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Comment 25 Nov 2014

They are on the sidelines before the game (ushered to their seats in the last 5-10 min) and after the game. They also briefly walk across the sidelines during halftime.

Comment 02 May 2013
Good designs. I really like the buckeye leaf at the bottom. Very classy touch. Overall the design concepts are good. I think the gray collar dominates the home uni too much. I greatly prefer the old stripes over the new ones but now that we have switched I want something that isn't generic. Too many teams used that pattern, some still do, ie Iowa. My two tirades against Nike are: 1) their crusade against shiny pants 2) their terrible shoulders. The female replica jersey sized numbers and Wisconsin / nebraska stripes on the shoulders are inexcusable. If Nike wasn't run by a bunch of lazy designers, they would give osu reflective pants to go with the helmet. If there was ever a time to lift the vendetta against shiny pants, it was last year against Michigan. At least they aren't wearing the transparent off white nonsense that the 06 team wore.