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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Will Allen's interception in the end zone that sent OSU to the National Championship. It was my 24th birthday and I was at Riverwatch. The place went apesh**, I fell on the ground, some stranger picked me up and shook my hand, I hugged my Dad. Amazing moment.
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Comment 29 Jul 2015

Bought five tickets about two weeks ago on StubHub.  Paid $295/each with all fees.  Staying in Salem about 30 miles away from Blacksburg.  It's a hot ticket for sure.  Hokie message boards were encouraging people to buy up all the tickets and keep the S&G fans shut out.  But I think they underestimate how we travel.  We're gonna take that town over.

Comment 12 Sep 2011

I didn't mean any disrespect to Boom by that comment.  I thought coming into this season that, with five games sans Boom, Smith would steal the show from Hyde, Hall, and Berry.  And it has nothing to do with the number of stars that were assigned to him by Rivals.  It's because he is 6'3, 230 lbs and runs much more elusively than Hyde (who I still contend is just Lydell Ross reincarnated--big body, runs small).  I was definitely reaching with that comment, and obviously I am being proven wrong.  We are missing Boom and Posey more than I thought we would.

Comment 12 Sep 2011

"Booing amateur atheletes -- young and unpaid.  It's completely classless."

I guess by "unpaid", you are not counting the four (or more) years of college tuition and room & board or the $775,000 salary that the head coach makes as a public employee.  Booing at a high school game is unacceptable.  Booing at a big time, major college football game is perfectly okay in my book. 

Hyde is mediocre.  I've said this in other posts.  He doesn't shake a lot of tackles.  I really thought Smith would emerge as the best back in the whole stable (including Boom).  But we may not find out this year if he can't shake his case of fumble-itis.

Bauserman looked great against Akron.  But just a hint of pressure and he started to look like the Bauserman we've seen snippets of over the past couple years.  He stood like a statue in the pocket and throws a miserable deep ball. 

The defense looked reactive instead of proactive.  I don't ever recall seeing our linebackers get beaten to the edge so consistently.

I don't want to rank on Basil.  But that first missed FG was 20 yards wide left!  Wasn't Ben Buchanan the top high school placekicker in the country? 

Comment 02 Sep 2011

Call me crazy and I hope I'm wrong, but in his limited action so far, I've seen Hyde run much smaller than his dimensions indicate.  He seems to go down at the first point of contact every time.  Reminds me of Lydell Ross.  I think Rod Smith becomes the guy emphatically, starting with this game and never looking back.

Comment 01 Sep 2011

Sarah, you have officially supplanted Pat Conroy as my favorite author.  I'm updating my Facebook profile accordingly as we speak.  Plus, you used "amalgamation" in a sentence, which is sexy as hell.

Comment 29 Aug 2011

I'm 5'9", 165 and this team could go 6-6 with ME playing left guard.  Folks, I realize the QB position is a bit of an unknown.  But let's not pretend the cupboard is bare.  This team will win 6 just by showing up on Saturdays.  Worst case, this is a four loss team.  Best case, this is a one loss team.

Comment 12 Aug 2011


Sarah, does not knowing what a double underhook throw is make me less of a man?  Did you just get back from Lineman Camp with Gary from Teen Mom or something?  Uh oh, I don't know what a double underhook throw is AND I just conceded that I watch Teen Mom.  Minus a dozen man points.