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Comment 17 Aug 2015

Jim Tressel disciple Darrell Hazell has Purdue moving in the right direction

when I read this I spit soda out my nose. how in the heck can anyone with a straight face say this about the job Hazell has done?

They lost their last 6 games in a row, 7 of their last 8 and went 2-9 against FBS teams last year

in those last 6 games the averaged scoring only 21.5 per game while giving up 35.6, by any measure that is terrible.

they were 2-5 at home last year with the wins being Western Mich and S Ill, seriously they are awful and will be again this year.

I fully expect Hazell to be out of a job after this year. they have 6 certain losses in Marshall, Va Tech, Minny, Nebraska, Wisconsin, MSU. They are also likely to lose to Iowa. With Bowling Green, Illinois, NW and Indiana they have no certain win on the books except maybe Indiana St

I could see them going 4-8 at best more likely 3-9 again...then gone

Comment 12 Jul 2015

a couple things this brings back

1) this sentence would become par for the course under Cooper and just get worse, in fact i am not sure Big Daddy ever graduated "Unfortunately for Big Daddy, his grades kept some of those coaches away. He finally got his qualifying score and committed to John Cooper’s Buckeyes in July of 1991"

2) although not nearly as bad a pro as he reputation shows, he was far from a top level pick. he had a nice long pro career, but was never the elite level his top pick should have brought, regardless of his team he played for.

3) no doubt maybe the best DT ever to don the scarlet and gray

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Although they may know each other in some way it is not likely they are "friends"

Ed was a big fan of Navy but never coached there. He coached at Army from 1987-1999 and at Air Force from 00-02.

While Ken coached at Navy from 95-98 and again from 02 til now

they have never been on the same staff, but they have coached against each other several times.

95-98 in Army/Navy games with Army (Ed) winning 3 of 4, and again in 02 when Air Force (Ed) beat Navy. and of course last year

they also split in 2010 and 11 when Navy and ND played as Ed was at ND at the time.

So Ed is 6-2 against Ken all time.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

these sacks stats are skewed by effectively 1 quarter of football last year.

Going into the 4th quarter against Va Tech we had given up 1 sack in that game, we gave up 6 in that quarter. across the rest of the year we gave up 22 sacks in 14.75 games. Or 22 in 428 Pass Atts, thats 5.1%.

so other than taking 6 sacks in 15 attempts in the 4th qtr vs Va Tech it was a non-issue to my mind

Allowing 1.5 sacks a game (22/14.75) would have ranked OSU in the top 30 last year.

1 bad quarter was all this was

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I like all 4 of the artists you listed and own music by each, hard to deny a guy though who is member of the Rock and Roll HOF, the Songwriters HOF, won a Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriters HOF, a Kennedy Honors award winner and who is the 3rd best selling adult contemporary artist of all time.

his songs have been covered by Elvis, Sinatra, Deep Purple, the Monkees, UB40, Johhny Cash, Cliff Richard, Urge Overkill, Jose Feliciano, Percy Faith, Andrea Bocelli, Peggy Lee, Waylon Jennings, Albert Lee, Jr Walker and the All Stars, Chris Isaak, Bobby Darin, Bobby Womack, Barbara Streisand and Lulu among others.

One of the greatest songwriters ever.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I will only disagree with 1 thing Ramzy said, Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline are great.

BTW not only does PSU use it, so does Pitt. They started using it in 2008

It is also used of course by the Red Sox, but also the Hamilton Tigercats of the CFL.

come on man, Sinatra, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Julia Iglesias, and Waylon Jennings all covered Sweet Caroline, your simply wrong it is a great song.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

So Md has decide to long term to commit to a guy who at U Conn wen 61-60 against FBS teams and 36-47 against Big 5/6 members

at who in 4 years at MD is 16-30 vs FBS and 14-28 vs Big 5/6 teams

Yawn, hope you are happy in your mediocrity.

and for all the talk about improvement, he inherited a team who had gone 9-4 the year before he got the job, who was 8-4 vs the FBS and 5-4 against Big 5/6 teams and won a bowl by 31 points

Even with the improvement from his own debacle of a start, they are 12-12 vs FBS over the last 2 years and 8-12 vs Big 5 teams, and counting all opponents he is 9-11 in his last 20 games with 2 bowl losses and 7-9 in conference

Half his seasons as a HC have been .500 or worse (8 of 16) and thats with playing 25 games in 16 years against teams below FBS level

but at MD that earns a reward I guess.

