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Comment 08 Dec 2016

Deshaun is a different type of freak.  This kid is so good it's stupid, and IMHOP, will be the best player from either team, and which has me very concerned.  He's much better than Boyd was, and FYI- Clemsux is a much better team than that squad 3 yrs ago as well.

The primary difference is we don't have a pussy or moron at DC like we did then.  For the love of fucking GOD I would love to sit down & ask Withers/Weathers/Luke whatever WHY they thought it was a good deal to play Sammy Watkins 10-12 yds off the ball all game.  After 10-12 catches and 150 yds....... you would think we'd try something diff.   Nope.  Hence 40 pts.  Just like in the FL NC game.....  So Gdamn stupid.  FL has the ball on the 4-5 yd line.... and yet are DB's are lined up to the middle or back of the end zone......  Nothing makes me madder than having all the athletes, and yet we handcuff them w/bend don't break, always zone, nonsense.

I SO much more prefer the aggressive defenses & M2M that we have played the last 2-3 years....

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Ya, most of you guys hit em on the head, vertical runner, runs very hard, but honestly.. he would be tied for last w/Clement..    Barkely, Mixon, Scott, Perrine, Gallman/Clement.

He seems to do the most with the least raw talent, but I much prefer a tb with more raw talent & higher ceiling.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

I didn't watch, couldn't find it on espn... so i'm not going to beat the guys up.  WAS it that bad?  I mean, playing like crap we were still up over 10 in the second half, again, didn't see the game...

I really think this is a make or break year for the program.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

No more "where's Kwan" comments from me!  2nd half of this season he's been simply fantastic.

Listen, could we PLEASE kill this commentary on Luke Fickell.  He's a great pos. coach, and and a GOOD DC, when he has incredible, experienced, HC material helping him schematically, and for HC, hell no.  Tru Buckeye, great pos. coach, and a hell of a OH son, but just stop it, please.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

"It'll take a collective."   Could not agree more.    What issues?  Honestly, that OL has smashed defenses all year long to the tune of a top 5-10 run game.  Yes, it's painfully obvious our passing game in totality needs an enema, but I honestly don't see "issues".  I see that Prince needs help with his outside speed rush passpro, and that is about it.   There's nobody better to replace him, bigger, or stronger, so the only thing we can hope for is a LOT of practice based on his basic fundamentals.

It's all very easily fixable imhop.  From unit passpro, to te/tb help in pass pro, to route tree & play calls, to JT slowing his roll down a bit on pass plays,  Love it- NO championship game & no known opponent means we can just focus on the basics & getting healthy (HUGE bonus), getting rest, and getting stronger for that playoff championship run!!


Comment 29 Nov 2016

CLASSIC!!  Love it.

Oh- NO MORE "where is Kwan" threads by me or anyone else.  Wow, he has really showed out since the Whiskey game and has had an incredible 2nd half of the season..  Hell, Baker has been simply incredible 90% of the time save for some arm attempt tackles, and Worley, while almost impossible to standout given the other two, but DAMN this kid brings the nasty.  He plays angry.

HUGE congrats to #5.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

Everybody needs to chill the fuck out on Prince...... and realize this is his FIRST year as a starter.... AND to mention the guy he was trying to block is a 6'6 275lb freak that we should have signed....

IT's HIS QB... with 30+ starts that SEEMINGLY couldn't pass the ball before a 3 count if his life depended on it.  If JT didn't hold onto the ball FOREVER... perhaps... just perhaps he wouldn't have gotten sacked 8 times.

OR to mention that maybe.... JUST MAYBE our OC could use a TE to help block, or a TB to chip that corner for once...

Love my bucks, every damn of of them, but this BS about wr's not getting open, and OL not giving him enough time or protection  is FULL OF SHIT.  Barrett, captain, 3 years of starting, needs to help his team out by... NOT staring down one receiver, NOT holding the ball for 5 damn seconds, and NOT overthrowing, and NOT killing his wr by throwing a rocket from 5 yds away.

Everybody, seemingly OUTSIDE of OH can see how bad are passing game is and what's holding this offense back.....  and it AINT PRINCE or our WRs......

Our only prayer is that we reduce our passing game down to about 10 plays JT can throw & make that supports our ground game.


Comment 28 Nov 2016

I'm sorry, that fake punt was a terrible call.  In a 3 pt game, you don't go for a fake when the punter receives the ball on his own 10.  WHAT EXACTLY is to be gained here?!  I mean, more than likely... very much more.. we go another 5 yds and PUNT again.

Terrible call Urbs...

LB's   GOOD.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

I know... Every time I rewatch his tapes I find myself all sad...  That release, that touch, his accuracy, DAMN that kid was all Buckeye.  Today is not the day to bitch about the passing game, but Troy Smith is THE #1 QB in my lifetime.

And to think I was at both #1 and #2 in THE GAME.....


Comment 24 Nov 2016

"Don't let Urban lead the team out of the tunnel while sporting a Buckstache. Michigan's biblical ass-kicking would be written in stone at that point. "

GDAMN DJ-   this shit almost had me spitting my coffee all over my laptop this morning while watching "thrilla in manila 06"....

God... you guys, this site, and us fans are the best!

FUCK *ichigan.

Comment 21 Nov 2016

Your crazy.  JT's arm pales in comparison, it's not even fucking close.  Matter of fact- if it was JT instead of Cardale in that NC game.... Bama would have beaten our ass.

JT simply cannot make 3rd & 12 throws in tight spaces.  Hell, he can barely throw 3rd & 4.....

Love the kid, but no way.  Id take Jones or Miller any day, every day over JT.