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Comment 8 hours ago

LSU was irrelevant before Saban and Miles did a great job keeping them strong. Here's hoping that they go through another 30 years of futility for their hubris on this move.

Comment 25 Sep 2016

I just don't see why it is a good time to do this now. You will lose any semblance of a recruiting class because everything is in flux and you have an interim coach with no ability to recruit as long as he has the interim tag. Secondly, the season is shot anyway, take 8-4 and let him ride off on one last tour.

To me this strikes as desperation and hubris down in Baton Rouge. They seem to forget to remember that prior to Saban arriving there, they had a good 20-25 years of mediocrity. Saban turned them into a power and Miles was able to keep them up.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

Houston is not really that good.

To be honest, no one outside Alabama is on Ohio State's level, there is a clear drop off from everyone else.

The biggest difference with OSU and Bama as compared to everyone else, is that there are no true superstars carrying them. They have a ton of very talented players and play team football. WHereas, all the other top teams (Clem, Lou, Hou, scum, etc.) have 2-3 difference makers on the team. If those people can be shut down, or even 1-2 of them, it changes the dynamic of their teams. If Louisville does not have their QB, they are pedestrian. If you take Barrett away from OSU, there is still enough talent around to be very good.

Comment 24 Aug 2016

Correct me if I am wrong for my lack of soccer knowledge but given 1) the Olympics just ended, 2) the next world cup is 3 years away, and 3) the Fall/winter tends to be the slowest time for US Soccer, I do not see how this suspension has much teeth to it.  Now getting terminated from the USWNT is something significant and it appears in Hope Solo style, she is going down swinging.

Comment 18 Aug 2016

Do you think urban may have some inside info on this given his sisters role? He could have made this statement years ago but did not. Plus, if Cincy gets in he will get a lot of credit for his words and perceived help when it may have already been a done deal practically. Plus, would he have made the statement if it appeared Cincy was in say uconn or east Carolina position?

Comment 17 Aug 2016

It was not 06-08 where this was felt but 10-12 where it was felt the most. There is a lagging effect in place. But I admit other factors were at play such as the Sandusky thing and rich rod contributed to the problem too

It hurt OSU because it was contributing to the narrative that the BIG was a poor conference. When the lower schools can't even make a bowl game for a sustained period; it hurts and when they lose to Mac teams it reinforces that narrative. That eventually trickles down to OSU because when you compete at the national level for recruits, you begin to hear the narrative about why you need to play in the sec or pac  or acc because that is where the best players go. It was where the top draft picks came from. A bad BIG will eventually hurt recruiting because the best want to play against the best. That trickle down did not reach OSUyet but if the big did not right the ship in 14&15 I think it very well could have 

Comment 16 Aug 2016

Cincy in the big east hurt osu much more tha you would think. Why you ask?  Certainly, the results on the field indicate osu was not affected but was affected was the perception of the Big ten at that time. When Cincy was doing well in the big east, the big ten was at its bottom. Osu was dominate, but the other programs in the big suffered and it brought the overall perception of the Big down. No longer was Cincy battling Miami and bowling green for recruits, they were now going head to head with Iowa and Sparty and Illinois. Look at how many bowls iu, Illinois, Purdue and Iowa played in during that time or how well they seemed to compete out of conference. It brought the whole conference down. Buckeye fans did not see it because they were still dominant, but the rest of the league suffered. 

If Cincy is in the Big 12 the bigger question is not whether they go head to head with osu, but if they harm the competition in the Big and dilute the overall Big product which indirectly harms the Buckeyes

Comment 11 Aug 2016

I agree his resume did not justify it and would never have been hired, but hypothetically, how would they have done if he were hired in the 80's as an outside the box coach?

Comment 09 Aug 2016

How about this scenario. Instead of hiring cooper in 88 what would it had been like if ohio state took a gamble on a young unproven Senator James Lee Tressel?

would he have brought national championships in the 90s to Ohio state or would it have been more of the same?

Comment 09 Aug 2016

Glen Mason would have been interesting. Ran an up tempo offense at Minnesota. He "gets" Ohio State which was more than we could say for Coop. He would have won in the game more than Coop, but I think Coop would have recruited better than Mason. I think Mason would have been more years of 8-3 but the talent level may not have been as good. Coop definitely helped to set the table for 2002, but I do not think he was that great of a coach.

Comment 09 Aug 2016

We finish 11-2. We lose to Michigan in a close game ruining our perfect year and national championship hopes (because that always happened under a Cooper coached team) or we lose to Purdue making the Michigan game meaningless. We then proceed to lose the bowl game because it is a letdown after we know we should be playing for something bigger (again a Coop coached team)

I thought he did a great thing by bringing in better talent and upgrading the talent during his time in Columbus but with all that talent to continually fall short is what was the most frustrating. I will take Earle Bruce coached teams at 8-4 with lesser talent than 10-2 Coop teams that underachieved any day of the week.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

to me there was nothing more special than watching the Game in the student section of the Big House, surrounded by a few hundred other scarlet and gray clad fans, all who bought tickets from enterprising scUM students who did not want to support their team, and as the clocked ticked down, and the scUM crowd thinned out, joining them to sing Carmen Ohio, as the team gathered at the other end of the field by the main Ohio State section. I experienced 4 games like this and 3 victories. The loss was a painful one, but it was still a fun time.

