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Comment 18 Dec 2014

If you listen to that entire Pelini speech it is astounding. his hate (and there is no other word for it) for his now former AD is stunning.

I can appreciate him baring his soul to his players and i believe him when he says he cares about them etc.

but i cant help but think he has so severely tainted that bunch of players for Riley that you could see mas defections from them in the next several months.

His comment about Osbourne being "forced out" was a bit revelatory.

As noted above i wonder if Tressell at al at YSU had heard that or knew of it before now. If not how will that be viewed by them?

I can understand his frustration and his going to down to YSU makes a great deal more sense, ie he simply wants to get away from the spot light and what that entails.

other things that caught my ear was saying he almost resigned the year before out of frustration with the lack of support and BS he was facing. Also his comment about how the negative atmosphere there was worse than anything he had experienced at OSU, LSU or Oklahoma.

Referencing how Frank Solich got fired and insinuating that it was a bad move, etc

appreciate the mans honest, but sometime discretion is the better part of valor and perhaps he should have bit his tongue just a bit.

That kind of speech can burn bridges not just with Braska, but now that it is out, it could taint the rest of his career. I think he can kiss any future big time jobs goodbye with that,,,and given his frustration perhaps he doesnt care and will be fine with just "being a coach".

wow Bo.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

an interesting option if they promote Warinner is to hire Toledo's Jason Candle. he has been a very good OC/QB coach there and obviously has ohio roots. he also played for Larry Kehres at Mt Union and rivals lists him as one of the best recruiters not in a power 5 conference. strong ties to West PA, DC and Florida. was also an OC for Mt Union.

coached Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts (both in the nfl) while at D3 Mt Union and Eric Page while at Toledo. The last 3 years at Toledo he has been their OC and they have been good both running and passing the ball, so not a sling it around guy like the guy out of ECU (who comes from Mike Leachs coaching tree and to my mind would be a bad fit).

This year Kareem Hunt ran for 1360 yards and they scored 34+ per game even though they played part of the year without their starting QB.

Rivals ranked him in the top 10 recruiters in the non B6 and was MAC recruiter of the year in both 2011 and 2012. He makes only about 125K, so if OSU wanted to bring him in as QB coach and CO-OC with Ed as the prime play caller this could be a good fit. He is in his early 30's so he could be around a while

Comment 17 Dec 2014

you couldnt be more wrong about Warinners offenses or his resume

he has been a play calling OC at Kansas for 3 years and at Army for 2. given he is essentially the run game coordinator here, he has served in that capacity for several teams for the better part of 8 years.

his offenses at Kansas ranked 31st in rushing in 2007, in 1999 his Army team was 5th nationally in rushing. and #1 in 1998. While run game coord for Illinois they ranked 47th and improved to 10th his 2nd year.

so he is more than committed to the run, Urban when he hired him said he wanted a guy who had been an OC before and praised his Kansas offenses in particular.

I would love to see him promoted because if they did he might stop looking for HC jobs.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Given Urban's desire for a strong run game, Riley seems like a bad fit.

Yes his offenses have racked up tons of yards thru the air, but he comes from Mike Leach's coaching tree at Texas tech, ie throw first run as an after thought.

as examples, even though he has ECU's top 4 passing seasons since he has been there they are not a great running team.

this year the ranked 61st in rushing at only 165 per game with their leading rusher having only 72 per game. they run the ball only about 42% of the time and that includes being sacked 28 times so they really ran only 40% of the time. Urban runs the ball closer to 60% of the time.

Urban has made a point of saying his staff must be on the same page, so i dont think Skinner who's back ground is to throw the ball 45-50 times a game fits Urban's mold. I would be surprised if he went that route

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I have no idea  of course of this is true, but if so i cant imagine what Pelini is thinking. He was a respected DC prior to Nebby and could likely get hired doing that for 400K plus easy by someone. unless Tressel is breaking the bank to get him i cant imagine him making more than 250K to coach YSU.

and if Tressel pays him more than that, YSU board may have some serious questions as they have significant budget shortfalls and cant pay their bills now, but would pay Pelini to coach for say 400K????

time will tell soon enough but this makes no sense from both ends, sure he would be a good get for YSU but they cant afford him unless Bo is using it as a 1 year stop gap to his next big job

Comment 15 Dec 2014

I think Herman to Houston makes alot of sense.

it certainly will pay him more than he makes now, although OSU could potentially match it if they chose to as Houston would likely pay him a little over $1 million a year.

