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Comment 6 minutes ago

Between 1964 when the Vibrations did the first version with a different name it was redone by a ton of artists, see belwo how many did it just from 64-67

My Girl Sloopy The Vibrations February 1964
Hang On Sloopy The Gentrys 1965
Hang on Sloopy The Invictas 1965
Hang On Sloopy The Vogues 1965
(My Girl) Sloopy Little Caesar and The Consuls May 1965
My Girl Sloopy The Yardbirds July 1965
Hang on Sloopy The McCoys July 1965
Hang On Sloopy The Strangeloves September 1965
Hang On Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy) Sandy Nelson November 1965
Hang on Sloopy The Newbeats November 1965
Hang on Sloopy Jan & Dean November 1965
Hang on Sloopy Quincy Jones and His Orchestra December 1965
Hang On Sloopy Dino, Desi and Billy December 5, 1965
Hang on Sloopy The Phantoms 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Swingin' Medallions 1966
Hang On Sloopy Arthur Lyman 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Wailers [1] 1966
Hang On Sloopy The Ramsey Lewis Trio 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Kingsmen 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Eliminators 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Beau Brummels 1966
Hang on Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy) The Pair Extraordinaire 1966
Hang On Sloopy Don Ho and The Aliis 1966
Sloopy's Gonna Hang On - Marmor,  1966
Hang on Sloopy The Raves 1966
Hang On Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy) The Ventures January 1966
Hang On Sloopy Billy Lee Riley January 1966
Hang on Sloopy Floyd Cramer February 1966
Hang on Sloopy Downliners Sect April 1966
Sloopy The New Colony Six June 1966
Hang on Sloopy The Supremes August 1966
Hang On Sloopy The Fevers November 1966
Hang on Sloopy Count Basie and His Orchestra 1967

Comment 22 hours ago

II think part of the logic is reducing any performance incentive payouts like say graduation rate as an example

but I think the primary reason is recruiting, do you really want a lame duck building a group of recruits that may not suit the next guy in the chair

Guy like June Jones, Houston Nutt, Brady Hoke, Greg Schiano, Butch Davis etc might jump at the MD job if it came open in October and start building their team, maybe even a Rick Neuheisel

Maybe a guy like Steve Mariucci would get back in for a job like MD, little known fact his son is an Associate AD at MD!!!!

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Sorry this whole JT looked mediocre against Indy last year, is a red herring, sure QBs like anyone else can have a bad day

Jones has played 4 straight mediocre games against mediocre competition. you cant find 4 such games last year from JT, because they don't exist.

That kind of comparison is just cherry picking

Besides the analysis is flawed as it does not tell the entire picture. He also ran for 78 yards that day and completed nearly 75% of his passes and had 50% 3rd down conversion and in 55 touches that day he produced 380 yards or nearly 7 yards per play

Jones last week had a lower percentage, in 36 touches produced 225 yards or only nearly 0.75 fewer yards per touch and only 1 td. he had a 14% 3rd down conversion rate

Do I think Jones is 100% to blame for that, of course not, but he does share some of it.

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I too look forward to a new season and hope for better results.

The crazy thing for me reading this article is that at 48 years old, Matta has been here 12 years now!!!,,, unless his back gives way and/or we get tired of him or he us, he could be here another decade easy.

If he is here that long ie until 2025 he would have been a coach here longer than any other coach except Woody!!! And he would still be only 58 years old!!! If he were to last that long and had desire he could be here until he is 65 (or 2032) and then he would have been here 29 years or longer than Woody

My guess is his back fails him sooner than that but we shall see

Comment 06 Oct 2015

The fumble he had at the Indy 7 goes into the books as a reception for 34 yards but effectively it goes down the same as 34 yard punt. then he has his other 13 yard punt on a reception. Take those 2 away and he had 4 catches for 63 yards, but he killed 2 drives that given the field position would have likely led to points for us (my guess at least 10) and instead led to a FG for them. Those 2 turnovers caused at least a 6 point swing and perhaps as much as 13. That makes a 34-27 win into a 44-24 win.

