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Comment 06 Mar 2017

Lattimore is a terrific prospect, but his hamstrings are a legit concern. They kept him off the field for two years, and in this deep CB class that could be enough to force him down a few rungs. Hopefully he and the OSU training staff have a good story to tell that will convince scouts that he can stay on the field going forward, the way he did in 2016. 

Comment 09 Feb 2017

Was going to say this. The Atlanta D was flat out gassed in the second half. The pass rush withered and the aggressive man coverage, which was so effective keeping New England out of rhythm, collapsed. By the fourth quarter the Atlanta secondary looked like Chevy Chase stumbling through the desert in the first Vacation movie. You gotta work the clock in a situation like that, if only to give your D a break.

Comment 05 Feb 2017

There's no harm in trying him out at a couple spots. Again, they did this exact thing with Hubbard and he's on track to be a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick. Our team has a glaring need at wideout, while the LB position is stupid deep, especially outside. If White were a candidate to play middle linebacker, maybe this experiment doesn't come up. But when your OLB candidates includes Worley, Booker, Baker, Jones, Harrison, and freshmen Browning(!) and Werner, it changes the calculus.

Besides, it's not like White is behind at wideout. He played the position on offense in high school and he was specifically recruited as an "athlete." As an early enrollee, he'll have all winter and spring to work at the position. If it takes, awesome. We just plugged an important gap. If not, he returns to linebacker little worse for wear. 

Comment 05 Feb 2017

That is not happening. A far better comparison is Sam Hubbard (another freak athlete), who the Buckeyes first thought might play at LB, then experimented with at TE, before finally settling on weakside DE. Once they locked him in at defensive end, he stayed there. I expect something similar with White.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

The DT pipeline is really lumpy right now. We have two redshirt seniors (Hill, Sprinkle) who will be gone after this year. Then there's the mob of five redshirt sophomores (Alabi, Landers, Cornell, Jones, Hamilton), followed by Malik Barrow as the lone redshirt freshman. We'll need three solid DT recruits next year who will be set to step up when that group of five departs.

I'm more concerned about the pipeline at DE. Holmes, Hubbard and Lewis leave after next year. So that leaves Bosa and Cooper, both of whom may well go pro after '18, to start ahead of RS seniors Slade and Thompson (neither of whom has done much here to date). The numbers at DE the last three recruit cycles is pretty slim: one in 2015 (Berry), two in 2016 (Bosa, Cooper), and just one again in 2017 (Young). We'll want three quality DEs as well in 2017.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

I agree. I think Hill at WR makes more sense than at H (though I get it; H-back is essentially a slot receiver with some edge and backfield runs mixed in). Parris at H-back would make the most sense to me. The kid was an RB coming in, is fast as lightning, and has shown nice elusiveness in the return game. He's also a strong blocker. Commit him to H-back behind or alongside McCall and hope he can cut down on pass drops.

That said, if Urban is looking for a sure thing at H, KJ Hill is the call. The Buckeye offense works from the inside out, and KJ is your most reliable, experienced and proven receiver at this point. Putting him inside allows him to impact more aspects of the game than if he's set at the X or Z.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Really, the group is more young than it is weak. Victor and Mack are both very promising. And people forget that Parris Campbell was just 16 years old when he enrolled at Ohio State. Despite being three years in the program, he's still just 19. I think he is going to surprise people this year, now that he'll be at least as old as most of the sophomores and juniors he'll face next year. And don't sleep on KJ Hill. He's entering his third year in the program. He's going to be productive.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

It'll work itself out. One or two will (unfortunately) get injured, and another couple will miss some time dinged up. You'll see coaches rest players in-season who could otherwise play through minor injuries. And of course you can expect plenty of rotation, including situational rush packages, etc. The challenge for the DL is to play well in the snaps they have. The benefit is, they won't have to play through exhaustion (the way Joey Bosa was forced to in 2014).

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Will they play at the nose? Yes. Will they do it in 2017 as first year players? I would be really surprised. You need to be a grown man to play the 1 technique. 

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Two things. First, Hooker had only been playing football a few years when he came to Ohio State. So I think it's hardly surprising that Ash would be cautious with his development and let him work behind Powell. As great as Hooker looked in '16, it's possible he could have butchered tihngs in '15 and gotten into a cycle of frustration. Second, don't underestimate the impact of a new coach on the scene. Schiano immediately recognized Hooker's incredible physical talent and promoted him to starter. 

Comment 17 Jan 2017

Upvoted for "grown and sexy Sprinkle." Amazing. Sprinkle will shore up the line nicely on run downs. The only question I have is at 1 technique. Last year we were fortunate Hill and Landers held up. You don't see many true freshmen play at nose, and given that we're full up at the 3 technique, I'm thinking both Garrett and Cage redshirt.

Comment 15 Jan 2017

Harris isn't really relevant here, as he doesn't play the same position as Tyjon. Harris will be an outside X or Z receiver, and paired with Grimes puts us in great shape at those outside spots. But Tyjon was headed for the slot/H-back role. His departure thins us at that position, which is a bit unsettled now that Samuel is leaving.

I think KJ Hill and Demario McCall will platoon at slot/H, with McCall also getting work at tailback. Maybe Parris Campbell gets work there too. But losing Tyjon stings. We'll need a top-flight slot guy in '18 for sure.

Comment 22 Dec 2016

This is a textbook example of an unskilled defender botching the timing on a pass defense. That kid butchered it, and he knew it, too. After the play, TV cameras showed him tapping his chest, gesturing 'my bad' to the sidelines.

Contrast that with Conley's play, where he disguises the right hook and then uses the grasp to turn the receiver just as the ball arrives. That was a savvy play, and Conley got rewarded for it.

Comment 07 Dec 2016

My all-time favorite SI cover. I remember seeing that issue and thinking, finally the Indians are going contend for the pennant. And then it all went to shit.

At least we got the movie Major League out of it. If the Indians win big in '87, the whole premise of the movie is ruined.

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Price was initially recruited as a DT and was moved very early to OL, so he actually has the pedigree. The problem is, he's too important to the OL, as he's one of only two with any experience there. Also, he was having problems with penalties yesterday, which tells me he still has work to do and can't afford to have his attention split.

I don't think there is another Chase Farris on this year's roster, who could flip between DL and OL as needed through his career. But man, we could use one. The losses at DT have been tough. Munger, Thompson and now Sprinkle.

Comment 03 Jul 2016

This is an interesting comparison but 2012 really isn't that useful when looking at Urban's track record. Meyer had less than two months to salvage the recruiting class after he arrived. Jamal Marcus, I believe, was offered based on Youtube videos. It'll be interesting to see how the record looks after the 2013 and 2014 classes are in the books.

Comment 23 Jun 2016

You can't overstate this. When LeBron left Cleveland, the team went from 61-21 to 19-63. 19 and 63! When Jordan left the Bulls, they went from 57-25 to 55-27.

The Bulls had a great mix of elite players (Pippen and Rodman) and nice role players (Grant, Paxson/Kerr, Kukoc) to complement Jordan. So when Jordan left, that Bulls team was still a playoff-caliber squad. Cleveland was nothing of the sort without LeBron.