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Comment 11 hours ago
In my time of being old enough to be seriously invested into CFB and OSU, the only 2 losses are in 2003 and 2011. So Chris Perry/Braylon Edwards and Denard Robinson would be mine.
Comment 25 Nov 2015

The group of people who do the "thread-jacking" could download one of any number of apps where you can make big group chats and you can all get added to it. We'll do it for fantasy leagues and whatnot.  A lot of you guys that comment became internet friends or whatever and that's great, but trying to scroll past a lot of the "jokes" is painful sometimes. 

I agree with whoever said they liked the collapsed comments. 

At the end of the day, it doesn't really make me read the topics any less, so I guess it's whatever. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Ugh, you're exhausting. But okay.

Apparently accuracy and leadership aren't important to you.

Accuracy is important to me. How do you determine accuracy? Their completion percentages are pretty close (JT with a 2% edge), but you'd have to look at lengths of throws, relative difficulty of throws, placement of throws so that the receiver can continue running once making the catch, etc. I don't have that data at hand, so I will just say that I don't think JT is a more accurate passer by any means.

Leadership is important to me, and those around the program do say that JT is a great leader. I should have added the word "tangible" to my assessment. I won't, but one could argue that getting a DUI and costing yourself 4 quarters of reps to try and grow with the offense is something a great leader would not do. 

You and BuckeyeJack...its funny, you bash people who you think pick on CJ, yet you both CONTINUALLY do the exact same thing to JT. Everything you said in that paragraph is flat out wrong and wreaks of hypocrisy.

I don't pick on JT. Your statement that everything I wrote was wrong and hypocritical has no merit and is opinion based, and your opinion isn't changing anytime soon. So that's fine. 

How soon we forget MSU last year....he beat them with his legs AND his arm.

He did very well in that game. Don't remember the details of his runs, but I've said (in other posts) that his running needs to be limited to read options so that if he's keeping it, a defender is taken out of the play by following Elliott. Designed runs with him are not effective against really good defenses because he's not a special athlete. 

Dude, CJ had his chance(which was deserved) and didn't do anything with it. Stop beating a dead horse.

My post was in response to someone saying that starting Cardale was a terrible decision. You here say that he deserved his chance. So we agree. I also agree that he didn't do much with it, but neither QB has been any good to this point. JT led the team to its lowest offensive output in a long, long time. I put most of it on the staff, but he is not without blame as most would have you believe. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Urban has mismanaged this team from the beginning when he allowed getting hurt (JT) to lead to JT losing his starting job. Then, after numerous lousy performances by Cardale, still not making the switch. Let's face it, he only made the switch because the team itself was like, wtf, do you not see how we play better with JT. 

This same trash again? Actually, the "hard choice" that you mentioned in your next paragraph WAS going with Cardale, despite the nonsensical opinions of the fanbase that JT is the better option.

The JT version of the offense, where you just dink and dunk and run read options and take away carries from Elliott absolutely would NOT have beaten Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and Urban knows that. JT can't make those 3rd and long throws that Cardale made, and nobody respects his arm enough to worry about the passing game. Urban knows that the offense can be at its peak with a guy like Cardale who can make every single throw on the field, and then defenses have to respect it which opens everything up for Elliott. 

For whatever reason, likely the loss of Tom Herman, the offense never flowed so he finally relented and went with the slightly more athletic guy who runs the read option well, and hoped that we could get it done with defense. JT isn't going to kill any talented defense with his running ability, because he's not a freaky athlete like Braxton Miller (or Nick Marshall, Mariota, etc...). 

Literally the only thing he does better than Cardale is decision making on the read option, and he's a little more athletic. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

1 loss ACC champion UNC would get in over 1 loss not even division champ OSU. 

We would need Michigan State to lose Saturday for sure. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Nope, but imagine what Chip Kelly is going to do at a college program that self recruits... He would dominate. Like if he went to USC or Texas, they'd be back to superpower status in a hurry. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I too have my worries about where it goes from here, but I'll just close my eyes and hope for the best. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Well they wouldn't have ran so many designed QB runs if he was in there, so that's automatically a much better gameplan. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015
Nice reference to that sbnation article. Almost posted it in the forums last night but people 'round here don't like the Golden Boy to be slighted in any way (even if it's only a perceived slight).
Comment 24 Nov 2015

I'd been resisting, but I caught the Hope virus this morning. It's all on you at 3:30 on Saturday, Penn State.

And I don't think we'd even need any chaos in the top 4 because Oklahoma State already lost. 

You'd take 2 of the 3:  11-1 ND, 11-1 OU/OkSU, 12-1 OSU who would have just beaten a top 4 team. We'd be in by just winning our last 2 and having PSU beat MSU, imo. 

Comment 24 Nov 2015

I'll settle for him throwing an accurate pass or making a defender miss... One step at a time. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Run Barkley from the spread in between the tackles, play the type of defense they are capable of playing, and hope that Cook isn't healthy. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Oh come on man. I'm salty as hell about how this season has played out, but can't miss a game... especially this one. 

Comment 23 Nov 2015

I don't want to say what I am expecting to happen...