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Played football through high school. Lifetime Ohio State and Reds fan. Also a Kentucky basketball fan.


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Comment 22 Aug 2014

Ooh, just remembered Orlando "The Pancake Man" Pace.  He was a legend.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Awesome!  This new renovation, IMHO really improved the look of the 'Shoe.  Not that it looked bad just looks really great now.  

Thanks for posting DWright. I never would have found these otherwise.  Please leave a comment to receive your up-vote.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I'll have what you're having.  But in all reality, I think you're right.  Barrett is a good QB and although he won't be Braxton, he also won't be Bauserman.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I've been a huge Buckeye fan since I was very young but have only managed to attend two games in person.  I've looked for tickets to this game for months but I couldn't find any in my price range.  I currently reside about an two hours away from Baltimore and would easily be able to go.  I am not in the military but my father and both my grandfathers served brief stints.  

I'm probably not the most deserving person to get the tickets.  There are some great people on this site.  But that can't stop me from trying!

michigan sucks, Go Buckeyes!

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I think you're right.

EDIT: After some research, I can confirm you are correct.  The Shoe is 6th largest in the world, 3rd largest in the States.

Rungrado May Day Stadium    150,000[1]  North Korea

Salt Lake Stadium    120,000[2]  India

Michigan Stadium    109,901[3]  United States

Beaver Stadium    106,572[4]  United States

Estadio Azteca    105,000[5]    Mexico 

Ohio Stadium    104,944[6]  United States

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Man, I'm pumped to see the new 'Shoe.  I saw the lights on while driving thru C-bus in early August, but I've yet to see the new seats.  I've been in discussions with a few people to get discounted tickets to "The Game" so hopefully I'll get to see the Shoe's new look live.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I actually prefer this schedule.  Oregon State is on par with North Carolina.  And it's a Big Ten/PAC 10 12 matchup which is way more traditional than Big Ten/ACC.  And I really don't mind UNLV.  They are a decent program and we've never played them before.

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I'm in shock right now... Robin Williams was one of my favorite entertainers.  He was truly one of the funniest men to ever walk the face of the earth.  

Rest in peace Robin Williams.  You brought joy to so many people and you will be greatly missed.

Comment 07 Aug 2014

I consider it a mostly friendly rivalry.  I mean, as a Reds fan, I love it when Cincinnati beats Cleveland.  But when the Reds are not playing the Tribe, I root for Cleveland to do well.  And I know Tribe fans who feel the same way.  It's kind of like "conference pride", except it's more like "state pride."

Comment 07 Aug 2014

Carlos' first half stats: 5 carries, 39 yards.  Unfortunately, he hasn't played since the second drive.  49ers have really struggled since they took Hyde out.  Three straight 3 and outs.  I doubt they'll put El Gaupo back in but I'll follow it in between the Reds-Indians game.  Go 9ers!  Go Reds!