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Comment 17 Oct 2014

Coming home to OSU for my 30th law school class reunion a couple of years ago was really nice. As you get older, coming back to Columbus becomes increasingly special.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

You have to be smart to be a brain surgeon, and you have to be smart to be a rocket scientist. You have to be smart squared to be a rocket surgeon.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

All the best to Braxton. He will be back next year better than ever. And the 2014 Bucks will be just fine.

That said, I feel we have been actively misled by the team, right up through Monday morning. It is clear Braxton was not 100%, he was not in the best shape of his life, and everything was not OK. It's one thing not to release information; it's another to actively put out false information. I am disappointed in the Buckeyes.

Comment 29 May 2014

Whatever one thinks of the NCAA, their advertising tagline, "Just about all of them are going pro in something other than sports" is correct. Almost all of these athletes will not become professional athletes. But every college kid deserves their best shot to do and become what they want. Transfer prohibitions are crazy. Just as a high school kid should be able to go where he wants if it will help him get a better college offer, a college student should be able to go where he or she wants.

Comment 09 May 2014

Jim - You have a good point and you don't deserve the down votes. By far the most troubling part of Tatgate was Coach Tressel's ham-fisted attempts to cover it up. The cover-up was way worse than the crime. But on balance I think Coach Tressel did fine work at OSU and he did a good job at Akron. His treatment of Maurice Clarett has been first class, to say the least. I studied carefully the claims about character issues at YSU, and I am not convinced. So while I understand your position, I think you're wrong.

Comment 07 May 2014

I also remember watching those ping pong lotteries. I was too young to be drafted but was getting close, so my interest and attention kept going up. Later on, my college roommate got his tonsils and wisdom teeth removed right at the end of our senior year because he was going into the submarine service after graduation. Man, was he sick. Very glad mine were removed in 2d grade. I'm especially glad after reading this.

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Thanks for a great season, Bucks. Less pressure in a bowl game. But hey, it's Christmas, the basketball Bucks are undefeated, and it's a great time to be a Buckeye. So all is good.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

I think it's a good change, or it will be a good change once everyone gets used to it. Hand checking is terrible basketball. The change will place the emphasis on solid defensive fundamentals, which will make the game better. The next step should be to address the issue of turning over the ball while dribbling. Good ball handlers have to learn to control the ball without turning it over - I really don't even know what the standard is now that the refs use in calling a double dribble. Solid dribbling fundamentals are essential for young players.

Comment 26 Oct 2013

I was at OSU v. Miami at Miami in 2011. Two bad teams, but the crowd was way larger than it is for this game. It's got to be embarrassing to have such a crappy turnout.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Probably the most fascinating outcome would be undefeated OSU and Oregon, and a one-loss SEC champ. OSU would then have a 25-game winning streak. I don't know what the result would be, but whatever it is, it would be really interesting.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

Correct. The Buckeyes do not control their own destiny, but I think we're great shape nonetheless. We are more likely to win out than FSU, and either Oregon or Alabama easily could slip. If we win out, none of the team behind us will overtake us, so I think OSU is in great shape for the NC game.