It is fairly high level ie not MAC low or Big5 high, but has a great recruiting base a new stadium and high expectations of the staff so a great place to prove if you belong or not.

as Briles and Sumlin have shown, success there and fairly quickly lead to a better job at some place like Baylor/ A&M where he could make $3 million plus in short order

for this who think  he should wait and take a job at a BIg 5 school, i would be surprised if a Big 5 at the top end of those conferences were to offer him a job, I think he would be more likely to get a job at Purdue or Kentucky or Iowa St and not Auburn, Michigan or Oklahoma.

so is being at Iowa St and making them a .500 or slightly better team a better job than going to Houston an dominating the AAC, honestly i think that is a tough choice even though you might make more money at ISU etc

He has long ties to the state having been at Texas Lutheran (in Seguin which is 160 miles from houston), Texas, Sam Houston St (70 miles from Houston), Texas St (160 miles for Houston) and Rice (actually in Houston) for 11 years, between 1998 and 2008

and as a Buckeye fan i would not be happy to see him leave, think of this as well, who else might he take from this staff to be on his staff in Houston?, could he make someone like coach Johnson his DC? or perhaps Zach Smith.

when Guys like Herman leave they almost always take 1 with them and perhaps a GA or 2 to FT positions, like maybe Vince Oghobaase who is a DL GA who is a Houston native, or asst S&C coach Anthony Schelgel who grew up in Highland Park

or maybe he takes Chris Ash, makes him DC and Co-HC????

I hope he stays, but it would not surprise me to see him go

Comment 15 Dec 2014

this line from the story killed me given Trey's stats, "Great numbers by any means"

Trey has 82 tackles and 3.5 TFL, no INTS no PBU etc

Grant our much maligned MLB who has split time with another guy has has 53 tackles, 5 TFL, 1 sack 1 INT and 1 other PBU,

one guys stats are considered great, the others pedestrian. by my measure they are both rather average

and neither has been an all american caliber that a 5 star would lead you to beleive, Yes Trey has been better, but not by much

Comment 15 Dec 2014

even if they were the same size, statistically they were nowhere near the same recruit on paper. Brees threw for 3500 yards playing in Texas largest division, won a State title and was Texas Mr Football. the only reason he wasn't recruited more heavily is because he was small.

Rodgers threw for less than 2500 yards in northern California ie not a hot bed of football. and Rodgers wasnt just small he was tiny, ie 5'10" and only 165 pounds

Comment 06 Dec 2014

Yep and 2 years after Riley left the first time, all a proven winner Dennis Erickson did was go there and win a conference title and go 31-17 in 4 years and 18-14 in conference, 

it wasnt like Utah was a bastion of greatness before Urban arrived and he promptly went 22-2, and Utahs stadium is smaller than Oregon St and is in the middle of BYUs recruiting home, surrounded by virtually zero African american athletes,

while Riley "struggled" both in and out of conference over the last 6 years, places like Boise St, Utah, Stanford etc got better with either lesser facilities or higher academic standards in his own back yard. I don't expect Riley to be dominant, but is it asking too much to be better than 13-9 ooc since 2009 when playing Cal St Sacramento, Nichols St, Portland St, UNLV, UC, BYU, Eastern Washington, Hawaii, SDST, with a few of these being multiple occasions? Sure playing .500 in conference might be ok but with that ooc slate he should be better than essentially 2-2 every year.

he is not a bad coach, but to me he is the Glen Mason of the Pac12 ie respected amongst his peers but otherwise a fairly pedestrian coach.

with more resources that Nebraska can bring can he win more than 50% of his games? I would sure hope so. But is he a B1G championship and "compete for national titles" level coach? To my mind not even close.

i hope I am wrong because the last thing the conference needs is for Nebby to fall back with UM and PSU and barely play above .500 over the next 3-4 years. As a conference we need Strong Nebraska who is competing for titles and dominant ooc.

again, good luck to those folks in Lincoln.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

I think if i was Ruffin McNeal that #39 (Deshaun Amos) would no longer be a part of my team, seriously how "me centered" can a kid get to effectively take the final play off while on the field

Comment 05 Dec 2014

To me this screams a political hire, in no way is Riley an upgrade on the field to Pelini but off the field he is noted a one of the nicest guys in D1, so to me i think this points to why Bo got let go may have had less to do with W and L's, and more to do with not enough wins to compensate for his abrasiveness.

