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Born and raised a Buckeye fan out in California. Love everything about Ohio State and this website is awesome! I've been following 11warriors for about three years now. Excited to be a part of the team now. Go Bucks!!!


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Comment 07 Oct 2014
I like it when our guys have a confident attitude and back it up on the field. Glad to see that Mike Thomas is backing up his tweeting smack talk from the end of last year. Also glad to see so much passing going on. Fun games to watch!
Comment 25 Sep 2014

I mean, I know the stance isn't crazy...hell, VT did actually upset us. However, it just gets old. Our boys just need to re-establish consistent solid play on both sides of the ball. Here's to hoping to not too many 3rd and longs given up by the defense.

Comment 25 Sep 2014

I'm so done with ESPN! It seems like every week they're singing the same tune, "Ohio State is on upset alert!" Holy crap, I understand if ESPN is on its knees for the SEC, but I'd rather here them say nothing about Ohio State instead of all of the negative crap. I mean, don't they ever get sick of it?

Comment 11 Sep 2014
With Braxton coming back next year, JTB4 getting tons of experience, Burrow in this class, top QBs next year looking at OSU, and Danny Clark in 2017...I'm starting to think we might be better off filling Gibson's spot in this class with someone else. Unless he was more of an elite passer. I'd rather have a proficient passer and a good runner over a tremendous athlete who has to learn how to throw. Been there done that. No offense Brax.
Comment 08 Sep 2014

First line of this article sums it up all too well. Keep on living Buckeye friends. We all love our football, but let's keep it into perspective.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Definitely not a "new" OSU fan. I've cheered my heart out through the thick and thin of OSU football. It just makes me hope that none of the players read how ungrateful some fans can be. Do you think the players care less than you?! Do you think that they have worked endless hours on trying to be better so that they can listen to fans tell them how to do their job?! They already have a whole coaching staff on their asses about what they messed up on and what needs to be fixed. I fully understand being pissed after a frustrating game, I downed a few extra beers myself, but leave the pointing of fingers to those whose opinions will actually get shit done. #buckeyetilidie!!!

......Also, they looked like "complete shit?" Bit extreme don't you think?

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Two whole regular seasons of  wins, and we drop a tough one to a good team....and everybody starts pointing fingers?! Let those who have the jobs sort things out. The definitely are better qualified to do it than any of use. I think this game was a great learning experience, it has to be. Going through experiences like this will pay off in ways we can't even see yet. Still love my Buckeyes! Best thing about being 1-1? The opportunity to go 2-1!

Comment 05 Sep 2014
I'll start the chants... "Replace Rutgers with Notre Dame!"
Comment 03 Sep 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed this read! I almost have to watch these games with the TV muted because of all of the "hate" the commentators give, even during the game, to our Buckeyes. It drives me wild when ESPN analysts talk about how Ohio State doesn't have "Quality wins", but that Clemson had a "quality win" over us. Or how when Braxton is coming into the season and everyone is saying, "Oh, I still don't think he'll be a great passer" , or "We'll see if he can be more consistent", or whatever they say, and then the injury happens and now they compare JT Barrett to Miller like he's an untouchable God of ability...and thus OSU gets somewhat written off. This is a team! They focus on how we "Outlasted" Navy. Might be true, but give credit to a young team striving to mesh and fight together against a veteran Navy team that has downright nearly perfected their triple option craft. Anyways, I didn't intend to rant so hard, but I am excited to see this team come together and build something special and to silence the graders, haters, and doubters. Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I think it would be a kick ass formation to see Devin Smith and Mike Thomas out wide, Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson at the two slots, and Curtis Samuel at halfback. I'd call it the "Ohio State speed trumps SEC speed" formation.