Comment 01 Oct 2015

I have one that might help, line any one of those 3 up in the back field next to Cardale and direct snap it to them (Miller, Wilson, Elliot or Samuel) and let Cardale block the edge while a Tackle or TE trap blocks

From a setup perspective it is not as telegraphed as Miller taking snaps in the QB spot and still allows for those inverted veers etc and even if Cardale doesn't stonewall a guy, at 6'6" and 250 plus he often would simply need to run interference

This would not allow defense to know in advance that say Miller is getting the ball and the chance of a throw is nil on a pre-snap read, Because otherwise it would look like our normal play setup

Comment 28 Sep 2015

WMU was terrible at rushing he ball coming into the game at barely 3 YPC and 93 yards per game and because they spread us out we gave up 4.1 YPC and nearly 170 yards. Hence my mild criticism on Kwon and his 16 tackle game nearly half of which were 5 or more yards down field and given that they ran the ball up between the tackles about 35 times tells me we had a problem Saturday

It was not a typical Kwon performance s I assume it will get better/back to normal, but it was disturbing that a bad running team had that much success against us by simply running some cut back runs over and over again.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Purdue has not always stunk and there is no reason for them to suck other than they allow it to happen.

As others have noted, both Wisky and NW were terrible at one time and NW plays in maybe the worst stadium in the conference but have been competitive more often than not over the past 20 years.

Purdue has frankly settled for a coach like Hazell. I am sorry but any self respecting program would have fired Hazell before he could have a press conference after the BGSU loss.

I like Hazell, he is nice a guy and was a good position coach, but Purdue needs more than a nice guy to turn them around. They show no signs of improving. Don't forget that if you take away wins against FCS teams he is now 2-23 in 2 plus years

They haven't played exactly murderer's row this year and still rank 78th in rush off, 98th in pass eff, 78th in rush D, 76th in pass eff d, 69th in scoring O, and 104th in scoring D.

They have not always been this way though.

From 1997-2007 they were over .600 for that era of 11 years and were .500 or better in all but one year and went 5-6 that season

Hazell is simply not the man for the job. The sad thing is that in a small way Purdue did the same mistake Iowa did ie sign an unproven coach for too long. Hazell is signed thru the end of the 2018 season, that's almost 4 full seasons left on his contract. To fire him today would cost Purdue over $8 million dollars, where if they wait until January it is $6.6, but do you really want Hazell continuing to represent you on the recruiting trail if you plan to can him in 3 months anyway.

Cut ties, let him go

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Zeke is actually slightly ahead of past years pace in both carries and receptions, why burn him out against Hawaii and WMU when you know he may need 30 carries in the B1G Championship game etc

Comment 27 Sep 2015

This 100%. This game shows where stats don't tell the entire story.

After the game was over i said that was the worst i had seen him play.

He was out of position all day long and only his athletic ability allowed him to recover and make those tackles 5+ yards down field. He often got a over powered by WMU's RB and got puxhed back in 1 on 1 tackles.

WMU's run game was to run right at him so he got a ton of chances, and just as often as not ran himself out of the play.

The TD thrown in which Bell was left on an island trying to cover 2 guys, the guy missing his coverage was obviously Kwon who had TE responsibility

The kid is gifted and i am sure he will continue to develop towards greatness, but chasing a lot of plays down from behind to get 16 Tackles is not actually a great performance.

50% of his tackles were 4 or more yards down field and nearly 40% were 5 or more

That's a lot of production but not great production. He did make a couple great stops at times (especially in the 3rd quarter), but was often run out of the play due to plowing into the line before properly reading the cut back play they ran over and over again.

Comment 25 Sep 2015

Love the old Corso picture

He had a decent run there for a while.

From 76-80 he was 28-27-1 overall and was .500 or better in conference 3 of those 5 years and was 19-20-1 in conference, so decent

he actually had them ranked 1 year and won a bowl game

I remember watching his old coaches shows on early cable back then and he was hilarious

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Besides Matt Campbell who is a Larry Kehres disciple, his OC (Jason Candle) is as well. He played and coached at Mt Union

Their DC is Jon Heacock, brother of former OSU DC Jim Heacock and he is the former HC at YSU and from the Tressel tree

The OL coach is  MT Union alum as well (Tom Manning)

And JB Shugarts is a Grad Asst there

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I would love to see some of the breakdown this staff does to look into the following which to me have had a major impact on the offenses lack of success

The offense appears to have deliberately changed at the end of last year once Cardale took over. Knowing he was not very good at the zone read and in general not nearly the run threat Miller or Barrett were, we have essentially abandoned the designed QB run game and look more honestly like a 3 wide west coast offense with some H-Back jet sweeps thrown in.

