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Comment 29 Jul 2015

I think Urb tries to take one of every position, 11 offense and 11 defense.  Then he gets three gravy guys that are too good to pass up. The reason LBs are at one this year is because they took 4 last year.  Since they took a bunch and they really only play 2 LBs at times you see them cut back.  Similar situation with Oline.  In this year's class they will take two safeties and two corners.  Same next year unless a gravy guy is in the defensive backfield.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

They are doing that by moving Jalin to wide receiver. If you wanted to flop Jalin and xBrax you could do that on a play by play basis, so that Jalin could get a few carries.  You don't add an h and remove a z, instead you move an h to a z position.

Comment 27 Jul 2015

I love your enthusiasm, however, I doubt this will be the number one rated class.  It may be the best class in the nation but it won't be ranked that way.  Even with Jackson, Pryts, Hamlin, Victor, Rene, and a Super star like Gary or Little, that still only gets OSU to around 300pts. Winners of "#1 rated class" have been 311, 319, 319, 310 for the past four years.  Last year 300 points would have been third.

I'm ok with this being the number non-one rated class because I believe that brings more motivation to urbs toolbox of motivational tricks.  I also think there are some biases in the rankings metrics, and those who are not as highly rated will turn out to be better players than some at other schools.  i.e defensive backs this year.

Comment 14 Jul 2015

There is a difference between the stopwatch and the laser.  Usually people say it is .1 difference between the two.

The average DE heading to the NFL this past year weighed 267.66lbs and ran a 4.83 the DTs weighed 306.2lbs and ran a 5.11.  These are averages.  Cooper will likely add 15 lbs and run an average DE time in the low 4.8s  I bet his 10yard split will be above average though.  4.7 at 315 is so far into outlier territory that you likely would have been drafted without much game tape at all. This past year at the combine only two guys over 300lbs broke 5.0 in the 40.  Leonard Williams at 302 ran a 4.97 and Derrick Lott ran a 4.99 at 314.  These are the freakishly athletic of all the draftable guys this year.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

I like your enthusiasm but "at least once a game"  will never happen.  He would have 15 to 20 punt returns for TDs in a single season.  One every 4 games would be considered wildly successful.  One every 3 games would be historic.  Teddy Ginn only had 6 his entire time at OSU he had 64 punt returns.  He averaged roughly one TD every 10 returns, which doesn't include fair catches.  He had 25 returns and 24 returns in his Jr. and Sr. Seasons meaning he really only got 2 opportunites per game.

Comment 09 Jul 2015

No sample data.  The pic above says that the athletes can go to nikefootball dot com and get a comparison by class and by position.  That would really be interesting.  I would be a lot like mockdraftable dot com.  I tried it but I couldn't find the data.  Maybe they don't have it up yet, or maybe I don't have access to it b/c I'm not a high school student.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

I don't want to rain on your parade, but we already have someone like Hall on the roster in Jalyn Holmes.  Jalyn was ranked top 5 in his position coming out.  He hasn't been able to get on the field for two years, so I highly doubt Jalyn will be gone in three.  Terrell Hall will not be gone in three.  To do that he would have to beat out the aforementioned Holmes, Hubbard, Bosa 2.0, Tyquan Lewis, Jashon Cornell, Darius Slade and Maybe even someone like Booker that they are just trying to get on the field more.  It is possible that they move Rashod Berry from TE to DE like they did with Hubbard, especially if Luke Perry commits to the good guys and Marcus Baugh continues to show promise. The log jam at DE will be as deep as any position.  I would be very surprised if Hall does not redshirt.  I believe he will be a very good player.  I believe he will not be gone in three.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Who is the better QB?  Only one year to judge JT with, but the numbers are pretty clear even with that.


Comment 24 Jun 2015

Both classes will be very highly rated, but the best class in UFM's tenure will likely end up being the 2013 class.  Maybe 5 first round prospects from that class alone.  Lee, Munger, Lewis were all rated in the bottom 5 of that class and they will all be starters this year.  (I think Washington slides back to the nose and Munger plays a lot.) 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

One would guess that if the Cavs "renounced their rights"  they would not be able to use the Bird Exemption.  LeBron should not be taking a pay cut.  If anything is true they should pay him more than they are allowed.  Theoretically they should be just fine next year if they can stay healthy.  Gilbert is willing to pay taxes this year because next year he won't even be over the tax threshold, the way the cap is going up.  

Comment 02 Jun 2015

but you can always discipline someone off the team or medical waiver someone to make room for a guy like NCM

I wish I could give you more than one downvote for this.  You make it seem like Discipline and Medical Waivers are some shady way for Urban to screw kids over.  Can you name one guy that was wrongfully kicked off the team for a new recruit? Look through the bottom of the roster and see the kids that get a four year scholarship but who never contribute on the field.  Urb didn't cut Warren Ball for instance even though he might never give them anything.  Bogard had three ACLs go and Reeves was laying on the turf unconsious with a concussion.  Which one of them got screwed over by Urban?

Comment 14 May 2015

This isn't exactly what You asked for, but What I do is to use My profile which has the recent comments section. If someone replies to my comment it will show up on the righthand side of each comment. If you click the reply icon it will take you to the comment and the reply. This helps me keep up with new comments around mine. It serves as a bookmark to get to threads that are older also. 

Comment 20 Apr 2015

A better question is "What happens when Urban brings Hiestand up from tripple A ball to replace Ed Warriner as o-line coach?"  You know if the offense doesn't skip a beat, Warriner will get an interview.  Unless he just isn't slick enough, I see him getting the job. Urban will likely turn the offense over to his current coaches and go get the best o-line coach he can find.  He is familiar with ND and Lou's coaching tree.  Kelley's coaches have an Ohio flavor to them (hiestand has a couple stops in Ohio) and ND coaches see Urban as an upgrade as a mentor/boss. 

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I call BS on that one.  His hands are fine.  Whenever he is facing the QB he does well.  Crossing routes are fine too.  The problem is when he tries to catch with his elbow.  Deep ball against VT, post, and one other catch all went off his elbow, which is neither his hands or the "body" that everyone says he is catching with.  He caught a deep one in the spring practice video with his hands.  I'm hopeful that the coaches are telling him over and over to catch with his hands, because they aren't bad.