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Comment 11 hours ago

Great article and a great read. For the VT fans, take a look at this article from an Oregon blogger (same article referenced above). It describes the counter trey play that we literally used for an entire drive to score on Oregon in the game (I believe we ran it every play on that drive). I know the Oregon 3-4 bear looks different than VT's 3-4 bear, but from the looks of things, it matches up great against the defense. Have the o-line down block, pull the backside tackle and TE to kick out the linebacker and end. Hold the safety with the threat of Braxton running a sweep the other way. You're left with maybe one defender between Elliot and a touchdown (if the other safety stays with the QB or not). I'd take that match up all day long.

Also in the videos in the article, you can really see the growth in the oline. Even if you throw out schemes, they were getting pushed around and losing their one-on-one matchups. Any scheme looks great in that instance. I wouldn't count on that consistently happening again.

For the first time ever, I'm going to say ... "Is it Monday yet?"

Comment 30 Aug 2015

It doesn't matter if the QB isn't a threat to throw the football because a QB run has an inherent numbers advantage for the offense.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

To me, the biggest difference between Noah Brown and the rest of the WRs that we have is that Noah Brown was bigger and a more effective blocker, in the Evan Spencer mold. I thought it would make more sense for us to slot in AJ Alexander into the Evan Spencer role instead of, say, Johnny Dixon. 

Comment 28 Aug 2015

Was that before or after Noah Brown's injury?

Comment 26 Aug 2015

These injuries happen everywhere in all levels of football. It sucks, but injuries happen. Luckily, this team will rally around Noah Brown and make sure that he does what he needs to do to recover and come back stronger than ever. 

I look forward to watching him next year (if it's that serious).

Comment 26 Aug 2015

Sorry. I did a few searches for SI article, but it's hard to search the forums when you have no idea what people will title the thread as. I'll browse a bit more carefully next time.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Why does he keep pulling his hamstrings? It is something about his build (uneven strength in quads and hamstrings?), poor stretching habits, or just bad luck? I hope the medical staff can figure it out because he can do great things if he can get on the field.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I'm hopeful that the GIFs of Jones shows how coachable he is. In the Bama game, he runs around the DEs. In the Oregon game, he calmly steps up in the pocket. 

In my uneducated opinion, you start Jones and bring Barrett in on certain situations like short yardage, goal-line, etc. There, the option game can really be maximized to get a few yards, because the numbers work out better when running the ball. Otherwise, I think you rely on the Slobs and Zeke to control the running game and let Jones keep the defenses honest with his arm. Just because Jones is bigger than Barrett doesn't make him the better short yardage guy.

Comment 18 Aug 2015

Love seeing Nuge in the top 25.

And holy crap have times changed. Nuge made 30 extra points in 2004. Sean Nuernberger made 89 in 2014.