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Comment 13 hours ago

God, he was so good.  D the "junkyard" Thomas... is what I used to call him, because all the trash he threw up at the rim went down.   Underappreciated in my opinion.

Comment 23 hours ago

Listen, I know UM is like the "hot & ready" donuts from KK... but gimme a break..    2003 was an aberration in terms of class ranking...  I would be curios to know what the 2004 class was.

Hell- it has been awhile, but I would put many of Coop's classes ahead of JT's or head to head with Urbs...

Hell- we are OSU, and ALL of our coaches end up on the HOF.


Comment 29 Jan 2015

I thought it was just me...but it didn't look like there was a soul in the top tier?  I live out of state....so, but I attended my fair share of bball games while in Cbus.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

You mean "is" a dumpster fire?  1/2 through the season 20+ games with 1 or 2 quality wins.... 

I'm sorry...    3 sr's.... 3 AA's....  this team could coach itself to it's current record...

We'll see how we finish...

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Matta's teams have ALWAYS gotten crushed on the glass.... and this really bothers the shit out of me...

I would refuse to go big... unless the opposing team's big was going off... which occurs almost regardless of who we put at the 5.

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Stephen- park WHEREVER you like... Don't buy the parking passes.  Park where you like, get your tickets, don't pay them, then before graduation you will be required to pay the 3-500 in parking tickets....  BIG DEAL, as you just got to park wherever you damn well pleased...

That's what I did!

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Get real M Man....    Ya, just like Withers getting "promoted" to a nobody cares program.... 

We prefer the coaches to be diplomatic.... not meatball shitheads like the last 5 or so coaches you guys have had....

The kids dad hit the nail on the head.  You call me or my son stupid?  In my own home?  That's when I would tell whatever coach from whatever program to get the fuck out.

If it's true, it just happened to be your dumpster fire of a shithole football program..  I have read your posts/comments.  You are much smarter than that.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I have been pretty hard on the beaver (Matta) for some time..   I like Matta, sometimes I love Matta, but I always question Matta & his tactics....

However, one must give him credit, because as the seasons unfold, as the year culminates into a championship run, the majority of his teams play their best basketball towards the season end, the Big Ten tourney, and finally the dance.

He seems to really provide the kids with a long enough leash to hang themselves with, and you know, as a competitor, all you ever want is the opportunity to show you either can, or can't get it done...  I think that's why the kids love him. The teams seem to morph, change, find themselves, and then change, year after year, team after team.  Every year, and every team plays different, and finally seems to find itself, then goes on to make it's run.

This years teams seems no different.  With that said I'm praying this team has found itself, is willing to accept that Russell is the DAMN KINGPIN of this group, and for better or worse, the ball, the plays, the shots, all have to go through him first, and when we do this they can be a very dangerous team..   Because at this point it should be painfully obvious that this team is NONE of the Sr's... that's for sure...  it's not Loving's, (although I love his spark off the bench), and it's certainly none of the other frosh....

So way to go Matta!  I believe the worst is behind them & we could find ourselves in a 10-2 type run.... which would shut up most of the critics like myself.      It's not how you start that's important.....it's how you finish!


Comment 27 Jan 2015

Radinovic was a VERY solid 10/6 by the end of his career, was not a liability, and could hold his own against good to elite comp...  Terwilliger, while a scrub at best for his career, (which I called out to all my friends when he signed with us), was at min. serviceable...take up space... stretch the d on occasion, while Othello at least hustled, played solid D, but even he was a smidge better then Mcdonald, who bless his heart is simply outclassed talent wise, (this is the Big Ten), not the Big Sky, or Conf USA, or whatever....

Amir?   I feel like the clueless giflfriend who ALWAYS picks drunks, addicts, whatever, because they feel like they can change, improve, or help that person out of whatever ails them....   I AM that idiot girlfriend.  I SO BELIEVE that one day Amir will shed the "chains" that keep him down, and in that big game he'll end up with 12 pts 11 boards & 10 blocks for his first tripledub....   which will launch his pro career where he will earn himself millions......              

Then I wake up out of my dream...

Comment 26 Jan 2015

I admit... I don't know how these guys do it...   I'm a SR.  Ive balled out for 4+ yrs...  I have played in 30-40 games.... and you want me to go out and "block better" for some stupid, BS, Sr. scrimmage.... BEFORE the draft & combine?

I'll pass thank you and let my sub 4.4 and film do the talking.  I would want absolutely nothing to do with this game....  Unless I was a scrub LS, or KR, or maybe Curtis.  Otherwise, no gracias.

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Jesus... why comment on his post if that was his feeling on the subject... why don't you post your thoughts, comments, or feelings, instead of being the post Nazi?

Personally, I found it very amusing.... because SMH.... is exactly how I felt.....

Comment 26 Jan 2015

Jesus....  With only 100 G of fat.... 1000% daily amt of salt.....