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Comment 28 May 2015

couple things

1) PR stats quoted above are nearly irrelevant as we allowed a total of 10 Punt Returns in 15 games for 58 yards and 38 of those came on 1 return in the Va Tech game. so otherwise we gave up 20 Return yards in 15 games, yawn next topic, completely unworried about it

2) the fumble stats can often be misleading as well as they represent a sheer volume balanced against nothing. Tressel had 4 straight units with a worse fumble rate than Meyers teams had last year (Plays per Fumble lost), his 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 units all fumbled at worse rates than last years 2014 team did, Last year was 1 fumble every 78.5 plays, while the above mentioned Tressel teams had rates of 1 per 78, 54, 51, and 68,,higher is better), in fact when you ignore the statistical aberration of 2010 where we lost 2 fumbles all year, Tressel's average was 80.4 plays per fumble lost ie virtually the same as Meyer last year at 78.5 per

3) Penalties - 1 less penalty per game and we are in the top 20

4) sacks allowed - the difference between 49th and 20th is about half a sack allowed per game so only slight improvement needed and given that we allowed 7 vs Va Tech and again its a non issue as the other 14 games we allowed only 21 or 1.5 per game which would have been tied for 27th nationally

Comment 20 May 2015

Sorry, I loved the Stones and have bought their stuff since back in the early 70's, but they a simply a nostalgia act anymore.

I last saw them 12 years ago on the Licks tour and was frankly nearly bored to tears.

They haven't released any new material in10 years and only 3 albums in the last 25 years, and nothing truly compelling in nearly 35 years. They are simply a juke box for their former glory so long ago and gone

Comment 19 May 2015

When you take each guys best stats (Miller 2013, Barret and Jones 2014) and normalize the attempts, ie same number of pass attempts and rushing attempts you find that Barrett and Miller are extremely close with Jones definitively behind (with the caveat about competition noted)

Passing Based on Barrett's Attempts as he had the most you get the following

Comp Pct - Miller 63.5, Barrett 64.6, Jones 60.9 - this translates into Barrett having 4 more completions on a season than Miller and 12 more than Jones

TDs - Miller 30, Barrett 34 Jones 24

INTs - Miller 9, Barrett 10, Jones 7

Yards/game based on 12 game reg season - Miller 215, Barrett 236 Jones 245

Rushing Yards per game (based off Miller and Barrett who each had 171) - Miller 89, Barrett 78, Jones 59

Rush TDs - Miller 12, Barrett 11, Jones 2

Total Plays - 485 each

Total yards - Miller 3646, Barrett 3772, Jones - 3638

Per game - Miller 304, Barrett 314, Jones 303

Now given that Barrett racked his up without playing in a CCG, and/or bowl opponent and that Jones was only against that competition, and that Miller missed games against SDSU and Cal which would have boosted his stats it seems fairly even to me

Barrett is maybe a slightly better passer than Miller and/or Jones, Miller a slightly better runner Barrett and significantly better than Jones, but really hard to differentiate when you are talking about 11 yards per game variance between them, ie 1st down

Comment 18 May 2015

Being old enough to recall, Taylor often chaffed at being the #2 sport at OSU even though he was winning titles, final fours etc and the Minny mugging was i think the last straw.

Recall that Minny actually suspended their players for the rest of the year, but The Big Ten gave zero punishment above that and Taylor blew a gasket and couldn't believe OSU didnt go to bat for them to punish Minny more. In fact the B10 forced OSU to play their next game just a couple days later even though they had guys in the hospital, and the AD at the time, Ed Weaver sat on his hands

What made it worse is OSU was undefeated in conference and 12-2 overall and ranked 6th after that win, but would finish out 6-4 as Witte was never the same after that and Minny actually won the Conference title beating OSU by 1 win with OSU ranked 19th with Minny going to the NCAA tourney and winning a game while the Buckeyes stayed home.

