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Comment 27 Aug 2014
Other than the o-line, does it really matter who starts? The d-line it's going to rotate players in and out all game, same with the secondary depending on the coverage. Starters aren't necessarily guaranteed more playing time. It might be a good problem to have if there isn't a big separation between the 1's and the 2's. There shouldn't be a big drop in production no matter who is playing.
Comment 26 Aug 2014
I still don't like him. He's just a rich, spoiled brat. So he said some nice things about Braxton, that doesn't mean he's grown up and is a likeable person. Like an earlier poster said, he just knows what to say with a microphone in front of his face. He's still a punk in my book. And to think he had a chance to join Archie as a 2-timer. That makes me ill just to think about.
Comment 25 Aug 2014
How can Oregon have the best uniforms when they don't have a uniform. It's something different every week. When I see them, I don't know who it is at first. It could be Oregon, Baylor or any other of the style before substance teams that have popped up in recent years. Give me the classic Ohio State unis, or even Alabama, PSU, Texas, etc. You know who they are because they've been around forever.
Comment 23 Aug 2014
JT hasn't played for a year and a half, and none in college. Miller has been starting for 3 years. Miller will still have way more experience than JT when he comes back. I don't think you play someone just because they have a chance to break some records in 3 years when they're a Senior. You play whoever is better. It'll be a good problem to have if it plays out that way.
Comment 21 Aug 2014
It's just an old saying. If you actually take offense, then you "resent" the remark. If you take it in jest, you might "resemble" the remark. It's a way to lessen the sting from an insult if you "agree" with it. It goes back to the 3 Stooges and Groucho Marx.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
This article was a preview of Ohio State and the upcoming season, but all the MGoBloggers can comment on is Urban's player discipline, or lack there of. It's amazing the feelings there are that he comes down harder on non starters and let's the starters get off free. Or if he does discipline somebody, it's just for PR. I think they're just trying to drag OSU into their dumpster fire.
Comment 18 Aug 2014
Decades of "3 yards and a cloud of dust" is hard to overcome. Plenty of wins over the years without the prototypical NFL caliber QB.
Comment 16 Aug 2014
If only Hingle McCringleberry didn't play for Penn State. He should have left when he had the chance. Staying the B1G, Mergatroid Skittle is tearing it up for MSU.
Comment 16 Aug 2014
Jammie Jammie-Jammie. THE Ohio State University. Little known fact, he also won the Heisman.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
As a Bengals fan, you're darn right I'm sick of hearing about him. You'd hardly know there were any other teams in the NFL right now. There always seems to be an inordinate amount of Jets coverage too. I never understood the fascination with foot lovin' Rex Ryan.
Comment 14 Aug 2014
What really sucks for me is that my cable company won't carry the Big Ten Network, but I have the crappy SEC Network now. I think I'll just lock that channel so I don't accidentally watch it.