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Comment 27 Sep 2016

No shame in #4. I should add, my list is more of a top head coaching job list than my own personal preference.

Texas has even deeper pockets than OSU. They are in a state with tremendously more recruits than Ohio. They share those recruits with A&M, but Texas is the premier school in that state. They have their own network and play in a conference a lot easier then the B1G East.

Alabama is on a run that will never be duplicated. I believe it could only have happened at 'bama. Whatever a coach needs, the admin and boosters will make sure he gets it. They also sit less than a 9 hour drive from the vast majority of top recruits in the nation. No school recruits itself, but 'bama comes the closest.  

Florida State has become the top program in the most talent-laden state in the country. They play in an easier conference than the B1G East. Their success in the 90's shows you can win and win big.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

Yeah, Georgia probably is a sleeping giant. The problem is, they haven't been successful in so long that it is hard to argue for them

Comment 27 Sep 2016

1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Florida State

4. Ohio State

5. USC

6. LSU

7. Florida

8. Michigan

9. Oklahoma

10. Oregon

11. Notre Dame

Comment 25 Sep 2016

No, and it isn't close. penn state is the flagship University of PA. It has a larger following across the country, and a much larger footprint in the NE. It also brings in more research dollars than pitt.

Comment 08 Sep 2016

I think it is fine. They can't say, "Wisconsin Is Back". Back from what? 11 years ago Tx won the NC and in '08 they should have been in the NC game.

LSU did look bad.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

Urban Meyer took over for Gary Blackney, a former assistant at Ohio State. Blackney, by all accounts was a fantastic assist coach and he started out hot at BG. In his first 2 seasons at BG he went 21-3 overall, 16-0 in conference and 2-0 in bowls. At that time there were rumors of John Cooper getting fired and bringing in Blackney. The success didn't last, however, and he eventually was replaced by Meyer. 

Comment 05 Aug 2016

There was a rumor to that effect, and how he and Ed Jennings didn't get along. However, when Glen Mason (OC) and Jim Tressel (QB) took different jobs after the '85 season and Earle insisted on calling the offense, the handwriting was on the wall. Our offense went from not very good to downright bad. It was time for Earle to leave. The timing gave the University a black eye, but it did serve for motivation for a win over um.

Comment 07 Jun 2016

Grill it over indirect heat until it reaches 150 degrees. Then carefully brown it, trying not to split it. If grilled properly the casing will keep it's integrity, and the brat will snap, and the juices explode when you bite into it.

Comment 21 May 2016

Tony Accardo was more than a capo under Al Capone. Accardo ran the Chicago Mafia for about 50 years. 

"Summing up the late Tony Accardo's leadership abilities, a veteran Chicago mob figure once confided to Chicago American columnist George Murray that "...Accardo has more brains before breakfast than Al Capone ever had all day." Possessing a nimble mind and a canny instinct for survival, Accardo boasted of having never spent a night in jail. though he was picked up in Miami Beach in 1929 on vagrancy charges while playing golf with Al Capone and Jack McGurn. But he was released on his own recognizance. Accardo's closest brush with the slammer came on Feb. 24, 1945, when he was forced to suffer the indignity of appearing in a police lineup at the Chicago Detective Bureau during a murder investigation. But that too, was only a mere formality."

Tony Accardo still looms as the most powerful mob figure of this era; the boss of bosses who helped shape policy on a national level.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

I have always thought Texas would eventually end up in the Pac12. They need more viewers and since Tx would bring a lot, the Pac12 would ante up and give them a deal they couldn't say no to.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Yea, those typically don't have very good sushi. Also, a good thing to remember is that sushi means "on a bed of rice". Sushi does not have to mean raw fish, though it can. The shrimp and the eel is generally cooked. The tuna is raw, but very good. I recommend you go again and start with the California Rolls which will only have a little bit of roe (fish eggs). Or start with the shrimp roll, but either way, start easy and then head to more adventurous waters.

Comment 20 Mar 2016

If you read his biography you realize he was a big proponent of regulation. Standard Oil had the pockets to withstand any tax, labor dispute or regulation, which crushed his smaller competitor.