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Comment 09 Feb 2016

Which was my point. They got to the Super Bowl with those receivers because of Cam Newton, who is not an average quarterback by any stretch. To disagree is to not understand football. 

Comment 09 Feb 2016

No I watched every playoff game. Philly's route running against Talib was impressive, I'll give you that. Ginn had never been a factor at receiver in the NFL until playing with this year's version of Cam Newton. Certain QBs make receivers better, and to say (not you, the post I replied to initially) that Cam has average talent is embarrassing. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Peyton is a total class act - after both wins and losses!

Plugging Budweiser and kissing rich men while giving cookie cutter answers to questions = class act. 

Everyone being joyful while piling on athletes is baffling to me... Newton didn't really do much wrong. He congratulated Denver on the field and then in the press conference he said they didn't play well enough to win before walking out. 

Comment 08 Feb 2016
I like Cam. He's an entertaining player and personality and doesn't bore me to sleep like the other cookie cutter personalities the NFL has at QB. Same boring PC coachspeak from all of them. This reminds me of when everyone was waiting to destroy and pile on Lebron, then the Heat lost to the Mavs in the Finals and everyone killed him and said he would never win anything because of his weak mentality, yadda yadda... Then as soon as he won the media was back on his jock. That will happen for Newton also.
Comment 27 Jan 2016

The person didn't key it or dent it? I'd just be happy about that... best case scenario would be seeing someone doing that to my car, but just some spit and a note isn't so bad considering what he/she could have done. Run it through a wash or hose it off and you're good to go... 

Comment 27 Jan 2016
Yep, its either "thug" or "punk." JJ Watt dances and runs his mouth all the time, but for some reason he doesn't get those labels.
Comment 27 Jan 2016

Haskins would be out of eligibility by 2021. I doubt he's kept off the field until his RS Senior season though. Burrow might be the one who is never a starter, but that's why they compete in the off-season. 

Comment 19 Jan 2016

Diebler can put his defender on skates and create his own shot against any defender and has MVP potential? Crazy... I guess 30 NBA teams have apparently been missing this obvious superstar over in Europe...

If he went to school at Michigan would you feel the same way? 

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Guys...... it says #NBAVote not trade deadline.

RCF twitter account being funny to get people to retweet it, because every time it does it casts an All Star vote for Kyrie Irving. 

Edit: Don't feel bad though, like half the people responding to it didn't get it either lol 

Comment 12 Jan 2016

There will need to be many if the team is going to be good.