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Comment 16 Dec 2014

Not true.  Bauserman was not an average Quarterback! Pryor never had to look up at him on the depth chart.  Pryor played lots of snaps for Boeckman that first year, eventually replacing him as a true freshman.  Is there a better comparison for Gibson than number 2? If anything Pryor was more of a certainty at QB than Gibson is.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Mmmm.  Icing.  Cake without icing is just sweet bread.  I want some icing on my cake.  Would I be happy if they lost? No! Would I be satisfied if they beat bama and lost in the final.  No!  Especially if it was to Jameis.  I want Icing on my cake.  Lots of icing.  That being said, do I like this team less if they lose? No.  I'm not satisfied but what happens from here on out is really the stuff of fairy tales.  3rd string QB, Consensus #1, etc.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

That's just dumb.  Waterboys aren't on scholarship, they care more about the school than playing time. 

It isn't out of the question that Collier would transfer to work with Herman.  If he thinks he will get passed on the DC or if he has already proven that he can't play at the OSU level.  He likely still believes that he can see the field someday so he likely won't transfer out this year. Next fall if he gets passed by one or two freshman and needs to go somewhere, maybe UH is an attractive spot because of Herman. And Grad Assistant Kenny Guiton.

Comment 14 Dec 2014

Herman said in an interview that life is better here than anywhere else he has been.  He gets more time with his family than at any other stop.  He was surprised at this because of Urban's rep as a taskmaster.  Most people who are in High income brackets would trade a little of their money for a little more of their time.  Maybe Herman is simply realizing that he has it really good at the moment.  He makes over half a mil a year, gets to see his kids, work with the best head coach in the game, and Heisman trophy candidates every year.  Do you really want to uproot your family and try to recruit kids to Tulsa?

Comment 12 Dec 2014

First, I think the Foster thing is misleading.  He will make 1.3 this year but doesn't make that annually.  He makes that because he got an enormous bonus this year because he has been there 8 or 10 years. 

Secondly, Incentives do matter.  They are more important than money.  Incentives like coaching for your alma mater is important. Chasing a National title matters.  Being raised in Ohio or by Ohioans matters.  Getting to be the head man at a program matters, too.  Money isnt the only factor.  I agree that we should pay these guys more, but when they signed on two years ago, Herman didn't deserve more.  Warinner left a comparable program for what he called "a better job."  He valued OSU more than ND because of incentives.  For that matter Urban is here because "Its Ohio State" not because they paid him more than anyone else.

Ohio State is more than just a paycheck to all of these guys, it is Home.

Comment 12 Dec 2014

This actually makes sense.  All coach of the year awards are graded on a curve.  If you do a wonderful coaching job you coax more out of your team than any other coach can.  In the BIG Urban comes in at #1 so when he ends the season at #1 nobody takes any notice (in spite of the best coaching that anyone around here has seen, maybe ever)  On a national level Ohio State was written off after VT by being ranked in the late teens.  Over the course of the year they overcame an enormous amount and moved up the polls to #4 meaning that Urban comes in with a plus 15 or so and Jimbo has a -2 (Really a negative 100 for being a sleaze ball) All this means that Urban might lose National COY to one of the Mississippi teams that started the season unranked.  I think ending ranked higher wins it for Urban on the national scene. 

Comment 12 Dec 2014

Agreed.  At pitt he didn't have enormous cheese eating draft horses masquerading as linemen growing in his back yard.  He will do a good job at Wisconsin.  My question is, has the problem been fixed?  Bert left for Arkansas, and Gary left for Oregon State.  Something is off in the Cheese state.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Hankins left early after a good Jr year, to be drafted in the second round.  I realize they are different players but AW has played so well.  Not as good a Bennett, but pretty close.  I think Bennett will go in the middle third of the First round.  AW would go by the 50th pick I would guess.  Hopefully we don't have to worry about it because he is back. 

Could you imagine what this line would look like if they had their best player from last year playing his JR season?

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Neither do I have a problem with any of them.  How about a quibble, though? Spots are TIGHT.  I would trade two of of the three for Wilkins/Gallimore/Beckner and Sweat.  We have missed Spence, and next year we will miss both Bennett and Washington.  We already have 6 DBs in this class. Our DBs are really solid for next year.  Maybe I'm just blinded by the stars but I'm not sure another DB adds anything.  RBs are great. They seem to be pretty stacked as well.

I understand that there are DTs in the pipeline but I'm worried about the position.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

You miss the truth woven in to the lies.  He said "point by point, player for player through depth OSU is better than Wisconsin," and "OSU couldn't just beat us, they had to stomp the shit out of us to get there." and they did.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Not to mention that Cardale played extraordinarily well.  I'm not sure how many votes were cast after the Championship games, but Cardale's otherworldly performance in JT's stead actually diminished JT's accomplishments in the perception of many.  If JT had not gotten hurt and had beaten Gordon head to head, IMHO he would have been in NYC.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

He was thinking Jameis but wrote Cardale.  Thanks for pointing it out.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Ohio State has averaged 40pts/game against the teams it has played with top ten defenses. This includes the 31 from the PSU game.  I realize that the quarterback has changed and it is likely that CJ misses some throws that JT would have made.  If they don't turn the ball over I can't see them scoring less than 35.  No way OSU only scores 14. 

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Not only do I highly dislike some of the old pro combat unis but I do think it is a travesty to wear them for TTUN.  I watched the hype video before the game and I could hardly tell what was going on.  Why were there Rutgers highlights in the OSU hype video?  Those red helmets were terrible.  That said, I love the wide helmet stripe on our new alt unis.  This may tick off some of the traditionalists but I wouldn;t mind going to that one on a regular basis.  No one else has it.  Lots of teams have a thin one.