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Comment 07 Mar 2013

Whoever made that map of the tv shows needs a serious lesson in geography.  They must have missed the lesson on where Seattle was located.  (The map shows Seattle being in Eastern-Central Washington.)  Just...a...bit...off.

Comment 29 Jan 2013

"Least importantly, this addition gives the Buckeye roster its fourth Corey (Philly, Pittsburgh, Linsley) and fourth Smith (Devin, Rod, Stewart). Good luck, Paul Keels."


Ok, did anyone else read it first as if we had Rod Stewart on our roster??? lmao...

Comment 06 Dec 2012

Hate to defend *ichigan, however I find nothing wrong with their decision to drop Champions for Charity.  It stated in the article that they were a "for-profit" organization. 

Not only are they not registered or listed on charitynavigator.com, but they also don't supply any financial information to Guidestar.com; nor is any finanical data available online.  They seem to shroud themselves in secrecy (which is their right as a privately owned company.)

As the economy is struggling to recover, it is imperative that donations go to charities who actually spend the money on the services they advertise supporting.  There are far too many "charities" whose funds go more towards the directors' pockets instead of helping the needy. 

I applaued any company or organization that chooses to support only charities that will put the money to good use, even if that company/organization should happen to start with an M...