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Comment 10 Apr 2012

Alex, you still see Heurman a Buckeye come the 25th of April? As you said earlier, Baugh paired up with Heurman would be absolutely nasty. What are the percentages in your mind of Heurman being a Buckeye come announcement day? Thanks Alex

Comment 30 Jan 2012
This is not a Dodson thread. Let's try & keep it about Jalin out of respect to the 2nd commit of OSU's 2013 class. Btw, yes Dodson will be a buckeye most likely.
Comment 25 Jan 2012

Since everyone is sharing their FINAL FOUR, I will share mine as well. I believe the "last four" will include: Reeves, Dodson, Marcus, & Diggs & yes; WE NEED ALL FOUR OF THEM! LETS MAKE IT A GREAT FINISH TO THIS 2012 CLASS!

Comment 25 Jan 2012

Jamal Marcus is announcing on Signing Day I thought. Hopefully he gets to make his own decision (along with having his mom's full support) about attending OSU. Come on Jamal, become apart of Buckeye Nation!

Comment 25 Jan 2012

Yea your def right about respecting Armani's wishes regarding no interviews till he makes his decision. I saw the tweet from Noah Spence.....it may be a little premature, but as you said it seems he has made his decision (just hasn't made it public). Those guys being so close & talking it up can only do good for this situation obviously right Alex?

Comment 25 Jan 2012

Absolutely stellar article Alex! Thanks man for taking the time to speak with him & taking the time to write this article up & share it with all of us. Great work man!

Comment 18 Jan 2012

Alex I am new to the site, but seeing the info you guys provide to buckeyenation; I would have no problem donating to the site. Do have a question for you though & you may have covered it in your recruiting notebook. As for the 2012 class as it stands today @ 22 verbal commits, you guys mentioned you see 4-6 more recruits to finish out this stellar class. I realize in the world of recruiting, things change constantly; but which recruits do you personally see committing to finish out this class? Thanks man

Comment 18 Jan 2012

I can't wait for the "expected & anticipated" commitment of Cam Burrows tomorrow to kick off the class of 2013. I am really excited for the hopeful commitment of Jalin Marshall. This young man is quite an athlete & would be a HUGE get for Coach Meyer & his staff. Keep up the good work guys!