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Comment 10 Sep 2010

I hope the temperature is below 60, rainy and windy.  We'll run them right back to Florida.   I couldn't help but laugh during the Champs Sports bowl at the Miami players huddled up and cold on the sidelines in 60 degree weather in Orlando.  Ridiculous.

Comment 07 Sep 2010

Isn't it Lesmeris that has that has a wierd voting method?  I remember reading a blog post last year by an AP voter who votes based on quality wins for the week, and quality of play or something like that.  It may be someone else, but that may help with his d-bag listing.  I do think its ridiculous that Boise St. has 8 first place votes, but given they are the only top 10 team to play another ranked team, that should give them some merit.  (BTW I also think it's ridiculous that Alabama has so many and OSU so few).   Regardless of what happens if OSU wins out, they are in.  I really don't care about OSU's opponent b/c at this point I think we would pretty soundly win (10-14 pts barring special teams errors on our part).  I'd much rather see OSU play a name (Alabama, Oklahoma, etc.) and hoist the crystal ball rather than Boise-  which would be a lose lose situation.  Bottom line, we need to win out and that continues this week.