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Comment 01 Aug 2013

C'mon guys! You promised at 1:30! I hate having to wait around for my absolutely free internet content!

Comment 29 Sep 2011

If you're going for humiliation, I can't think of anything more fitting than the Josh Groban classic, "You (RichRod) Raise Me Up."

Comment 12 Aug 2011

"Look upon my works, ye mighty, and tremble!" LOLWUT, how ya like me now, ESPiN?

Comment 22 Jul 2011

The sheet says to be smug... I'm just following the sheet.

Comment 17 Jun 2011

YOU! IN THE BOX! COME TO PENN STAAAAAAA... I seem to have crapped myself.

Comment 08 Jun 2011

The fact of the matter is, no one knows what we would have done the past three years without TP. You can say we'd have had to make due with Bauserman, but that's a false assumption. Who could we have recruited if TP wasn't locked in as our starter through 2011? Or even if it was just Joe, who knows what he could have developed into? Appreciate the memories he's left us with all you want, but saying we'd have lost entire games based on his not being a Buckeye is conjecture. Fine, the fourth and 11 at Iowa was all him. But if we had a different quarterback, and a different game plan throughout the entire game, who says we'd have needed that run?