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Comment 29 Jul 2014

by actual play count last year we were 63% run and 37% pass. but those numbers are a but skewed as most of us know by sacks and QB scrambles as well as the occasional thrown handoff to a WR/TE,

we were sacked 22 times last year and had at least 30 QB scrambles off of designed pass plays and in a couple wr/te screens and you get much closer to 60/40.

given that in games like Florida A&M (where we didnt throw a single pass in the 2nd half or Purdue where we threw only 4 passes in the 4th qtr or Indiana where we threw zero passes in the 4th quarter, that means we threw 364 passes in the other 13 equivalent games, or about 28 per game, in Pryor's last year we only threw 27 per game

so assuming we maybe dont have quite that many massive blow outs where we simply put the O in idle late in the game, then i assume that ratio will improve slightly

i think we see more flares and screens to the likes of Wilson and our WR core to make that ratio better

Comment 28 Jul 2014

i guess a couple things come to mind here

1) if we are just talking about a great performance in coming back from a deficit it is hard to beat Minny and LSU by Greg Frey

both had big deficits and lasted till late in the game to come back

2) however my criteria would be a little different

first the game had to end up being meaningful or was very meaningful at the time, so sorry Minny, Iowa, LSU dont count as they were simply come from behind wins in otherwise meaningless game

second we had to trail for a large portion of the game not just have happened to find our selves behind late, especially if we had the lead earlier, so to me that eliminates the National Championship game as we led that game late on the 4th quarter and let that lead slip away for force OT, great win but not a great "comeback"

lastly you had be down by more than 3 points at some point, coming back from a 3 pt lead is not a great come back, it may be a great ending but not a great comeback

so to my mind this severely limits that list

Purdue in 02 and in 12 would both qualify, we were down most of the game, by more the 3 late and came back to win, and both games maintained undefeated seasons

Michigan in 05 would count, although we had the lead early, we fell behind midway thru the 3rd qtr and by mid 4th were down by 9 and of course the game is always big.

the 79 win over michigan is close as we trailed for large portions of the game and won on a blocked punt in the 4th qtr, but the final deficit overcome was only 3, but it did secure an undefeated season, was our first win in 4 years over them and led us to a Rose Bowl and potential national title shot

but as i said if you eliminate the need for the game to be of some importance, then Minny, LSU, Iowa, etc all come back into play

Comment 22 Jul 2014

I picked Minny

it will be our 5th game in 5 weeks and the 3rd road game in 5 weeks

it may still be a late start (unknown yet) we will be coming off our biggest game the week prior

Minny is solid but not great but may surprise us if not mentally focussed

as mentioned weather could be an issue as the normal temp in Minny on that date is right around the freezing mark

Navy would be my #2 as they are just schematically so odd, but i frankly think we will be pumped and unless the OL or Braxton simply crap the bed, we should run up 40+ on Navy easy and they wont be able to run enough to keep up

MD would then be next only because they are new and on the road but i dont see them being a big challenge

by definition i leaves only Minny and "the game" as good candidates.

although i agree with an earlier poster that on paper none of these should be trap games,

as a friend of mine is fond of saying "we are talking about 18-23 year olds and frankly who knows which version of them shows up on game day

Comment 21 Jul 2014

one win that i think is much under rated by OSU fans (and only mentioned once above) is the 2004 game

effectively the coming out party for Troy Smith

UM was ranked #7 coming in, with a 9-1 record and had won 8 in a row including beating NW the week before by over 20, while we came in 6-4 having lost the week prior to Purdue

Troy, although an improvement over Zwick had not shown anything that would make you think he was a future heisman winner having completed about 55% of his passes with 6 tds vs 3 ints coming into the game, he had rushed 64 times for 194 yards or barely 3 yards per carry and 1 TD coming into the game as well

he also had a particularly bad game the week before against Purdue, completing less 50% of passes throwing 3 picks and had lost fumble late in the game

so nothing that day pointed to Troy going for the following:

13 of 23 for 241 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INTs, plus running for 18 carries and 145 yards and another score

add in 3 FGs by Nuge 2 INTs against Henne, holding Hart to 61 yards and Ginn having a big PR and the upset was on.

