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Comment 15 Oct 2010

Larrimore and Hankins. If those guys can hold firm in the middle, it's all over for Wisconsin but the crying. You'll see the rest of the DL and LBs flying to make plays around them. 

Comment 15 Oct 2010

The 2003 offense was terrible. Remember, Clarett was gonzo, leaving Ross and Hall--easily the worst running back tandem in modern memory at Ohio State--to run the ball.

The current offense is dynamic, but I don't trust it. We've not proven we can run the ball consistently, and Pryor's repeated injuries really concern me. End of the day, if Jim Tressel wants his QB to succeed, he has to enable a credible ground game. Pryor simply won't hold up if he's our leading rusher every weekend. Moving Saine out to slot and H-back last week was a fantastic step forward. Now we need to see live-fire carries for Hall and Berry behind Boom.