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Comment 29 Dec 2015

Going into this game, the biggest advantage we have (which was covered in a recent article/forum topic, im not sure) is on the sidelines. I wouldn't trade a single one of our coaches for a single one of Notre Dame's. 

Comment 29 Dec 2015

Don't mistake my dislike of Sparty for a lack of respect.  Some of the people in my office I have the most respect for I absolutely cannot stand... but they're damn good at what they do whether I like it or not.  

Comment 29 Dec 2015

As his comment relates to suicide rates, and is presented with facts, this isn't really that funny.  It's a problem that anyone that has witnessed someone try and hide issues out of fear of a societal view of them, and eventually take their own life based on those issues, wouldn't find funny and would likely agree with.  

As an adult (I am assuming you are above the age of 18), you lose credibility when you troll anyone using "lololol" and "blowhard." That's just ridiculous.    

If we were talking about the use of "man up" in a locker room, or a similar setting, I'd be on your side.  Not the case here though.  Maybe I should man up? 

Comment 23 Dec 2015

He looks like he just gets after it, and there's always room on the floor for someone like that.  The couple of times he brought the ball up the court, he looked to make a pass and also tossed a couple of what seemed to be unexpected alley oops.  Once he gets into the rotation, he will not leave it until he leaves Ohio State.  I've been excited about this kid since the first highlight video I saw of him, and I can't wait to watch him put together a similar highlight reel in Columbus.  

Comment 23 Dec 2015

I mean... I'm not sure how you can say something like this.  Really?  He also probably has a top 10 resume among active coaches right now, which is amazing without mentioning his physical limitations.  Maybe one day you can accomplish all he has with the same limitations, but until then I don't think anything will get you off his back.  

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Um... I know the stats don't show it, and therefore I have no argument, but Odell regularly beat Josh Norman.  He was the more skilled of the two football players Sunday, just didn't have the mental aspect of the game.  

Comment 16 Sep 2015

If the game ends up with an 8 pm kick, and you will be in attendance, I suggest you follow my plan and do what youve done for any other time in your life you've expected to be cold and just wear tons of layers. Come prepared with extra hand and foot warmers. Be loud, jump around, don't sit down, and let the offensive fireworks keep you warm. But please please please don't sacrifice contributing to an electric crowd at what will be the biggest home game of the season because it's cold. 

Comment 09 Sep 2015

In defense of VT, I had plenty of people joking with me throughout the day, but really what is there for them to say? The champs were in town, and they all were well aware what the most likely outcome would be. Seemed to me they were just trying to enjoy the attention and the atmosphere