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Comment 15 hours ago

My wife has family that transplanted to Tuscaloosa and have lived there for 15+ years.  They have totally adapted to the Alabama lifestyle as die hard fans.  Pretty well informed for the most part but only about their own team.  Don't know and don't care about other teams but they expect to win every game.  I once heard her uncle say the only reason he owns a TV is to watch the Alabama games.  So obviously they expect Bama to blow us out, but really couldn't tell you why except ROLL DAMN TIDE.

Comment 30 Aug 2013

The "favorite type of porn" link is pretty funny.  States of note:

Kentucky likes hentai

West Coast likes asians

West Virginia likes fat women

Everyone else likes milfs

Comment 15 Jul 2013

Tough to go on average stars as the variable of comparison. Most of the sites only have a handful of 5 stars while there can be 200 four stars. There is a big difference between the first four star guy and the last one. It would be interesting to see a comparison of player rankings. I guess the only issue with that is some of the sites only rank 250 players or so.

Comment 26 Jun 2013

I am personally glad Oregon did not get a bowl ban. They are a fun team to watch and have a shot at the national title this year. Sure this may be light punishment in comparison to OSU's, but who cares, that is dead and gone. And we have UFM because of it. College football is more fun when there are more good teams