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Comment 20 Sep 2010

The scUM defense sure hasn't been paying attention. Our O is going to have a field day with them come November.

Comment 10 Sep 2010

Yep. They have a problem:


(little too big, sorry buddy) -Johnny

Small enough?)-jrgdds


Comment 10 Sep 2010

They're also doing their best to belittle the Buckeyes and the people of Ohio, like skewing population figures, calling the Shoe quiet, talking up the Canes getting off the plane in Columbus wearing LeBron Heat jerseys, thinking of Columbus as a small college town while pointing out the competitive advantages of seeing a Wayan on South Beach, and lastly, just downright guaranteeing a victory.


Miami players and fans are so mouthy and clueless even Wolverine fans are tired of it. See Here

Comment 09 Sep 2010

OSU 31, Miami 17

-And the Candy 'Canes blame the  ref's late flag but correct call for their loss.