That 71-72 OSU team was a potential Final 4 team having gone 20-6 overall and 13-2 in conference, won the conference and had 4 starters returning from a team that went to the 2nd rd of the tourney before losing in OT the year before

At the time their were rumors that Taylor purposely tanked the program to force OSU to fire as retaliation for the lack of support. He essentially stopped recruiting. They would start the next year 4-6 even though they still had Hornyak and Witte plus a later solid player in Bill Andreas. They would go 10-4 down the stretch to finish 3rd in B10. They would be 9-15 the next year then 14-14 losing their last 4 and 7 of their last 10 (ie they were 11-7 at one point) , then the above mentioned 6-20 going 3-18 in his last 21 games.

It was also said that Bobby Knight took extra pleasure in beating OSU due to the way he thought the school treated Taylor

Comment 15 May 2015

The original story has this quote - "Wilson finished his first year on campus with just 460 total offensive yards and three touchdowns," this is technically an inaccurate statement as it insinuates Wilson had 460 "Total Yards" when he had 460 "yards from Scrimmage" a bit of a different metric.

That said, the comparison between the 2 is a bit of managing expectations.

Wilson as a receiver, runner and returner in 2013 had the following - 250 rushing, 210 receiving and 523 KO ret, for 983 yards and 3 scores. while Marshall had 145 rushing, 499 receiving and 339 on PR and KO for the exact same total of 983 yards and 8 TDs

one still needs to prove himself while the other is a star,,,,granted the 8 vs 3 TDs is fairly significant, but given that Wilson was primarily a back up subbing into the H back role in place of Philly Brown and Marshall was a starter for over half the year that is not surprising.

Ignoring the return yards, Wilson had 460 Yards on on 53 touches or 8.7 yards per touch and 3 TDs, Marshall had 646 yards on on 63 touches or 10.3 per and 7 TDs, Marshall's mix was much more heavily skewed towards receiving with 60 of his touches being receptions while Wilson was only 42% receptions, so they were used quite differently

but it is still hard to believe that 186 more yards with 1 more game played, spread across 14 games (or only 13 yards per game) would lead to that much difference in perception.

Comment 08 May 2015

this is correct in part. At the time Tressel found out was in the spring and he did not know the full scope of the problem. As we LATER discovered your assumption of 1 or 2 games would likely have been accurate for most of them, however Tress did not know that and instead chose to cover it up for MONTHS lying about his knowledge of it on several occasions. He knew Pryor, Posey, Adams and Herron at a minimum were all at risk and OSU was hosting a top15 ranked Miami team in week 2 (yes it turned out they were a 7-6 team, but he didnt know that then. He had lost several big OOC games over the previous couple years (USC twice, Texas, the 2 national title games and i frnakly think he was concerned about facing a good Miami team with Joe Bauserman as his QB, which turned out to be a fairly accurate concern as we saw in 2011

so he never turned them in, lied about to keep them eligible for that Miami game and again later when it was discovered in December so he could potentially have them for the Bowl game. (a big chance to beat a ranked SEC team!!!)

A really think he thought he would never be caught and he nearly got away with it, just a fluke that by filing the appeal for the players they dug into his email account and found the thread from Cicero that blew it up

not morally equivalent to other people's violations, but a very self serving series of steps on his part to benefit from those guys talents when he KNEW they should not have been on the field

I dont hate Tressel but was severely disappointed when this all broke back in the spring of 2011

Comment 08 May 2015

Unfortunately for TP he simply has terrible mechanics which leads to inaccuracy which in the NFL is deadly. In college guys can be so wide open many times you can be slightly inaccurate and still put up great stats as passes are often uncontested. That is far less likely in the NFL, so when a ball is slightly high, low, behind etc, in the nfl there is more often a DB etc there to contest the ball or pick it off.

he short arms throws, throws off his back foot, does step in the direction he is intending to throw which all cause in accuracy or take pace off a throw and cause balls to float etc

an amazing athlete and perhaps he needs to consider a position change, but i think his days as a FT QB are near over

unfortunately the weak mechanics was a fairly common refrain and criticism of Tressel coached QB's, Pryor and Krenzel both had a terrible throwing motion and Troy often had lousy footwork. Boeckman threw off his back foot fairly consistently as did Zwick.

