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Comment 06 Nov 2012

If your son can catch any better than CBryant, we'll take him now.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

Good point. What exactly was Boren seeing to make him "block" to the outside rather than stay home and block someone coming up the middle? Ben had no chance on that one.

Comment 06 Feb 2012

I know. I'm in my early 60's and Woody made sure he had his ass-kicking game face on every week. It made watching Sunday's 'The Woody Hayes Show' a lot more entertaining.

Comment 23 Jan 2012

Really? Placing this bet, then bragging about it? Enjoy your lunch you sick sonofabitch.

Comment 18 Jan 2012

And to think that Crean is a bro-in-law to the Harbaughs. Family gatherings must be a real treat.

Comment 16 Jan 2012

Any mention of Saban signing a piece of paper?

Comment 13 Jan 2012

I followed this game online a bit last night. Indiana seemed to be benefitting from hone-cookin' officiatin'. Until the 2 minute mark, MN had 23 fouls, Ind 11. The outcomemust have been disappointing to the fans and officials alike.

Comment 12 Jan 2012

This is an article for "The Onion", right?  Because if it isn't DJ, this is a blatant waste of bandwidth.

Comment 08 Jan 2012

"Craig James is the one candidate that people from both sides of the aisle can agree on. Republican and Democrats agree. It seems that everyone is united in their dislike of James."


Please vote for Craig James; a uniter, not a divider.





Comment 07 Jan 2012

I don't think Buf was going through the motions today; his 11 rebounds and 5/2 asst/TO ratio speak to that. He just couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle today.

Comment 26 Dec 2011

Good luck with your cardiologist visits.

Comment 26 Dec 2011

You can't make this a "live-blog podcast"? I'll likely have my TV on 'mute'.

By the way, nice job with the potential game narratives. Thanks.