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Comment 27 Jan 2016

I remember all of the warnings leading up to that night. I was 14 years old at the time, and had a hard time believing it was going to happen. We had a blizzard the year before, but this one was suppose to be even more intense. It started off as a warm rain, but around midnight it was changing into snow. The next morning as the blizzard raged we couldn't see the houses across the road. The winds were so strong that it tightly packed the snow which wasn't good for snow removal, but perfect for a kid. I built so many snow tunnels, and rooms inside the tunnels. It was better than any Christmas break. I've lived thru 4 blizzards in my lifetime, and I will always remember this one the best.

Comment 14 Jan 2016

247 had Coach Stud as Maryland's best recruiter

National rank; 206 
Big Ten rank: 35 
Number of commitments: 4 
Highest rated commitment: Three-star center Mason Zimmerman 
Next Terps coach in the rankings: Mike Locksley (223) 
Details: Studrawa is the offensive line coach, and three of his four commits will are linemen. All four of his commits are three-star prospects, and two are in-state prospects. The others are from Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Comment 13 Jan 2016

Godspeed. You will be in my prayers.

Comment 09 Dec 2015

Yeah, the UFO stuff is really weird in an otherwise great show.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

JT is from Texas, so yes he isn't used to playing with a wet football. However, if the ball ever lands in cow manure he will become the odds on favorite for the Heisman. 


Comment 01 Dec 2015

Did they still make it to the conference championship game, and win it? If it's yes to both then yes they should get in over a team that failed to get into their CCG.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

That has never happened and it never will. At that point you would take the teams with the best schedule. With that many undefeated teams a number of them would have had to play the Sisters Of The Poor, and the best 4 would be obvious.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

I agree. With a 4 team playoff the conference championship games and conference winners are still relevant. I propose 1 change though. Have the B12 winner and the best at-large team play. Then select the best 4 from among those teams that win their conference championship game and this 1 game B12/at-large game. That makes it essentially a 10 team playoff and winning the conference still means something.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

Thank you to those that serve. Past, Present and Future

Comment 09 Nov 2015

I love how they are doing it now. 1 good ooc opponent for a home and home. We play in the toughest division in the country. There is no need for a tougher schedule. Go undefeated and we are in the playoffs. Lose a game and it gets dicey, so there is no need to make it harder.