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Comment 08 Dec 2013

Oklahoma is the only team on this list we could beat.  Like us, they're a storied program and their fans travel well too so that alone would be an exciting game.  Both teams also have had their struggles in recent years...even though we won 24 straight, we escaped quite often vs average to below average teams.   Clemson, Alabama, Baylor, Oregon, Missouri would all put up about 80 on our pathetic defense. 

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Teaching & preparing are jobs of the coaches though... but i do agree with your safeties comment, cause watching the DBs with their eyes glued on the WRs trying to catch up and not having any idea where the ball was are on the players too. 

Comment 08 Dec 2013
Cooper could recruit but couldn't coach, Tressel could coach but couldn't recruit, Meyer does both well. Remember he's still playing a lot of Tressel & Fickell's recruits...plus Fickell was only kept on the staff as a mercy for taking over after the Tattoo scandal. He couldn't head coach & cant D coach, time to let him go or reduce his role again. I said when Meyer took over, give him 3 years and he'll have tOSU as legit title contenders. He's 24-1 in his first 2 years, in other words it's like playing with house money and scary that he made them that good that soon.... remember we're not far removed from being 6-7 So relax Buckeye Nation and remain calm...yes we should have beat the other team from up North, but like the other guy said on here, we'd get drilled by FSU, Auburn, Alabama this year...hell with our D, Clemson scares me. Hope to God that we don't play Baylor or Oregon, they'd both put 80 on us
Comment 15 Apr 2013

I met him for the 1st time at the OSU-LSU National Title game and sat right next to him at it.  Before the game started, I got my pic taken with him and he seemed like a nice guy.  I had just returned from a tour in Iraq a few weeks prior and spent 5 straight years overseas before that, so i wasnt really aware who any of these super fans were.  But as the game went on, he was just being plain rude to people who were requesting his pic.  He even came at me after we went up 10-0 and i was yelling "SEC Speed" to the nearby LSU fans...telling me to keep my mouth shut.  Im sorry, but I paid $800 for my ticket and if I choose to talk a lil trash to the opposing fans whom were doing it as well, im allowed to and dont need his permission/approval.  Funny thing about that is ive sat near him many times since then and listened to him talk trash as well to opponents and with a lot more vulgar content.

At the 2008 Mich game, I made a sign in reference to Mich losing to Toledo and their horrible record that year.  I walked around with it outside the stadium before the game and even snuck it in to the stadium during the game.  I got interviewed on TV and even by a radio reporter, not to mention a ton of people whom requested their pic taken with it.  But I never got mad or denied anybody's request nor did I ask them to either.  I embraced it, especially since I knew prior the attention it would receive. I held it up a few times during the game, but to make fun of Mich, not to get on TV.  There was a guy next to me who said the camera man wanted me to hold it up in front of him (he had to show me where he was cause I wasnt paying attention to where they were at during the game).  But I did get put on websites and in magazines for that sign, but I dont pass out autograph pics of myself to people especially to ones whom dont ask for it.  The funniest thing about that sign i made that game was when we were walking back to our cars afterwards and Buck I Guy came up to me, grabbed my sign and autographed it like he was famous.  

Comment 15 Apr 2013

Not sure how or why society seems to think that merely going to church validates them as being a good person.  I think we all are aware that it does not and could list countless examples of people to include Priests & Ministers who've done outlandish things whom attend church regularly.  I donate old clothes anytime I move to the Salvation Army, does that alone make me a stand-up citizen?  You're classified as a good person on how you act and treat people 24-7 and dont get a pass when you wear a costume portraying another person.