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Comment 20 Dec 2016

Team panicked in third and abandoned the offense. There was no flow, just people watching Kelsey.Then on D, they obviously didn't adjust and kept running under screens. UConn can shoot from the one  to the five.....make them drive to the help.

I think Uconn losses a game this year in the tourney (their due). There really good but I don't see one player who is head and shoulders better like theyve had other years. This is a complete team but they can be beat.

Comment 12 Nov 2016
Dude just don't sprain your ENTIRE body on the dunk as you realize your age in mid air. You'll be watching the game from a small hospital tv if your not careful. Edit: didn't read that they were 8'. Carry on then.....
Comment 07 Nov 2016

I think we are looking at 3rd or 4th place in the B1G if we stay healthy.

I think we'll be a little up and down mid season due to our teams make up (for example, if Loving goes cold from deep can he start driving??). If we can stay consistently decent in our foul shooting and also rebound at a high level, I think we'll surprise some people .

Comment 18 Sep 2016
I think we should ignore them. I mean never mention them until thee game. To not acknowledge their existence would cause a melt down.