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Comment 11 hours ago

Saw the same thing GOFER...  Webb looked like the most talented corner...  best hips, sticky, nose for the ball, explosive...   I like Conley, but he seems to have some serious chinks in the armor.  Hopefully he fills those holes up, the kid is good, but WOW does Webb's ceiling look very high...

And then add Lattimore & Smith in the back! 

Oh man!!!!

Comment 11 hours ago

1.  Uh- Dials DID play ten years ago... His development was prior to Matta.  He had little to do with this kid's success.

2.  Again, BJ Mullens?  Really?  He was a great center?  Again, ten years ago.... ave. 8 pts... 6 boards... BOY was he AWESOME.  And BOY did he take to coaching!  Not.

3. Oden.  Jesus man, he played..... almost ten years ago...  And BOY did our staff really did a great job molding him.  Whatever.

4.  KK is about as close as you came.... Except he was a 3 pt shooting sharp shooter.... basically a stretch four.  And ANOTHER KID that wanted NOTHING to do with the coaching, where he played, how he played.  KK couldn't wait to get the fuck out of OSU.  And that 4 months he just developed incredibly by  the staff..   Whatever.  AND, has he played his ball.... about ten years ago..

Notice a trend?

SO.. Why don't you all REMIND ME of the great Centers & power forwards that have learned to play with their backs to the basket in the last ten years?

SULLY.  And Matta had nothing to do with his development.  He CAME IN AVE 20/10.  That credit is owed to Mr. Sullinger.  Not Matta.

Bunch of homers.  Try to learn the difference between development & talent.  Big difference.   And if you disagree with anything I said, then support your statement... Instead of being a sheep. 

I like Matta ( you pitch fork carrying homers), but the FACT IS Sullinger is our only decent center we have had since Oden- 05.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Ok, here we go..

PG- Harris-  Ball handling dynamo.  I think that stabilizing factor of ball in hand w/out turnovers will be crucial.  Good lane driver and with shooters hopefully he will be ready from day 1.   (Lyle) playing lots of minutes in both PG/SG at times....

SG- Grandstaff     Shooter.  We need someone that can catch and shoot, he has the height, length, and has played hopefully good enough competition in TX to not be intimidated.  (Williams) playing a roughly 1/2 the minutes.. No clear starter really.

SF- Tate   Whirling durbish.  Tazmanian devil.  All I know is I don't care where he plays... as long as he's playing.  The only way he's not on the floor is because......    (Loving)  1/2 the minutes, is killing it from 3....

PF-  KBD    SO mad he didn't get more minutes while Slam Thompson was tossing his typical brick after brick....  This kid better get his PT, or I'm going to have some serious butt hurt w/Matta.   (Mitchell) doesn't get 1/2 the minutes, but should be a solid 10 MPG player.  (Don't know bout ya'll, but I'm SO damn excited for white chocolate).   Think "point forward".... helping spell Jaquan from pg duties when he's is playing for AJ.

C- GIDDENS    He is LIGHT YEARS better on defense than Williams & Mcdonald, (yes i'm dramatically optimistic), so he should be able to come in immediately and do what hasn't been done for years.  PLAY F****** defense, block some damn shots, dunk the F****** ball, and intimidate in the paint... For the love of God.  AND IF WE DON'T, then fire the lousy piece of shit who's coaching our centers... Because whoever they are- sucks.  I'm done, i'm tired of everyone's Mary Poppins excuses.  Can we actually COACH & DEVELOP a big man instead of having them come in as studs?    (NO- Matta nor his staff) had any role in Sully's ability or game, outside of him we haven't had a good center in almost ten years.  (yea, I said it).     (Thompson & Bell) provide the supporting minutes.

Blam- that's my 5.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

I'm in the like camp too.  That is an awful lot of talent to be average to poor...  I'm sure there will be some growing pains, but this group should be competitive, defensively capable, athletic and long.  The question is will they find the right minutes for the right players with the right chemistry, starters vs bench...

SO.... This means no VJ King then...

Comment 22 Apr 2015

As one K Byars once said.... "we comin back baby"!

Comment 20 Apr 2015

MOST improved player last year, and I contend is largely responsible for the success EZE had in the last 4-5 games of the year...

Beast, masher, destroyer of souls.   This kid destroyed DT's and LB's towards the EOY.

Price has a ton of talent for sure, but WOW Ed turned him from a green frosh...to a pillar of strength to lean on in ONE YEAR.

Bollman....  you idiot.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

No Eric Smith?!   Or Webb, or Conley?!

SO excited about Smith & Webb.  wow.

Where was Booker, barely noticed him?

Oh God, Schmidt, Lisle, & Trout... & Jones..  I'll have to watch the tapes again, but boy was that a mess...

Comment 19 Apr 2015

He seemed awfully skinny yet, and either played very little, or didn't do much of anything..   Nick showed out though...

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Call me "unconcerned in SC"....

We have Ed Warriner...

I hope he enjoys his stay at ND.

Comment 07 Apr 2015

Screw Whiskey, BO, and that horse (Kaminsky) they rode in on.  Bunch of cry baby losers.

Duke beat them outright... with freshman.  They beat them twice actually this year.  Duke was the deserving team & BO should be ashamed of themselves for acting like 2 yr olds...

F*** Whiskey.  Nobody cheats, grabs, flops, holds, and fouls more than Wisconsin...(except IU), in both basketball & football.

F*** BO Ryan.