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Comment 01 Dec 2013

Fickle has got to go! Yeah they are 24-0 blah blah blah. 603 yards to that team! Huh? That D is gonna kill us and OSU has been poor against the pass the past few years. I have never seen an OSU defense this bad. Do we really want to play FSU???

Comment 09 Oct 2013

Well, we are all going to have the same problem next year with the schedule, so get use to it

Comment 23 Aug 2013

I don't have any lucky sucks or jerseys( I gave up on that with the @USC lost and Florida BCS lost) BUT when I'm home watching I try not to move around too much when I'm on the couch or chair. If the Bucks are playing well, and I'm in that postion...I like to keep that position.