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Comment 03 Aug 2015

Ah yes... the "four seasons"....     Winter, cold, rain, & clouds....  

We have four seasons in SC,  admitted spring isn't nearly as long usually, and the falls are not as pretty, but I will take 95 everyday for 3 months.... than 20 below for 3 months ALL DAY.

That and having 10+20+, and 30+ days of straight rain....    or being land locked.......   well, no mountains either.....    BUT the beer drinking & college football games can't be beat.  Trust me, the SEC & the south gameday wise have NOTHING on Cbus & OSU...

Comment 03 Aug 2015

I love OH...and boy do I miss the music & arts, and obv the football.... but hell no.  Don't miss the rain, don't miss the winters, and don't miss trying to find the sun on a gloomy mid July day....

Good luck to ya!

Comment 01 Aug 2015

That's cool, and I'm sure he'll play, but it won't change my mind, (yet) as who the next cb is....  




He has the feet, the quicks, and the hip/center of gravity that I like.  He is not the rangy long lean type like Apple/Conley, but for my $$$$$   I put it on Webb....

(for the record....   I also had Burrows taking one of the safety spots).....  and that obviously didn't work out for me....   I've been watchn OSU ball for 40 yrs... this might be the deepest most talented DB group I've ever seen....

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Def. a big adj for this kid as those kids were all midgets by comparison.....    GREAT PUNCH, good enough feet, but more importantly the frame & quicks to be one HELL of a LT.....

Bollman, you fucking idiot.

Whoever said Bowen to play his first year.... give him the prize.  Agree 100%

Comment 28 Jul 2015

Plz peeps.... this is a no brainer....   Teddy ballgame was the fastest you either never saw, or don't understand.  That kid had gears that don't exist.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

Giddens is a beast who will IMMEDIATLEY play 50% of the minutes...   The offensive putbacks, dunks, and small hooks should be plenty of offense along with hopefully his stellar D.

About damn time Matta.    (plz spare the excuses) 

It appears this problem has been solved for the next 5 yrs.  Now for some consistent shooters...

Comment 25 Jul 2015


Samuel....... needs to stay at TB in my opine.  The kid is TOO damn good at that spot.

Marshall.... needs to stay at H back, because A.  He's that much better than Wilson & B.  Xbrax might not be able to take the punishment of an every down Hback... until I'm proven that his shoulder can take the pounding..

SO... That leaves Wilson as the odd man out..   Tough shit, this is an open competition...    The WR's need to stake their claim and take their respective spots in the lineup/rotation.  We can always play 2-4 wr's at any time..

Comment 21 Jul 2015


I LOVE to see Minnesota (ah) & their crazy gopher suit fans stir up the drink!!!   Have for some time, but Kill just cements it for me.

MSU- ONLY w/ Dantonio at the helm, otherwise, hate them very much like Meeeechigan & Whiskey..

I'm done with Iowa & their annual award winning, RB hating, $$$ taking coach...  WHY can't they see that it's been over a decade for them to move on?  They could EASILY surpass Nebraska in them there parts...

Comment 21 Jul 2015

With all the farms, and having a large Ag school, you would think we would give Equestrian/eventing/cross country a try...  It's big down here in the south & SC.

I LOVE pulling the synchronized swimming card on haters....    Our girls would beautifully, gently, serenely, KICK YOUR ASS too!

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Hmmmm..    Similar what was said about Decker..      He's 6'8 legit 280lbs?  I'm sorry, if this kid has good feet & good strength, I'd take him over a 6'2 245lb freak...   Injuries, motivation, etc..etc...   You CANT COACH a kid into being that big...

RS, and another 2 yrs of Mick's strength program?  There must be something else....  education, attitude, like or dislike of school, or lack of connection....  I can't believe a kid.... from OH, with that size & ceiling isn't being recruited hard...

THE only way I buy your comments about "better prospects" is it better be the top kids in the country, like Gary.....


Comment 19 Jul 2015

There were some calling for Herman's head?  I must have missed that.  I have an idea, why not fire Fickell instead?

Comment 18 Jul 2015

I have to add this....   

REGARDLESS of NC titles, which is serious bling...    Bama, USC, TX, FSU, MIAMI, OK, NEB, Meatchicken

NONE of them have had the consistency to compete with us the last 65+ yrs...

Bama had 5 coaches in 5 years...   We've had 5 in 50 yrs...

TX, USC, & NB had a complete decade of being terrible.

FSU... is still johnnie come lately... don't even really belong in the debate.

OK is close.

Meatchicken....      Jim Tressel anyone?