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Comment 16 hours ago

Birm, what does "show he can be a linebacker" mean for Tucky? From the track meet, it looks like he has great straight-line speed (which I believe was Connor's issue), but I'm guessing they are looking at his agility and ability to cover/operate in space? Or is it something non-physical like instincts for the position?

Comment 27 May 2015

Nah, they would just start writing how he was scared to transfer, he couldn't compete, etc.

Comment 27 May 2015

When I first looked at the picture of the run through the heart of the south, I thought the hole was to the left of #33. Took me a second to see Evan's legs in front of Price. Holy crap football is hard. Eze is already accelerating through the hole, and it absolutely does not exist yet. That's the sort of vision that makes a 40 time worthless (if a 4.2 runner takes .5 seconds to see that hole, he's suddenly a 4.7 runner and not through in time before getting tackled) and a running back great. 

Comment 21 May 2015

Last time I was in Hawaii (it was for a friend's wedding), the friend had arranged a snorkeling trip. He basically paid a boat to take us out into the water and give everyone snorkeling gear and let us swim. Not sure how expensive it is, but a private trip like that seems perfect fodder for a honeymoon. 

You'll be amazed at the traffic you'll get stuck in in Honolulu, so head to the north shore of the island. It's a lot less city than Honolulu and more peaceful. I really enjoyed renting a car and just driving along the highway that circles the island. Stop off wherever it looks nice, etc. Acai bowls and poke is very popular in Hawaii, very good, and decently healthy.

Comment 19 May 2015

Grown men trashing talking college athletes on Twitter. I wish the adult had better things to do with his time...

Comment 18 May 2015

At the point where you can put into a employment contract that someone who quits a job cannot take another job with a competitor within x miles or years, it's plainly obvious to me that the NCAA can make these sorts of restrictions.

Funny how they only care when they think they are getting screwed. And I love the sophomoric "it's a free country" quip. I haven't heard that since I was playing on a playground during recess.

Comment 15 May 2015

I disagree with his high school coach that this is somehow someone else's fault. At some point during Norfleet's 3 years on campus, did he not ask a question like "hey, all of my teammates and classmates seem to have this "major" thing. What is that and should I have one? What do I need to do to graduate?"

At some point, a person's problems are caused by themselves. It's no use going about blaming former coaches, current coaches, guidance counselors, etc. Norfleet dug his own hole and now he needs to figure out how to dig himself out. I just hope he gets the right advice. 

Comment 15 May 2015

I dont know. At 22, there really shouldn't be much more to your life than getting your education...now whether that means being in school or interning is up to you. 

Comment 14 May 2015

Harbaugh may be a very good coach, but we have a 3 time national championship coach. If you want to talk about turning around programs, don't forget Urban took Utah from 5-6 (last year before Urban) to 10-2 and 12-0. Wake me when Harbaugh wins a conference championship.

Besides, my issue is why you think we can't poke fun at Harbaugh. It's a freaking rivalry. No matter how good he may be, his competence to do anything is always ripe for criticism. You think Auburn fans are making fun of Saban at every opportunity?

Comment 14 May 2015

The post you are commenting on literally says "They have ALL of their eggs in that crazy basket case... too much has to go right for that program. I can see them getting back to a winning way, but just don't see championships for them. He has to overcome Urbz+Dino every year... just don't see it." There is no reason an opinion that Harbaugh will be an upgrade over Hoke but not enough to beat Dino and Urban is not a valid opinion on an OSU website. And no matter how "good" michigan becomes, we will always make fun of michigan. End. Of. Story.

And if you don't think Michigan has gone all in on Harbaugh, name one guy who has a better resume than Harbaugh who would be a viable candidate to coach them should Harbaugh leave within the next 3 years? Harbaugh has been their white whale since the RR era.

Comment 14 May 2015

So to start the year, Washington was at 3-tech and Bennett was at nose guard, and the line struggled. Did they struggle because Bennett couldn't hold the point or because Washington wasn't good enough at the 3-tech? Or was it simply Bennett was a better 3-tech than Washington so they flipped? It's a foregone conclusion that Washington will go back to the 3-tech, and we have no other realistic options, but is it concerning that the line struggled when he played at the 3-tech? 

Comment 13 May 2015

The best part about this is that there was a plan. The guy cutting the branch was holding another smaller branch. The other 2 guys were to keep that second branch from bending/breaking for when the guy succeeds in cutting the branch he is sitting on. The thought process was apparently "I'll cut branch, then hang like a boss from another branch. You guys just hold it steady".

3 collective minds thought over the issue, and came up with this solution. Fantastic.

Comment 13 May 2015

Ah, I must have been thinking of today's Skully when I wrote my earlier comment. Thanks.

Comment 13 May 2015

Eh, much ado about nothing. I think something like 11 players left OSU when Urban took over. David Perkins, the Toledo DB Gambrell, etc. Everyone expects players to transfer out with a coaching change. 

I get the ridicule about everything UM-related, but there are plenty of other things to mock them with. 

Comment 12 May 2015

When I was a student, I used to rock climb 3+ times a week at the ARC. Now, I go once every few weeks. Fantastic exercise, although I really enjoy it for the mental challenge. You really can't brute strength your way up a wall, but if you get your balance and footwork just right, you can just cruise without exerting much energy. The challenge is figuring it out. 

Comment 12 May 2015

No, I agree it's a balancing act between being bigger against the run but also being able to cover. I just like the thought of having at least 1 safety be an enforcer in the secondary. And our safeties have plenty of run support responsibilities. In that last GIF, Powell does get run over, but was saved by Perry getting off of his block and hitting Tyner again, along with the rest of the defense. I don't expect safeties to always be able to stuff a running back in the hole, but it always gets me excited when they do.