It is this kind of system that keeps teams like MD down. I mean after 4 years at the helm this guy ended last year going 3-5 down the stretch with bad losses to OSU, (by 28 at home), Wisky (45 on the road), MSU (22 at Home), a 6-5 Rutgers team (by 3 at home) in which they blew a 25 point lead late in the 2nd quarter and even by 18 at the half, and then a 24 point loss in their bowl to Stanford, a game that was 42-7 early in the 4th

The 3 wins were a 7 point win over a mediocre Iowa team at Home, a 1 point win at PSU on a long FG in the last minute, and a 7 point win over a sub .500 michigan on the road

all that and he is rewarded with an extension?? He had 2 more years on his current contract so why not wait and see if, oh i dont know, maybe win 9 games before you reward him with another 3 years. If MD comes out and sh!ts the bed this year, (a distinct possibility when you look at their schedule there is a good chance for 7 conference losses with their razor thin margin for error), then they may be stuck with this guy for a while or have to pay a big buyout.

I read how they hoped this would help with recruiting but it is not like he has lit the recruiting boards up the last 2 years (ranked 47th for this years class and mid 30's so far this year)

Him, Flood, Beckman and Hazell at a minimum should all be gone and maybe even Fitzgerald at NW and if he doesn't turn the corner this year Wilson at Indiana, stop settling for mediocre

Comment 30 Jun 2015

There is no doubt that on sheer physical tools alone, 6'4" 230 lbs and 4.4 forty, that TP has the needed attributes.

But at this level to stick and play a lot you have to be able to due the skill things the position involves.

Hands - I know he caught 1 pass here and a lot of shotgun snaps but simply put it is a bit of an unknown. Being a former hoops guy will likely help

Blocking - probably the most overlooked trait a NFL WR must have and a complete unknown from Pryor. He is certainly big enough to do it adequately, but does he have what Earle Bruce used to call "the want to" to actually do it play in and play out

Lack of touches/mental focus - QB's have the ball in their hands ever play, while even the most heavily used WRs rarely touch it more than 5-6 times a game. Will he maintain mental focus when getting maybe only 1-3 balls thrown his way a week? My son was a baseball catcher for years, ie in on every pitch, and when he got to his SR year they moved him to LF to take advantage of his speed and arm while they had another good defensive catcher. he struggled with the new "slowness" of the game for several weeks before settling in. Pryor may face similar issues

Going over the middle - I think the "willingness to take a hit argument" is a bit over blown as QB's get hit and thrown to the ground all the time, and TP has a long history as a runner taking hits. But nothing can prepare you for laying out to catch a crossing pattern and getting blind sided by a LB or DB moving at near full speed. It takes courage that many players simply dont have. Sure TP can do jump balls in the end zone, but if that is all he can do, then he likely gets cut.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Plus Gates PLayed TE in HS and was a very good one as he was 1st team all state in Michigan as a SR and in fact had a scholarship offer from OSU back in the day for football so he was removed from TE for a couple years, but had been an extremely good one so he never really "changed positions" like TP is doing.

I wish Pryor luck and perhaps if not on the active Roster they put him on the practice squad to develop. but making a change to a position you have never played that is so fundamentally different from QB will be very tough

Comment 30 Jun 2015

This is exactly on point. And as to the poster above who asked how MAC type schools make it work,,,they dont, the rob their general student body to fund sports

The Zips are a perfect example.

In 2008 From ticket sales, TV, Branding and Donations Akron only had $2.7 million in revenue.