Consider me unimpressed and i think recruits will do the same

60+ years old, since 2010 he is 29-32 overall and 17-26 in conference, his team lost to Cal St Sacramento in 2011 and to Eastern Washington in 2013. He has won only 6 of his last 18 games there going back to the middle of last year and 24-28 since upsetting USC near the end of 2010.

he had a nice stretch between 2006 and 2009 when he went 36-17 overall and 25-10 in conference (so basically 9-4 over those 4 years) and thats his best ever.

He may do ok and from a conference perspective I sure hope so. but i dont see this working at all.

Here is a final take away on Riley. His overall record against FBS teams since 2009 is 34-36, good luck Nebby!!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

to use the term "snake bit" minimizes the events involving Kosta, but i cant think of another term to use for this team this year.

below i have tried to list all the issues this team has faced since last february and the list is enormous. and to think these players and this staff still have this team in contention for the playoffs in astounding

let me know if i missed one

1) Miller going down in camp
2) Noah Spence being suspended for drug use
3) Jamal Marcus (supposed to be Spence's backup) removed from the team in camp
4) Rod Smith Dismissed from the team at mid season
5) backup LB Mike Mitchell transferring back in February
6) Chad Lindsay who was a transfer in from bama who was supposed to compete for a starting OL position quitting due to injury before ever playing a down
7) 5th year SR TE JT Moore left the team in camp
8) backup WR Frank Epitropolus quit the team in camp
9) Dontre Wilson goes down with season ending injury mid season
10) Jeff Huearmann the starting TE missing the opener due to foot injury
11) Ezekiel Elliot breaks his wrist in camp
12) Devan Bogard tearing his ACL against Rutgers
13) WR Johnnie Dixon lost in late september to knee surgery
14) LB Kyle Berger torn ACL
15) CB Marshon Lattimore hamstring injury
16) DL Dylan Thompson knee surgery
17) Von Bell tore his ACL during spring ball
18) Huearmann was also out for the spring
19) Evan Spencer missed spring practice with an injury
20) Jalin Marshall hurt his MCL in spring ball
21) Chase Farris missed the spring game
22) backup lineman Ben St John quit the team in the spring
23) WR James Clark sat out the spring game due to injury
24) DB Armani Reeves went down with a mystery health issue at mid-season

and finally this past week

25) Barrett breaks ankle
26) walk on kills himself

ps i didnt list Barrett's sprained MCL but perhap i should have

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I really dont understand how a guy with Addazio's resume would even be considered by UM

he has been a decent coach for 4 years going 27-22, ho hum,

he was a terrible OC at Indiana under Dinardo, I mean he was there in 2003 when they scored 177 points in 12 games, ie barely 14 a game

i know he was a good OL coach under Meyer, but he was a mediocre OC for him the last 2 years they were together, take away a 9-4 year in the MAC at Temple and he is 18-18 the last 3 years as a HC

has he made BC better? yeah i guess, but being 14-12 in 2 years there is hardly something to make you a top shelf pick. he has been 8-8 in the ACC in his 2 years and 12-11 against the FBS,,,

oh yeah and Rich Rod thrashed his team in a bowl last year 42-19 in a game that wasnt as close as even that score shows as they trailed 42-6 with 12 minutes left and got a couple garbage time scores and they gave up 529 yards of offense to Zona and gave up 2 90+ yard drives

if that is what UM wants, then so be it, but i dont see them getting much better with Addazio than where they are today

Comment 01 Dec 2014

Pinkel doesnt have any particular ties to UM, but he does to the area. Born in Akron, played at Kent St where he was also a GA, a position coach at BGSU for a couple years and HC at Toledo from 1991-2000,

but i think he is at Mizzou for life, he has been there 14 years now and is 62 years old so he will likely retire at Mizzou in the next couple years

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Prior to Navy we were ranked 5th in the AP poll but just barely (9 points ahead of Auburn), after Navy we dropped to 8th only 4 points ahead of Texas A&M, , after Va Tech we dropped to 22,  after clobbering Kent St we went down 1 more to 23rd

from there week by week we were: 22, 20, 15, 13, 13, 13, 13, 8, 7, of course the Playoff poll means more than this, but that gives some insight into how we have moved

Comment 18 Nov 2014

to your point Cal i looked at some of the stats as compared to everyone else they played this year, so in Navy's case how we did vs how everyone else has done against Navy and what stands out is how mediocre we were the first 2 weeks and how stunning it turned around after that

First on Defense Total Yards (and using Remy's minus is better)

