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Comment 03 Sep 2014

I actually agree with you on that.  I think scheduling Navy is a poor decision.  Why expose your team to a triple option offense with little upside effect with a victory anyway.  I do think Navy could possibly beat those two, my point was simply that if our offense came out flat and only put up 6 first half points we'd probably have been down by more than one at halftime vs those other two based on what I saw.  I'm not sure our offensive line would have fared too well against Ok States defense in game 1 of the season.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

All these comments about Bama and FSU, but would anyone have honestly wanted to face WVU or Okie State instead of Navy.  Not me.  Our offense came out really flat and we might have found ourselves behind big time vs. either of those teams.  I can't predict whether we would have won or not but I watched both of those other games and I'd say they were both tougher opponents than Navy.  No disrespect to Navy.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I think this is a reference to last season as he has mentioned this in prior interviews.  I could be wrong but I don't think he is referencing what he is seeing in practice right now.

Comment 02 Aug 2014

"Wells gained 222 yards rushing and two touchdowns against the Wolverines. That total is more than any other Ohio State running back in The Game."

Hyde rolled up 226 last year.  Is this a reference based on at that time?

Comment 01 Aug 2014

Since we open vs Navy, a sack seems less likely.  A tackle for loss will do though.

Comment 11 Jul 2014

that's the best statement ever made by an athlete. period.  i know he had help but that was perfect.  dan gilbert with any sense of humanity needs to respond to that with dignity and gratitude. 

edit...full disclosure not even a cavs fan.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

if you can get your car near the base of the fireplace, and a long garden hose you could tape off the garden hose to your exhaust and run the hose down the chimney.  should put them to sleep in no time.  sounds cruel but its better than poison that takes time to burn 'em up from the inside.

also, no matter what route you take to kill them, just cause they're dead will not solve your problem.  the entry has to be blocked or new ones will find it as well.

edit...don't sit in the car if you do this and keep the doors open during and after.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

Um, DJ...it's clearly D-Fence not "D-Fense"

Edit-I can't seem to insert a picture here without it being a broken link so just imagine a sign with a D and a picture of a fence.  Thanks.


Comment 04 Feb 2014

How is there not a team named the skywalkers in the star wars link? 

edit, nevermind missed the Ny giants logo, not sure that counts though.

Comment 17 Jan 2014

really hope they get another season.  of course, being born in 1980 i'm right in the wheel house for those who'd really enjoy it.

Comment 14 Jan 2014

Can't we just call ESPN and ask what their involvement was and what schools were being courted under the freedom of information act.  If they decline can't we just sue them:)

Comment 04 Jan 2014

OSU still ran 21 offensive plays not counting punts or xp attempts after the muffed punt.  Hyde was only given a hand-off on 3 of them.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Hyde scored with 5:50 left in the third quarter to take a 29-20 lead.  For the entire rest of the game Hyde had 3 (yes three!!) carries for 14 yards during the last 4 possessions.


Edit:  Strikingly similar...in the MSU game OSU took the lead 24-17 with 5:36 remaining in the third quarter and Hyde only ran the ball 4 more times for 25 yards over the final 4 buckeye possessions.