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Comment 08 Oct 2015

Killed me as to the Ralph firing that preceded him..  "too fat" , "eyesore", "country club mentality", etc...etc.....     Save that he was 9-3 80% of the time, was always competitive at min., and well, prolly made them lots of $$$$$.

Did they "like Nebraska" FORGET THEY ARE MARYLAND"?

Kills me.  The FIRST step in CF success in knowing who you are, and playing those strengths, not who you want to be, think you are, or have unrealistic expectations....     I know, "easy for an OSU fan" to say...

Tough shit I say.  I'm from OH.  We expect to be conf. champs & to compete every year for the opp. to play for the NC.....

Fuck MD.  They got what they deserve..   Edsell is a prick.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

First, I agree with half of this post 100%.  ;)

Seriously though.....   They are strongly correlated, but doesn't nec mean the QB is the only one responsible for the QBR rating.

1.  The guards were terrible for the first 3 games mostly.

2. TO's by Marshall & the gang has got to be killing that rating also.

3.  Drive killing penalties...   (like the score last week called back) by Bmiller BULLSHIT CALL!?

4.  Boren's terrible snaps....

5.  playing our 3rd & 4th string wr opp. of Thomas.

6.  Questionable play calls..

Lastly, CJ's inability to run the read/option correctly is REALLY not helping......

I WAS strongly in CJ's corner, but after 5 more games to critique, i'm starting to question whether the size & arm strength are worth the lower % accuracy, the TO's, and inability to run the read option....

I ASSUMED we would simply really hard target Thomas more often, Samuel more often, and Braxton more often, but our COORD seem HELL to HIGH WATER bent on making sure e v e r y o n e get the ball, instead of making sure we RIDE OUR DAMN HORSES...

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Not saying the guy's not a douche...   and this might be the only positive thing I've ever said about meatchicken... they, Butt for sure, and seemingly forever, atleast when they were good, the te's get's targeted, utilized, and impact the offense more as a whole then how use TE's in our system...

Actually, reminds me of JT's years....  And it ill be on my tombstone.....

"they should have thrown it to the TEs more"!!!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

This again?

Comes with the territory of being an OSU fan....

My "other conference" fans will call me.... and i'll still tell them how much we suck......

BUT- with that said.... our suckiest of sucks will STILL kick their ASS when you get down to it, and i'm not averse to tell them all that as well!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Oh- and SEC?  WHERE ARE your 10 ranked teams?




MS St?


GA?    Don't care if they are still ranked.... they suck...  (can't throw) to all that talent....  Heartless D.

Ole Miss?  Ya- their #1!   THEIR #1    HOW MANY TIMES can a #1 ranked team or proposed #1 get beat by 50?!!!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Notre Dame is W E A K.

Kizer isn't ready.

Neither I their run of the mill tail back....

Jaylon is their only LB w/talent, and BOY IS HE GOOD.

WR's are like the JR version of all of our smaller guys at wr....

DB's?  I  dunno would have to take another look....    But ND impressed me..... not one.... incy....twincy.... bit.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

REALLY?  Last time I saw they were 12-1 and playing us for the right to the title.... LAST YR.?

I understand people hating on the SEC, but nobody, honestly, if you can with a straight face say that Bama isn't a top ten team.....

Then you don't know or understand college football....

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Give us all a fucking break.....   WHILE, I will concede that they NOW play in the Pac10, and with that said will get to play the likes of ASU, Stanford, UCLA, USC, OE, etc., etc., instead of NM state & Nevada.......


When have they EVER won a title?         Never.

HOW many times have they even won a conference?  3-4 times.. perhaps?

I LIKE UTAH, and been watchn that goofy tall necked QB for 3 yrs now, and their JUCO tb is cute, BUT PLEASE SPARE ME THE UTAH #1 bull shit.

With that stupid logic then NWESTERN should be ranked #1....

Comment 05 Oct 2015

DAMN kid, so,so, so sorry Corey.    Heal up my man. Life will throw plenty of hurdles (which im really sure he's had plenty in his life already), this is just another challenge I'm sure he will overcome & come out stronger.  Maybe not in football, but life isn't fair, and is funny in terms of blessings in disguise.    GOOD LUCK SMITH!!!!!!

With that said.

IF there is no Clarke, Mclaurin, Dixon, Green, Baugh (getting thrown to) sighting, then there likely never will, and I better start hoping for Brown, & Parris to heal up for next year...  and Gibson to progress sooner than later...

Comment 05 Oct 2015


We have the #1 wr...

We have the #1 TB...

We have 2-3 potential 1st round-2nd round OL...

We have TWO, TWO Heisman potential candidates at QB.

We have a top 10 talent at TE, ( at his pos)

We have ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR H backs that would start on every team in the country.

We have 8/11 returning offensive starters..

But yet our offense looks like circa 2002.

WHAT is there NOT to rant about,  (save defense) which thank goodness is back to some silver bullet days...

The loss of Herman, and unfortunate hiring of a QB coach.... who's never coached a QB worth a damn..... is really hurting this offense.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Dude is straight balling....  Geez.  WHAT a game this kid had.

Same for Raekwon & Perry.  Wow.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

God, it's gotten to the point where it's really getting stupid....

Fuck-  HOW BOUT WE TARGET the #1 WR in the country more than 3-4 times a game?!

HOW BOUT we throw the damn ball to our 6'6 TE a little more than 2 times a game.....

HOW BOUT Samuel & Braxton get AT LEAST 10 TOUCHES per game.....

I could really give a shit about "spreading the ball"... since JT isn't going to be the starter.  Well, if we want to run the pro style offense with a pro style QB, then RUN a damn PRO type offense and TARGET YOUR PROS!!!?

I could care less if Thomas is triple teamed.  THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL.  And sit Marshalls ass until he learns how to carry one.

Really have no qualms with Cardale, I have real issue with the calls, and the offensive gameplan in general... Cuz 5 games in it's not working.