Their expenses included Coaches pay of over 3.1 million alone. Then add in 1.1 million on team travel, 700K on recruiting, and then paying visitors, game day expenses and marketing and even ignoring the scholarships them selves is another 1.2 million and you have a  13.3 million in expenses.

How do they balance the books?

The collect nearly 13.3 Million in student fees and another 500K from the schools general fund. With approximately 25,000 students thats over $550 per student. Or over the average 5 years for an undergrad over $2700.

Add in the cost of the lost revenue to the school for the scholarships and its another couple million lost.

Given that Akron is rarely competive and certainly not vying for national titles only rarely even MAC titles (except for Mens soccer and womens track) then they should down grade to D1AA ie YSU level and instead of paying Terry Bowden 400K a year and Keith Drambot 500K to be mediocre teams, they should pay them closer to the 150K that Pelini gets from YSU.

The problem is the stadium. They paid 61 Million to build a 30K stadium on campus that they can never hope to fill. Whoever made that decision should be out of work.

But most MAC, Mt West, Sun Belt etc schools are in this boat financially and simply should stop trying to be the next FSU or Va Tech or even Boise St, and save their students money and drop down

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Graham is listed a s 6'7" and 265, while TP is listed as 6'4" and only 233. Heck Dwayne Bowe who the Browns have weighs 221 and plays WR, so weight wise he is much close to Bowe (12 lbs) vs Graham (32 lbs)

Pryor size wise is comparable to guys like Vince Jackson (6'5" 230), Brandon Marshall (6'4" 230), Andre Johnson (6'3" 226) and Calvin Johnson (6'5" 230) than he is to most TE's who typically weigh 250 plus

I would think it might be easier to lose 5-10 lbs to gain spedd and agility than it would be to gain 20-30 to add needed strength to play TE

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Average at least 15,000 in actual or paid attendance for all home football contests over a rolling two year period

many MAC teams have been in danger of this for years. But note it is not just paid attendance it could include free tickets given away

that said since Akron was 9170 per game and was down 49%, means that last year they were at 18714 or a 2 year average of 13900 approximately.

this has been common for several years with many of the teams i listed above and the ncaa only "warns" them and never takes the action to actually kick them out

EMU even though they were above 15K this past season, the year before they were only at about 5500 the year before for 2 year average barely above 10K, but nothing happens so it is a meaningless barrier

basically you get any 2 year average to balance that lousy year against before the NCAA will take any action, so if Akron can get to above a 2 year average by raising attendance this year then nothing happens. If they dont, then they go on a 10 year probation during which if it should happen again then you get a bowl ban and if it happens again, then your out.

But since so many schools just squeak by they never really get either the bowl ban or the demotion. Considering the ncaa lets schools have a donor buy a large block of tickets that otherwise go unused they often never have to worry about it

but still they ought to be dropped if "real" game attendance is below 15K for any 2 years.

Comment 29 Jun 2015

This isnt just an Akron issue. The entire MAC has this problem and has for years

Akron - 9170

Ball St - 9389

BGSU - 15,228

Buffalo - 20,403

CMU - 16,386

EMU - 15,025

Kent St - 13,544

Miami - 15,906

NIU - 13,563

Ohio U - 20,515

Toledo - 19,548

WMU - 15,625

Only 3 schools drawing more than 17K a game, thats terrible

Some others in the region

Marshall - 27,461 - outdraws any MAC member by nearly 25%

YSU - 12,096 - 1AA team out drawing Akron and Ball St  and just behind Kent St and N Ill

Ill St - 9185 - 1AA team on par with Akron and Ball St

S Ill - 9155 - 1AA team on par with Akron and Ball St

Heck Mt Union, Baldwin-Wallace and Wabash IN - 3 D3 schools draw over 4000. 

I think any D1 school that cant maintain at least 15K for their games should be dropped to D1AA. That would drop, Akron, Ball St, NIU, FIU, Fla Atl, New Mexico St and Idaho out. Other than NIU, none of them are truly competitive in anyway, (UM vs UA not withstanding) and frankly wouldn't be missed.

