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Comment 23 Sep 2014

I look for VA to be added within the next 2 years, and either NC or Kan.

Comment 31 Aug 2014

I thought we played a good game. I was very disappointed in our o-line, but they were better in the 2nd half. I'm impressed our O returned 3 players from last year and still averaged 7.7 yds/ play, and 42.1 yds/possession. Navy averaged 34 pts/game last year, and I believe they will average more this year. We held a very good O to half of their average. That is very hard to do. MSU, last year had probably the best D in college football and they didn't do that against us. I liked the versatility of our team, and I applaud the coaches for being willing to use the player's talents.

I don't understand some of the Buckeye fans. They seem to watch the game looking for any possible things they can nitpick about. Then they come on the message boards trying to look all Cliff Clavin about what they they think they know. People, you don't look smart, or more knowledgeable. You look sorry and pathetic that you can't enjoy a good win. You must be a joy to watch the game with. Please keep the nitpicking to yourself or at the very least start your own thread, so we can avoid it.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

In the Jesse Owens photo at the top, the man who he beats might be Louis Zamperini. It certainly looks like him, and he did run track for SC in 1936.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I remember reading about 15 years ago Ohio State was trying to set up a small series with nd because of the hype from the 95-96 games. nd was only interested if it was a 10 game series and they got 6 home games and a neutral site game at Soldier Field. Hopefully nd is off their high horse.

Comment 26 Apr 2014

Don't you dare write anything negative about Joe's Program. This was the mentality for decades in Unhappy Valley. Everything needs to look 1960-perfect or else. It's why today, they are where they are, and why dozens of boys had their lives ruined. "For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men do nothing."

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Unfortunately, science and especially climate, is anything but non-political. As long as there are tax dollars tied to it there will plenty of BS.

Comment 03 Mar 2014

Yep, climate changes. It always has, and it always will. Shouldn't this post be on the politics board?