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Comment 03 Feb 2016

Thank you for allowing me to continue to be a free rider... :-)

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I'm not in any position to give advice to a NFL scout, but I imagine a good pointer would be "draft all of the Buckeyes." 

Comment 01 Feb 2016

Someone needs to tell Lebron that he is shooting 28% from 3-pt land this season, 9% in the past 5 games, and that his shot is broken. That someone also needs to tell him to  either fix that or stop shooting 3s. End of discussion. 

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Uh, he attended an official visit at OSU, but I don't think he's scheduled an in-house visit. I'm not even sure Urban is keeping in touch with him. Until he schedules any sort of follow-up meeting with Urban, I wouldn't think twice about this going our way.

*EDIT* To follow up, Urban was in Georgia on Tuesday (http://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/2016/01/67022/the-hurry-up-urban-meyer-makes-georgia-swing-louisville-taking-final-swing-at) but Birm makes no mention of him visiting Hardman. So unless Birm is also keeping the secret, I think this ship has sailed. Urban would have stopped by to see Hardman when Urban was in Georgia if Hardman was actually serious about attending OSU.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

Eh, this article deserves its own post. :-P

And since when did we stop letting Mods do their job? If they want to delete a duplicate thread, they can. No need for everyone to jump in.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

The suspense died for me after this play. We were just tougher than they were, mentally and physically, and I was 100% sure we'd pull away in the 4th. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

Barney Stinson: Curiosity. As in what would it be like to do it with a really tall girl. Not a big girl, a tall girl. Like if a normal girl were seven, seven-and-a-half feet tall, and had a very short denim skirt, I would have to know what that was like.

Comment 14 Jan 2016

IIRC, people wanted him to be the O-line coach before we hired Warinner. He was o-line coach at LSU at the time and many people here was originally disappointed with Warinner because they wanted Stud. To me, this is an unmitigated win.