If you raised that bar to even 17K tons more would fall in too as being at risk, (all of the MAC except Toledo, Ohio and Buffalo, plus Ga St, Umass, Mid Tenn, San Jose, S Ala, Troy, UNLV, and W Kentucky)

Comment 22 Jun 2015

Frankly speaking even with MOC the '02 offense was often pedestrian.

we ranked 70th in total offense, 41st in scoring at under 30 per game, and even 31st in rushing offense.

besides great D and special teams, what the 02 team didnt do was beat itself with turnovers. we had only 17 turnovers all year in 14 games, good for 7th best nationally we lost 10 fumbles and only 7 INTs

losing MOC besides impacting the run game also exposed Krenzel as just a mediocre QB.

In 02 he completed basically 60% of his passes and threw only 7 INTs in nearly 250 attempts or just one every 35.6 passes and ranked 15th nationally in pass eff at over 140 right between Phillip Rivers and Ben Rothlesbeger.

The next year we forced to pass more and not protected by a solid run game, his stats tanked.

His completion pct dropped to 55%, he threw 10 ints in 278 atts or one every 27.8 attempts and his QB eff dropped to 127 or 55th place nationally

because he was often unable to make defenses pay for stacking the box, it made running a inferior back like Ross and Hall that much tougher.

he had some real doozys that year. The above mentioned SDSU game was a perfect example as he only completed 5 of 20 passes with 0 TDs and 1 INT and under 80 yards. he was 11-22 against Iowa with no scores again and only 129 yards, 5 of 12 against PSU for only 36 yards and a pick, under 50% against Purdue, and under 50% with 2 picks against Kansas St

clutch player? yes, great player? No but good enough to often won as he was surrounded by a great HC and great defenses and special teams to hide his flaws

Comment 22 Jun 2015

from 1997 - 2008 they had the 36th best overall win pct and 5th best in the B10 among teams at that time. They were 87-62 in those 12 years ie 25 games over .500, and had 8 or more wins 6 times. They were ranked 5 times and twice in the top 15 and shared a B10 title in 2000. They also went to 10 bowl games in the 12 years going 4-6.

Comment 15 Jun 2015

Maryland has surprised and has been a solid additon in their one year. They played .500 ball in football, won the womens Hoops titles, did very well in mens hoops, won the Feild hockey and women's lacrosse titles, the mens lacrosse title, tied for 3rd in baseball, won the mens soccer title, etc

But i said it before and i will say it again, other than Womens hoops for Rutgers they are simply a bad edition competitively and were such an obvious cash for TVs sets by the conference.

Go almost sport by sport and the story is obvious, they both suck, especially Rutgers

Womens Volleyball - 14th

Womens Tennis - 14th

Softball - 7th

Womens Soccer - 4th

Womens Lacrosse - 5th out of 6 teams

Womens gymnastics - 10th

Field Hockey - 7th our of 9

Womens Basketball - 4th

Football - under .500 tied over all for 8th

Baseball - 11th

Mens Basketball - 14th

Mens Lacrosse - Last

Mens soccer - next to last

Wrestling - tied for 10th

plain and simple dreadful. I am certain that in terms of overall competitiveness Toledo could have done just as well

Comment 12 Jun 2015

This quote at the start of Vico's  post hit it on the head for me.

"With each passing year, I think I enjoy college football less and less. It's definitely not for lack of recent titles for Ohio State. The older I get, the more difficult it is to reconcile that preposterous facade of amateurism and why many prestigious institutions of higher education should be so concerned with this peculiar (albeit multi-million-dollar) entertainment package it now feels compelled to offer."

Dont get me wrong i still love the game and love my Buckeyes but the sports hypocrisy and dark underbelly that we all wink, cough and turn our heads from gets harder and harder to ignore and care about.

that said he are a few more confessions

I am still not sold, even after a national title that the defense will return to Silver Bullet days, were they better last year? sure, are they dominant? heck no, they are adequate, but as Tressel showed in his tenure you can win titles and just be adequate in some phases if you are dominant in another. For Tress, the D was dominant and the O was often just adequate, with Urban so far that is simply reversed

I think our kicker Nuernberger is a liability and his spring performance showed zero signs of improvement and that some day this will cost us a game and it can be argued may have cost us against Va Tech last year where if he hits 2 attempts from 40 yards in, then the score would have been 21-13 at half and a 1 point lead when Barrett threw his last 2 picks, ie we may not have been so desperate to pass and might have won a close one instead.

