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Comment 08 Nov 2013

The article was great but your response was utterly fantastic.  I truly laughed out loud.  Thanks a bunch Earle!

Comment 03 Aug 2013

What people seem to forget is that we already have a Braxton Berrios on the roster who played kick return and running back in the past. Meyer moved him to pivot and most are excited about him despite his lack of height and relative lack of burner speed. I think BB has the potential to be Jordan Hall 2.0. 

Comment 19 Apr 2013

He's most dangerous when the plays break down anyway


What are you talking about?  Brax was not good at making something out of nothing.  He got sacked more often than not.  His explosive runs were all off called qb keepers or reads.  You must be remembering TP who was actually awesome when plays broke down because he just out ran everyone to the sticks.







Comment 07 Feb 2013

Agree 100% with your statement until you get to the gray shirt thing.  Ohio State needs a punter next year.  Meyer said the situation concerned him.  Why, if a spot is opening up at somepoint b/c of attrition, would they be asking him to Gray Shirt.  Townsend's father said that OSU hadn't pulled the offer and he had a NOLI to sign.  Everyone is speculating that OSU screwed this kid over, when there isn't much to point in that direction.  We are at 82 and we unexpectedly got an extra one or two on NSD.  I predict that by june we will be in the 70s.  At least 3 kids will leave and I bet the coaches already know one more.  They want this punter and they want him now.  No gray shirt.

Comment 14 Jan 2013

I wouldn't call 675 and 7 TDs dominating at any level.  He has decent vision and amazing lateral cutting ability but the numbers scream bit player, imho.

Comment 04 Jan 2013

I agree a case can be made either way.  Part of that is because I'm getting conflicting information from different sources.  Kyle (who wrote this article) says he's haning out with OSU recruits but I haven't seen that anywhere else.  Marc Givler says the exact opposite, that he isn't hanging with OSU recruits.  I'm not so sure where this recruitment is going but Kyle's quotes are old (from FNL this summer) so I'm more likely to take Givler's word on the whole situation.

Comment 31 Dec 2012

agreed.  It was a long time ago that he played for the vikes let alone the bucks, but Hurd's running style reminds me so much of RS.  I can't see the comparisons to other backs at all because of the similarities to RS.

Comment 03 Oct 2012

I've tried to listen to the podcast a couple times, and each time I got distracted.  The material is pretty good, but it is slow at times with some longer pauses to get a comment or discussion started.  I appreciate what you are doing, however.

Comment 15 May 2012
"In contrast you have teams like Oregon that can score 21+ points at any time and win games from behind even with a mediocre defense." By 21+ you must mean the 17 they scored against the Tress lead Bucks in Pasadena just 3 years ago.