Also, one of the other highlights of travelling, was painting a giant Block O on the Wastenaw Rock in Ann Arbor.

Comment 01 Aug 2016

My all time list in no particular order

1) David Boston TD catch in the Rose Bowl

2) Holy Buckeye

3) Clarett Strip in the 2002 Championship

4) Cie Grant rushing Dorsey at the end of the game.

5) 85 yards through the heart of the south.

6) Troy Smith to Gonzo in 2005 game against TTUN. I was sitting in that endzone and that was one of the most amazing catches I have ever seen live. When he caught it we knew they would win.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I figured you would mention the Saban to Texas thing.

There is a big difference here. 1) Saban stayed at Bama because they were able to pony up the money. FSU is not in that league.

2) Texas and their ego can go after any coach or at least try. They felt they could get Urban if they really wanted too. While unrealistic, they have the resources to try and do what they want.

3) Athletic budget is only part of it. Remember, a lot of the money for these coaches comes from Alumni ponying up to help subsidize it. Texas and FSU are different worlds as far as alumni, endowment, etc. Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, scUM are all in the Texas realm. FSU is a tier below that. WHen it comes to money, FSU is a class below.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

Winning is not the main component here. FSU is on the second tier line for that reason. It is a very good school but not elite level like OSU, Texas, USC, Bama. FSU may have a better record in football over the last 25 years than some of those schools, and they have more national championships in FB than Texas, but that does not put them on their level. What separates OSU, Tex and USC, and even a school like Notre Dame from the others is the overall athletic department strength. FSU does not rise to that level, look at the ACC in general, they are behind the BIG, SEC, and even most Big 12 schools in athletic budgets. FSU lags on athletic budget behind those schools. Also, keep in mind, Jimbo was highly courted by Auburn a few years back. There was a lot of smoke to that fire. If FSU were a number 1 school, they would not have to worry about fending off the likes of Auburn for their coach. Auburn could never poach Saban, or Urbz or whomever is the Texas coach. They just don't have resources. That is why FSU is not a top tier school and never can/will be.

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I will say this about Cincinnati. If you look at their time in the BE, it coincided with the lowest point for the BIG. Ohio State fans did not really notice this because we were winning in Columbus and going to a BCS or Natty every year. However, if you think about it, The best years for Cincinnati were 2007-2012 on the field. The worst 5 year BIG stretch was 2009-2013.  Now Tatgate did play a role in this but also, Cincy's rise played a role too. Ohio State does not have to sweat, and neither does scUM anymore, but when Cincy was in CUSA and now the American, they competed for recruits against MAC and other CUSA teams and the bottom dregs of the BIG. They could steal a recruit from Purdue or Indiana but that was about it. When they went to the Big East, they were competing now against the mid level BIG team and doing battles with Wisconsin and Mich State for Ohio recruits. They got some, they lost some, but the quality in the BIG suffered at the time. Bottom line, it will definitely increase competition for Ohio recruits with many other schools in the BIG 12. It will not hurt Ohio State's product but will hurt the other BIG schools unless they get their recruiting to a new level and mine other fertile grounds.

I think it would be good to schedule Cincy every year as a Home & Home (with Cincy home at Paul Brown). This is a great way to get exposure for Ohio State in Cincy, get a quality opponent, and have a de-facto home game without having to give one up. No matter what, playing on the road in Cincy will still be 2/3 Ohio State fans in the stadium. It could develop into a good rivalry, smooth out any blips in OSU's scheduling, and allow the Bucks to compete better in the only area of Ohio where they do not own the recruiting. Cincy would love ot have OSU play down there, but the exposure it would give OSU in front of Cincy recruits could counteract the bump they would get locally by going to the Big 12.

Comment 20 Jul 2016

It doesn't. Texas is Texas. A program like Texas can take whomever they want essentially. There are about 4 schools who can claim this - Ohio State, Texas, Bama, and maybe USC. There are maybe another 5 schools who while they may not be able to name their coach, don't have to worry about them being poached to another school (ND, scUM, Florida, Clem (right now), and Oklahoma).

Otherwise, every other team is available for poaching. There is no rule to keep schools in the same conference from poaching coaches. This has happened in the ACC on more than one occasion in the last 10 years (I can think of O'Brien going to NC State from Boston College) 

Comment 20 Jul 2016

I think the additions will be cincy, Memphis Connecticut and either a  Florida school or Houston. The name of the game is getting in the right media markets and the most exposure for the team and conference. There are no good western markets to expand to  BYU is the only western school that would have any brand-name following and meet the academic requirements of the big 12. Therefore BYU will not get in. The big downside to the big 12 moving west is it with that encompass three time zones, and games in the mountain and Pacific zones  often start at 10:00 PM or later. Therefore they are not getting the eyeballs the games on the East Coast get. The TV money is significantly less. Just look at the pack 12 network for proof . Everything I've read indicates expansions going to be an eastern Reach. Therefore, look for schools that are east and central time zones, and do not create an island for travel expenses. Cincinnati in Memphis clearly that thi therefore, look for schools that are east and central time zones, and do not create an island for travel expenses. Cincinnati and Memphis clearly fit the best if they expand 12. If they get a 14, maybe the Florida schools become good options