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Comment 06 Feb 2015

I understand the young man being disappointed. Who wouldn't be? Hell, I'm disappointed. But that's life. Coach Drayton has a family and his own personal goals. He has to be able to chase his own dream whenever he wants to chase it, and he's certainly earned this opportunity. He's not bound to his employer any more than I am bound to mine. College football isn't indentured servitude. The same thing happens all the time in more mundane businesses.

Best of luck, Coach. 

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Best of luck, kid. With your sense of humor and your class, you'll no doubt land on your feet wherever you go. 

It makes my day to see the way Ohio State fans handle moments like this with such class. 11W deserves a lot of credit as well for effectively policing both the comments and those who comment.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

There is a Jack-In-The-Box only 27 miles away from Boone, NC. God bless Jack-In-The-Box.

Comment 04 Nov 2014

I said something similar last year. One tipped pass saved my toosh.

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Who says there's no truth in recruiting? Boiler up, indeed.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Just checked the dictionary...

commercial (noun) A promotion for swag

Comment 29 Jul 2014

 "We’re the winningest program in the history of college football, we know what the expectations of our fan base is."

I don't want to turn this into a grammar police blotter, but the alumni of ol' Snob U. spend the better part of their lives either wallowing in another football loss to Ohio State or looking down their noses at the academic programs at other institutions of higher learning. It would be nice if a handful of them see the well-paid representative of their truly fine university failing to practice some fourth grade-level subject-verb agreement and clam up.

Comment 12 May 2014

Don't forget the big 42-0 win in 1885 over the Peninsular Cricket Club team at the Peninsular Cricket Club Grounds. They count victories against the Chicago Harvard School (a high school in Chicago), the Detroit Athletic Club (a private social club), and Ann Arbor High School, among others.

They also lost to the Cleveland Athletic Club by a score of 8-4 in 1891. *fist pump*

Check it out for yourself by clicking on the season records to see the individual results at this URL: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Michigan_Wolverines_football_seasons. 

Comment 18 Mar 2014

Is that quote from Michigan AD Dave Brandon accurate? Did he really use 'vendor' as a verb? I wouldn't normally harp on this, but for a high-profile employee of a school with a student body which so regularly looks down on others (particularly Ohio State) from its academic high horse, that's some bad grammar. 

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Since I joined the Marine Corps in 1998, I've lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina (again), and Virginia (again). I've spent most of my time in Virginia, where I've lived in old urban Virginia (Alexandria), new suburban Virginia (Gainesville/Haymarket), and rural, mountainous Virginia (Front Royal). There are nice things about all of these places, and wonderful things about some of them. I've really enjoyed my time in Front Royal. Aside from my lengthy commute back to "civilization" for work, it's been great. There are nice things to see and do and good people to meet everywhere you go.

There are logistical constraints which keep me here in Virginia for another 12 years or so. When the day comes that I can move home to Ohio, I'll be there. It's the greatest place I've ever been, and nowhere else on Earth makes me feel so "at home."

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Yes, particularly because he has a history of obscene behavior.

I think it's at least as likely that this was a seminal moment in Orr's life that caused him to wake up and realize what a jackass he's been. Smart is still a kid, and I bet Orr saw himself on ESPN being a jackass and THEN realized that his friends all saw him, his family all saw him, his business associates all saw him, and the members of his church/community service organization/neighborhood watch group/Boy Scout troop all saw him. I am certain I'd feel bad if that took place, even if I hadn't gone so far as to call him a piece of crap. I'd wager that Orr does too, even if his contrition is imperfect. It's one thing to have an opinion on the matter but it's another to assume facts about a case which we can't possibly know the details, don't you think? 

There's no question that the incident doesn't occur without Orr's stupid behavior, and there's no question that it doesn't occur without Smart's. As for the stories which differ from each other, the only responsible thing to do in my mind is not make assumptions.

Comment 10 Feb 2014

"I don't believe Jeff Orr only called Marcus Smart a "piece of crap," but we'll never know because Smart has been silenced by the Big 12 and Oklahoma State."

DJ, I'm curious about where you're getting your information. First of all, do you have a relationship or does someone you know have a relationship of any kind with either Orr or Smart that would lead you to believe that Orr is inherently deceitful or that Smart is inherently truthful? That's a legitimate question. I'm not being a smart ass.

Second of all, Orr acknowledged that he behaved poorly and self-imposed a ban on himself. I think that a grown-ass man yelling insults at young men playing a game approaches the apex of stupidity, but his acknowledgement that he acted like an idiot is at least a step in the right direction. If, in a worst-case scenario, we find out that he did say something of a racial nature, he should be treated like all village idiots and bigots should be treated: he should be ignored. A fan who screams racial slurs at the top of his lungs at a young man playing a game does not give the young man a license to initiate a physical confrontation.

Comment 04 Feb 2014

LCB's advice - don't believe your own hype - is wise indeed. It's so true that youth is wasted on the young. I hope the young Bucks listen to those who came before them.