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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Smith & Co. beat scUM at the Big House in '05. Sucked the air right out of the place.
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Comment 12 Feb 2014
Because of Ramzy I now struggle with where my BONER KILLER tatt will be placed (and I need it to be free or discounted). DJ, where would you put BONER KILLER besides a Marion over pass?
Comment 20 Jan 2014
RIP to the B10 coaches gentleman's agreement. Meyer changing everything. Somewhere, Bert is sobbing that its still just flat out not fair.
Comment 06 Dec 2013
M Man, you are well respected here to be sure. However you are the poster who stated Wilson started it. Burden of proof is on you, sir. You have any proof or just your unbiased opinion of what happened? I'm starting to wonder if someone hacked your account or if you are just bitter about the state of your program that takes solice in a solid loss.
Comment 06 Dec 2013
Looks to me like Wilson is shoved after the tackle. And Norfleet must be slow if he is running back to the bench and gets run over by Wilson. Bottom line, to me, is 2/3 of TTUN players on the field at the time surround Wilson. I don't see a single white jersey come running in until that happens. So logic would imply that if TTUN players went to their bench as they should've, this scrum doesn't happen. What I like the most? A win in A2.
Comment 02 Dec 2013
10-4. Lots of blue around DW, not allowing him to leave the field after he was pushed up field for about 4 yards when the play was over. White jerseys come after the fact. They STILL lost at home. Consider this my double bird to BIG & TTUN.
Comment 23 Nov 2013
I don't think anyone here ever thought he was a serious offensive genius. Your president & AD thought so. We knew better.
Comment 22 Oct 2013
I watched almost every minute of every game and I saw a player that showed flashes of greatness but made too many mental errors. My guess is Matta saw this as well. I find this update encouraging. At the very least it will put the verbal vomit of "why didn't Matta recruit Burke" to rest.
Comment 29 Sep 2013
(Crawls out from under rock) "oh yeah, because Bert is a douche and JoPa & Bo were good coaches."
Comment 29 Sep 2013
I thought it would be a NCAA violation to have Wes Welker suit up and play #4 for Wiscy.