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Comment 31 Aug 2013

Absolutely agree.  Entitled college football fans are the bane of the college football experience.  Some of these "fans" have only been watching since the heyday of Tressel, so they don't understand these times are the good times, and they should cherish it as such.  

Comment 14 Aug 2013

I would like to see DJ cover the following topics in his next Skull Session: 


  • Baby seal clubbing
  • The Holocaust

.....sprinkled liberally with Warren Harding, our Lord and Savior.  Get the pitchforks out everybody!  Mob justice will be served!!!!


Comment 14 Aug 2013

"seem to emanate from someone whose entire perception of reality is filtered through video games and the social media culture"

"Sports journalism should be about the subject matter, not the author."

Welcome to The Internet, circa 2013.  If you want to turn back the clock to old school sports journalism:

  1. Go pick up a hard copy of The Sporting News at your local Waldenbooks bookstore
  2. On your way home, stop at the local five and dime for a bag of Werther's Originals
  3. Sit in your leather reading chair
  4. PROFIT 



Comment 14 Aug 2013

This is what ruins the internet, and this is why we can't have good things: the level of fake outrage, and the pack mentality that follows.  

Most of the haters aren't really offended, they just want to be.

DJ, keep doing what you're doing.  

Comment 14 Aug 2013

DJ posts interesting content, and has an original voice.  Which is hard to find in the sea of mediocre world of college football journalism.  

The people on here who get offended by his posts need to step away from the keyboard and go outside for a bit, lest they fall into that rabbit hole of internet rage.  

Comment 14 Aug 2013


First, thank you for your service.  I mean this in no disrespectful way, but don't be like Walter Sobchak from the Big Lebowski.  DJ's joke was not "on" American servicemen.  The joke was "on" people who get too easily offended by what he writes. 


Comment 10 Aug 2013

It also blows my mind that our offensive coaching staff thought it was better to start Joe Bauserman over Braxton Miller.  

Even though Miller was just a freshman, it was clear early on that Bauserman had no ceiling whatsoever.  

Here are a couple of JB's lines from that season:

OSU at. Miami
-2/14 passing
-13 passing yards total
-0 TD's
-QB Rating 22.1

OSU at Nebraska
-1/10 passing
-13 passing yards total
-0 TD's
-1 Int
-QB Rating 0.90 (yes, you read that correctly....the rating is less than 1.00)




Comment 08 Aug 2013

Agreed.  The prevailing wisdom at the time was the OSU defense was too slow to keep up with Oregon.  Everybody in the country that Oregon would blow us out.  

But that was the first year we started Rolle and Homan as the two linebackers, with Jermale Hines at the star.  That was plenty of speed at the LB position to keep Oregon at bay, and the defensive line did a great job all game of keeping Jeremiah Masoli off balance.  In fact, Jim Heacock dialed up a great defensive gameplan overall.  

Definitely one of my favorite Buckeye wins.  



Comment 08 Aug 2013

Great memories.  That Rose Bowl victory was a clinic of Tressel's best traits, and one of the most underrated of his era.  The time of possession.......the field goals.......the field position battle....and who can forget Tress yelling "It's not over!!!!" as the offense was walking to the sidelines, after a game-clinching third down conversion.  

Herbie said it best as the game was winding down:

"This is a comfort zone for Jim Tressel.  Like a python, just slowly squeezing."

Comment 01 Jul 2013

Besides the Game of the Century, this victory in Ann Arbor may have been the most satisfying Michigan win in Tressel's decade of dominance, simply because of the way we came back from 2 scores down, in the 4th quarter.  Troy Smith had multiple clutch third down plays to extend both scoring drives, and the crowd was just gutted.

Will go down as one of my favorite victories in the Tressel era.  

Comment 28 Jun 2013

Sounds like a.......little brother complex.

Sounds like a.......2-10 record in the last 12 years complex.


Comment 12 Mar 2013

Please, Buckeye Fans,

Refrain from making comments about this girl, like why was she out that late, why did she go home with this player, and so forth.  There are already some comments of this ilk already posted.

It makes us look like ND fans.


Don't do it.

DON'T.  DO.  IT.


Ken-Yon Rambo

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Lolverine tears are the nectar of the gawds.  Sweet, tasty, and succulent.  Life sustaining.....

Comment 28 Aug 2012

"That wench yammering away on her 2003 flip phone in the 12-items-or-less line who has at least two dozen damn groceries in her cart. And she's paying with a check, which she'll start writing only after she gets her total."

^This lady is not as bad as the 80 year old grandma that has 20 coupons, and one of them is expired, so the cashier has to call the manager over to talk about it........

Comment 16 Aug 2012

Agreed.  Even in more recent years, Homan/Rolle/Hines were a really good trio, albeit underrated.  

Last year there was quite a drop-off however.  

Comment 15 Aug 2012

^ Absolutely.

What a ride it was to go from a fan of the 90's, where TSUN was an automatic loss, to the 2000's where you felt confident going into the TSUN game.  What a legend. 

Comment 15 Aug 2012

Do we not love the singing of Carmen Ohio at the end of home games?

Time and change will surely show......

There has been time, and change, since the days of TP suiting up for the good guys.  And the fan in me is still rooting for TP to succeed in the NFL and in life.  Otherwise I would be a liar if I said I didn't love that song.