Tressel was a great coach and i think maybe his QB focus was more on the mental and restrict TO's basis and less on mechanics. Think about the foot mechanics and throwing motions of Miller/Barrett/Jones the last 2 years vs TP, Troy, Todd B and Krenzel and its almost night and day

Comment 07 May 2015

mentioning Sanzo a couple other UDFA who played in the league starting since 2000 include:

Bam Childress, who caught 5 passes for the Pats in 05 and 06 combined

Mike Furrey - was a walk on at OSU who xfered to Northern Iowa and later played 7 seasons with the Rams, Lions and Browns from 2003-2009 and he caught 221-2200+ and 7 TDs. He played in 9 games as a Buckeye in 1995 but had no stats

Reggie Germany - Ken-Yon's mate and 0.0 gpa fame, caught 12 balls for Buffalo in 2001 for 203 yards and 0 scores

Jimmy Redmond - who played SP teams for Jax in 02 and 03, he caught 3 pass and returned 2 KO's

Comment 07 May 2015

of course you can go a little further back and get Michael Jenkins and Drew Carter in 2004 and ken Yon Rambo in 2001

Jenkins is currently out of the league, but was active from 04-12 and caught 354 for over 4000 yards and 25 TDs as a 1st rd #29 pick

Carter was a 5th rd - 163 pick, he played from 04-07 and caught 71 for 900+ and 8 TDs for the Panthers

Rambo was a 7th rd-229 pick of the Raiders in 01, but they cut him and he hooked up with the Cowboys for 2 years as a back up a returner, before going to some stardom in the CFL. at Dallas 17 for 239 on zero TDs and he had a handful of KO and PR.

He would be on the Jets practice squad the next 2 years but never played a down.

in 2005 he went to the Calgary Stampeders and over the next 8 years (7 in Calgary and 1 in Toronto) he would catch 416 passes for over 6000 yards and 39 TDs, he would also rush for 1 TD and did some returning as well. He won 2 Grey Cups while up there and led the league in receiving yards in 2008

Comment 07 May 2015

"Since 1990, Ohio State has signed 72 freshman linebackers; about two-thirds of them failed to get on the field. Only six players were "impact players", recording 20 or more tackles"

the next time some one starts criticizing a Freshman LB or complains about Fickell not playing some perceived stud, we should just trot out these stats. 66% of freshman LBs never see the field, and only 8% are impact players" with 20 tackles being a fairly low thresh hold.

so next time someone says "why isnt Luke playing (insert stud FR LB name here), have this ready, simply put it is hard to be an impactful LB at OSU

Comment 06 May 2015

Besides the obvious loss of MOC in 2003 the other thing that hurt the offense and frankly i never understood the decision at the time or now, was to effectively stop playing Gamble 2 ways.

in 02 he caught 31 passes for nearly 500 yards or 16 per and served as a great 3rd option with Jenkins and Vance. but in 04 perhaps with Gamble's request he was used almost exclusively on D and caught only 4 balls all year.

I know we had Jenkins, Holmes and Drew Carter, but i think Gamble would have been a better 4th choice at WR than Bam Childress was.

no doubt the loss of MOC was the biggest one, but the decision to not play Gamble on O made it even worse. Had Tressel/Bollman had been as creative offensively as Meyer, running 3 and 4 WR sets could have been readily used and made passing a bigger factor given the anemic run game

Comment 06 May 2015

actually their 2 careers as a RB are very similar. Wells was criminally misused by Tressel/Bollman. Wells was 190 to 195 tops while Hall was closer to 205-210 but the Buckeye brain trust insisted on running Mo Wells up the gut over and over again.

In terms of final stats, Hall was slightly better at running the ball while Wells was slightly better as a receiver. Hall has about 20 more total yards from scrimmage on 20 fewer touches but both had 6 TDs. The biggest difference was Hall as a KR was a solid contributor for 4 years where as Wells only ran back 8 KO's (again why would you not have a runner of Wells "type" not returning KO's? Instead we had Ray Small and Lamaar Thomas as the primary guys, neither of which lit it up either???

