a game go to overtime, even if you end up losing that game. You get credit for almost winning. Those 1 point overtime losses, along with the points you get for winning games is what determines who goes to the playoffs. I don't know anyone who "celebrated" losing to Germany. It's just that it didn't prevent us from advancing out of the toughest group in the World Cup. Would it have been better to lose the first game to Germany, tie Portugal in the second, and then beat Ghana in the third? It equals out the same, but I guess the perception would have been different.
Comment 22 Mar 2014
This Facebook, Twitter, Instagram generation is pathetic. Just because he didn't live up to your expectations doesn't mean he sucks. The kid obviously LOVED The Ohio State University! He gave everything he had everytime he was on the floor. I bet you weren't bashing him when he was making free throws to ice the game against Nebraska. Sorry for the rant, but I've just had enough of the hate against OUR Buckeyes. Stay hidden behind your computer screens and phones and keep spewing forth the hate if it somehow makes you feel better about yourselves.
Comment 20 Mar 2014
I wouldn't call it out of his way when it looks like that's where his seat his. He doesn't appear to be pointing, calling out players names, cursing. Just some harmless hollering. I would hope as Ohio State fans that we would have a little thicker skin to be able to deal with something like this. I'm pretty sure this has to be the biggest win of his Dayton fandom so I wouldn't get too judgmental over a 3 second GIF.
Comment 20 Mar 2014
I'm trying to figure out what he did that was so bad. His team just won a game in the tournament that they probably shouldn't have against the in state giant. He should be happy, jacked, whatever. We won 2 games on buzzer beaters last year that had me jumping all over my living room. Let Dayton and their fans enjoy the moment and let's move on.
Comment 17 Mar 2014
If we were to shoot the percentages we just shot against Michigan, while making a few free throws at the end, we could totally beat Syracuse. They're far from an offensive juggernaut, so it would be a defensive battle. A game that we could win by getting the ball in the high post against the zone and hitting some intermediate jumpers. Don't just stand out there and chuck up 3's all game long. A month and a half ago I wouldn't have thought that beating Syracuse was possible. We just have to get past Dayton first and then see what happens.
Comment 17 Mar 2014
I'm much more worried about getting by Dayton first. This is exactly the type of game this year's team would struggle in. If we get by them, I'm not at all worried about Syracuse and their zone. We'll be the underdog with nothing to lose. It will be a defensive game where each team should have trouble scoring. If we play and shoot the way we did against Michigan, except for the free throws at the end, we have a good chance. No added pressure this year of expecting a deep run like in recent years.
Comment 16 Mar 2014
We need him on the floor for his defense and rebounding, he just needs to stop chucking up 3 pointers all game long.