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Comment 18 Oct 2014
Word now is that he will commit in January at his All Star game. I forgot which one he was going to. Whichever one it is they are pushing him to do that.
Comment 17 Oct 2014

People still can't wrap their heads around the fact that this isn't the BCS and things are different now. Yes the Va Tech lose is bad but we aren't dealing with computer formulas. Real people are going to look at the games, loses, the situation around loses and how the team is playing at the moment. The committee has the power to look at the Va Tech game and realize that we were a young team at the time playing with a Redshirt Freshman QB starting only his 2nd college game and his in live game action in like 2 years.

Comment 16 Oct 2014

Really Sammie Watkins did. Boyd didn't really do much. We just didn't adjust to stop what he was doing.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Correct Sir. It looks like the Clark ship has sailed and then got raided by Somali pirates. He is not coming to OSU. He spurned the staff twice after leading them on twice. Its like dissing a girl for Homecoming and Winter Formal, talking trash about her afterward and then come back with your tail between your legs and finally asking her to go to you to Prom but only after you figure out your original date was a trainwreck.

Comment 06 Oct 2014
And aren't they all in the SEC West? So they have to play each other. So it's not like they can all end up undefeated. Might as well just add Bama and have it be an all SEC party.
Comment 28 Sep 2014

I like the 6pm start times. I eat at 5pm so once dinner is over it is time for the game. Plus the game ends at a decent time. Sometimes those 8pm start can run pretty late and I have to be up everyday early with my kids.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Gary Pinkel is from Akron, Oh and is an alum of my old HS (Kenmore High School). I don't want another Ohio guy up AA.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

All a coaching search at UM means to Les Miles is that he is about to get another pay raise from LSU. He is not coming to UM. If he wanted to coach there he would already be the coach there.

Comment 14 Sep 2014

I think they are going to trip up along the way. They are winning this game by the skin of their teeth and eventually they aren't going to get that break at the end.

Comment 12 Sep 2014
I would disagree with that. Rod has had some big runs and catches. Elliot did some things VS Fam U but that is Fam U. That was also in garage time. Since he has been the starter what has he done to say Rod doesn't warrant a chance?
Comment 12 Sep 2014
Has Elliot shown himself to be the better back in an actual game? Maybe he looked good in practice but unfortunately EZE hasn't shown me a ton ingame.
Comment 12 Sep 2014
He should have got some carries against VA Tech. We didn't even attempt to run so they had no reason to respect it at all. Maybe he could have pounded some yards up the middle.
Comment 11 Sep 2014
Redds wicked ale is pretty good. It's also 8‰ alcohol.
Comment 04 Sep 2014
I personally don't think any B1G team should play ND anymore. They should have joined the B1G a long time ago. I guess you can't blame them considering the NCAA goes out of there way to keep them happy but that doesn't mean we have to okay them.
Comment 02 Sep 2014

This channel has a bunch of OSU games on it. Its updated often and it already has the Navy game.


Comment 25 Aug 2014

I use First Row Sports for PPVs. I have been using it for years. It works pretty good there is just a TON of popups so be careful what and where you click,

Comment 25 Aug 2014

You can also download an app called Show Box for Android. You can stream Shows and movies with it for free. You can stream them to your Chromecast if you have one.