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Comment 4 hours ago

Apparently pacman moves based on the flow of traffic. I just played in an area with a roundabout (DC) and it was crazy. I can drive a roundabout, but I can't play pacman in one.

Comment 30 Mar 2015

It's negative reinforcement v. positive reinforcement. You could give a treat for doing well or a punishment for doing poorly. I think the general consensus is that negative reinforcement is bad in the long-run. Makes sense given the long stops in his career.

In a more serious note, I don't think sprints are closely correlated with doing well in the drills. Just a way to get the players to compete and try harder in the drills. All good things. I'm mostly interested how it's almost the exact opposite of Urban. urban rewards players who win the competition (gatorade for winners, water for losers). Same philosophy, just different implementation. 

Comment 30 Mar 2015

The problem with giving out all of Jim's secrets is that now all Michigan's rivals will start copying him. Ah, well, they may be able to use the technique but they don't have the Harbaugh drive to succeed. Without it, making your winners run sprints just becomes punishment.

From a comment in the article about Harbaugh's practice methods. Completely hilarious that he thinks people like Urban are reading these articles to figure out what Harbaugh is doing. Pst, Urban's entire program is based on competition. See the Training Day program from Urban's first year at OSU. Who's copying whom?

As an aside, this is the first article I've read that makes me pay attention to Harbaugh in a "good" way. We've all seen what creating competition in the team does for success.  

Comment 30 Mar 2015

While I can't hear what he said, it looks like he was just pumped. From the video, he was just flexing and being pumped for making a great play. Didn't look like it was directed at anyone, let alone the other team.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Urban obviously won't throw out his entire offensive philosophy that he's used his entire career and has won him 3 national championships. Suggesting anything otherwise is ridiculous.

Given Urban's history these past few seasons, against a worthless opponent, Urban will trout out all 3 QBs in a trick formation/play to get teams to think about it. He did it against Indiana with Guiton and Braxton on the goal line. He'll probably do it against Indiana again (or some similarly crappy team, which is 3/4 of our schedule).

My guess, it'll be a normal formation, with 1 QB (JT) out wide and the other in the slot (Braxton). Jones takes the snap, tosses it to Braxton running a jet sweep towards JT. He has the option to either cut upfield or toss to JT, who can then bomb it deep.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Have you been to Camden, NJ? It's impossible to believe anything nice can be there.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Does the staff see Cornell as someone who can grow into a DT role? Maybe a 3-tech? Since we are sooo far away from seeing the 2016 recruits, let alone the 2017 recruits, I'm much more excited about the early enrollees. Thanks for the update!

Comment 17 Mar 2015

"...and that's how we made you!" =)

Comment 16 Mar 2015

To be fair, is non-tattooed, aging wrinkly skin good looking? Besides, I treat tattoos like a lot of things; it's your body/life, you may do with it as you wish as long as it doesn't affect me beyond my sensibilities.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

So why don't you just rent? It's functionally the same and may have benefits in that you're not assuming maintenance risk and may be easier to move on than refinancing/selling a home. You also avoid real estate taxes. I'm not trying to question you. I just never thought of this before so I'm going through the options in my head right now.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

So you get a balloon mortgage with the bank? I assume the interest rate is higher on a interest only loan, right? Thanks for the thought; I never considered that before. 

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Oh, and one thing I don't think other people have mentioned, don't forget about inflation when you are looking at your returns. A savings account is great for the security and you should always have at minimum 3 months of living expenses in a savings account. But there's no real reason to go above that right now. Inflation is currently low, but historically is about 3%. If you're not getting 3% growth on the savings account (or any investment for that matter), you're going to be relatively poorer. There's no reason to have your life savings in a savings account that isn't even keeping up with inflation.