I am not sold that what Meyer does in terms of "roster mgt" is that much different from what Saban does or is claimed to do, but I also have zero problem with oversigning as a practice

I think John Simon is one of the more over rate Buckeye DLMen. Bosa in 2 years has only 9 fewer TFL and more sacks than Simon had as a 4 year starter,,John was not terrible but he was not elite

I think Craig Krenzel is quite over rated as well. I think OSU won despite having him at QB not because they had him and the '03 season when he didn't have MOC to rely exposed him for his truly mediocre play

I still cant get past how Tressel handled tatgate and still believe he did what he did so he could possibly win another title in 2010.

At hate the negative nicknames for our opponents, I use Wisky and Nebby and Minny as short hand, but never use meatchicken, or skunkweasels etc, it is simply childish

In general i hate show boating or swagger and hence am not a fan of "feed me" or "the shrug", and i hate the double middle fingers in Ann Arbor

I have lost nearly all interest in other OSU sports. I used to watch tons of hoops games and often baseball and hickey and paid attention to many others, but anymore i cant be bothered. I will watch a hoops game now and then basically out of curiosity, but if they lose i frankly dont care much anymore

This site and many of its staff and posters as exceptions, i think most OSU fans are ignorant and embarrassing. They know little to nothing about the game, over react to almost any stimulus (good or bad) and can often be publicly face palmingly stupid

although i could go on i wil stop with this one, i thought after Braxton went down and especially after 2 fairly weak performances against Navy and Va Tech that last years team would lose 4 or 5 games

Comment 11 Jun 2015

Peterson has been a HC for 9 years and his winning percentage is .847 ie .002 ahead of Urban.

If Urban goes 13-1 again, the Peterson would have to beat him in the national title game to stay ahead.

Also 10 years is what the NCAA uses for calculating best winning pct all time for a head coach

But i guess the logic is that if you went as low as 4 years, depending on how far back you go, you could have guys who only coached maybe 30 games and hence get very odd anomolies showing as all time greats

take these as examples

Charles Tambling who coached Central Michigan from 1902 to 1905 and then 1 game in 1918 and went 17-3 in that time or an .850 winning pct. 5 of his 17 wins were against HS teams and 1 against an athletic club, thats only 20 total games and only 14 against other colleges but was across 5 different seasons

or Bummy Booth who coached Nebraska for 6 years from 1900 to 1905 and won 84.4% of his 64 games. Where he played Lincoln HS 5 times, a game against their own alumni and 3 games against an Indian Reservation team

or Art Bodenoch who coached NM State for 4 years between 1910 and 1913 and won 86.5% of his 26 games during which he played teams like New Mexico Mines, El Paso Military Institute, El Paso HS, El Paso YMCA, Fort Bliss, and something called the Catholic Athletic Club, some of these teams more than once in a season.

or maybe Walter Camp who coached 89 games at Yale, and Stanford between 1888 and 1895 and won 92.7% of his games. he played 13 games against Athletic Clubs, a community college, an Olympic Club and a HS while at Yale and athletic clubs 9 times while at Stanford totaling 22 of his 89 games

or Sam McBirney who coached Tulsa for 4 years between 1908 and 1916 and won 79% of his 30 games, including 5 games in 1908 that was 4 HS teams and a Canoe Club and 3 games over the next years that included 2 HS and a veterinary school and an indian reservation

How about Justus Soule who coached Wyoming for 4 years from 1895-1899 and won 78.6% of his 7 games!! of which 2 were against a HS team and 1 against their own alumni

I think 10 is reasonable. It shows demonstrated long term success not flash in the pan.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

Longer term i think the issue for Sparty will be Dantonio's age and health, he already had a mild heart attack a few years ago and is now 59. He has maybe 4-5 year left before he likely retires. I know MSU made him a Sparty for life, but to be an active coach beyond 65 seems so physically tough anymore that i doubt guys like Dantonio stay head coaches like Joe Pa and Bowden did.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

Let the NFL set up a minor league like MLB and NHL have and then these guys can go play for pay and not have to worry about classes. Stop allowing the NFL and NBA to pervert our colleges for the sake of a game/money.

