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Comment 27 Feb 2015

Just watched him put up over 30 points tonight in sectional finals. Man, can he shoot a basketball. Smooth on the court. Strong upper body with broad shoulders, legs look a little small compared to upper body.  What I liked most is he just played, didn't strut around, didn't talk trash, just played and played well. I don't know what the future holds for him at OSU as the competition is going to be intense but, I wouldn't bet against him.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Two stories. First was at baseball's winter meetings on Miami Beach as a college student looking to get into pro ball on the business side. Got into an elevator and rode it with Bo, Sparky Anderson, and Hank Aaron.  Next story, I'm in LA for a weekend with the wife and we are on Hollywood Boulavard walking around looking at the walk of fame when I run into someone on the street and about knocked him down. Look up and it's Jimmy Kimmel who we had tickets to go see that night. 

Comment 23 Feb 2015

Middle School teacher and coach of various sports ranging from head varsity coach to middle school coach.

Comment 22 Feb 2015

Larry Bolden was my very first favorite Buckeye player. He was the best player on the team the night my dad took me to my first buckeye basketball game. Kevin Ransey still is my all time favorite.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

2002 Win over the rival, the Iowa game, the LSU game, and many other ttun, USC game, Notre dame game.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

My favorite in person run of all time. I was sitting in A deck in closed end that day. Keith Byars is the Man!

Comment 21 Feb 2015

One of my high school buddies saw his first Buckeye game vs Iowa that day. My dad had an extra ticket so I took a friend and what a game it was. If memory serves me correctly, Iowa ranked number 1 in nation and Ohio State had the longest home winning streak at the time. Loud it was, we stormed the field afterwards. Great day! 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Remy, sorry to hear this. I am an only child and my 2 best friends were like brothers to me and unfortunately they were killed when we were 21. 25 years later I still miss the fact that I can't talk to them, hang out with them, and do the things you do with those that you care most about. I pray that someday you and your brother will be able to come back together.

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Best news period!!! Said a  quick prayer this morning and thankfully it was answered. I hope 618 gets all the help he needs to get over this and becomes stronger as a result. Love this site! Great people here!!!

Comment 21 Feb 2015

And only half of us in the crowd the day of Olive's TD saw it. So many Buckeye fans left the shoe early that day. The shoe was rockin' during that comeback win.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Did more research this morning of older players and this is my all time Buckeye Football list (teacher with day off thanks to weather) 

CFHoF = College Football Hall of Fame PFHoF = Pro Football Hall of Fame


QB Troy Smith (Heisman) Backup Rex Kern CFHoF

TB Archie Griffin (2xHeisman) Backup only because 1xHeisman's Hop Cassady, Eddie George, Chic Harley, Les Horvath, Vic Janowicz, Keith Byars (stinking Doug Flutie Hail Mary cost him Heisman)

FB Bob Ferguson CFHoF Backup Jim Otis (leading rusher all 3 years at OSU), John Brockington

WR Cris Carter PFHoF, David Boston Backup Terry Glenn, Joey Galloway

TE Wes Fesler CFHoF backup John Frank, Paul Warfield PFHoF  WR (played halfback 2 yrs and Tight End 1 yr)

C Gomer Jones CFHoF backup LeCharles Bentley, Nick Mangold (probably will be starter once if ever inducted into halls of fame)

G Jim Parker CFHoF, William Amling CFHoF (7th in voting for Heisman) backup Jim Lachey, Gust Zamer CFHof

T Orlando Pace CFHoF and future PFHoF, John Hicks CFHoF backups Korey Stringer, Jim Marshall, Chris Ward


LB Chris Spielman CFHoF, Randy Gradishar CFHoF, James Laurinaitis (3x All American), Tom Cousineau (2x All American) backups AJ Hawk (2x), Steve Tovar (2x)

DE Jim Houston CFHoF, Joey Bosa backup Van DeCree (2x All American)

DTJim Stillwagon CFHoF, Bill Willis PFHoF and CFHoF backup Dan Wilkinson (1st overall NFL pick in draft)

CB Antoine Winfield (2x All American), Jack Tatum CFHoF  and should be PFHoF, backup Malcom Jenkins (2x All American), Shawn Springs, Dick LeBeau PFHoF

S Mike Doss (3x All American), Mike Sensibaugh (OSU career interception holder) backup Donte Whitner, 


