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Comment 13 Nov 2015

This would be the second stupid hire by MD in a row.  Much better to put $$ out for some hot non P5 HC or coordinator at a name school.  If you can't win at USC you can't win at MD.

Comment 07 Nov 2015

As a Maryland fan I would have to disagree.  The DC area doesn't really care for college football. The AD at MD is useless, the stadium is crappy.  On the upside, MD does have under armor $ floating around, and is putting money into an indoor practice facility.  I think MD was pretty close to its ceiling under Fridge, maybe they could do better with the B10 dollars sloshing around, but I still can't imagine them ever being a consistent nationally relevant program, like Miami could be again.

Comment 07 Nov 2015

Interesting news report and glad the coach put together the list.  Hopefully it will lead to some actual research, in addition to Washington state.  The big sports complex near my house has about 6 turf fields.  At some point I thought they were considering converting the other 22 but they started going with the drainage pipe systems.  I always wondered about the pellets since the smallest kids (kindergarten up to maybe 4th grade) played all their games on the turf fields.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Not quite getting the Baylor love.  Since the CFP was supposedly going to drive teams to better OOC games, putting Baylor in seems wrong at this point.  Bama with one loss, and no real impressive wins (not after what Georgia has done the last two weeks).  I would go at this point with OSU, Utah, TCU, LSU, first out Clemson, MSU. 

Comment 09 Oct 2015

His second to last year he was 2-9, then his last year they went 8-4, finished ranked, and Fridge was ACC coach of the year.  10 years before Fridge, now bowls, 10 years with, 7 bowls.  Some of the alumni thought they ran a boring pro offense, and he did not recruit that well (one reason his start, three ten win seasons, was better than his end).  Fridge was probably even a better OC, under Bobby Ross when MD won 3 straight ACC titles and GA tech when they won a national championship.  A little surprised someone at a bigger name school with offense problems hasn't offered him a well paid OC position.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

Living here in MD, I don't recall anyone being happy when Fridge got canned.  Replacing him with Edsall, a coach from a worse conference with a worse record struck people as WTF to red hot rage.  Then after Edsall tanked the program in his first year, all of his whiny crap about the players he was left with turned most MD fans against him.  Fridge (one BCS bowl, 7 bowls in 10 years) and Bobby Ross (3 ACC titles in a row, pre FSU, Miami, or VaTech) were the best coaches since I have been here (1972).  I think the AD and Edsall should both be canned, and Fridge brought back.  He does need a good recruiter like Franklin on staff.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

We'll see as the season progresses but I think its more two ex H-backs getting used to wide reciever and two new H-backs, as well as the O-line tailing off somewhat, more so than the QB's playing bad.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I contaminated one batch in 20 years.  But it was nasty.  Couldn't drink half a bottle without wanting to hurl.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

Since 1995.  A couple of "suggestions."  Don't ever filter.  Your beer will be drinkable in 2 weeks after bottling, but taste better 2 months later.  Buy oxigenated caps.  There are a lot of recipe books and online if you want more variety than the kits.  Clean, clean, and clean.  Enjoy!!!!

Comment 12 Sep 2015

I thought they were 3rd going into bowl season so they would have been in the playoff.  The loss to 6-6 MSU may have kept them out of the BCS, but it wasn't by a lot. Florida State lost to 7-5 NC State.  It was odd that the 1-2 teams at the beginning of the season both got upset by crappy teams.  If I remember FSU had a terrible backup QB in against Tennessee, so OSU would have drilled them in a 2 vs 3 game.  I thought OSU was better then Tennessee that year, but the Vols did win a lot of close games.  Still hate Saban for that year.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I-O  A post so nice you it had to be said three times.  Just reminded me not to talk trash before games.  On the way to the airport that Friday I called my VT buddy who had retired to remind him I thought the only reason he retired was not to hear me razzing on him after OSU crushed the Hokies two years in a row.  God was I happy they had lost to ECU by the time I got back.  Not a good homecoming watching the VT game on the dvr when I got back from Spain.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Pretty much anyone.  I get irritable and nasty during big games.  All the other games I dvr and zip through in between plays and through commercials to finish a game off in 40 minutes.  Drives my wife crazy because she wants to host a Super Bowl party since we got a projector, and its not happening since I won't watch the commercials.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

Homebrew, not sure which one of the 6 kinds in the fridge.  Every day is national beer day in my house.