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Comment 24 Apr 2014

And DJ, not trying to pile it on, and certainly not saying I disagree with the substance of your statement, but I love this site and don't want any harm to come to it.   A plaintiff willing to sue tOSU for getting hit by a bus likely could be a plaintiff willing to sue anybody for libel or defamation of character, not that I'm licensed to opine on such matters of Ohio law.   Might want to tone down calling any party to any pending litigation an idiot, lest a tribunal ultimately disagrees with you regarding his idiocy.   Dollars spent by 11W defending a (likely meritless) claim are dollars not spent on reporting and bandwidth.   

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Right.  And it's by a private individual, not government (where the protected class analysis comes into play) or engaging in public commerce (tripping Civil Rights legislation).  I wish the KKK would all die in a fire, but there's the legal theory behind why they're allowed to hold marches through my hometown every few years.  

Comment 01 Jan 2014

If I go ahead with a preemptive "SPARTY NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo!," will I hold off fate?  

Comment 01 Jan 2014

I am pretty lazy, but it would be interesting to compare the NCAA and B1G definitions of "PED" or comparable terms.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if a more stringent B1G definition picks up routine prescribed medications, legal stimulants (e.g., caffeine), over-the-counter herbal supplements available at GNC, etc., that would pass the NCAA test.  

Comment 13 Dec 2013

Very cool.  My first two thoughts: looks like he throws a pretty sharp deep ball.   Second, it'd be a-ok with me if he turns out as well as the last lefty QB at OSU (Joe G. was the last lefty, right?)

Edit: crap.  Forgot about Bellisari.   I guess that's a good thing?  


Comment 29 Sep 2013

Stafford is more physically gifted (as least as far as arm strength), but agree that Aaron Murray is likely the best pure passing quarterback in college football in terms of accuracy, proper reads, etc.   

Comment 26 Sep 2013

I think the maps make sense if you assume that only gunners/overachievers take both the ACT and the SAT.  The ACT is far more prevalent in the Midwest; the kids taking the SAT in the Midwest tend to be smarter.  The inverse is true in the Northeast. 

Comment 18 Sep 2013

I'm inclined to agree with you, but I'm willing to wager that ttun nation was thinking the same thing prior to playing Appalachian State.