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Comment 1 hour ago

Oh **it you guys.... but this one bout made me crap my pants... so funny.....   Great stuff guys...   quality.

Comment 3 hours ago

Not a chance... That would clearly go to Urbs naming the starting QB, but I don't believe that will happen until week prior, or actual game week...

We will have Burrows, and Gibby, and Collier to run scout squad & third string.....

SO I believe it will be split 33.33 and 33.33 and 33.33 until the #1 is named.   Some may disagree, but what are gonna do?  Have the 12th man of OH, Slayer of trolls, controller of tides, duck killer playing 3rd string or scout team with the "scrubs"?!   IMHOP, they ALL have to get the reps, Miller- ( you don't want to waste the majority of snaps on if he's not 100%), and Barrett- who has 3 yrs left & basically played the entire year, (to get the majority), and there is Cardale- (who arguably needs the most snaps), but may never start another game in his life at OSU, (hope not).....

I just can't imagine the #1 QB getting 75% of snaps... Maybe 50, 25, 25...?  But I thought this was an open competition, so I would think it would be split 33.33% for all three until the starter is named.

Let the games begin!!!!!

Comment 05 Jul 2015

SO not concerned....      I just hope Hill & Munger contribute a lot more... Otherwise, we have the flexibility since BOTH Washington & Bosa can both play DT & DE....   

No big deal.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

I think  you need to get your eyes checked.   Baugh is a serious baller with some serious hands and can really stretch the field at TE.  I like Vannett also, but Baugh can burst, seems a good bit quicker, and is a lot more athletic than you give him credit for..     In the end I think he's going to be an incredible pass catching threat... IF he keeps his boat afloat.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

IMHOP.....   Webb is going to take Conley's spot by the start of conference play....  I'm sorry- I know what talent looks like, and Webb has twice the ability....

Mark the tape.

Next, plz, plz, plz, get Smith some PT at safety.      Powell is a great guy, but at this point I believe Smith would be an upgrade... not at first, (like Bell), but by the end of the season Smith would be seasoned....   and ready for the big show.

Comment 03 Jul 2015

Cornell....  He looks like he's gonna be a real manimal.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Hankins... And I said his name out loud before I even saw the suggestions...  This guy was SO underrated.  God, did he make a mess of the opposing Olines..

Lord, what I would give to see Teddy play again.  That kid was simply electric.

However, #2 choice would be Ryan DAMN Shazier.     Dude was a missile.