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Comment 07 Dec 2014

The more he opens his mouth about The Ohio State University, the more I'm starting to think your statement is correct. How could he not think OSU deserves to be in the playoffs.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

My 2 cents worth on the topic goes like this OSU as a university and mover and shaker > TCU and Baylor though both reside in powerful state of Texas. Baylor should be> TCU. Head to head SHOULD count when in same league. Both TCU and Baylor played a fcs team ( bad for both) TCU was in control of game but lost. TCU did play Minnesota and won, so did OSU. OSU played more bowl eligible teams, had a higher SOS, and non-league opponents had .500 record where TCU and Baylor's non-league opponents were both under .500. OSU 's loss was the worst but didn't Va. tech get to the six win total? TCU's loss would be the best and Baylor's loss to West Virginia is not much better than OSU. Osu's best wins over michigan state who blew a win at Oregon ( top 2 team) and Wisconsin who blew a win at LSU ( lost in OT to Alabama, a top 2 team).  Nough said

Comment 30 Nov 2014

He was the blocker that got beat by Bosa that caused this fumble and TD by Lee.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

This makes me sad as I have a friend that works at Nebraska in the football department and was hired by Bo. Hopefully he keeps his job or lands on his feet somewhere else. Bo will be fine, he will either be a head coach somewhere else or a D coordinator somewhere special.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

With all the QB's we have next year, I'd think collier would be used if needed in a championship game next week. Would not be ideal but you do what you have to do. Wildcat will probably be used in short term injury were to happen to Cardale.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I know he can run, I hope he can pass it enough to keep whomever we play honest on defense. After all, this is why he came to ohio state to play football not school. (Wink wink)

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Nothing better then a victory over xichigan! That being said, what a tough week. Hearts out to Kosta, his family and friends. I pray that he is found. Losing JT is another huge disappointment like when Braxton was injured. Maybe he will make some kind of miraculous healing comeback. Let's hope that Cardale can spend the week preparing to play the game of his life in Indy. 

Comment 29 Nov 2014

Mine has been chased off too! I don't understand what has happened to our defense over the past 4 seasons. We used to be tough as nails.

Comment 27 Nov 2014

Texas offense is terrible! Doesn't look like Charlie is going to help his former boss tonight. Let's hope the offense gets going. At least TCU has blown 2 great changes and had to settle for field goals.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

I'm an old timer too graduating college in 90 and started going to games during the Woody era and I too don't mind the changes. I love it when the shoe is rocking. I think noon games are downers for whatever reason. OSU should NEVER be a noon game except for the game vs. our rival which I do like the traditional high noon start though under the lights in prime time would be electrifying.