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Grew up in Ohio, the military brought me to Kansas. I hope to move back one day.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: When the Buckeyes beat Michigan in 2006.
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Comment 24 Nov 2012

I've been getting my pizza delivered by Michigan grads for years.

Comment 23 Oct 2012

I keep reading that KennyG is a different player this year.  Maybe he was just horrible in the film room last year.  Also, why does Bollman keep getting blamed for Bauserman?  It seems as though Coach Fickell gets a free ride and none of the heat for that debacle last year. 

Comment 06 Oct 2012

As a former Zoomie, I am excited about the Air Force vs. Navy game.  I know....I know...its not as exciting as the big time games, but bragging rights on deployments is important.

Comment 24 Sep 2012

Wow, that weird.  I was just discussing Maurice Hall with a co-worker today.  He is a Kansas State grad and we were comparing Craig Krenzel to Collin Klein.  He pointed out similarities to the 2002 Buckeye team to this year's K-State team.  

Anyway, I mentioned that K-State's biggest weakness is depth.  Few people outside of Ohio remember that Ohio State had depth at the RB position in the form of Maurice Hall.  I then told him about Hall's clutch performance in the Illinois game as well as the Michigan game.

Comment 07 Dec 2011

I am a KU grad and season ticket holder (I would have been a Buckeye grad had the Air Force sent me to Wright Patterson AFB).  However, I am and will always be a Buckeye fan first.  I will probably shock those who sit near me at Allen Fieldhouse when I show up in my Buckeye gear on Saturday.

Comment 23 Nov 2011

Mike and Mike on ESPN radio are citing sources in Orlando confirming that Urban Meyer is coming to Ohio State.  They state their sources are also saying Fickell will remain on the staff.

Comment 30 Oct 2011

I loved the victory and think that is a great picture.  However, I never thought I'd see the day when Buckeye fans stormed the field after beating a #15 ranked team.  Has it gotten that bad?

Comment 17 Sep 2011

It was a disappointing game. But until we go 6-6, its no worse than the 1999 season. I survived that season.

Comment 30 Aug 2011

I will be there.  I will be the guy in the Buckeye shirt.  Don't hesitate to say hi if you see me.

Comment 02 Jul 2011

@Maestro.  I am in Johnson County.

Make sure you check out the club on Saturdays.  


It is an alumni club, but everybody is welcome to join.  I am from Youngstown and graduated from Kansas (The military brought me west).  But they love me just the same.

There are former band members that bring their instruments and play during the game.  It is an awesome experience on Saturdays.  Being a KU alumni is going to help me get tickets for the KU/Ohio State Bball game this year.

Comment 01 Jul 2011

Why do people automatically assume that vrable would be a good coach?  He has zero experience.  Sure he is a good player, but coaching is much different.  I would like to see someone who is a proven commidity, who is looking to take the next step.

I love Mike Vrable, but does he have the qualifications for this job?

Comment 08 Mar 2011

Notice the terminology.  They are using "allegation."  Back in December, it was noted in the comments section here that the term allegation was not being used, only violation.

Maybe it is something, maybe it is nothing. 

Comment 07 Dec 2010

I would argue that during the Hayes era, the Big 10 was much weaker than it has been during the Tressel era.  Back then it was common knowledge that Woody did not even practice to play Northwestern. 

During the week of the Northwestern game they would practice to play Michigan.  

Wisconsin was a nobody until barry Alvarez arrived.  There was no Penn State either.  Woody also had a losing bowl record.

I love Woody and believe he put Ohio State on the map.  But to think the B-10 was so much better during his era I think is wrong.  

Comment 22 Nov 2010

I never thought of it like that, and I agree with you 100%.  If that was Tebow, every network and fan would praising his "fiery leadership."  Instead the emo fanbase we have wants a reason to complain. 

Lets focus on hate week.

Comment 20 Nov 2010

Sadly, I have no faith in our D.