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Comment 08 Aug 2016

I remember thinking so at the time, but if it had not been for the fact that OSU completely botched the Earle Bruce dismissal, Cooper would have been fired after the 1990 season.  Let's look at what he had accomplished to that point:

First losing season since 1966, Three straight losses to Michigan, Three straight losses to Illinois, The whole USC game debacle, getting blown out in a historic fashion by Pitt and USC in 88 and 89, the embarrassment in the Liberty bowl to top it off. Think about the miracle wins against LSU, Minnesota and Iowa, take those away and there is a potential bowl drought on top of the losing season in 1988.  Reading back on it, it seems strange that he wasn't fired even despite the university still feeling the sting from the Earle situation.

Comment 27 Jul 2016

At that time, the Oklahoma game was in my opinion the greatest football game I ever watched.  Even the 2003 Fiesta Bowl was not as good of a game, except for the outcome.  One thing I don't hear mentioned about that game was the crazy wind that was steadily blowing out of the south for that game.  No points were scored in the south end zone that day.  Woody even said after the game, that he made a mistake not giving Oklahoma the wind in the 3rd quarter so that we could have it in the 4th.

Comment 01 Jan 2016

Hey Michigan State and Iowa, how does it feel to wake up and have the bed full of your own crap?

Comment 31 Oct 2015

It was interesting to see that the stadium itself is pretty much just the seats, the press box and the field, there is not a concourse to speak of, almost all of the concession area is outside the structure of the stadium, in a fenced in area that surrounds the stadium.  I'm sure this is due to LA's excellent weather, where outside and inside are almost the same thing, but it was interesting  nevertheless.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

A good point is made above about starting slow and finishing fast.  If you remember the 90's it seemed the opposite happened with big wins coming early and then a late season collapse.  Now that there are 14 weeks of the season, no team can stay "up" for that entire time.  Urban is just keeping the team down now so they can rip off impressive wins when the schedule gets tough down the line.  OSU 55 WMU 10 this week

Comment 05 Apr 2015

It's not offensive to me, all it does is show the classlessness of the Kentucky program, and embarrasses that particular university and conference, which is all fine with me!

Comment 05 Apr 2015

Kentucky is not a midwestern state, have you ever heard them talk down there?  WIsconsin fans are much easier to deal with then KY fans, I, for one, loved the fact that Wisconsin won last night!