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Comment 24 Mar 2015

not trying to be "that guy" but i have seen this so many times, Cameron did NOT play rugby, he played Aussie Rules football, completely different game with almost no tackling compared to rugby

Comment 13 Mar 2015

I love Troy but he is simply not NFL caliber. Across his 2 NFL stops his one year with the Omaha Nighthawks and parts of 2 CFL seasons, he has completed only 50.6% of his passes across 555 attempts,,, thats a long enough resume to know he hasn't got it.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

you shouldn't be ticked at Herby for 93, because that was Bobby Hoying and Bret Powers not Herby. Herby graduated in 92 and tied them in the Shoe in his last game with a TD pass late in the game. In fact in that Game Herby completed 28 of 46 passes (61%) and threw for 271 yards 1 TD and 0 INTs

granted the 9th place vote in my mind can only be chalked up to being pissed about the Tat5 being allowed to play and punishing them with his vote

Comment 07 Mar 2015

a little more insight into this picture, The D coach William Gunlock was hired by OSU away from Army in March of 1961, so it cannot be any earlier than that. and James Herby was only an asst in 1961 and 62, all the other assts listed had been there quite some time and would remain for several years after except Herbstreit and Bo. Assuming this is the entire staff my guess is this is 1962 as Woody's staff in 61 had a guy named Ernie Godfrey on it and he is not listed here. 61 was Godfrey last year at OSU, so I am going to guess this is 1962

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Office of Distance Education and ELearning

Comment 29 Jan 2015

although i think you may have a bit of a point here, exageration and using the Indiana game dont quite do it

1) Value City's capacity for mens hoops is only 18,809, the lowest attendance all this year was the 12,508 for Campbell or 2/3rds full. The average home attendance has been 14,497 or 77% of capacity so no where near half as you state

2) the Indiana game had the highest attendance of the year at 17,322 or 92% of capacity and you claimed it was a morgue that night

Although I tend to agree that ticket prices are too high, lack of bodies in chairs as you insinuate is not the problem.

13K is plenty for a game to be loud. OSU hoops fans simply tend to be much more "reserved" than the football fans are. I went to games in St John's and when the team was mediocre, fans tended to be quieter, same is true now.

Value City was plenty loud when Oden and Co were here. But perhaps we have become a bit spoiled as fans (kudos to Matta for setting our expectations high), but often unless we have a dynamic, awesome hoops teams OSU B-Ball fans have historically been "quieter than most"

Comment 27 Jan 2015

TCU has consistently "inflated" their attendance numbers as well. Their official game attendance is often way more than actual bodies in seats. Do search for TCU attendance and pathetic an you will get tons of hits dating back years.

The worst was in 2013 when they played Kansas when a real estimate was that only 5-10K were there but they listed the official attendance as nearly 42K, there are pictures on line of the game in mid game when they stadium is nearly empty

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I often dont understand Hoops like I do football, but here goes

1) why oh why do we still see Thompson shooting any 3's? they guy has never been a good 3 pt shooter and this year especially since conference play has started is awful. he is shooting 56% inside the arc and 7% outside, if he shoots anything other than a desperation 3 the rest of the year, he should be benched

2) Scott, Kam Williams, Tate, and Kieta all are just about as bad as Thompson at shooting 3's, in conference those 5 guys (including Thompson above) are taking an average of 9 combined 3's a night and making less than 16%,,,stop shooting so many 3's

3) that said why this team shoots nearly 19 3's a night is beyond me. Granted Russell and Loving take close to 60% of them and do at least a reasonable job, but why not limit yourselves to just those guys taking them and the others being only desperation of late shot clock type attempts dumbfounds me

4) as bad as Amir is (and i agree he is pretty weak), and as frustrating as he is to watch, he is still the best option at Center. Even in B1G play he has a high shooting percentage, and higher blocks per minute, a higher steals per minute and is essentially even with McDonald in rebounds per minute and commits fewer fouls per minute than McDonald and his turnover rate is essentially equal to McDonald as well. Assuming we wont be going to a 5 man under 6'8" rotation, he is and should be our primary Center and perhaps get even more minutes than he does.

