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Comment 25 May 2016

Agree, but unfortunately... this weave seems to be our base bread & butter offensive set before anything else.... other than a pick & roll where our centers can't seemingly ever finish.... or don't know how to execute...  I don't know.

My bitchn & complainin could apply to 95% of the teams in college basketball, the majority (especially OSU) are terribly hard games to watch...  lack of elite passing, terrible shooting, general sloppy as hell play down low...  UGH.

I've had to resort to just watching NBA ball anymore outside of OSU games.  Watching us play is an exercise of torture, and everyone else is about as fun to watch as a 5th grade YMCA game.

Go Cavs, Go OKC.

Comment 24 May 2016

1st- Sully, Russell, Diebler all came with incredible skill sets and did not improve skillsets from OSU coaching...   Turner i'll concede, and Butler also, but that's the natural progression (normally when one is receiving good instruction), but did you go Sylvester?   Oh shit that's funny.

And yes, we have way to many pussies on our basketball team the last 5 years...    FYI- some of us like me.... played HS sports & college ball, so I do know what it's like & what it takes to play sports at a higher level than pee wee.....

IF you would use " tough" or "disciplined" to describe this team.....    which they exhibit none of.... than I can't help you & your scarlet colored glasses you see OSU through.

Comment 24 May 2016

Not what i'm saying... This is not about just 1-2 players...And Oden, Conley, Turner are/were in the Midwest footprint around OH...    Witherspoon should have never been recruited, & Sibert should have stayed & clearly had the talent to play at OSU... same with Offit.

I have no problem with going national for big time recruits.... going national for players like Giddens with zero offensive skills, and Mitchell, who also couldn't play offense if his life depended on it, does nothing for me.

Comment 23 May 2016

Our basketball coaches don't have to go to TX or Serbia for basketball talent...  Never understood any of it...   Clev, Tol, Cbus, Dayton, Akron, Ystown, Cincy, and add IN & PA along with shit hole MI/Detroit... and I've never understood why any basketball coach in OH would leave the area in terms of talent....

Comment 16 May 2016

I love being the antagonist in regards to Matta... so i'll keep it up.

Wait- we pick up a JUCO transfer....and a 3 *......

But lose 3 4* top 100 players.... and a manbun.


This is not a personal attack, just my humble opine.

Comment 16 May 2016

While.. I agree with the basic premise that the players didn't execute, (as Boren was getting hip tossed off the mat) almost every play.  This is a huge simplification of what occurred that evening.

HOW many throws were attempted again?

HOW many throws past 7 yds were attempted again?

HOW many carries did EZE get again?

HOW many times were there only 2-3 receivers in the play while others were being asked to block?

Again, I simply couldn't believe what my eyes were watching when play after play after play had Calhoun, Mcdowell, and Thomas simply crushing our Oline, and failed short yardage tackles, or watching Bosa go offsides on a damn 3rd & 8 from their own endzone....

But to simplify it further...  No offense, but our entire coaching staff took the most risk averse, simplist, easiest, and predictable game plan, to the MOST DIFFICULT game we would have for the entire season..

Yes, obviously..... 11 kids have to execute in order to make a play work. 

BUT- it takes a coaching staff to put the kids in a position that allow them, or puts them in their best position to execute.  As the game went along, their butt puckers got tighter & tighter in terms of play calling, and it backfired in front of everyone.

And your right, same plays, same players, diff. opp., but the 40+ points and Lord knows how many td's the last two games.

In summary, it's not always THE PLAYS that are called, but WHEN they are called.

I saw it, you saw it, the whole world saw it.  That was one HELL of a lousy attempt of coaching, plain & simple.

What happened to trying to score on every possession?  What happened to trying to score on every down?  What happened to being aggressive the ENTIRE game?

Bama beat Clemson in the title game simply because Saban decided to switch the field and take a chance.  That is what great coaching is/does.

WHAT did Beck do exactly in this game to make you think once, "wow, what a great decision or call"?   There were what 60-75 offensive plays, but you might be able to say this on about 4-5 occasions.

The coaches have to put the players into position to win.  As much as I blame Boren & most of the Oline for getting crushed all game long, it's up to the coaches fix these issues as the game is played out.

Comment 16 May 2016

Wait, so many of you in here disparage Giddens...   BUT have you realized that he's twice the player than his pencil thin back up, and better defensively as a frosh than Thompson ever hopes to be?!

Listen, I like Matta.....   But our team has acted, played, and looked nothing more than a giant steaming pile of crap for four years running tourney appearance & all.

At this point I really don't care what you like about Matta or the players on this current team.  I want progress, I want 25 wins, I want the team to act like a team that wants to play, and act like a team that wants to win, because it's obvious to me that others here just want to paint a rosy picture of BS.

Grandstaff goes to a final 4 OK....   but he wasn't good enough for OSU?

Giddens goes to AL...   but he wasn't good enough for OSU?

It's about time Matta focuses on OH talent, and it's about damn time he's made some coaching changes.  I hope they are enough, but until I see real progress.... I'm going to be very skeptical of the teams outlook.

I don't know.. We'll see.

Comment 09 May 2016

Around the same time.. I got to see Smashing Pumpkins play at a bar on HS, (only recall the "things" monsters on the wall of the entrance of the bar).  It was a private invite only show with about 2-300 of closest friends.  Amazing.


Never was a Nirvana fan, and to this day I still don't get the hub-bub for this band.  I LOVE some Soundgarden, love some STP & RHCP, I like the Foo Fighters, PJ is ok, hell even listened to Mudhoney back in the day.

I guess.. all I wanted to say is Jane's Addiction is/was twice the band Nirvana and Cobain could ever dream of being....

Nirvana?  Smh.   May he rip.