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Comment 22 Jan 2013

Here is my take....

I believe the Athletic Dept is looking at the possibilty of fewer home games in the future and this is their way of trying to recoup future revenue losses. Gene Smith has already stated that once 2014 hits that no more MAC schools will be on the schedule. If better opponents come to OSU for home games we will be obligated to reciprocate with a game on the road. Hopefully this maybe a 2 for 1 exchange. Net result will be we won't be able to buy home games like we have in the past.

Also with 2 more teams coming into the league and who knows how many more the Big 10 may require us to play more Conference games in the future as well. This also would take away potential home games we now enjoy. I believe the days of 8 home games are gone and it will be tough to keep 7 every year.

Obviously the school's Athletic budget is based upon their current revenue streams and they must try to maintain that level in order to pay for all the other sports and remain self sufficient.