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Comment 18 hours ago

No worries kid.  Jones will be fine with Clark struggling with his accuracy & Martell not being able to throw with such short drops...  I just don't envision either Tate or Clark starting.  I DO however see a Buckeye future with Haskins & then Jones slinging that rock!

Regardless, I wish them all the best of luck, and MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!!!!!           (It is a comp guys).


Comment 18 Jul 2016

Add to that you're not paid top 1% $$ in your profession.

I personally really like Matta, but the giant pile of shit that's been our Bball team for 4+ yrs running now is getting really damn old.


We NEVER here anything like this from Urban.  Matta needs to attend Urb's leadership classes.

Comment 16 Jul 2016

Bravo!    I personally like Matta very much.... but my best friends I don't want coaching my team.  I'm assuming we will be again ave. at best, middle of the Big, and another early 1st round exit to a mid major....  another from OH no less.

Call me not impressed.  Top 5 $$ with BS results for 5 years.  Everyone touts elite 8's and such, and big ten championships.... 3-4 recruiting cycles passed.  I would say this.  Even the last great 8 tourney game where ROSS had to save Matta's ass, (EVEN THOUGH he wouldn't play Q, because he was too busy kissing on Thompson's brick laying game), that team was as dysfunctional as it comes... NOBODY has wanted to play for OSU or for eachother since.

REALLY, this is the players fault?   I didn't know we paid our bball players 3M$/yr...

SMH- I love Matta as a person, but for the love of God he can barely bring the better talent in OH to OSU...   Gosh, why would that be a problem?

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Simmons ran a 4.86?

Grimes at 6.'4 and 4.4?  Nice....

I ran a 4.68-4.75 which is pretty damn slow for a safety (college)....  for me it's the crazy verticals?!  38-39,40 & 43!?? I had like a 26-28 vert, absolutely terrible hops..  I could bench/squat with the best of them... but jumping.  God, I sucked...

Comment 11 Jul 2016

Not at all brother.  I played JV Qb, and did manage to toss a 45 yd post pattern on my 2nd play from scrimmage...However, I was a terrible drop back QB & could not read defenses on the fly, (hell, there are 9 guys in the box)!  I played CF & pitched in bball my entire life, so being the athlete, yes I could throw a football, but unlike Tate, I have smaller hands making gripping the ball hard difficult.

With that said.... GEEZ, if you think a Gatorade comment is the biggest hurdle, nastiest comment, or worst thing that could be said....  than I can't help you, or the other 10 dvs....

Not shitting on the kid, merely pointing out that he's going to have to beat Haskins, and in my opine will never happen.  Zwick had a shitty me first attitude that was his demise.  I don't believe (from little I know) that Haskins is this type of competitor.  He appears to be focused & hungry.

I'll admit- some of this is coming from Urb's late career at Florida, where he recruited every damn midget QB on the planet that could play wr, hback, safety, sp teams, oh, and throwing QB.  I loathe it, I hate it, and they typically don't work consistently....   I also loathe left handed QB's as well, therefore Clark will never see the field at QB either...   Lefties balls dive, curve, are much more inaccurate, come out strange, and reverse the Oline's positions making blocking confusing for some....     No thanks.

With that said, GO HASKINS!!!  GO BUCKS!!  GO ZONE 6!!!

Comment 10 Jul 2016

No.. there is no "might have"... I played V ball for 3 in HS & 2 in college.

And no I won't shove it up my ass...  Grow the fuck up.  It's a competition.... Short guy is going to have to compete with Haskins who is taller, faster, longer, & more athletic.

You take the short guy... i'll take the athletic one. 

I'll root for both to have success, because well, it's a team game, but for the record... He'll be handing Haskins the scout sheet, the Gatorade, and his helmet, so he can go back into the game & win.

Comment 10 Jul 2016

Ok... I'll say it this way for all you thin skinned never competed on the field types...  FYI- this is still a competition within the guys on the team, you know that right?

SO- take a peak at the top 25 Qbs in the entire country... HOW many are under 6 ft tall...    One, zero, two max, maybe?

I don't dislike the kid, I wish him all the success in the world... You take Martell & his 5 * & i'll take Haskins every day...     For the record, I completely stand by my statement.  Shorty Mcshorterson might get to play some hback, but he'll never throw the ball at OSU...   If i'm wrong i'll own it, no biggie, and is merely an opine fellas.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Wade news.......   I couldn't care less.  Washed up, rickety knees, overpaid, overhyped, has been if there ever was one.  Please file this in the "IDC" section of NBA news.

Comment 07 Jul 2016

Wade news....     My GOD, has there ever been a, "I could care less" news article, post, thread, forum.....     WHY does ESPN or anyone for that matter give a flying ***** what Wade does?   He's the most overhyped, washed up, overpaid has been, rickety, 13 yr old tree stumps for knees veteran...   Please no more D Wade talk!!