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Comment 17 Sep 2014

The SEC was good, but the BIG was at least on-par competitive with them. Also Penn State in 94 could have merited consideration for a split NC that year but was left out.  The SEC was always good, the BIG has fallen off. The question is why and what can be done about it??

Part of this is cyclical, The PAC 12 was a joke for a good number of years before USC started bringing it back to prominence, The ACC powers had down years (although on the whole, I still say the ACC is a joke) The BIG will eventually right the ship. Just hope it is in time when people still care.

Comment 16 Sep 2014

How do the bottom feeders get better. Wins are nice but the players come to play against the best.

1) do what Notre Dame did to build their brand, play anyone, anywhere. F*%k the whole 7 home game mantra, if the big boys wont do home and home, go to them. Win a few and people will start coming to you. Nobody wants to see BIG teams beat up on the MAC or the Southern Conferences of the World. Play only P5 teams. The recruits want to play against top competition, if you recruit that we only play against the top 50 schools in the country, it will resonate with the recruit. Look at what Kentucky is selling. Come here, get your a$$ kicked but you get to play against Florida, Georgia and Tennessee every year.

2) Tap into untapped markets, find talent where others are not fishing. CA is a good example of this. Go to Canada even Europe or Mexico. The players may need developing but you can find a couple athletes up there who can be developed with a redshirt year who will produce for you. Eventually everyone else will catch up but if you are the first one, it gives you a competitive advantage. Again look to the SEC on this. THey did not become the premier conference because they are near the talent, they found and developed that talent like anyone else. That talent was there prior to 2006, it just went to FSU, Miami, and other programs. SEC schools figured out how to tap into the untapped market there while the other schools were down.

3) Develop talent. There are only so many 4-5 star recruits. One of the things BIG Schools did best was develop talent. Now they are doing a poor job at that. Iowa and Minnesota always struggled on the talent end, but they developed it well. Wisconsin is a perfect example of this. For some reason that talent development is lacking so not only are the BIG schools landing MAC talent, they are not developing them into BIG level talent. Hire coaches, trainers, and invest in the program to develop talent to bridge the gap.

4) take coaching risks and think outside the box. Why did Purdue get good in the late 90's? JOE TILLER. Tiller brought the spread to the BIG. No other team was doing that. They were novel and went from a joke to a contender. Schools like this cant win unless they start thinking outside the box. Look at the U under Schnellenberger, he tapped an untapped market and brought them to prominence. What the hell had Oregon ever done in football before 2005? Besides an occasional Rose Bowl, the program was a joke and a whipping boy in the PAC for decades until around the early 2000's. Heck even Urban Meyer made his name by thinking outside the box and doing the spread before everyone else was doing it. At Ohio State, Michigan, Bama, Auburn and USC, you can win by the tried and true formula, all the other schools have to get creative.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Yawn - I am tired of scheduling second rate teams. We already play our share of MAC schools.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Both schools have new QB's and Lou lost a lot on offense especially with Bridgewater leaving. This is a rebuilding year by their standards. MIA may have a new QB but are supposed to be loaded at the skill positions. This just shows how weak the ACC is and outside of FSU, you cant tell a difference between the ACC and AAC when looking at the other schools in the conference.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Is Louisville that good or Miami that bad. I tend to think Miami is pretty bad. I bet they lose to Cincinnati this year. They are not the U of the 80's and 90's and early 2000's. They are now just a poor man's Michigan

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I do not have a problem with schools charging a token amount for tickets (say $10 a game per student) but yes, have a lottery, offer them first come first serve. Camp out in front of the ticket office like they do at Penn State. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. It will build loyalty, camaraderie and in the long run generate more money in donations from alumni than it does overcharging students for the tickets now. I am not old enough but I would wager that OSU had free student tickets in the 60's and 70's maybe even in the 80's for a bit. I could be wrong though

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Don't hate because students get free tickets. With the cost of college, students should get free admission to the game with their Student ID. It is a shame that UM gouges their students with ever increasing ticket prices. OSU is trending this way too. Isn't it enough to charge $30,000 a year to attend the school? Plus that free ticket may engender a much higher level of support down the line from alums. In reality more schools should be doing this for their students.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

I have to admit I am not a Blue Jacket fan, and do not cheer for them. I have nothing against them but I grew up before there was such a team so I had to adopt the Red Wings and Penguins as my teams due to proximity. When I go to games, I try and catch those teams because that is who I grew up rooting for. The Jackets have done nothing to inspire me so in their 14 year tenure so it is hard to embrace them even though I have always lived in Ohio. I hope that can change someday but right now my allegiance lies with the Penguins and Wings.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

She suffered the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse

Comment 15 Aug 2014

I would break this into 2 components.  First there are the teams I want to see the Bucks play period anytime and anywhere and the second component are teams that I would pay to watch in the Shoe but not necessarily a top tier opponent.

in the first category I list: Alabama, Texas, LSU and Florida - These programs are often the top as far as passion of the fans and the excitement surrounding a matchup between the fan bases and media. I would watch these games wherever and a neutral site is fine with me.