We love to make fun of these other schools and their watered down majors and bs classes etc, but the same happens at OSU. We like to spout off about this but at the time Urban put up his famous poster comparing OSU to UM, he left out a lot of detail

even at that time we had 20 guys listed as "exploring" well to me that sounds suspiciously close to the General Studies we joked about for them.

we had another 11 in "undeclared", 14 in either Sports and Leisure studies or Family Resource Management (FRM is listed by OSU as the following "Includes instruction in financial goal-setting and strategies; household income, assets, and debt management; preventing and resolving financial difficulties; and the use of relevant public resources." ie how to budget your money and balance your checkbook)

5 more in Exercise Science - read weight lifting and running

thats 50 guys on the team in something that may not be particularly academically rigorous studies, even if i ignore the undeclared and exploring people as eventually getting into something else, thats still 25% of the team in something sports related (Sports/Leisure Studies and Exercise Science) or in that Family budgeting classes) so we have the issue too.

Here are some of the majors of guys in our 2 deep

Eli Apple is majoring in "Sports Industry" (ie coaching and sports admin), so is Vonn Bell and Mike Thomas, Nick Vannett, Dontre Wilson and Adolphus Washington

Gareon Conley is undecided, so are Zeke Elliott, Darron Lee, Tyquan Lewis, Evan Lisle, Jalin Marshall, Chris Worley

Chase Farris is Family Resource Mgt, as is Joel Hale, Josh Perry

Of the guys on the web site who currently have something listed here is the total breakdown

56% are listed in the following: Undecided (22%), Sports industry (20%), or Communications (14%) Communications is a long known hang out for OSU athletes going back years. Compare that only 4% of the general student body majors in communications but 14% of football players do...

another 6% are in family resource mgt or exercise science and that's nearly 2/3rds of the team in majors that would not be consider traditionally academically rigorous fields.

unfortunately all part of the sham of scholar athletes

Comment 05 Jun 2015

I think Jim Otis Jr who played on the 2002 was a lefty as a walk on but other than that you may be right. He had 1 carry for 2 yards in a blowout that year against San Jose St

Comment 05 Jun 2015

if you want to see what I mean by that comment above check out these highlights of Cam Newton in HS vs what we saw above from Gibson. Newton may not even be as a good a runner and Gibson, but notice his ball positioning when dropping back, his throws to guys hitting them in stride with touch on passes etc, not just cannon shots down field or jump balls.

Again none of this means i am down on Gibson nor do i think he cant be a great QB, but when you compare these 2 tapes i stand by saying Gibson is a great athlete (at that level) and not yet a great QB especially when compared to another dual threat QB like Newton

Comment 05 Jun 2015

This kid is a great athlete at this point who is not a great QB. Fast strong, elusive, "heady" but fundamentally very unsound. I disagree and i see him winding up to throw almost every time, (due to holding the ball mid-chest when he drops back) maybe not as much as Tebow but compare him to Barrett and notice the difference

When he runs he almost never tucks the ball think loaf of bread A great deal of the completions in that highlight tape are simply jump balls his guy came down with, not great on target throws,,now that said, with some work he could be phenomenal as a QB as if he even approaches TP, Tebow and/or Miller we should all be very happy with the results and he has the "potential" to be even more.

As for a comparison i will go a little older and say he reminds me of Randall Cunningham. both had cannon's for arms, super quick and elusive, questionable mechanics, both are 6'4" and Cunningham was maybe 5-10 pounds heavier.