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Comment 17 Apr 2014

That inside QB option may have worked with Pryor and might with Jones, but with Braxton in there, I can't imagine Urban running it often. Wouldn't the D coordinator make Braxton keep the ball so you can keep hitting him? 

Comment 19 Sep 2013

Three words: Leaving your feet.

You can even see it on Shazier's sack/stripe. He gets around the LT and lunges at Goff. It's hard to practice good tackling technique against someone who is trying to make you miss, but on that play, he had no reason to not wrap up and drive his feet through Goff to bring him down. 

Comment 14 Feb 2013

I have a suggestion for one of these posts. Urban has been quoted as saying that San Fran is doing things he's never seen before and that he'll implement those wrinkles into his offense. I think it'd be a great read if you could analyze some San Fran tape, figure out what they do that's got Urban excited, and let us know which elements may be incorporated into our system. Watching San Fran in the playoffs, I couldn't help but think that I was watching a preview of our offense next year.

Just a suggestion. I've been a long-time reader of this blog mostly for your posts, so thanks for all the work!