Navy  minus 74.4

Va Tech minus 54.2

Kent St minus 200.0

UC Minus 64.4

MD minus 37.4

Rut minus 41.2

PSU minus 112.0

Ill minus 130.2

MSU plus 24.4

Minn minus 61.6

The best Pass D games vs avg in order were Kent St, Illinois, Navy, Minn, Va Tech, Rutgers, and PSU, all others we gave up more yards passing than those teams otherwise average (in order) MD +15.8, UC +33.0, MSU +99.9

Best Rush D games vs avg in order were UC, PSU, MSU, Kent St, Va Tech, Minn, Rutgers. In the others we gave up more than they averaged (in order), Illinois plus 1.6, Navy plus 5.8, MD plus 53.2

as for scoring we have held 7 of 10 below their season average (In order) Navy Minus 18.7, Kent St minus 17.0, Rutgers minus 10.3, UC Minus 10, MSU minus 7.6, Minn minus 6.7, MD minus 5.3, PSU plus 3.0, Va Tech plus 10.8, Illinois plus 12.9

Now Offense Total Yards (again minus us better here) -

MSU minus 291.7

UC minus 251.6

Kent st - minus 214.0

Rutgers minus 174.7

Minn minus 153.7

MD minus 106.9

Illinois minus 61.2

PSU minus 30.4

Navy plus 8.1

Va Tech plus 18.0

Best Passing games in order were - Kent st minus 139.1, MSU minus 109.1, UC minus 52.3, Va Tech minus 42.7, Rutgers minus 38.9, MD minus 28.3, Illinois minus 24.9, Minn minus 2.2, Navy plus 5.9, PSU plus 120.6

Best rushing games in order were - UC minus 199.4, MSU minus 182.6, Minn minus 151.4, PSU minus 151.0, Rutgers minus 138.5, MD minus 78.6, Kent St minus 74.9, Illinois minus 36.3, Navy plus 2.2, Va Tech plus 60.7

For scoring O the best to worst are - Kent St minus 40.6, Rutgers minus 30.2, MSU minus 29.3, MD minus 25.6, Illinois minus 21.1, UC minus 20.8, PSU minus 16.4, Minn minus 9.7, Navy minus 5.7, Va Tech plus 1.0

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Last years women's final 4 attendance was 17500 plus for the semi's and finals both, ie only about 1700 fewer than Ohio States regional loss to Dayton, again not men's hoops big, but there will be a sizable crowd there, nationwide holds about 1700 more the the Schott does so if they can fill it you are looking at nearly 20k, not too shabby

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Last years women's final 4 attendance was 17500 plus for the semi's and finals both, ie only about 1700 fewer than Ohio States regional loss to Dayton, again not men's hoops big, but there will be a sizable crowd there, nationwide holds about 1700 more the the Schott does so if they can fill it you are looking at nearly 20k, not too shabby

Comment 17 Nov 2014

i voted no as i think some offer is going to come thru that he will take

Kansas, SMU are both likely to pay him double if not more than what OSU is willing to pay him, The Virginia job could come open as they are quite disappointed in London and sit at 4-6 right now

Indiana and Illinois could both be open, Iowa St where he was an asst will likely come open, does Wash St give up on the Leach experiment that has them at 2-8 in his 3rd year

any of those jobs could be or are open that might hire him and pay him significantly more that he currently makes

Comment 14 Nov 2014

OSU's defense has played 2 teams with a Rush Offense ranked higher than 71, Navy at #1 and MSU at #15 and both gashed us in the run game to the tune of 5.9 and 5.2 Yards per carry.

UC was the next best we faced and they rank 71st and they gained 3.7 per carry and then Rutgers at 86th gained 3.9. The others we faced an dominated ranked 95th, 103rd, 114th, 112nd and 123rd,,,there are only 125 teams in the FBS, so we have faced 5 rushing offense ranked in the bottom 25% of D1A, so we have been rarely tested

Minny ranks 26th, so i expect a test on the DL and LBs again. Given the conditions expected at game time, this could be a low scoring closer game than we expect with Minny moving the ball and eating up clock an hence keeping our O off the field and if we struggle to pass given the conditions, then we could see a 31-14 kind of game

The average between MSU and Navy was 5.6 yards per carry, if i think Minny at home can run effectively, say 5 even, then we could be in for a close game.

current weather reports for Minny are calling for wind chills in the teens and a 20-30% chance of snow, so who knows how that impacts our Texas born QB in his throwing?