Comment 04 May 2015


Except for points allowed the 2003 D out performed the 2002 D. Not only did the rush offense stink in 03, we also turned the ball over much more than we had in 02, in part because Krenzel threw a few more INT's than he did in 02 because he was forced to pass in less desirable downs and distance. (7 INTs in 14 games in 02 vs 10 INTs in 13 games in 03 or a 50% increase in INT's per game.

In 02 we had only 17 TO's in 14 games, while in 03 we gave the ball up 24 times in only 13 games, Thats a 40% increase in TO's allowed per game. And as noted we ran for half as many rushing TDs in 03 vs 04. With even a slightly better run game we may have repeated and no talk of a "down D" would even have been mentioned. Dont forget games like the NCST game that year that went to 3 OT's in part because OSU turned the ball over 5 times.

We led that game 24-7 with just over 8 minutes left, then Rivers hit Cotcherry for a score (which had been caused only because Holmes fumbled a punt return to give them the ball on our 17!!) and even then it required them to convert a 4th down.

Then Krenzel threw a pick putting our D back on the field again after they had been on the field for over 6 of the last 8 mins to start the 4th quarter, and then they held them to a FG

We get the ball back with less than 6 mins to play and a 7 point lead, Mo Hall runs for minus 3, Krenzel completes a 5 yard pass to Hartsock and a 7 yard pass to jenkins to end up with 4th and 1 holding the ball for only 50 seconds and then punt. Exhausted the D cant hold and the game now has 3 more OT's worth of plays

Had the offense been even competent in that final quarter (this in a game in which Krenzel was the leading rusher with 37 yards on 13 carries), we win in regulation and half of River's stats never happen.

Comment 04 May 2015

Offensively I wouldn't take any of those guys over Jeter. You can make an argument that defensively he was limited, but don't forget that many of these guys padded stats while not playing SS

Jeter played 2674 games at SS and 73 as a DH.

Ripken played 700 games away from SS, he was primarily a 3B his last 5 years. which allowed him to extend his career and hit another 78 HRs, drive in another 326 RBI's, and 635 hits.

Banks played only 45% of his games as a SS and not a single inning there in his last 10 years during which he was primarily as 1B where he hit 243 of his HR's

Yount played nearly half his games away from SS and not a single game in his last 9 years during which he had over 1400 of his career hits and he was an atrocious defensive SS finishing in the top 5 in errors 7 straight years before he was moved to CF

Smith, Concepcion and Aparicio are simply not in the same league offensively as Jeter but all were great Defensive guys and better than Jeter.

That leaves Trammel and Larkin.

If i had to rank those 3 offensively it would be Jeter , Larkin and Trammel in that order. Jeter had the best BA, OBP, OPS than the other 2, in fact he had better stats on all 3 of those catagories than anyone else i have mentioned including Ripken, Yount, Smith, Concepcion, and Aparicio except banks who as mentioned above had slightly higher OPS over his career but spent most of his career NOT playing SS

I think a case can be made that Larkin was every bit as good as Jeter. Offensively they are very similar career wise with a slight edge to Jeter but Larkin was the better fielder.

Ignoring pre-WWII guys the top 15 SS of my era, (and I am old enough to have seen Banks play in person) would be like this,,(i am also a big red machine fan dating back to the 60's

Derek Jeter

Barry Larkin

Ozzie Smith

Cal Ripken Jr

Robin Yount

Ernie Banks

Alex Rodriguez

Nomar Garciapara

Miguel Tejada

Alan Trammel

Tony Fernandez

Omar Vizquel

Dave Concepcion

Maury Wills

Luis Aparicio

honorable mentions to Edgar Rentaria and Jimmy Rollins

Comment 04 May 2015

"Still a solid season, but the team wasn't able to bounce back from the losses it endured from the year before, especially on defense."

This quote above from early in the article is almost a re-write of history. The '03 D may have been even better than the '02 D especially considering how much of a debacle to the Offense was without Clarett.

