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Comment 11 Sep 2016

The moment I learned about the attack is still pretty firmly etched in my memory. Finished gym class freshman year and lined up by the door to leave like usual. The gym teacher solemnly said that two planes hit the world trade center, and that this was a bad day. I can't remember the teacher's name, but I can still see his face right now. 

Comment 25 Aug 2016

Two Notes: 1. I love that even Bosa's teammates barely celebrated. The celebration personified "I'm not shocked, it's about damn time." Compare with Malik Harrison's reaction. 2. It was really odd to see Bosa not say "unit" and instead say "group" or "room." This team is really well coached as everyone talks like Urban....except apparently for Bosa. 

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Not sure which one of the many threads to post this in, but good article written by Tate Martell on the Grimes and Lindsey commitment. Apparently we were really close to a 14* star day (Martell, Grimes and Lindsey almost committed together). 


Comment 24 Aug 2016

Well when you show me the still frame, I take it back too. He's completely crazy. Btw, what is dripping on his chin? Is that the blood that Kalis prophesied so many years ago?

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Serious question, how long did it take you to find a picture of Harbaugh smiling not like a crazy person?

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Since Nick wears the same number, I say we have him play for us. Everyone says they look, act and move the same anyway. No one would notice the difference!

Comment 23 Aug 2016

Not sure if this helps, but the chances of this happening on a commercial flight are practically nonexistent. That airplane was trying to gain altitude as fast as possible since it was flying from an Iraqi base. Also, it was carrying a single, large heavy item that shifted to the back of the plane during that fast takeoff. Commercial flights will gain altitude much slower, and the weight is evenly distributed in commercial flights and will not move. Flight crews actually calculate weight distributions and I've seen them move people before to even out the weight. 

More broadly and importantly, flying is safe. You could get on a random flight every day for the rest of your life and you would die of old age.