Michigan had been i believe a 20 point favorite coming into the game and we won by 16, even though they still went to the Rose Bowl they had chance for an outright B10 title which they had to share with Iowa instead.

and we committed 11 penalties that day for 70 yards while UM was only called for 1 for 5 yards or it could have been much worse

Comment 21 Jul 2014

i am not buying the NW will return hype either

they play a much better OOC schedule this year that last, last year the played 2 different 1-11 teams plus a mediocre Syracuse at home and a 1AA team

this year they have Cal (who is bound to be better than last year), Northern Ill who is a very solid MAC team unlike Akron who was awful last year, and Notre Dame who is light years  better than Syracuse, plus another

granted they dont play us but they still have to go on the road to Iowa, PSU, Minny (who beat them last year) and Purdue and have Wisky, Nebraska, Michigan and Illinois at home

it is not likely they will be bit by injuries quite like last year, but they ranked 86th defensively last year and i dont see that group getting much better

it is possible they will be bowl eligible, but i dont think it is a given.

i could see 1 maybe 2 losses OOC and going 4-4 in conference would just barely get them there

assuming they lose at home to Wisky and on the road to Iowa, Minny and PSU (all likely to my mind), that leaves them 4-4 in conference and if they lose 2 OOC that gets them to 6-6 woopee freakin doo, i honestly think 7-5 or 8-4 is the best they can hope for

Comment 21 Jul 2014

although many of the games listed mean a ton and of course any win over them is a great win

1979 always stood out to me

we had lost the last 3 during the Woody era and had not scored a TD against them in 3 years losing 22-0, 14-6 and 14-3 the previous 3 years

Earle's first shot at them, at Ann Arbor, Rose Bowl and possible National title on the line

we fail to score again in the 1st quarter so now 13 straight against UM without a TD, 2nd quarter UM throws a bomb TD to Anthony Carter and OSU kicks 2 FG's to trail 7-6, so now 14 quarters still no TDs

finally Art hits Chuck Hunter for a TD (failed 2pt conversion) and we lead 12-7.

but michigan hits another bomb to Carter and couple plays later punch it in and convert their 2 pointer to go up 15-12

so we get into the 4th quarter and we are trailing again, on the road etc, are we going to come up short again?

so OSU forces a punt and Bruce gambles sending 10 guys to block it and gets there, Bell picks it up and runs it in, we miss the PAT and go up only 18-15

we then had to watch both defenses clamp down in the 4th quarter until Marek picks off UM with under a minute to play to seal it.

i was 17 at the time and was certain after UM scored late in the 3rd we were done

Comment 16 Jul 2014

here is my take of this Fickell v Ash v Withers change we are seeing

first over the last couple years we are not 100% sure what Fickell vs Ash's roles were. Although Urban had said that Fickell was the play caller it is very possible the Withers was responsible for designing and running the entire pass D package and maybe even responsible for primary play calling on obvious passing situations ie 3rd and long etc

Now, we have last year's terrible pass D which was the 2nd year in a row it got worse, the season ends and Wither's leaves to take a HC job for HALF HIS PAY AT OSU!!!

Now also Fickell is not fired, not reduced in title and from all outward appearances is still Co-DC just as before,

so,,, my take is that Withers was "advised" by Urban to take that job as he was likely to be let go as he felt Wither's and his Pass D were the problem with the Defense, not Fickell.

now Ash is brought in to essentially fix the pass D, with a completely different scheme. he obviously has to work with the C0-DC/LB coach to design this pass d and coach people up as LB's cover people too.

play calling may be similar to before ie Fickell is primary but Ash on obvious passing situations

only time will tell if urban made the right read,,,i sure hope so though.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

if anything they should be reducing the number of bowls not adding to it

there are 125 FBS teams with 4 in transition. right now 76 of those 129 teams will play in a post season game, thats nearly 60% of them

thats not a post season reward for playing well that charity.

at most there should be about 20 bowls total not the 38 plus 1 we have now

i would be in favor of dropping half the bowls, to my mind all of the following should be gone