5) how is it even possible for this team to have so many bad FT shooters? in conference we have 4 guys in our primary rotation (Loving, Scott, Amir and Tate) all shooting under 65% from the line. We know what Amir is and his results are not surprising, but the other 3 have taken 44 FT atts in conference and made only 23 for 52%, thats Shaq bad.

6) I think the move of Loving to the bench in favor of Tate should be given a couple more games to play out. I think the Lee experiment was ok from an offensive perspective but he got out played by NW center as he was a non factor on the boards and allowed his primary man to score 16. Maybe 1 more game from him, but he has shown little all year to warrant more minutes

Comment 23 Jan 2015

I tend to agree that Anderson should have just let this be water under the bridge.

However I think this may be an issue of a misunderstanding between what he thought he was getting into and the reality he ended up dealing with at Madison

Perhaps,, (again a bit of tea leaf reading here), he had discussed admission standards with Alvarez during his interview and maybe Anderson's perception was that although they are a bit tight, he would have some flexibility.

Now jump 22+ months foward and he has had on a few occasions to rescind scholly offers to kids who he thought had done what they need to do to qualify and now feels he was sold a bit of a bill of goods by Barry.

Not saying Barry lied, but that Anderson's understanding of the situation was different from Barry's and UWM was not going to budge, so he simply said adios then

Not sure but this seems at least reasonable. Now why pick Oregon St? Do I think Oregon St addmission standards are so much worse than Madison? Maybe a little, their acceptance rate is certainly higher at around 78% and their composite ACT score is 21-27, but does that mean Corvalis is letting in rock pounding dummies on their football team, not sure thats true, besides does that mean he will win more at Corvalis, most likely not.

So what can explain his sudden departure? I think it is because he felt deceived and potentially lied to by UWM admin and AD department. Hence, he leaves suddenly for what appears to be a lesser job, and makes a quote that although UWM's standards are what they are he felt he had been denied the ability to recruit some kids who he felt had met what they wanted only to be told no later and then having to eat crow in front of a kid and his family.

So good for UWM for having good standards, and to some degree, if he did feel deceived, good for Anderson for standing up for what he believed to be right

however, discretion is the better part of valor and perhaps silence rather than explaining would have been a better course here for him

Comment 23 Jan 2015

2 things that make that a bit misleading

1) they didnt have 21 QBH's in fact the official stats for that game show zero, i think this is a bit of hyerbole

2) although it was 7 sacks, 4 of them came in the last 8 minutes as we were in basically pass only mode

Comment 21 Jan 2015

Liberty University ranks 80th by US News and World report among "Regional Universities" in the South.

By comparison the 80th ranked regional university in the Midwest per USNWR is a place called simply Dakota State, no north or south, simply Dakota, located in Madison, SD.

The closest Ohio college to thank ranking is Ohio Dominican University in Columbus which ranks 84th.

I went to Ohio Dominican (back when it was still named College and not University), and I got a reasonable education, very heavy on the Catholic doctrine with mandatory religion classes and once a year mass attendance (back in the 80's), during Easter week.

The school had zero name value though as place to hold a degree from as many Columbusites had never even heard of the school.

Liberty due to the tie in with Falwell has a better name value, but at best that's a mixed blessing due to the massive polarization Falwell's name causes, ie maybe more infamous than famous.

No many majors at ODU, i think in the 80's nearly 2/3rds majored in Business or Accounting (including myself). But frankly I had to go off the Grad school at Dayton to enhance my value to recruiters as many people held ODU in such mediocre regard if they were even aware of it.

A couple more schools in Ohio in the rough academic neighborhood as 80th are Walsh (at 65) and Mt Vernon of the Nazarene (67th), USNWR only ranked 96 schools in the southern region as many refused to reply (primarily because they dont like how they get ranked), so they simply dont send in their data.

