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Comment 22 Dec 2011
Do you think Meyer will change his offense somewhat to contend with the weather later in the season? For example having more of a power running game?
Comment 21 Dec 2011
Can someone explain to me what little it would take to violate our probation? Worried fan.
Comment 30 Oct 2011

I can't wait to go to work on  Monday and tell some of my coworkers that the greatest team Wisconsin has EVER had got beat by a typical Buckeye Defense...were going to be undefeated...wait.. will at least will win the Rose Bowl...Wait...We just got beat by the Buckeyes. Pay backs a BITCH bucky.

Buckeye livinig in Madison

Comment 23 Oct 2011
So Happy Wisconsin got beat!!! Tired of hearing everyone in town how great they are. Buckeye living in Madison.