Tom Skladany Punter (3x All American) backup Tom Tupa

Mike Nugent Kicker backup Vlade Janakievski


WOODY HAYES CFHoF all those Championships

PAUL BROWN OSU National Championship PFHoF innovator of Football

Jim Tressel CFHoF, OSU National Champions 2002, NCAA 1AA champions at YSU

URBAN MEYER 3 time National Champion (1 so far at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY) Future CFHoF

EARLE BRUCE CFHoF Great coaching tree including Meyer, Tressel, Saban, Carroll

JOHN COOPER CFHoF (unfortunately couldn't  beat the rival)

SID GILLMAN (PFHoF coach credited with being the father of the modern pass) Didn't coach at OSU but played here.

John Wilce CFHoF  

Others of note: PFHoF former Buckeyes

Dante Levelli WR only played a few games for OSU due to draft and WW II, Cleveland Browns 

Lou "The Toe" Grosa Cleveland Browns, Only played 1 Year at OSU due to WWII, Kicker, offensive tackle.

Ed Sabol the father of NFL films 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Defense (multiple times named All American)

DE: Joey Bosa, Mike Vrabel (2) DT: Dan Wilkinson, Jim Stillwagon (2)

LB: James Laurinaitis (3), Chris Spielman (2), Tom Cousineau (2), Randy Gradishar (2)

CB: Antoine Winfield (2), Jack Tatum (2) 

S: Mike Doss (3), Mike Sensibaugh

great backups on defense: DE: Van Ness DeCree (2) DT: Pat Cusick

LB: AJ Hawk (2), Steve Tovar (2), Andy Katzenmoyer

CB: Malcom Jenkins, Shawn Springs S: Donte Whitner

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Players like Paul Warfield and Dick LeBau are NFL Hall Of Famers but I don't find them listed as FIrst team All Americans at OSU. Surprised that Warfield wasn't. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Agree with Parker, I just started at 1968 the year I was born. It was hard to find real positions for players before this timeframe on defense. Every list I saw had players listed asend, tackle, guard etc... I know that Jim Marshall was a defender based on his NFL career but is listed as a tackle on All American list as is Bill Willis who has his jersey retired and is a NFL Hall of Famer. I'm sure there's more. I was  going to make a team from before 68 but ran out of wake time. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Offense (multiple years as 1st team All American)

C:LeCharles Bentley G: Jim Lachey, ken Fritz (2) T: Orlando Pace (2), John Hicks (2) TE: Jan White

WR: Cris Carter, David Boston FB: John Brockingham TB: Archie Griffin (3) QB: Troy Smith

backup greats on offense: C: Nick Mangold G: Rob Murphy (2) T: Korey Stringer (2) Chris Ward (2) 

WR: Glenn FB: Jim Otis TB: Eddie George, Keith Byars QB: Art Schlichter TE: John Franks (not An All American but named team MVP)

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Coach: 4 College Hall of Fame Coaches and 1 Future Hall of Fame Coach

Woody Hayes

Jim Tressel

Urban Meyer

Earle Bruce

John Cooper

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Special Teams (multiple All American years)

Kicker: Mike Nugent

Punter: Tom Skladany (3)

Returner: Ted Ginn Jr. 

Backup great: Tom Tupa Punter

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I'd probably put Lighty ahead of Turner on defense there Remy. If you recall he was the defensive stopper on his teams.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

He was unbelievable in high school. Averaged 42 a game his sophomore year without the 3 point line. He was incredible to guard, so skilled, so quick, and man could he shoot. The  game  he got 61 on us we won the game something like 95-93. I think the next 4 times we played him he outscored our team. No joke

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Not sure to be honest, started going to games with my dad during Woody's last year. Saw every home game for 10 straight years from high school through grad school. Then 3 more full home seasons sprinkled with various home games while I lived elsewhere around the country. Lately I've only seen 2 games the last 4 years due to children's activities. Only 1 away game. I'd say around between 90 and 100 games overall if not more. BLESSED!!! Had a friend high up in a company that got free tickets to all home games for years.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

I don't disagree with you on the 1 and done even though I put Conley in there. I could replace him easily but not with Jay Burson ( played in same league against Jay in high school and loved playing against him and watching him at OSU, he got his career high against us). I would go with Ransey at point if I was to replace Conley.