So Liberty ranks 80th out of 96th, not quite prestigious. I will grant that similar to my undergrad school it does not mean you cannot get a good education there (has more to do with how you apply yourself in most cases than the actual school itself), but a degree from Liberty is not much better than having one from Columbus State to be honest

Comment 16 Jan 2015

his team, James Madison went 9-4 overall (with a season opening blow out loss to Maryland), and 6-2 in conference and got a 1st rd bid to the 1AA playoffs where they lost to Liberty 26-21

his team allowed 29 points per game, (27.1 per game if you ignore the MD game), 239 yards passing per game 79th in pass eff d in FCS, 25 pass tds allowed vs only 14 ints

ranked 91st in total D at nearly 425 yards per game allowed and 80th in scoring D

they won because they had a good offense

Comment 12 Jan 2015

Here is a few tidbits about Beck, (btw i think it is a good hire as i thought Lincoln Riley was a bad fit and guys like Frost would be 1 and done as OC here).

Played for Lou Saban (Paul Brown disciple) at UCF.

Coached HS in Miami area at Miramar HS

1st Asst coaching job was at Illinois St working for Jim Heacock (thats right former OSU DC and who still works in a consulting capacity for OSU) Urban Meyer had just left Ill St the year before Beck got there.

Coached for Bill Snyder at K State as a GA

Not only coached in Texas but also coached in HS in Tuscon AZ winning a state title at a school who went 5-43 in the 5 years before he got there.

was an OC at Missouri St in FCS and in his last year they averaged 412 yards of offense a game

this past year his team ranked 18th in rushing offense and 31st in Total Offense and 12th in scoring Offense

His offenses have ranked in the top 18 in rushing O all 4 years he was the OC at Nebby

His primary recruiting ground at both Kansas and Nebby was Texas.

He got Todd Reesing out of Lake Travis while at Kansas, Rex Burkehead out of Plano and also got Ameer Abdulah out of Alabama and overall close to 2 dozen TX recruits over the last decade to either Kansas or Nebby. add in a couple guys from places like New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, California

Granted his track record as QB coach has not been stellar, but I think with likely recommendations from Coach Ed, Bill Snyder, Mark Mangino, and maybe even Jim Heacock as well as Ohio and Texas ties and as Urban has noted a good organizational fit.

thumbs up from me

Comment 18 Dec 2014

If you listen to that entire Pelini speech it is astounding. his hate (and there is no other word for it) for his now former AD is stunning.

I can appreciate him baring his soul to his players and i believe him when he says he cares about them etc.

but i cant help but think he has so severely tainted that bunch of players for Riley that you could see mas defections from them in the next several months.

His comment about Osbourne being "forced out" was a bit revelatory.

As noted above i wonder if Tressell at al at YSU had heard that or knew of it before now. If not how will that be viewed by them?

I can understand his frustration and his going to down to YSU makes a great deal more sense, ie he simply wants to get away from the spot light and what that entails.

other things that caught my ear was saying he almost resigned the year before out of frustration with the lack of support and BS he was facing. Also his comment about how the negative atmosphere there was worse than anything he had experienced at OSU, LSU or Oklahoma.

Referencing how Frank Solich got fired and insinuating that it was a bad move, etc

appreciate the mans honest, but sometime discretion is the better part of valor and perhaps he should have bit his tongue just a bit.

That kind of speech can burn bridges not just with Braska, but now that it is out, it could taint the rest of his career. I think he can kiss any future big time jobs goodbye with that,,,and given his frustration perhaps he doesnt care and will be fine with just "being a coach".

wow Bo.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

an interesting option if they promote Warinner is to hire Toledo's Jason Candle. he has been a very good OC/QB coach there and obviously has ohio roots. he also played for Larry Kehres at Mt Union and rivals lists him as one of the best recruiters not in a power 5 conference. strong ties to West PA, DC and Florida. was also an OC for Mt Union.

coached Pierre Garcon and Cecil Shorts (both in the nfl) while at D3 Mt Union and Eric Page while at Toledo. The last 3 years at Toledo he has been their OC and they have been good both running and passing the ball, so not a sling it around guy like the guy out of ECU (who comes from Mike Leachs coaching tree and to my mind would be a bad fit).