Miami Beach, Camelia, Boca Raton, Bahama's, Heart of Dallas, St Petersburg, Military, New Mexico, Birmingham, Poinsettia, Armed Forces, Hawaii, Fight Hunger, New Orleans, GoDaddy, Famous Idaho Potato, Las Vegas and Little Ceasar's ie 18 bowls that pay 1.1 Million or less to participants

keepers would be Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta, Peach, Cotton, Cap1, Tax Slayer, Outback, Cactus, Alamo, Russel Athletic, Holiday and Sun (that's 14 who pay at least 2 million)

that leaves about 6 in the iffy zone, Music City, Pinstripe, Belk, Texas, Liberty and Independence ie between 1.1 and 1.9 million payout.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

the Muschamp stuff has become a great "urban" legend, pun intended. the last 4 recruiting classes Urban had there were ranked 10th, 18th, 1st and 25th by scout and when looked at in terms of avg star rank were 7th, 5th, 3rd and 11th, now if that is a bare cupboard i know maybe 120 schools who would love that cupboard.

Comment 14 Jul 2014

Beyoncé s not the problem, nor is the lack of tradition to my mind

the way I see it, is a combo of 2 problems

1) lousy schedules

2) not dominating those schedules

OSU had a terrible schedule last year but at least dominated as they should have making the blow outs fun to watch (if in a perverse way) ie it is a offensive circus

but when UM plays and struggle at home with the likes of Akron and Air Force (like the last 2 years), and even in Hoke's first year they didn't exactly dominate EMU. WMU and SDSU (winning by an avg score of 31-7, solid but not dominant against bad competition)

or worse struggle with Miami O, lose to Utah, Toledo and App St, get dominated by Oregon

then this year schedule a home slate that has a newly promoted App St (again), a terrible Miami O team, a mediocre Utah team, Mediocre Minny, down PSU, mediocre Indiana and Mediocre Maryland

well you get what they have

seriously who would spend the amount UM is asking for to see that slate? I sure wouldn't

sure OSU has had a few OOC struggles over the years against teams they should have dominated (Ohio U, and Navy most recently), but they still also played teams like Texas, and USC and Va Tech this year plus the Hurricanes. And other than a couple hiccups of closer than expected games, we certainly never lost some of our cup cakes, even in the lost 2011 season

schedule better and/or play better and they will return

think about this, even with their weaker schedules over the last 8 years, they have not been ranked in the top 10 since 2006, that's 8 years ago or when current freshman at UM were 10 years old. they have only been ranked at all 3 times in the last 8 years, and the last time they even split a conference title was 10 years ago!!!

since then other than 2006 and 2012, they have lost at least 4 games ever year for a decade while playing U Conn, App St, Delaware St, Miami O, directional Michigans, Akron, Air Force, UMass, SDSU, BGSU, Utah, Vandy, Ball St, N Ill, etc

you cant win 66% of those games and struggle in others and hope people will just keep coming along

OSU has played their fair share of chump opponents in the last 10 years as well, but other than losses to Texas, USC twice and Miami we have run the table and often dominated, UM hasn't.

you cant play a majority of chumps and not dominate and still hope for loyalty

Comment 10 Jul 2014

After going to Georgia Southern for 1 year Henton ended up at D2 Fort Valley State where he would end up being an all conference QB as a senior in 2012

Comment 10 Jul 2014

I voted for the PAC as from top to bottom they are more consistently solid

I think maybe OSU/MSU is better than Oregon/Stanford

but the rest of the PAC from USC, UCLA, Wash, ASU, Zona and Oregon St especially they are better than or mid pack team as a whole

also although Cal was bad, they were no where near as bad as Purdue, and Colorado, Wash St and Utah are all better than say Illinois and maybe even Indiana, NW and Minny

not by much but the PAC to my mind is slightly better than the B1G

Comment 09 Jul 2014

the average FBS home attendance for all teams, everyone from OSU to UC to Troy is approximately 45,200 so UC at Nippert, who averaged 31,771 last year, was almost 30% below the FBS average, that does not bode well for being a Big 5 team.

what makes that worse is that the 31,771 meant they were only on average 90% of capacity

to give an idea of schools that had higher stadium attendance, the following all drew more than the 31,771 of UC: Air Force, Army, Boise St, East Carolina, Fresno St, Navy, San Diego St, South Florida, and UCF

now ask yourself if you are the commish of the B12, would you rather be in the Cincy market or in Fresno, CA, Orlando, Tampa, San Diego etc and all of these places already have larger stadiums than Nippert.

