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Comment 30 Jul 2014

We all know what kind of workout warrior Lebron is.  I believe it would be pretty cool if he did some of his off season work outs at some of the facilities on campus with players and some of the football pros.  I have to think that the idea of getting some of those workouts in with The King every year would have to be a big draw to recruits!  Just thinking about it is making me want to drop and knock out twenty semi regulation push ups right here in my cubicle!!!  But...upon further review I think I shall simply eat a panini!

Comment 20 Jan 2014

Gotta be honest here...I love our up an coming receivers and think we are absolutely LOADED.  But my bigger concern is whether or not Brax is able to consistently spread the ball around to them so that they can do their thing.  The bigger question is "does Brax take a big enough step toward becoming the kind of passer that makes this group as effective as their talent indicates?"  My call however is that Jeff Green becomes a beastly, manly man for us!

Comment 09 Jan 2014

Damage control by Urban is gonna be really important these next few weeks!  Gotta get some names floating around in the pool of potentials...some big names!


Comment 09 Jan 2014

This to me sounds very much like him declaring that he's happy to be able to finally institute a defensive philosophy that is marketedly different than the one he was forced (as the coordinator not responsible for making the overall defensive scheme calls) to endure during his tenure at OSU.  It also wreaks of him explaining to his team, fans and admin why they need not worry about him bringing the dumpster fire that is our defensive scheme along with him.  However, no matter how else we interpret it, he's clearly describing OSU's defensive philosophy and not that of his years of success prior to OSU.

Comment 01 Dec 2013

One of the most intense games I've ever watched.  Had me on edge the whole time and was not in the least what I was expecting.  Congrats to our team, Coach Meyer and especially the seniors.  That said,  I'm not gonna say "Fire Fickel"  But I will say that I don't believe we win a NC with this defense.  Of course, there is a way to remedy that i.e. ........

Comment 30 Nov 2013

42 points and a pretty much unstoppable run game is really a bit overshadowed by the D playing 2012 ball.  Oh well....I'll take the win in the big house and 24-0!  Oh Fickell!


Comment 13 Oct 2013

Great List.  I'd buy stock in Carter.  Another year in our conditioning program where he's focusing on getting stronger and faster rather than losing weight and we are gonna have ourselves something special.  Fact is, it takes a special person to do what he's done already and I for one can't wait to see what the 3.0 version looks like!  I think he takes another big step in the next off season and our D Line is simply unfair.

Comment 09 Mar 2013

Just saw on the NFL Network as they were reviewing Ohio State's pro day that one of the guys said that the most impressive Buckeye at their pro day was....Troy Smith.  Apparently he looked great throwing the ball.  He made all of the throws and was in good shape.  Word has it that the scouts for several pro teams are talking him up.  Don't be shocked if we see Troy get another shot, even if it's as a back up!

Comment 28 Oct 2012

Excellent effort by the D...but I think we have to keep in mind that Penn State isn't a spread attack and we've had our best defensive efforts against pro style and pseudo pro style offences.  Looks like the game is slowing down a bit for Ryan and that's trouble for everyone we play the rest of the year.  That said, Kudos to our D.  Gotta get Noah Spence more snaps!

Comment 20 Oct 2012

If he gets to be Rhino... I'm calling dibbs right now on Venom!  Sounds so cool..."VENOM!"  And oh yeah... I totally agree.