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Comment 16 Dec 2014
Umm, you guys never heard this phrase before? My grandma would shake her head at yall. People are missing the meaning of his statement. He's not comparing himself to Jesus. He's saying that no matter the good Jesus did some people still didn't like him. So if people could find a reason to fault Jesus then you know it's really easy for them to not like nothing special you. I expect to see all y'all at a Baptist Church this Sunday. Lol
Comment 10 Nov 2014

Lots of back stories missing here. This article needs to be re-done with some information on who they would of been competing against for pt (a lot of times tOSU had someone more coveted at the time), coaching decisions ( For example, According to Woodson he was being recruited as a running back by tOSU and that is what kept him disinterested.) and also some extra curricular events that caused some kids not to come to tOSU (Clarett's actions off the field caused two players to go north, well at least thats the rumor). It's not as black and white as it appears. Some of the old heads on here can fill you in on a lot more of these so called "misses". 

Comment 01 Nov 2014

This is a solid team. I think most will be surprised at how well they look come January.

Matta has installed a slightly different offense which should help create some movement on the floor (last year there was a lot of standing around). tOSU has length at all 5 positions. We're much more athletic this year and we should have more range this year. The only weaknesses are depth with our bigs, effort and talent at the 5, depth at PG and the fact that key pieces are freshmen. 

Comment 18 Oct 2014
I refuse to remove "Pop" from my vocabulary. It's not my fault the whole South grew up not knowing the correct word for a wonderful fizzy beverage. Spread the word "pop" people it's your duty as ex-ohioans.
Comment 01 Jul 2014
The whole team creation was a mess. Aeros was a terrible name to begin with, the mascot was horrible and the colors were a poor choice. Any changes have to be better then the original. Although I'm not sure why we're holding on to the Rubber capital thing. We haven't been that since the early, early 80s. Besides I submitted the Akron Canal Rats as the team name. I'm boycotting until it's made official. Lol
Comment 07 Mar 2014

RIta Dove - Pulitzer Prize winner.

Wes Craven - Director

Paul Newman - Actor, and he has a billion sauces for Newmans Own.

Marilyn Manson - Singer

Toni Morrison - Nobel Prize in Lit & Pulitzer

Steve Harvey - Comedian, Writer

Comment 21 Dec 2013

Jordan Hall had 150+ yards in two games this season and how many did Braxton have? Sprinkle in the fact that Guiton almost had a hundred against Cal. and Elliot went wild against A&M. So that's 4 players that went over a 100 yards this year and one who was a few yards short. Hyde is a great tOSU back but has run behind one of the most dominating olines tOSU has had in years. I honestly think Beanie and Mo C would walked home with the Heisman behind this oline.

Comment 23 Feb 2012

It started with them jumping on our emblem in football, proceed with the "just deal with it" in basketball, and the coup de grace was Rat Boy saying Urban Meyer did "illegal" recruiting. Wisky has passed TTUN in football, basketball, ping pong and any other thing they participate in on my seething disdain meter. 

Comment 18 Jan 2012

Can't believe the S&C got any votes!! This is as bad as the TTUN fans and their infatuation with Barwis!!! And we see how all that "ultra modern raspy voiced" training improved TTUN during RR's reign of dominance. Fact is, our S&C program has been pretty good for years. Look at the numbers our players put up at the combine as proof positive of the programs S&C program. 

The biggest improvement without a doubt will be from our offense coordinators. Offense is one area statistically we've struggled for years.