add in that in terms of TV revenue, the Bearcats are #2 in their own market to Ohio State and they just don't have much to add

if I am the B12 I go for San Diego St as they are a sleeping giant out west, with a massive stadium in a great recruiting area and a massive TV market. SDSU would also gain considerably by being moved up to a B5 conference

Comment 06 Jul 2014

as a side note, Elliot Uzelac went on to coach for many years after leaving/fired by OSU, He coached one year with the Browns in 1992, then was the OC at Colorado in 93/94, then OC at Kentucky in 95/96, then OC at Minny in 97, then an OL coach for MD from 98-2000, then did a stint as a HS DC at a HS in Wash DC in 02/03, then a couple years as OC for 1AA Georgetown in 04-05 and finally a multi year HC for ST Joseph HS in St Joseph MI from 06-10 where he went 45-13 in 5 years and was once named MI HS coach of the year

so he coached for another 18 years after his run in with Smith

Comment 06 Jul 2014

sorry but I am not buying MD hype

I know they started 5-1, whatever,

they beat a 1-11 FLa Int team, a 1AA Old Dominion, a 3-9 UConn, a 4-8 WVU, got absolutely throttled by FSU 63-0, then bounced back to beat 2-10 UVA

whoopee freakin doooo, they went 5-0 against teams who went a combined 16-38, plus a 1AA ODU team that was 8-4 and gave up 80 points to UNC

then 4-8 wake beat them, Clemson beat them, 7-6 Syracuse beat them, they then upset a 8-5 Va Tech, then lost to BC, beat a 3-9 NCST and lost to 10-4 Marshall

so did they lose because 2 wide receivers got hurt or because they played people with a pulse, except for the upset of Vs Tech, their 5 other FBS wins were against teams who were 19-47, or about 4-9 on average,,,in the B1G, 4-9 means you are beating Illinois

I think JMU is their only certain win and otherwise ever other game is a toss up at best, assuming they atleast split the following (Syr, WVU, SFla, Indiana, Rutgers and PSU), then I think 4-8 is what they are looking at

maybe they will be better than I am giving them credit for, but my guess is they max out at 6 wins

Comment 02 Jul 2014

things working against U Conn

1) hoops don't matter football drives the bus and their team is very weak

2) they play in what would be the smallest stadium in our conference if they were allowed to join as noted it holds only 44,000 people and even Ryan Filed in Evanston holds 49K with every one else above 50K including Rutgers at 52,500 (ie nearly 20% bigger than U Conn) and MD who holds 54K (almost 23% bigger

3) not an AAU member and does not appear they will be anytime soon, not noted for research either

4) poor attendance - they drew only 30,900 per game last year, compared to Rutgers at 46,500 and MD at 41,300, considering that without expanding their respective stadiums, UConn cant out draw what Rutgers already brings in and cant outdraw what MD's current capacity is, that is terrible

5) U Conn football wise is no more of a draw in NYC that Rutgers is and go back to #1, football drives the bus, hoops are an afterthought

6) their main campus has only 16K undergrads(which other than private NW would make it by far the smallest main campus in the conference and is fairly remote, ie it 25 miles outside of even Hartford, which is about the same as saying it is 25 miles outside akron, ie no built in local fan base to grow with, sorry but NYC residents are not going trek 2/3rds of the way to Boston to a tiny town to watch a mediocre college football team, but they might go across the river to NJ to watch one

7) it is actually more identified with Boston than NYC, as it is only 86 Miles from Beantown and 141 from NYC

if the B1G wants to consolidate its NYC market hold and make some limited inroads on Boston then maybe U Conn is in the next round, but at some point you end up with negative returns for the current schools, ie would U Conn add enough to pay for itself let alone net increase the other schools? my guess is no regardless of what their hoops teams do

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Rutgers record outside the Big East or AAC against other BCS teams since 2005

