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Comment 07 Sep 2014

There is something strange about double digit years, the Buckeyes have tended to have their worst seasons in them.  The 3 last losing seasons were in double digit years, '66, '88 and '11.  "99 was a 6-6 campaign and '00 was lackluster enough that the coach was fired. Only '77 stands out as OK, and even that year ended with a 35-6 drubbing at the hands of Alabama, that STILL has not been avenged 37 freaking years later.  Sorry to be such a downer but last night's game completely blew.

Comment 15 Jun 2014

At the end of the 1999 Sugar Bowl it is interesting to see that the Big 10 went 5-0 in bowls to lead all conferences, the SEC went a paltry 2-4, Ahh the good old days, but not so long ago after all.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

AMWAY?? is the sponsor of the new trophy...that's not encouraging at all.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

With the game being at noon and me having to work it is almost like the team did not even make the tournament this year.  This season reminded me of the Eldon Miller years, one and done was the top of the achievement ladder for the most part after the Ransey/Willaims/Kellogg team moved on.

Comment 21 Feb 2014

My first reaction to this is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  My second is, are we sure it is MINOR surgery?  Then my third is, this explains the Orange Bowl loss.  Too bad Urban didn't at least give Kenny G a series or two, I wonder if the pick at UM had anything to do with that decision at all?

Comment 08 Feb 2014

Let's keep the streak going at home.  This is one of the most wacky basketball seasons since, maybe '05 at least!

Comment 02 Oct 2013

I believe this was one of the last games that was not televised at all, I remember listening to it on radio and being appalled that we were down 9-0 at half.  Of course this was the beginning of NW's resurgence that let it to a Rose Bowl, naturally in a season, ( 1995 ) when it did not play Ohio State.

Comment 20 Sep 2013

This would probably be the weekend to take your wife or SO out and enjoy the late summer early fall weather- that way you can have an excuse to hang out indoors on better viewing weekends!

Comment 09 Sep 2013

While I am upset at Ohio State's drop in the polls, part of me is thinking that the scheduling of patsies has finally caught up to the athletic department.  I was never in favor of scheduling MAC opponents all the way back to when it started in the '90's.  It is nice to know that this scheduling is eventually going to be modified, but it is not like there haven't been pathetic schedules in the recent past that should have warned the athletic department of this possible scenario.  That being said, if the Bucks go undefeated and have a 25 game winning streak intact, and somehow do not go to the MNC game it will be a complete travesty- perhaps enough of one to produce a split MNC to usher out the BCS era.

Comment 07 Sep 2013

Missouri is actually a pretty cool state, and not all that different than Ohio, just think St. Louis= Cleveland and KC=Cincinnati, and the big state school is in the middle of the state.It has usually been a swing state in elections, and has southern influence in the southern part of the state, as well as the beginning of a mountain range there as well...

Comment 12 Feb 2013

Perhaps we should eliminate the bogus "title game" that is decreasing in value with every NCAA rule change, and was so popular last year that about 20,000 fans attended disguised as empty seats.

Comment 12 Sep 2012

I have to disagree- Flying east is harder than flying west for me.  I prefer to gain hours rather than lose hours.  If you just stay up late the first night on your trip to the west coast or Hawaii, you are golden the next day and for the rest of the trip.  When you fly 3 timezones east, there is not much you can do, because you lose hours. You just have to find some time somewhere to catch up on sleep. That being said, there is a clear record for teams traveling 3 timezones either way and it is not good.  It does not neccesarily reflect on the Big 10.