This year Kareem Hunt ran for 1360 yards and they scored 34+ per game even though they played part of the year without their starting QB.

Rivals ranked him in the top 10 recruiters in the non B6 and was MAC recruiter of the year in both 2011 and 2012. He makes only about 125K, so if OSU wanted to bring him in as QB coach and CO-OC with Ed as the prime play caller this could be a good fit. He is in his early 30's so he could be around a while

Comment 17 Dec 2014

you couldnt be more wrong about Warinners offenses or his resume

he has been a play calling OC at Kansas for 3 years and at Army for 2. given he is essentially the run game coordinator here, he has served in that capacity for several teams for the better part of 8 years.

his offenses at Kansas ranked 31st in rushing in 2007, in 1999 his Army team was 5th nationally in rushing. and #1 in 1998. While run game coord for Illinois they ranked 47th and improved to 10th his 2nd year.

so he is more than committed to the run, Urban when he hired him said he wanted a guy who had been an OC before and praised his Kansas offenses in particular.

I would love to see him promoted because if they did he might stop looking for HC jobs.

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Given Urban's desire for a strong run game, Riley seems like a bad fit.

Yes his offenses have racked up tons of yards thru the air, but he comes from Mike Leach's coaching tree at Texas tech, ie throw first run as an after thought.

as examples, even though he has ECU's top 4 passing seasons since he has been there they are not a great running team.

this year the ranked 61st in rushing at only 165 per game with their leading rusher having only 72 per game. they run the ball only about 42% of the time and that includes being sacked 28 times so they really ran only 40% of the time. Urban runs the ball closer to 60% of the time.

Urban has made a point of saying his staff must be on the same page, so i dont think Skinner who's back ground is to throw the ball 45-50 times a game fits Urban's mold. I would be surprised if he went that route

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I have no idea  of course of this is true, but if so i cant imagine what Pelini is thinking. He was a respected DC prior to Nebby and could likely get hired doing that for 400K plus easy by someone. unless Tressel is breaking the bank to get him i cant imagine him making more than 250K to coach YSU.

and if Tressel pays him more than that, YSU board may have some serious questions as they have significant budget shortfalls and cant pay their bills now, but would pay Pelini to coach for say 400K????

time will tell soon enough but this makes no sense from both ends, sure he would be a good get for YSU but they cant afford him unless Bo is using it as a 1 year stop gap to his next big job

Comment 15 Dec 2014

I think Herman to Houston makes alot of sense.

it certainly will pay him more than he makes now, although OSU could potentially match it if they chose to as Houston would likely pay him a little over $1 million a year.

It is fairly high level ie not MAC low or Big5 high, but has a great recruiting base a new stadium and high expectations of the staff so a great place to prove if you belong or not.

as Briles and Sumlin have shown, success there and fairly quickly lead to a better job at some place like Baylor/ A&M where he could make $3 million plus in short order

for this who think  he should wait and take a job at a BIg 5 school, i would be surprised if a Big 5 at the top end of those conferences were to offer him a job, I think he would be more likely to get a job at Purdue or Kentucky or Iowa St and not Auburn, Michigan or Oklahoma.

so is being at Iowa St and making them a .500 or slightly better team a better job than going to Houston an dominating the AAC, honestly i think that is a tough choice even though you might make more money at ISU etc

He has long ties to the state having been at Texas Lutheran (in Seguin which is 160 miles from houston), Texas, Sam Houston St (70 miles from Houston), Texas St (160 miles for Houston) and Rice (actually in Houston) for 11 years, between 1998 and 2008

and as a Buckeye fan i would not be happy to see him leave, think of this as well, who else might he take from this staff to be on his staff in Houston?, could he make someone like coach Johnson his DC? or perhaps Zach Smith.

when Guys like Herman leave they almost always take 1 with them and perhaps a GA or 2 to FT positions, like maybe Vince Oghobaase who is a DL GA who is a Houston native, or asst S&C coach Anthony Schelgel who grew up in Highland Park

or maybe he takes Chris Ash, makes him DC and Co-HC????

I hope he stays, but it would not surprise me to see him go