What happened to the zone reads, the inverted veers etc. Except for a rare old school option and a play or 2 by Miller per game, the threat of the QB running is simply gone, not counting Miller our QBs have run the ball only 26 times in 3 games or 8 times a game and many of those have simply been Cardale or JT scrambling out of the pocket

I think this worked against Wisky Bama and Oregon because it was a change from what we had done prior to that and thru teams off. but now everyone has game film on this and you see OLB and DE's simply crashing the line at Zeke because the QB run option is simply not a threat.

In the last 2 weeks Cardale and JT combined for only 10 runs once sacks are eliminated, for 56 yards. Although not really a juggernaut, in the Va tech game the 2 QBs ran the ball 14 times for 139 yard and a score. When the QB is no longer a threat and the H-Back or TB are going to get all the carries then Defense have been given back the numbers advantage.

Last year we ran the QB 215 times for 1437 yards or about 14 times a game for 6 plus YPC. so far those 2 are averaging only 8 attempts for even more YPC, but simply don't run enough to be a major threat to the other team, especially the last 2 games. That's a reduction of nearly 50% in QB runs

would love to see a breakdown of the play call change which to my mind started at the end of last year due to Cardale's limitations

Comment 17 Aug 2015

Jim Tressel disciple Darrell Hazell has Purdue moving in the right direction

when I read this I spit soda out my nose. how in the heck can anyone with a straight face say this about the job Hazell has done?

They lost their last 6 games in a row, 7 of their last 8 and went 2-9 against FBS teams last year

in those last 6 games the averaged scoring only 21.5 per game while giving up 35.6, by any measure that is terrible.

they were 2-5 at home last year with the wins being Western Mich and S Ill, seriously they are awful and will be again this year.

I fully expect Hazell to be out of a job after this year. they have 6 certain losses in Marshall, Va Tech, Minny, Nebraska, Wisconsin, MSU. They are also likely to lose to Iowa. With Bowling Green, Illinois, NW and Indiana they have no certain win on the books except maybe Indiana St

I could see them going 4-8 at best more likely 3-9 again...then gone

Comment 12 Jul 2015

a couple things this brings back

1) this sentence would become par for the course under Cooper and just get worse, in fact i am not sure Big Daddy ever graduated "Unfortunately for Big Daddy, his grades kept some of those coaches away. He finally got his qualifying score and committed to John Cooper’s Buckeyes in July of 1991"

2) although not nearly as bad a pro as he reputation shows, he was far from a top level pick. he had a nice long pro career, but was never the elite level his top pick should have brought, regardless of his team he played for.

3) no doubt maybe the best DT ever to don the scarlet and gray

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Although they may know each other in some way it is not likely they are "friends"

Ed was a big fan of Navy but never coached there. He coached at Army from 1987-1999 and at Air Force from 00-02.

While Ken coached at Navy from 95-98 and again from 02 til now

they have never been on the same staff, but they have coached against each other several times.

95-98 in Army/Navy games with Army (Ed) winning 3 of 4, and again in 02 when Air Force (Ed) beat Navy. and of course last year

they also split in 2010 and 11 when Navy and ND played as Ed was at ND at the time.

So Ed is 6-2 against Ken all time.

Comment 02 Jul 2015

these sacks stats are skewed by effectively 1 quarter of football last year.

Going into the 4th quarter against Va Tech we had given up 1 sack in that game, we gave up 6 in that quarter. across the rest of the year we gave up 22 sacks in 14.75 games. Or 22 in 428 Pass Atts, thats 5.1%.

so other than taking 6 sacks in 15 attempts in the 4th qtr vs Va Tech it was a non-issue to my mind

Allowing 1.5 sacks a game (22/14.75) would have ranked OSU in the top 30 last year.

1 bad quarter was all this was

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I like all 4 of the artists you listed and own music by each, hard to deny a guy though who is member of the Rock and Roll HOF, the Songwriters HOF, won a Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award from the Songwriters HOF, a Kennedy Honors award winner and who is the 3rd best selling adult contemporary artist of all time.

his songs have been covered by Elvis, Sinatra, Deep Purple, the Monkees, UB40, Johhny Cash, Cliff Richard, Urge Overkill, Jose Feliciano, Percy Faith, Andrea Bocelli, Peggy Lee, Waylon Jennings, Albert Lee, Jr Walker and the All Stars, Chris Isaak, Bobby Darin, Bobby Womack, Barbara Streisand and Lulu among others.

