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Comment 21 Feb 2017

I hate comparisons like this. Academics don't like it because of jealousy, but Yes, The football coach is more important than University President. The football coach is responsible for raising more money for all areas of the university than the president is or does. Yes, they raise a ton for athletics, but they do so much more. Urban does a ton for academics too. Just think how much harder Michael Drake's job would be to get alumni donations without Urbs bringing good press to the school. Imagine how much money is donated by wining and dining donors at football games, pep rallies, bball games, etc. Yes, you have Wexner who gave a ton of money to the university, but athletics has helped with those donations immensely over the years. So when people complain about people's priorities being misplaced between academia and sports, they need to get a life because sports helps drive academics.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

It was more for recruiting purposes. I don't think any high school kid today knows who Kent Graham or Tom Tupa are. The only reason why Herbie is there (and I personally love Herbie, but he was far from a great QB) is because these recruits watch Gameday and recognize his name and face on Gameday.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Watching the game, I felt Bama reminded me so much of Ohio State with a slow offense that was fairly one dimension and stout defense. Bama D was not much better than what OSU presented but their Offense moved the ball better or Clemson did not play as tough.

Clemson peaked at the right time. They were not a playoff team early in the season but they turned it on at the end. Kudos to them.

OSU Bama would have been a BIG slugfest if they had a chance to meet. I would have liked our odds better in that game then Clemson

Deshaun is a difference maker and showed it. Very few college QB's can place a ball like he did. I hope he enjoys his time in Cleveland next year.

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I follow the Buckeye Commandments and Commandment #3 states - Thou shall not speak negatively about Tress.

That being said, it is a completely different era now. Tress coached before 4-5 star athletes became a huge thing and before social media and twitter. Meyer understands the power of that and excels in this area. Tress developed local talent but often took longer but Meyer prefers the top athletes around. There is nothing wrong with Meyers approach because with top 5 recruiting classes each year, they just keep reloading on talent. Tress could not do this because the talent was not strong enough back then, it needed development.

I think for programs like OSU and Bama, gone are the days where they cannot contend for the playoff EVERY YEAR.

Comment 23 Dec 2016

Yes - because it does not afford due process to the accused. Reading through the report, I see someone who consented but regretted it later. There were things that happened she did not like but she consented to it. She also did not have recollection of all the players but it appears the title ix office is trying to rope them in. 

Not saying I approve of the players behavior but, that does not mean they deserve to have their right to defend themselves stripped from them

Comment 23 Dec 2016

You don't become a graduate transfer if you are the starting QB at Ohio state. Anywhere else is a step back. 

Graduate transfers aee are backups looking for more playing time or someone who is good looking to get more exposure at a top program. 

The only way JT is leaving is if he is going pro

Comment 22 Dec 2016

I am bitterly disappointed in the law enforcement officials tonight. Bitterly disappointed. There were no Buckeyes arrested and the officials only picked on my players for their wrong actions. Bitterly disappointed 

Comment 14 Dec 2016

Dabo understands that some recruits need toys like a slide to want to play football in the middle of nowhere SC.

Of course there are many elite recruits who don't need stupid gimmicks like this. They are called Buckeyes

Comment 02 Dec 2016

The one year was because the bucks were ineligible otherwise it would have been us. Remember for the first three years they were in our division 

Comment 02 Dec 2016

The trend I find interesting is that since its inception, the BIG title game has featured either Bucky or Sparty or both every season.

Comment 30 Nov 2016

I would pull for Bama in a heartbeat and be singing Roll Tide all the way. Michigan had their chance. Besides, I want a crack at Bama and to be able to knock them off. I hate the Tide but it would be much better to be the one's to knock them off instead of Michigan.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I want to cut him some slack here. I remember in 98 rushing the field after the game and there was a fan in front of me who was smarting off to a scUM player as he was trying to walk off the field. That player delivered an elbow to the face knocking him down. I cant say the fan did not deserve it. To Peppers defense, he was coming off an intense game, and had not had a chance to even process the disappointment when he was confronted by a bunch of fans. Also, he is living under the microscope as a 20 year old. Lets cut him a bit of a break here.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

I am not saying I believe PSU will jump OSU, only that I would not be surprised to see it happen.

You see, we do not know how the committee's protocol will play out. Yes, we have the written protocol, but there is soooo much gray area in there on how you interpret it that until they set the precedent. They have not had to deal with yet so we do not know for certain how their exact thought process.

The best example was 2014 when they demonstrated that SOS meant something and head to head meant something. It also said that the 13th datapoint of a conference champion was something that separated Ohio State from TCU/Baylor (whom for most of the season looked better on paper). It was after that year that conferences implemented a mandatory P5 opponent on their schedule, Big 12 went to a championship with 10 teams, etc. The precedent was set.

So before you can be so sure of how 12 people will think in the room on some vaguely worded criteria, wait until the committee establishes a precedent first.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I never said Ohio State was not the better team. If they play 10 times, OSU wins 9 and the one loss is because of a fluke play. That is what happened this year.

That being said, I feel PSU gets in because they will have a 13th data point over a top 6 team in Wisky. OSU does not have that data point. While we are 5 spots ahead of them now. They will close the gap considerably if they win and this is where it gets interesting. Now the SOS evens out quite a bit. So the big question then becomes whether a conference championship is worth an extra point in the evaluation. If you get extra credit for a conference championship, it would put them over the top (which is what the committee still has not clarified) It is different than say Va Tech winning the ACC because even with the extra credit of a conference championship, it is still not enough to put them over Ohio State.

That is why I feel PSU may jump us. It is not putting OSU down, it is just trying to interpret what the committee may think and reason. I hope it does not happen. Heck I hope Clemson and Washington Lose and we have 2 BIG teams in the playoff.

Comment 27 Nov 2016

Penn state gets in ahead of us because they won head to head. Conference championships are not the be all end all but carry considerable weight. If they win, they get a win over a top 6 team and that helps their sos immensely. It is much stronger statement than say Clemson beating va tech who does nothing for their sos. 

That alone would tilt things in pen st favor. Plus I think the committee will say ohio state had its shot at pen state and lost. It would be a stronger argument for Ohio State if penn state was in the west and there was no head to head yet. 

Bottom line is we need wi to win or hope for chaos in the other games, especially with va tech

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Was not old enough to remember 77 but it also reminded me a lot of 86 and 96. 

86 because we dominated the first half and even 4th quarters but lost it in the third. 

96 because we should have won but for the slip heard round the world. That would have been a national championship year too