2005 - 0-2 lost to Illinois and Arizona St

2006 - 3-0 beat 2-10 Illinois, 3-9 UNC, and 7-6 Kansas St

2007 - 0-1 - lost to Maryland

2008 - 1-1 beat 6-7 NCST and lost to UNC

2009 - 1-0 beat 2-10 Maryland

2010 - 0-1 lost to UNC

2011 - 1-1 beat 6-7 Iowa St and lost to UNC

2012 - 1-1 - beat 4-8 Arky and lost the Va Tech

2013 - 1-1 beat 3-9 Arky and lost to 9-4 Notre Dame

overall 8-8, but all 7 of the 8 wins against sub .500 teams with the other one against a 7-6 team

ie they have not beaten a quality OOC opponent in the entire 9 year run of their currently "historical" success. those 8 wins are against teams with a combined 33-66 record, that means their OOC performance has come against teams about as bad as Indiana or Purdue or their fellow Big East members

color me unimpressed

Comment 27 Jun 2014

1) the same thing you say about the offense could be said for the defense in those last 2 games ie prior to those last 2 games we were averaging allowing only 20 points a game (that's including the UM game) so had our defense only allowed their season average in those last 2 games we would have won 24-20 and 35-20

2) btw we won TOP against Clemson 32:51 to 27:09, that is higher than we had typically done all year where on average we were 31:18 to 28:42 so against Clemson our D was actually on the field less than they typically were and had 3 weeks rest prior to the game

3) yes we lost TOP against MSU but after 3 quarters we were actually tied with MSU for TOP and had the lead

but our d let them dominated the last quarter as MSU racked up 174 yards on only 23 plays or 7.6 yards per play, we allowed them to complete nearly 70% of their 13 passes in the quarter at over 11 yards per completion as our offense only got the chance to run 12 total plays in the 4th quarter,,,all while our D gave up 13 plays in the quarter of 5 yards or longer and compounded it with Pass Interference

but sure it was an off day by the offense that against a top ranked D still put up 24 points and 374 yards against a D that normally gave up 12 fewer points and 102 fewer yards than that which caused us to lose, not the D that gave up 34 points and 438 yards to an offense that normally averaged 5 fewer points and 53 fewer yards. yep offenses fault

and since when has an OSU team ever thought that scoring 35 vs a highly ranked opponent wasn't enough for our D to handle

Comment 27 Jun 2014

these win pct get even worse when you eliminate games against FCS schools

Purdue - take away 8 wins so against FBS they are 93-98, or .487

NW 7 wins 1 loss for 88-100, or .468

Minny - 9-3 for 84-99 or .459

Rutgers - 12-2 so adjusted 80-100 or .444

Illinois - 10-0 adjusted 66-115 or .365

Indiana - 10-1 adjusted 52-124 or .295

note that each of them has played at least 8 such games in the last 18 years and they all still suck

now note the upper half of the conference

OSU - 3 games 3-0

UM - 3 games 2-1 (haha) with another this year

Neb - 7 games 7-0

MSU - 4 games 4-0

PSU - 5 games 5-0 (ignoring vacated games)

Wisky - 9 games 9-0

Iowa - 8 games 8-0

now MD - 12 games 12-0

so I think it is safe to say that the eastern teams have played much tougher OOC schedules than everyone else (minus Rutgers and MD) OSU, PSU, UM and MSU have played only 15 such games going into the year or 3.5 per team

the rest have played 99 such games or nearly 1o each

night and day if you ask me

Comment 27 Jun 2014

not sure if anyone has done this but here are the 3rd downs as run by the Bucks in the MSU and Clemson games


3rd and 2 - incomplete pass to Hyde

3rd and 9 - Miller sacked

3rd and 7 - Miller fumbles for 12 yard loss

3rd and 10 - Miller scrambles for 4 yards

3rd and 1 - Hyde rush for 8 yards (convert)


3rd and 10 due to a false start by Decker, - incomplete pass to D Smith

3rd and 4 - Miller runs for no gain

3rd and 6 - incomplete pass to Spencer

3rd and 3 - Miller run for 1 yard (followed by the infamous 4th down play

3rd and 10 - incomplete pass to spencer to finish 1 of 10


3rd and 6 - Miller sacked but Clemson commits 2 penalties to give us a 1st down - (convert)

3rd and 8 - complete pass to Heurrman for 6, (osu converts on 4th down

3rd and 2 - Hyde rish for 2 (convert)

3rd and 6 - incomplete pass to Fields

3rd and 7 - Miller sacked

3rd and 8 - Miller sacked

3rd and 2 - Hyde run for 1 yard

3rd and 12 - Miller 18 yard pass to Brown (convert)

3rd and 1 - Miller run for minus 2

3rd and 3 - Miller runs for 2 (osu would convert on 4tf)