One of the greatest songwriters ever.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I will only disagree with 1 thing Ramzy said, Neil Diamond and Sweet Caroline are great.

BTW not only does PSU use it, so does Pitt. They started using it in 2008

It is also used of course by the Red Sox, but also the Hamilton Tigercats of the CFL.

come on man, Sinatra, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Julia Iglesias, and Waylon Jennings all covered Sweet Caroline, your simply wrong it is a great song.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

So Md has decide to long term to commit to a guy who at U Conn wen 61-60 against FBS teams and 36-47 against Big 5/6 members

at who in 4 years at MD is 16-30 vs FBS and 14-28 vs Big 5/6 teams

Yawn, hope you are happy in your mediocrity.

and for all the talk about improvement, he inherited a team who had gone 9-4 the year before he got the job, who was 8-4 vs the FBS and 5-4 against Big 5/6 teams and won a bowl by 31 points

Even with the improvement from his own debacle of a start, they are 12-12 vs FBS over the last 2 years and 8-12 vs Big 5 teams, and counting all opponents he is 9-11 in his last 20 games with 2 bowl losses and 7-9 in conference

Half his seasons as a HC have been .500 or worse (8 of 16) and thats with playing 25 games in 16 years against teams below FBS level

but at MD that earns a reward I guess.

It is this kind of system that keeps teams like MD down. I mean after 4 years at the helm this guy ended last year going 3-5 down the stretch with bad losses to OSU, (by 28 at home), Wisky (45 on the road), MSU (22 at Home), a 6-5 Rutgers team (by 3 at home) in which they blew a 25 point lead late in the 2nd quarter and even by 18 at the half, and then a 24 point loss in their bowl to Stanford, a game that was 42-7 early in the 4th

The 3 wins were a 7 point win over a mediocre Iowa team at Home, a 1 point win at PSU on a long FG in the last minute, and a 7 point win over a sub .500 michigan on the road

all that and he is rewarded with an extension?? He had 2 more years on his current contract so why not wait and see if, oh i dont know, maybe win 9 games before you reward him with another 3 years. If MD comes out and sh!ts the bed this year, (a distinct possibility when you look at their schedule there is a good chance for 7 conference losses with their razor thin margin for error), then they may be stuck with this guy for a while or have to pay a big buyout.

I read how they hoped this would help with recruiting but it is not like he has lit the recruiting boards up the last 2 years (ranked 47th for this years class and mid 30's so far this year)

Him, Flood, Beckman and Hazell at a minimum should all be gone and maybe even Fitzgerald at NW and if he doesn't turn the corner this year Wilson at Indiana, stop settling for mediocre

Comment 30 Jun 2015

There is no doubt that on sheer physical tools alone, 6'4" 230 lbs and 4.4 forty, that TP has the needed attributes.

But at this level to stick and play a lot you have to be able to due the skill things the position involves.

Hands - I know he caught 1 pass here and a lot of shotgun snaps but simply put it is a bit of an unknown. Being a former hoops guy will likely help

Blocking - probably the most overlooked trait a NFL WR must have and a complete unknown from Pryor. He is certainly big enough to do it adequately, but does he have what Earle Bruce used to call "the want to" to actually do it play in and play out

Lack of touches/mental focus - QB's have the ball in their hands ever play, while even the most heavily used WRs rarely touch it more than 5-6 times a game. Will he maintain mental focus when getting maybe only 1-3 balls thrown his way a week? My son was a baseball catcher for years, ie in on every pitch, and when he got to his SR year they moved him to LF to take advantage of his speed and arm while they had another good defensive catcher. he struggled with the new "slowness" of the game for several weeks before settling in. Pryor may face similar issues

Going over the middle - I think the "willingness to take a hit argument" is a bit over blown as QB's get hit and thrown to the ground all the time, and TP has a long history as a runner taking hits. But nothing can prepare you for laying out to catch a crossing pattern and getting blind sided by a LB or DB moving at near full speed. It takes courage that many players simply dont have. Sure TP can do jump balls in the end zone, but if that is all he can do, then he likely gets cut.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Plus Gates PLayed TE in HS and was a very good one as he was 1st team all state in Michigan as a SR and in fact had a scholarship offer from OSU back in the day for football so he was removed from TE for a couple years, but had been an extremely good one so he never really "changed positions" like TP is doing.

I wish Pryor luck and perhaps if not on the active Roster they put him on the practice squad to develop. but making a change to a position you have never played that is so fundamentally different from QB will be very tough