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Comment 24 Sep 2015

Enjoyed this article very much in that our coaching staff, and particularly Meyer, know exactly what they are looking for and have been superb in getting those players. Many of our fans, however, care more about ** ratings and less about the total player...eg: smarts, character, heart and passion which are attributes that normally don't make way into the ** rating system; just stats. Fans only know what they read from so-called evaluation experts on this site and all the others....none actually have done the  exhaustive work of complete evaluation. Urb and his staff have done all that. As a result, I really don't back up to to the ledge when we don't get THE player because Meyer probably didn't want him or  starts a player we don't agree with. Meyer is the best at player and assistant coach evaluation...enjoy the ride, my friends, as all the moves being made by this staff is for the betterment of Buckeye football.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Is this no so typical of a totally clueless organization. Waive a 3rd round running back that they traded 2 players to move up to get and then waive a potentially good W/R for another RB that has been waived. Browns are just a POS organization.

Comment 13 May 2015

Don't disagree!! The fact that Loving is not in this starting lineup is a plus. Unless he changes his body language, effort and physical play, he belongs on the bench...he is a smaller version of Armir. Kam Williams is gonna be pushed hard and how he responds will likely dictate his  ultimate transfer which would not be a surprise IMO.

Comment 04 Mar 2015

Always enjoy reading people's opinion of Amir. He is what he is and that is a big guy who plays like he does not have a passion for the sport. At times he raises hope but more times than not he disappoints. He was certainly over rated in high school. Time to get over his act and look forward to next season with Thompson  and Giddings in the middle.  Sadly, Loving is Amir in the making. His body language and effort much of the time are troubling. He can hit the 3 when uncontested, but other than that offers little. Matta has a potential star in Diop but seems to lack confidence in the kid. This senior class has disappointed and you have to put that on Matta but overall he is the best in this school's history and next season looks very promising. Go Bucks

Comment 12 Sep 2014

We are seeing an absolute continuing outbreak of bad behavior among athletes of all ages. There is a culture of entitlement, total lack of respect and attitude issues. I suspect a common denominator for most of these people is the lack of a father figure in the home and the fascination of the entertainment industry.This is a serious problem not only among athletes and we are becoming a country of moral bankruptcy

Comment 14 Aug 2014

See that 610 is reporting that Waters and attorney as asking for a meeting with the BOT. This is getting hot and heavy and don't think it will be resolved anytime soon. Sound like Waters is seeking reinstatement. 

Comment 14 Aug 2014

You are no doubt correct. But while at Cal-Irvine, Drake fired a staff member but do to relentless pressure from the alumni and national media, he had to retain the person. For those that think that the band alumni is only a small fraction of the total alumni universe, this is true. But to all Buckeye faithful, what is the Ohio State Buckeyes is not only the football team, but the band itself. The band gets it's funding from the athletic department and if the control falls to the School of Music, look out; politics and power grab at its finest. Since coach Hayes to Urban Meyer, the OSU coaches have supported the band, but Urb seems to have a special allegiance and I would guess he is following this situation closely. As he reports directly to the BOT and not Gene Smith, perhaps any input from him would be worthy.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I disagree. From reliable sources, with Waters out the School of Music is in which means a probable change from the high step type style (8 steps every 5 yards) to a low step corps style used by most high school bands. So what you ask! It means that Script Ohio and the Band Entrance will not be the same and you will not be happy. The world' s largest all brass band will no doubt include clarinets, flutes and the like all for the sake of diversity and control by the SOM. This story has legs as the university's largest alumni group is the band and they have been violated by a horse spit report that does not report the facts nor the truth. Waters is a hero and whether he is retained or not, he is going to get a lot of money...title IX was not violated by the director and the traditions of the band but by the university itself due to arrogance and incompetence. The truth will set you free. Go Bucks.

Comment 27 Feb 2012

Is it me or does it appear Sully has not been having any fun for a couple of weeks? In fact no one is showing much enthusiasm or lift in their step. Wisky plays good defense sure, but they didn't cause the missed free throws, the silly out of control charging fouls or the many forced turnovers. This team looks pooped and or disinterested. Without question there is zero leadership on the floor. Agree with others who share that there is not one dependable scorer that comes off the bench and its been a long time that we have consistently seen Buford, Sully and Thomas click at the same time. Let's keep the faith and trust that we are not headed for a crushing close to what was a promising season.