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Comment 30 Nov 2013

It's not Luke.  Please - learn he game before you comment.  You have to give scUM credit - they called a great game until the 2-point decision.  

Terrible call, even Ray Charles saw where that ball was going.  

We need linebackers - Kwon - u listening?

Comment 26 Nov 2011

and yet, I'd like to award a game ball to whoever convinced Bollman that the game didn't start until 3:15pm

Comment 26 Sep 2011

I'm in favor of going for the sure points.

What we may be missing is that Luke went for 3 b/c he's preparing for scUM.  Not showing Brady something to prepare for might make a difference for us on Nov 26.

Then again, it is possible we all have waaaaaaaaaay too much free time on our hands and we're over-thinking this...

Comment 13 Jul 2011

Would love to see him added as an assistant.  I imagine he'd help us get whoever we wanted from St. Iggy and be influential in C-town...

Comment 11 Jul 2011

How about on the same weekend that the Ohio HS coaches decide to wear a button-down shirt and tie in support of Tressel, we decide not to watch gameday and every other E#PN channel.  We get highlights off the net or live TV.  One week won't kill us but it may blip the ratings.


Comment 11 Jul 2011

I believe it's time we stop watching this channel until kickoff.  Seriously, what news will we get that won't be on this site?  Right now, it's only updates and bad stories. 


I just turned off the LSU-UNC game.... anyone else

Comment 06 May 2011

What happened to the unwritten rule by B10 coaches that once a kid verballed, he was not to be pursued.... (unless the kid initiates it) - Hoke is siding with Zook? 

Comment 06 Jan 2011

I'm ok w/ the play calling in the second half but not happy with the punt alignmnent at the end and how many steps did Ben take before punting?  That was brutal.

I will miss these seniors - thanks for the memories....

Comment 17 Oct 2010

Frankly, he should first hire a Special Teams Coordinator