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Comment 23 Aug 2016

Let's all hope that JT earns his "distributor" moniker.  While beasts like EZE running for almost 2k is nice, maybe, just maybe we'll get that balanced offense, rotations at wr, multiple ways to strike with the H back, get some TE production, sprinkled with a balanced JT/Weber ratio of take/give on read options.

We have so many weapons but i'm so concerned with my own expectations of what our offense should do, capable of, and what it actually does...

HOW could our offense not crush it next year?

Comment 22 Aug 2016

Burrow is a real talent.... but so is Haskins, and i'm not surprised.  I think we would be fine with either.

2nd string OL.  GET your shit together guys!?   Lisle, Trout, Taylor, Knox, Bowen, & Burrell.  CMON fellas?!  Especially Lisle & Trout, can't recall if Taylor is in his 3rd year.. but those 2-3 NEED to get moving.  It is most certainly now or never for 2-3 of those guys or forever be relegated to back up...  CMON GUYS!!

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Damn....  Damnit Dean I absolutely hate it.   Injuries like these just suck for everybody.    Well.

OSU medical staff 1.      Haters 0.

Good luck Dean & get that education!!!!!

Comment 15 Aug 2016

OMG yes... exactly..  I think it was a roughing the qb AND roughing the wr call, or atleast pass interference to go WITH the roughing BS calls....  AND then another pass interference call.....   on TX final drive..

My point exactly.

Comment 15 Aug 2016

Ah, whatevs....   #buckeyeproblems.

Urb's gets paid big bucks to figure it out.  He will.  We'll win double digit games, lose to a NW team & beat OK all to be left out as the lowest rated 1 or 2 loss team like we often are...

It's 12-0 or bust, Big Ten champs or bust, and playoffs or bust.

#buckeyeproblems.   IF PSU, or Whiskey, or MI were world beaters i'd be concerned, but they aren't, so i'm not...

It's playoffs or bust!


Comment 15 Aug 2016

Any road game at Wisconsin in Football, (they can't call holding every play) can they?

Any road game at Indiana in basketball, (with Whiskey a close second) Honestly, Why does a road game at Indy have to mean the refs will completely, utterly, fucking suck, calling every imaginable "ghost" foul on IU's drive to the basket, while we get CREAMED typically under the basket and suddenly they swallow their whistles & basketball becomes "anything goes" when were on offense.

OR- please see any hard sack against ANY opposing team.  If they are lower tier div. it's auto, if it's a lower tier big ten it's auto, if it's a road game top tier big ten it's auto, and if it's at home vs a top tier opp. it's more often than not.

PRETTY MUCH any time the opp. QB gets hurt while being sacked brings on the "late hit", "roughing the qb", obligatory BULL SHIT "qb is helpless" excuse.  MY ASS.  Why have these "hapless" shitbags on the field if it's going to be a penalty every damn time they get hit  hard...

Comment 11 Aug 2016

So funny.  I believe we are all in agreement here.  Let's go Smith!!!

I remember most talking about Lattimore, but every time I saw Smith he just jumped off the screen, regardless of comp.

I say Hooker & Smith.  Let Webb play nickel..  Shit, watch them play Smith at Nickel & Webb at safety and regardless all 3 play.  Burrows has had his shots.  I was a big supporter of his for PT, but he's made lots of mental errors when playing.  At this point he's the odd man out for pt, but will be asked to provide stability & leadership.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

Listen, I get it...   But to take your point & run with it.... Gibson & Campbell are the same gifted athletes not playing their "natural" positions...   Save Gibson is 4 inches taller, just as quick & fast, and is much longer.

Just like I said for Martell & Haskins.   I'll take the bigger, faster, stronger, longer athlete at the same pos. all day long.  Gibson is a matchup nightmare.  Campbell...... Campell is an athletic kid he seemingly can't get open, has corn cobs for hands, and shrinks under the spotlight.

I would say it this way.  Give Gibson the same 5-6 targets in a game.... and see what he does with the ball instead.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

Sorry, he had a hell of a lot more drops & opportunities than one stupid drop vs VT.    This is an OPEN COMP fellas, not a damn pity party.  There are lots of wr's on this team that have more potential than this kid... w/out the throws/targets.    One HAS to step up when called, and he didn't step up, he exited stage left quicker than hell when he was called upon.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

I get where your coming from.  However, if one drop killed this kid's psyche... that's tough for him.  No really.  WRs will drop balls, LBswill miss tackles, and DBs will get toasted.  Shit happens.  Life & ball are similar like this.  It's one's reaction to their failures that reveals one's true character & ability...