3rd and 8 - Miller INT

3rd and 8 - Miller complete to Smith for 7, Clemson delay on 4th gives OSU 1st down

3rd and 13 - miller sacked for a total of 2 for 13 with an extra one on a deadball penalty

tough to read and recall all that failure


Comment 26 Jun 2014

don't know if your being snarky, sarcstics or just poorly informed but the short answer to this statement is no they cant

Smith total bonus potential is "only" about $500K

R&B at OSU is $10,800, so for just the 82 scholarship football players that is a total of over $885K, so his "bonus" should he get them all, would not even cover the football team let alone every student athlete at OSU.

his Salary would barely cover it for the football team (his base salary is $940K, so yeah if he worked for free maybe he could cover many students, but good luck finding anyone to take the job on a volunteer basis

I don't really mind debate about these issue but hyperbole adds no value especially when they are this wrong.

OSU has over 650 total SA's, so the grand total R&B bill is over $7 million dollars, so maybe if Gene and Urban both worked for free you can cover it

Comment 25 Jun 2014

I don't mean to bad mouth Navy and yes they can be "pesky", but since 2003 they have 6 wins over FBS teams of .500 or better

they beat a 8-5 Rutgers and 8-5 Wake in 2008 by a combined total of 9 points

in 2009 they beat a 6-6 ND and an 8-5 Mizzou by a total of 24 points

in 2010 they beat a 8-5 ND by  18

and last year they beat a 8-5 Pitt by 3

yes they can be tough and often keep them game close by playing solid D and by shortening the game by running a million times a day

but they have not beaten a team of OSU's caliber in decades

if our D showed any strength last year it was run D and the DL in general which should be even better this year

I think they struggle to run, but may get a couple scores on a blown assignment, but I simply don't see them stopping our offense at all

even if we do stop ourselves a time or 2 a half, I still think we put up 35 easy if not more and I would be surprised if they put up more than 14

since beating ND in 2010 they are 3-9 against FBS teams since with wins against Indiana twice and a mediocre Pitt team. otherwise they have 9 losses by an average of over 20 points. when they have played a good team in recent history they have been blown out most of the time, 42 pt loss to ND in 2011, 40 pts in ND in 2012, 27 to PSU in 2012, 34 to Arizona St in 2012, 28 to Duke in 2013

I expect much the same when we play them ie 4 TD plus win, say 42-14

Comment 25 Jun 2014

the reality that measures like this are viewed as such show stoppers by the smaller programs is the reality of how sports are funded

even at OSU, if you take away donations made by alumni etc, in 2012 they lost money within the athletic department

total revenue was 131.8 million, but contributions was 17.6 million of that, meaning that otherwise OSU sports brought in 114.2 million, well that year they spent 122.3 million,

That's an $8 million dollar loss and that's OSU if you take away contributions, OSU can absorb this as when you add the contributions back in they run a massive profit.

now take UC our neighbor to the south

their total revenue is only 42.7 million or 1/3rd that of OSU,,,take away donations/contributions and there at only 36.9 Millions,

there total expenses were 43.7 million, ie  they lose nearly $7 million a year, and even with the donations added back in they lose about $1 million,,,,so to them, making the schollies more costly, adding in improved health insurance, guaranteed 4 years etc, they would need to find a way to raise that money from donors as they don't currently sell out at current ticket prices to raising them is not a real option and they certainly are not going to get it thru TV money

so to them these kinds of changes are just not affordable



Comment 24 Jun 2014

the problem with students not wanting to go is a "future" problem in the sense that these are your future season ticket holders, and if they have little interest in the game now at reduced prices and while actually on campus, what are the odds that when they are 25 or 35 of spending thousands to by a season ticket when they now live in Cincy or Chicago or DC? the answer is almost none

so OSU trying to convince them that the game day experience is worth the cost and frankly hassle (no beer, cramped, bad weather etc, is an investment in the future state of the game

eventually us as older fans pass on to a new generation and if they start struggling to convince students to go and be a part of the stadium experience, then they will never go back once they have left school and are no longer on campus and real life expenses start to take hold

I have no use for wifi etc at the game, but for many people under 25 it is part of their dna, they MUST have it, or they consider you and your "experience" to be from the Jurassic era.

I think in general it is a good move