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Comment 31 Oct 2016

One can't blame Barrett for sounding frustrated in this statement, as few fans at home can share his view of opposing defenses thanks to TV cameras zooming in on him in the pocket.

As someone who is admittedly ignorant of anything that goes into how video for games is produced, etc, I have long wondered why we continue to use the sideline / three-quarter view, because like the above quote says, the ball is snapped, and at least half of the action almost instantly goes off-screen. It seems to me the Madden-esque view from behind the offense is far superior because you can see at least most of what is going on. You see this on replays sometimes. Am I in a minority here in my opinion that this view would be way better? Is there some reason we could not switch to this view full time? Just wondering out loud. 

Comment 03 Apr 2016

Well, they did beat Alabama in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, so that takes them up to at least like 9-3 in BCS games.

Comment 19 Dec 2015

Charley, come out and get your whoopin.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

The irony of citing the 'global cooling' talking point in this reply is beautiful for 2 reasons. First, see Buckeye I.I.C.'s reply below. It was maybe a very small number of scientists who supported this. It was based on sound evidence at the time, it was just the prediction that it might continue that was incorrect:

"The story observed – accurately – that there had been a gradual decrease in global average temperatures from about 1940, now believed to be a consequence of soot and aerosols that offered a partial shield to the earth as well as the gradual retreat of an abnormally warm interlude." -

And secondly, once it was determined that that theory was incorrect, it was discredited. From this, you should be able to see that if the same was true of what is predicted now, then global climate change would also become a discredited theory. That's how this weird science thing works.

But all of the above aside, I just don't understand what the downside is to getting off fossil fuels. Honestly, I really enjoy having to feign support for a country full of fanatics that beheads people and won't let women drive and was by most accounts as responsible for 911 as any other. And the pollution. I love that shit too. Who cares that it literally kills and makes sick millions around the world. You can literally see China's smog from space:

I'm not saying we could snap our hands and be off fossil fuels tomorrow. I'm saying we've had to drag people like you kicking and screaming at every little investment or effort we've ever tried to make in this direction for the last 30 or so years, and had that not been the case, if we had truly put our money, human inginuity, etc to work over that time, we could have already had a solution by now. Instead we just get people complaining that there are a couple scientists, mostly funded by industry, that either deny or are not convinced it's man-made:

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Cardale didn't come to play school. He came to own it! So awesome to see how much he's grown.

On a side note, the name 'Cardale' prompts a red underline denoting incorrect spelling of a word. I would humbly suggest an exception be added to the code so this is no longer the case, if it's not too difficult. Least we could do to honor him, IMO.

Comment 20 Nov 2014

Percentage of random group of 1000 people who were spanked who think they "turned out alright": ~99%

If you polled those same people on whether they would judge that all the other people from that same group "turned out alright": much lower, probably around 50-60%

My point is that this is all very subjective. People who like spanking say they were spanked and that it made them a better person and point to other people they judge as good, who were also spanked, as further proof. But they ignore the undoubtedly numerous others who were spanked, and yet still turned out to be shitheads. And as confident as they are that spanking made them better people, it is impossible for them to know how they'd have turned out if alternative discipline techniques had been applied to them instead.

There are obviously a ton of people who were not spanked and grew up to be good people. So to me, the real question is not at all whether or not spanking is effective. The real question is, is it necessary? The fact that many people were not spanked, yet still grew into productive members of society, proves it not necessary. So my question is, why not focus our attention on developing effective parental discipline strategies and techniques that don't involve committing violence of any degree against children, since as stated, it's clearly not necessary?

Comment 13 Nov 2014

↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Totally agree with the next comment!!!!