That offensive unit had 7 games where they scored 21 or less and because the D was so stout they still went 5-2 in those games. They played 8 ranked teams that year and with an O that averaged less than 25 pts per game.

They had one "bad game" ie against UM in late November, and in that game OSU ran for 54 yards

The 2003 did NOT lose due to a declining D

Comment 02 May 2015

not to defend this years pick but Hill was 8th in NFL in rushing had over 5 YPC and 9 Rushing TDs. He also caught 27 balls for another 200+ yards

Hyde ran for only 333 yards at 4 YPC (to rank 56th in the league) and had 12 catches with only 4 Total TDs,

Hyde may be better in the long run than Hill, but Hill was far more than "solid"

Hill was 18th in yards from scrimmage, Hyde wasn't in the top 100.

Based on the 1 year it is tough to say the Bengals made a mistake here

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Actually look at the math

with the overall wins you note above, Fry won 61.3% of his games, Ferentz has won only 57.8% of his games. Had Ferentz won at the same pace he would have nearly 7 more wins or about 1 every other year, When you only play 13 games a year 1 more is significant.

In conference Fry won 60.8% while Ferentz has only been 53.1%, that's 9 more conference wins in that time. So his lesser success has come In conference where it matters most.

Ferentz has had them ranked only 5 times in 16 years, or about once every 3 years, Fry had them ranked 10 times in 20 years or every other year. In fact Fry had them ranked 10 times from 1981 to 1996 or 10 times in a 16 year period, after he built them from nothing in the late 70's.

Fry lost 4 games or less in 12 of his 20 seasons or just over half, Ferentz has done it only 5 times in his 16 seasons.

Fry went 16-4 against Iowa St while Ferentz is 7-9

All this with Ferentz coaching 9 games against D1AA teams when Fry played 3 such teams.

By any measure Fry was the better coach.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

Unfortunately I think Hazell's days are numbered at Purdue. I have said for a while he was a stretch hire when brought in a couple years ago as he would struggle to recruit.

His first class from 2 years ago ranked 68th nationally and next to last in conference.

Last year he was 65th nationally and last in conference, and this year he is off to another terrible start.

Hazell seems like a nice guy but a place like Purdue needs someone who will fire up recruits to come there, similar to Wilson at Indiana.

They could easily lose 3 of their first 4 OOC, (Marshall on the road, Va Tech at home and Bowling Green at home), 2-2 is likely the best he can hope for.

And the has Mich St, Minny, Wisky and Nebby to start the conference. they could be 1-7 easily, likely 2-6 at best. given that they are coming off 6 straight losses to end last year, they could be 1-13 in their last 14 games when they play Illinois for homecoming in early November.

I think if that happens he is done. Attendance dropped 28% last year the largest drop of any Big 5 school as they averaged only 35K and had to announce a drop in ticket prices for this year. It was their lowest home attendance since 1951

Really too bad for him, but cant say the result would surprise me. The only thing that might save him is his buyout. His contract with Purdue is almost as bad as Iowa/Ferentz.

He is due 100% of his salary minus bonuses and he is signed thru December, 2018!!! IE 4 more years!!!  So if they fired him today it would cost Purdue $8.7 Million.

If they wait til next January 2 it drops to 6.6 million. For  school only paying their head coach 2.1 Million a year and who ran a deficit last year, that's a big pill to swallow.

My guess however is that if the above does happen they will have to do it.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I lived in Charlotte for 17 years and weather that time of year is complete crap shoot. As an example on Jan 12 (day of the championship game) it was 50+, but on Dec30 (Belk Bowl day) it was closer to 40 at a 6:30 KO.

