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I'm a displaced Buckeye fan living here in Dothan, Alabama, originally from Cleveland. Surrounded by the colglomerate called the SEC seemingly owned by Paul Finebaum.


  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Micheal Thomas (recent); Eddie George or Mike Doss (all time)
  • NFL TEAM: The Browns (I can't help it)
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs (last year it was the San Antonio Cavaliers)
  • MLB TEAM: Indians (not a huge fan of baseball though)

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Comment 29 Mar 2016
Actually, as a fan, I have to agree with Meyer. You don't want for quarterbacks necessarily playing, however, you do want several quarterbacks that you feel confident sending out on the field if your number one happens to go down. Always good to have a quality backup. But I do agree though I think you were trying to say it's best to have one clear-cut starter.
Comment 19 Mar 2016
Although I'm not jumping up and down about this idea, I think he'd POTENTIALLY be an upgrade to the quarterbacks that we've had in the last few years. I seriously doubt it will happen, though. Pretty sure we're going to draft a QB first round.
Comment 28 Feb 2016
I can't stand that baby faced assassin, but not for the reasons you state. Being a Cavs fan, I can't stand the Warriors team as a whole. But as for the dancing and all the extra curricular, I feel that he backs all that up with superior play on the court. Everybody hates greatness, the same as people hate the Buckeyes or Bama because they're winners. But, on a personal note, I really DO dislike dislike draymond Greene!
Comment 06 Dec 2015
Going to be pulling for all the Big Ten matchups. Not because of some blind loyalty to the conference like SEC fans, however stronger conference means being given the benefit of a doubt in case you have a slip up. If people do not respect your schedule because of their perceived lack of quality opponents throughout the year and you do happen to slip up, they will not be as forgiving.
Comment 22 Nov 2015
I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments and frustrations that you think you portrayed his comments last night. However, as one of the staff members mentioned above, he is essentially the face of the franchise so to speak. With that honor bestowed upon him comes great responsibility. I do think that his comments were rash and made in the heat of the moment, letting all his frustrations out at that time. However, being in the position that he is, he shouldn't have had the discretion enough to use some sort of filter when talking to the media. His concerns, although valid and obviously the consensus, should not have come out like this. This was a very bad look on the university, the coaches, and his teammates. As mentioned before he just won a championship the previous year and was a highlight of that. To come out and say things such as this kind of seems ungrateful for the success he has had. Again, his thoughts were valid, however there is a time, a place, & a forum for everything. Hopefully, this is not permanently damage his relationship with Ohio State and hopefully it is not damage the relationship with future recruits and Ohio State. Sorry for the out of place words, used the mic on my cell phone instead of typing