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Comment 14 Jul 2014

No, my coworkers and I made the joke about removing the CFB logo and putting a Crystal Football in the vaginal opening.

Right there with you buddy.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Remove the stupid CFB logo, and put a Crystal Football in the opening and make it a decent trophy.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Looks like he posted the same thing I posted just now officially to his Twitter - someone threw it into Photoshop and took out his SS# and lightened up the photo a bit.

Comment 25 Apr 2014

Found it - had to edit it to remove his SS# - don't want someone stealing all his First Round money :)



Comment 25 Apr 2014

Roby posted the breathalyzer test on his Twitter and promptly pulled it last night - I assume someone told him he needed to pull it and not stir the pot.


Trying to find the image in my cache.