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Comment 19 Jun 2014
Listened to it at work. Haven't seen it until now. Thanks for posting. Awesome
Comment 30 Apr 2014

I remember Purdue doing that before a game once. It was pretty cool.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

I wish I didn't know now what I still don't know after reading your post.

Comment 10 Apr 2014

Why is there only midget pornsite ads on this site? 

Comment 02 Apr 2014

Bert is the 3rd highest paid coach in the country? WOW.  I never knew that. Fn crazy. That's gotta be a late April Fools Day joke.

Comment 27 Mar 2014
As long as the US doesnt spend billions to revitalize an area that will become desolate after the fact, I could care less. Thats their problem.
Comment 27 Mar 2014
I waa just about to say the same thing. You cant talk about all this and not bring up title 9. It will absolutely apply across all sports. If you think it wont you have your head in the sand.
Comment 14 Mar 2014
I havent seen this, but now I feel like I'm standing outside of a Freakshow trailer. PICS???
Comment 11 Mar 2014
Bingo! I would like to see us get Vick through FA. Let him and Hoyer battle it out with no frinchise QBs out there this year. Might catch lightning in a bottle with Vick. Just my opinion. Plus...... "Dawg Pound!"
Comment 06 Mar 2014
Thats gotta be the best job in the world....er universe.
Comment 30 Jan 2014
Thanks fot the Bad Lip Reading vid.....I needed a laugh after last night. EDIT: Saddest thing about last night: Nations longest winning streak at home vs. non-ranked opponents.....SNAPPED.