Again, for me it wasn't the one drop, who cares?!  It was the next damn 7-8 targets he received with absolutely ZERO to show for it.  Man, i'm sorry....   BUT.

How many opp's did it take Boston to show out?  1 catch... 1 TD.

How many opp's for Ginn to show out?  Or Holmes, Posey, Gonzo, Sazenschlagel, Jenkins, I could wax for days, and these are just the wr's...  IF the kid was that damn good of a wr- he would have shown it.  But all he did was shrink under the pressure & become less & less of a factor as the year went on. 

IMHOP- like someone else said... He's likely more natural at Hback...  I know he played tb in HS, and it shows, because his routes, hands, and lack of production SCREAMS he's not a natural wr.  We/he/OSU offense would be better served by getting guys more talented at wr those targets... i.e. Dixon, Gibson, Mack, Samuels, Wilson, or our never damn used TE's...  including those two stud frosh at TE.

Just my .02.....     

Comment 11 Aug 2016

Ward- I like this call.  Def. under the radar.

Hamilton- not so much, don't think he'll do anything, because Dremont Jones is a damn beast & will take all the extra pt.

Campbell-  man, he's in the same dog house of mine as Cory Smith.  ALL I hear internally is hype on both these guys....and honestly, I just don't see it one bit.   Campbell's drop is only a SMALL slice of poor play from him.  He was targeted over, and over, and over, and over, and then MORE, all for nothing.  Yes, literally nothing.  His production vs targets must be terrible, cuz he's done zero.  Smith.....  He's just taking snaps from Dixon, Gibson, Mack, Victor, and appears to only be marginally better than never used Clark & Mclaurin.    I don't dislike the guy... I LOVE ALL our Buckeyes...   But I couldn't disagree more strongly with this pick.  IMHOP he'll end his career with about 15-20 catches.

Worley-  hell yes!   Waiting for this kid's attitude (along with Booker's) nasty disposition to be the anchor of our D.  We might end up making a lot of costly mistakes in the back 7, but boy I think they will be bringing the wood with this kid being the vocal leader.

Webb-  Undercurrent player?  I don't know about that...  As you mentioned he was a HUGE get.  I'll take the liberty to speak for most of us fans when I say we all see that Smith is the more natural player at safety.  Hell strong run support, the size to cover big wr's, tb's, and te's, and the attitude to play the position...His injuries, (just like SO many others) have killed his opportunities. While Webb is the prototypical nickel/3rd/2nd corner.  Hell, I called Webb to take Conley's corner spot...and I still don't necessarily shy from that opine.  I just simply don't see the skill that Apple & Grant had, nor the ceiling that Webb has shown.  Yes, Webb has been beat before, but if you watch the tapes they were typically amazing catches with Webb absolutely damn draped on his guy... While Conley...  can just really fuck it up & be completely out of pos...

I would like to add Arnette to this list...  Sprinkle....  Hooker....    and nobody said defense only.... I'm of the opine that both our Frosh TE's are going to make BIG impacts this year.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Damn, such terrible news...  Too young..  Sucks.  I'm sorry for his family, friends, and staff at ESPN.  He was one of the "good guys" at ESPN & broadcasting.

RIP John.

Hug your wife, tell your kids you love them, call your mom, and tell your dog or pet how good they are.  Life is short, and we should all live in the moment.  The future can wait, the past is that, enjoy life by living in the moment.

Comment 10 Aug 2016

Damn, didn't realize we were #2 in scoring D, and at 15 pts/per?!   That's really damn low for modern offenses!

Yes, they ALL have to learn to play with each other.  This is SO important for lbs & dbs...

Someone just talked about the 8 deep at db, and the ave. rating....   Honestly, to me it's like at wr.  If you don't have 3-4 clear cut starters, but 8 deep..... then you don't have a backfield.  I want some of these guys to OWN their damn pos.  Hell, I still can't believe we have Webb at safety > Smith.  I just pray that means Arnette, Ward, Lattimore, & Glover-Williams are ready & I should just trust in Coombs that they are.  Certainly, he's never let us down!

Man we are so deep but young in the backfield & it scares the hell out of me.