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Comment 18 Oct 2014
I refuse to remove "Pop" from my vocabulary. It's not my fault the whole South grew up not knowing the correct word for a wonderful fizzy beverage. Spread the word "pop" people it's your duty as ex-ohioans.
Comment 01 Jul 2014
The whole team creation was a mess. Aeros was a terrible name to begin with, the mascot was horrible and the colors were a poor choice. Any changes have to be better then the original. Although I'm not sure why we're holding on to the Rubber capital thing. We haven't been that since the early, early 80s. Besides I submitted the Akron Canal Rats as the team name. I'm boycotting until it's made official. Lol
Comment 07 Mar 2014

RIta Dove - Pulitzer Prize winner.

Wes Craven - Director

Paul Newman - Actor, and he has a billion sauces for Newmans Own.

Marilyn Manson - Singer

Toni Morrison - Nobel Prize in Lit & Pulitzer

Steve Harvey - Comedian, Writer

Comment 21 Dec 2013

Jordan Hall had 150+ yards in two games this season and how many did Braxton have? Sprinkle in the fact that Guiton almost had a hundred against Cal. and Elliot went wild against A&M. So that's 4 players that went over a 100 yards this year and one who was a few yards short. Hyde is a great tOSU back but has run behind one of the most dominating olines tOSU has had in years. I honestly think Beanie and Mo C would walked home with the Heisman behind this oline.

Comment 23 Feb 2012

It started with them jumping on our emblem in football, proceed with the "just deal with it" in basketball, and the coup de grace was Rat Boy saying Urban Meyer did "illegal" recruiting. Wisky has passed TTUN in football, basketball, ping pong and any other thing they participate in on my seething disdain meter. 

Comment 18 Jan 2012

Can't believe the S&C got any votes!! This is as bad as the TTUN fans and their infatuation with Barwis!!! And we see how all that "ultra modern raspy voiced" training improved TTUN during RR's reign of dominance. Fact is, our S&C program has been pretty good for years. Look at the numbers our players put up at the combine as proof positive of the programs S&C program. 

The biggest improvement without a doubt will be from our offense coordinators. Offense is one area statistically we've struggled for years. 

Comment 01 Dec 2011

Its Conley. He gives the best combo of O and D of them all. Craft and Scoonie are very close 2a and 2b. Cant go wrong with any of them but if you had  to win one game or a series you have to take Conley. 

People forget Conleys dent in the record books in just one season and the fact his squad made it to the finals gives him the nod.  If you want to compare Craft and Conley, Conley doubled the production of Craft in asst and steals and its not close in points. 





Comment 04 Nov 2011

Michigan will be an upper echelon B1G ten team the next few years. However, our roster top to bottom is better than theres for the foreseeable future. Even if McGary turns into a monster (which he won't) in the paint we should still rule the Big ten for years to come. The team that should be worried is Indiana and Purdue. TTUN stole one from their backyard without too much of a fight from them.

Im happy the B1G ten is keeping these players in conference. If we can do that we will be the elite basketball conference hands down.

Comment 29 Mar 2011

I could Sam Thompson battling for that 7th spot and staying on the court for nice stretches.  He is very athletic, has a nice smooth, outside stroke and most importantly willing to play defense (when inspired). He also has Weatherspoon type ups so he should be involved in a lot of rebounds and tips. Thompson has the versatility (6'6" n agile) and has the potential to be a very good defender. And with Matta great defense gets you the most PT with a few exceptions.

Comment 27 Jan 2011

Wade dropped 16 a game as a rookie. Bron dropped 20. Jordan doing about 28 ppg.

Kobe was the lone scrub at about 7.6 points per game. Thats mainly because he thought every play should be something sportscenter worthy and missed them all. 

Comment 27 Jan 2011

Lets see...If you narrow the discussion to this current Cavs team (w/ injuries) at this moment then the game will get a lot more interesting than people are making it. Im not saying the bucks would win a one game deal. The Cavs depth and playing the best night in and night out gives them an significant edge. 

However if your doing best out of 10, We would have our nights of great shooting and sneak a few wins for a few reasons.

 Consider this.

Stats and Notes

1. The Cavs stars are banged up. Look at the matchups. We would be playing a bunch of role players for the most part. Save for Hickson and Jamison.

Eyenga - Lighty

Jamison - Sully

Hickson - Thomas

Gibson - Diebler

Sessions -  Craft

Manny Harris (yup that one) & Hollins - Buford

Samuals - Lauderdale

Most of the Cavs healthy roster is made up of avg. college stars. I mean Eyenga killed the Congo basketball scene (Congo did beat Devry in an exhibition game...fyi, lol). The Bucks current top 7 would be drafted higher than 60-70% of the Cavs current active roster. Alot of this Cavs team is projects and Some of these guys will be NBDL or overseas after this season. So its not like were playing the creme of the crop here.

3. Our starting lineup actually has a considerable height advantage at the guard spots. And I think we weigh more across the board.

4. The Bucks scrimmage pros every summer, all summer, so there wouldn't be a huge adjustment" period. Over they years they've played Conley, Penn, G.O., Turner etc... Craft has already logged minutes guarding NBA starter Mike Conley. So I'm sure Boobie and Sessions wouldnt cause him to lose much sleep.

5. Manny Harris is on the roster. and guess what? he logged 28 minutes the other night. He's one year removed from getting beat by this Bucks team.

Comment 26 Jan 2011

Ohh, I know what you can do for a logo. Make the font in "Old Atari" and make the colors Carolina Blue. It would be the most bestest logo ever.

- JimDelaney@twitter


Comment 26 Jan 2011

There was some kind of study on mice and "Boiler Up" caused death after prolonged exposure. Just sayin.....