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Comment 17 Jun 2016
Should be celebrating in a drunken stupor in the streets of Cleveland if not for the collapse in Game 4. Lets see if we can be the better team for 5 straight games now. These guys are shook, starting with Kerr. So much fake press conference confidence. Well, after crying about ref .
Comment 16 Jun 2016
As soon as Draymond got suspended for G5 this thing was destined to go 7. We'll see what happens on Sunday. Should be an amazing game 7.
Comment 16 Jun 2016
It baffles me that people want him to put up huge numbers without that many touches. This is the one team he doesn't match up well against. He has been good as a Cavalier.
Comment 14 Jun 2016

Love is fine against any of the other 28 teams. If OKC adds a shooting guard who can make a three, they are a nightmare matchup for GS and could be in the Finals next year and we'd say "Oh we have to trade for a big man! Getting killed on the boards!" 

Point is making a roster just to match up with one team in the West is a bad idea. Love is fine unless you can get another star for him which seems unlikely. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Bloodline is pretty awesome, but I agree with those who said it took a step back without Danny in S2. Still enjoy the show, and you can tell who the "villain" is going to be in the next season. Hopefully that is an entertaining storyline. 

Comment 14 Jun 2016

Yep... That's what hurt them in Game 4, the one day of rest. They've arguably been the better team in games 3-5 but blew an 8 point lead late in the third quarter in game 4 after guys started gassing out. 

I like their chances Thursday and if then you see if LeBron and Kyrie can bury them on Sunday. Would love to get that opportunity especially after falling down 3-1. 

Comment 13 Jun 2016

They aren't scared, they just have a safe lead in the series and feel comfortable running their mouths. Their entire organization from owner down is full of arrogant bitches. 

LeBron must really be hated by most people. Otherwise I could never understand why people side with the guy who consistently hits other guys downstairs when that's the most bitchmade move possible. And everyone pulls for the Warriors which is odd since they are the stacked team and typically people pull for underdogs. 

Comment 10 Jun 2016
Love had a great offensive game 1. He was only -8 in both games he played while the team lost by 15 and 33. He was hardly the problem. Love's absence didn't make Kyrie and JR make shots or make Tristan work harder on the glass. I want Lebron at the 4 though. That means you start Love at the 5 and bring Tristan off the bench or just bring Love off the bench and add a little offense to the bench mob. Energy combined with Lebron defending Draymond will be huge going forward and is more important than this Love debate imo.
Comment 09 Jun 2016
Curry isn't the MVP of shit. That team is damn loaded and could win it all without him. They may win it all without him doing much at all. I'm happy the Cavs played with energy on both ends and they'll need to replicate that Friday night.
Comment 07 Jun 2016

Definitely need to look into the athletic commission on that one. "Dada 5000" isn't an athlete... just was a Kimbo wannabe 10 years ago that somehow got licensed to fight. Bellator knew people would be interested... He had no stamina to fight for that long, dangerous situation. There were hardly any strikes landed in that fight, they just didn't have the cardio, especially Dada. 

I don't think that fight had anything to do with Kimbo's death. He was scheduled to fight again in the near future. Just getting older and he failed a test for PEDs, that isn't good for your body. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

I don't get why people idolize him, you do, 

I don't idolize him or anyone else... I don't think people saying RIP and wishing his family well are idolizing him either. 

Just stop replying, you look worse every time. Especially with all the backtracking and post editing. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Would you feel bad that your favorite OSU football player died? Or sad for his family? 

I guess that's why people who like this other sport that you don't like would feel bad that an athlete in that sport died. It's not that difficult to comprehend really. 

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Do I know the guy? No, I'm just taking the word of people that did and have said he's a good, humble guy and a good family man. He's a shit human being if he doesn't "help society" in some way? And via quick google search I see that he did some work to raise awareness for the Autism Society of America since his kid has autism.

Does fighting scare you? A combat sport isn't a sport to you just because it looks scary and you might see blood? MMA is a legitimate sport that involves respect and discipline in a variety of martial arts. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean the participants are some crazy terrible people. 

The fact that this guy was able to make a career out of Mixed Martial Arts based on Youtube videos of him doing backyard fights is damn impressive. He was on the UFC's Ultimate Fighter show and turned into a guy people wanted to see fight and he made a lot of money in mixed martial arts.