In the 2013 Belk Bowl game it got down to 21, in 2011 they got nearly an inch of rain during the game

But is has also been 66 at game time twice, so very hit and miss

Comment 17 Apr 2015

I would love for this to happen but i think you are being a bit optimistic. Below are a few i think are stretches

1) Purdue beating Marshall in WV, I take Marshal and give you 21 points. Purdue has zero offense is on a 6 game losing streak and will likely have the worst record in conference again as their recruiting sucks, Marshall still has a ton of offense and would likely go .500 in the B10, to me this is a big win for Marshall

2) NW over Stanford - although not impossible i think Ftiz life cycle has passed. His team lost 5 of their last 7 and 14 of their last 20 while Stanford has nearly their entire offense back from an 8-5 team who beat Maryland by 24 in a bowl and UCLA (ranked) before that. I think Stanford wins although it may be close because it is in Chicago

3) MD at WVU, sorry MD will be terrible this year having lost a lot off season i think WVU wins here

3) the following games to me are at best toss ups Iowa vs ISU in Ames, MSU vs Oregon, Rutgers vs Wash St, UM vs BYU, UM at Utah, Nebby vs Miami in Miami, Iowa vs Pitt, and Ind at Wake.

Thats 11 games where i either disagree or at best think your being optimistic. if 5 of those turn out right then the conference goes 46-10, still quite good but to me much more realistic, i think your 51-5 is best case scenario

Comment 15 Apr 2015

The school he is at is not in the NCAA. They are NAIA so even if banned for life from the NCAA he could still get hired by these guys

Comment 15 Apr 2015

The bowl revenue numbers above includes the playoff payouts which were massive.

However, many bowls struggled to put anyone in seats and are at risk of disappearing. Making a judgment on long term viability based on the first year is risky.

However the following bowls will need to do something to survive long term.

Each of the following drew less than a 2/3 full house for their game

10. Belk (Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.), Georgia-Louisville: 61.9% - UGA is less than 4 hours from Charlotte and they could not fill that stadium?

9. Miami Beach (Marlins Park, Miami, Fla.), Memphis-BYU: 56.5%

8. Heart of Dallas (Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas), Illinois-Louisiana Tech: 54.29% - La Tech is a decent regional team

7. Hawaii (Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, Hawaii), Rice-Fresno State: 50.73%

6. Foster Farms (Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, Calif.), Maryland-Stanford: 50.42% - Stanford's campus is a 20 minute drive from this stadium and it was barely half full and it only holds 68K

5. Potato (Bronco Stadium, Boise, Idaho), Air Force-Western Michigan: 49.25% - Air Force is a good regional team for this event

4. New Orleans (Superdome, New Orleans, La.), Louisiana-Lafayette-Nevada: 48.8% - a Louisiana team in a La site and it is less than half full

3. Poinsettia (Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, Calif.), Navy-San Diego State: 46.4% - SDSU playing a home game and Navy supports their teams well

2. Birmingham (Legion Field, Birmingham, Ala.), East Carolina-Florida: 42.05%

1. Quick Lane (Ford Field, Detroit, Mich.), Rutgers-North Carolina: 36.73%

Many of those bowls if that kind of attendance and likely terrible TV viewership persists may close their doors

Comment 14 Apr 2015

I sometimes wonder how much people want to see the TE do. Aaron Hernandez in '08 caught 34 balls for 381 yards and 5 TDS, last year Heuermann and Vannett combined (since they split the job fairly 50/50) caught 36 passes for 427 yards and 7 TDs

in '06 Ingram his primary TE caught only 30 passes all year for 380 yards and 1 TE while Heuermann in 2013 caught 26 for 466 yards and 4 TDs

seems to me Meyer is using his TE's about the same amount as at Florida

Last year our TEs caught a combined 37 passes in 15 games, thats 2.5 per game. They accounted for just over 14% of our completions...if we want them to catch more, who do we take receptions away from to do it? We completed a school record 260 passes last year. If we duplicate that, who gets less touches to give the TE's more?

WR's caught 70%, and RBs caught the rest ie we throw to the backs less?, take away some catches by Thomas, Marshall, Wilson etc, to ge the ball to Vannett more? or dp we simply thow more and give the ball to our Heisman caliber RB less?

John Frank holds the single season record for a TE at 45 in 1983 and that unit had zilch for WR's that year with Cedric Anderson and Thad Jemison. I for one dont want to see Vannett get more catches at the expense of some of our other playmakers