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Comment 23 hours ago

Oh, I don't know, don't know much or follow the bball scene nearly as much any more, but we have 2 frosh pg's, so I'd give Matta a pass.   I think one could give some grief if Lyle becomes a sg and changes his position, or this could be another egg on the face... Please refer to Nigel Hayes as another current no offer OH kid.

Comment 10 Feb 2016

I wish Matta would have changed it up a bit more a bit earlier in the season...   When we have Lyle, Tate, Loving, KBD, & Thompson on the floor we're long as hell.  Why wouldn't we press?

I know it depends on the teams & depth.... It's just another head scratcher to me about Matta...    The season & in game adjustments always seem to be to little too late.  Oh well, it was NW & not anybody good, and we got the W, so wth!


Comment 09 Feb 2016

Ya- uh no.  4.19 or 4.21 or whatever it is ungodly.   No flippin way is Miller running anything close to this time.  I have no idea about everyone else...

4.5 is fast.

4.4 is stupid quick.

4.3 is unreal.  You have to play against it to understand the explosiveness.

4.2  is craaaaazy.  I've only been around one dude that could close to this speed.  He was crazy explosive.   What did Ginn run @ the combine?

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Yes, yes, yes, yes & Yes!!!

Fuller- hell yes.

Bosa- if they say he's healthy.  I guess so!

Mack- I want this kid in there NOW!   I don't even want to see C Smith starting over this kid.  NY is a building year- which means get Gibson, Hill, Mack & Victor PT, not for 6th yr sr's with a huge propensity to drop everything that comes his way.  Great story- teach the group, lead, but get out of the way for THIS KID.

Pridgeon-   easier said than done with Prince, Jones, Feder, Lisle & co.   But it sounds like he has the feet & the strength to start?

McCall- i'm sure there are several plays we can get this kid the ball & see what he does.

The only other one I see getting any PT outside of sp teams is Cooper.   We'll see!?

Comment 09 Feb 2016

Yup- we are down to basic improvements...  collectively or individually I really don't care.  Hopefully Mitchell will play & SHOOT the ball, hopefully Giddens offense will improve, hopefully Kam keeps it up, and hopefully Loving finds the damn bench for some time.  Not saying he shouldn't start or play, but IM TIRED of his BS, intentional or not.

The FIRST notion of his ass pouting, crying about a missed call, head down after a missed shot, his ass should be on the bench.

Comment 08 Feb 2016

LOL- I JUST looked at flights up to OH this morning.   250-285$  for an April flight!!    With all the player battles going on, this might be a fun scrimmage!

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Well, I guess we don't officially suck like the losers below us...   Were just kinda below ave.  Like it's been trending for some time now.  Hopefully we will reverse this trend next year and have a serious bounce back with some serious improvement.   And finally, maybe Loving will prove to be a worthy starter in his SR yr & put it all together....

At which i'm very skeptical of.

Comment 05 Feb 2016

Loving is a joke.  His bball IQ is terrible.  Bad shots, terrible shots, untimely shots, and his defense just blows.  I'm really sick of seeing him stink up the joint game after game after game.

Has he HAD a good game in our 1-10 vs quality opp stretch?

He is SO damn predictable..   Terribly difficult shot, sulks, gets caught loafing on D, and his man buries a timely 3..

Atleast Lyle got off to a great start, being aggressive with dribble drives, etc.  His 3's were a great surprise.

Kam is really comn on strong.  His shot is a thing of beauty.

Giddens took one step back yesterday.  4-5 fouls... 2 pts maybe?