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Comment 23 Oct 2016

CRAP, now I have to root for TTUN for tie-breaker reasons.  I may start drinking again.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Felt very sad, then started watching my other team MD on the dvr vs MSU.  Fell asleep after the first quarter, woke up at 6 on the sofa, watched the rest.  Felt slightly less unhappy, went to bed upstairs.  Looking at PSU schedule now (Iowa, Indiana, or MSU, ok maybe not last one).  Thinking of cutting grass and resisting urge to look at Big 10 tie-breaker if OSU, PSU, TTUN end up with one loss in division to each other.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I thought losing was unlikely but possible after last weeks game.  Talking with a couple of PSU fans this week, one thought they would get killed, the other thought that they might be able to run after watching Wisky do it.   I told them I thought if PSU was running well and OSU's offensive line was not dominating, I thought they had a real chance.  Never thought those jump ball passes would work so well, and two special team blocks.  Preseason I would have thought OSU lost by now to OK or WI.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

If Houston can't get into a P5, he's gone.  We probably should just have a thread with a contest (and some 11W gear as a prize) for what team he signs with and salary.  I'll go with UT and 5.6

Comment 19 Oct 2016

I never hated Meyer.  I thought he was on his way to HOF career, just thought he seemed to be a miserable prick (not unheard of for coaches).  Happy as hell when OSU hired him.  Still remember a friend and Rutgers fan complaining that OSU lost maybe the 4th best college coach and after a year gets an upgrade.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

If 1 loss OSU lost to undefeated TTUN in a close game, and 2 loss OK wins Big 12, then its very possible if some 2 or 3 loss team wins their conf champ game (particularly over a 1 loss team in the ACC or PAC).

Comment 06 Oct 2016

Hard to believe Texas and maybe USC wouldn't make Urban highest paid coach if that's what he really wants.  But SEC friends are basically amazed when they watch OSU and listen to his interviews, they never thought he could be this relaxed.  Seems like he has a great gig here, until he gets bored winning too many championships.

Comment 30 Sep 2016

I think Dantonio would be a great hire for LSU, but maybe not a great move for him.  But if you want a coach with great defense and more of a ball control offense, why not get someone that has won a Natty (Jim Tressel).  "Show cause" is over in a few months, and he wouldn't have to play OSU except in the playoffs. 

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Not sure what constitutes a blue blood.  Other than OSU, it may be a better job than in any in the Big 10.