In the Second Category I place - West Virginia, Kentucky, Arizona, Boise, Cincinnati, K-State, Virginia, GA Techs of the world. They are nice programs who typically never rise above the mid-tier but put a quality product on the field. These are teams that typically will not beat OSU, but can play them competitive so it can make a compelling game. They also can compete against good competition and help the SOS. I would not play these teams on a home and home ever, They need to come to Columbus, but I would rather watch these teams over MAC schools any day 

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Pathetic. Oregon State and UNLV are a step down from UNC. A minor step  but a step none the less. It needs to be mandated that you play one non P5 school and the rest of them must be P5 schools. This is pathetic. I am sick of seeing non-con schedules of 3 MAC schools and a 1AA school (ok that is TSUN schedule) but even 2 MAC schools and a mid level ACC school is not that exciting either.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

The athletic department is listening. They cancelled the Home and Home series with UNC because of the travel costs it would place on the fans. Instead, they are replacing UNC on the schedule with home games against UNC Charlotte and UNC Asheville. This way, OSU fans can enjoy watching their team at home while still being able to play against a team from Carolina. It will be the best of both worlds and with 2 other Carolina teams coming to Columbus, it will almost be as if UNC was there. (Another consolation, UNC Charlotte will probably be better in football than UNC by that point with the way UNC's program is going)

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I really don't have much of a stake into how the situation plays out but after watching the interviews, I thought Savannah Guthrie treated him very poorly and is nothing but a hack reporter and should go back to the courtroom. She should be ashamed at her interview. The GMA interview was much more respectful

Comment 28 Jul 2014

To add to your point, ALL SEC schools are in small college towns where you get that groupthink and the hate will feed off each other. Even the one's who have NFL teams in the state are not near the college town. In the BIG, you have Chicago, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor which is essentially a Detroit suburb, Maryland and  Rutgers, which all have NFL teams. In the SEC, Nashville and Baton Rouge are all hours away from the nearest SEC school (save Vanderbilt but they draw like Indiana) Florida is 3 hours from Tampa, Athens is 90 minutes from Atlanta. These schools are islands which is why you see the level of hate you have in the SEC. ---- Using Vandy as an example. Pro football town, stadium the size of Indiana, and they rarely even fill it. Why, because they are nto the only game in town in Nashville, and there is a diverse population that is into other things besides college football. Plus Vandy alums tend to be a little more cultured.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

Growing up in Cincinnati, I always attributed UK football to the same level as Akron Football. Competing for the same type of players and really a disinterested fan base. As I grew, I learn they more fit the profile of Cincinnati football. A basketball school that plays football and has bandwagon fans in a good year, but I say that Cincinnati has better football fans on the whole. I had the opportunity to go to a couple UK games a few years ago though, and UK football is more like a bunch of tailgaters who meet for the game but never actually make it in the stadium. I remember watching Florida come to town to play and the stands are half empty. Yes, UK stunk but Florida still had Chris Rainey and a high powered offense.  I went to a few additional games as well and the fan base really could not care. It was just something to do, and the game was less important than the tailgate.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Why not - What is the key in NCAA scheduling. Wins and Quality Losses. You can lose in basketball as long as you lose to the right teams. A loss to Cincinnati, Xavier and Dayton are good losses because all those teams have a high RPI. It is the difference between a 11-12 loss team getting in to the NCAA tourney and a 6 loss team getting in. Also, it will create exciting basketball for recruits and fans alike, and much better than watching OSU against Gardner Webb or Wofford.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

In an ideal world home and home is the preferable way. But if it means playing 4 MAC teams at home or playing a group of quality, interesting teams on a neutral site, I would choose the neutral site. Unfortunately, it is the new reality. As a paying fan who does not live in Columbus, I will not drive for a game I feel is not a compelling matchup. Tickets are expensive enough, why waste my money on the likes of BGSU and Florida A&M. I know the BIG slate is not too compelling either, but I would rather sit and watch Indiana any day over a MAC team. 

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Home game against Miami of Ohio or some other MAC School OR a neutral site game against LSU, Bama, Auburn, Clemson, FSU, Tex, etc. I would take the neutral site game any day. While it is a 2 hour drive for me to go to Columbus, I would drive or fly to a neutral site game against a premier opponent than go to the shoe to see the Bucks dominate a pathetic school from the MAC. If I am going to travel I want to see a decent opponent.

One of the best games I saw in the Shoe was the 2003 game against NC State. I would not call them a powerhouse but they were a decent opponent from a P5 conference. It was worth paying for that game. Va Tech this year will be the same. I will even say Cincinnati is a decent ticket to go to. Other than that, the rest of the non-conference schedule is not worth the money or my time. I would not go to those games even if people game me their tickets (well maybe Navy).

Point being, and this is what Michigan so sadly misses. They schedule cupcakes that the fan base has no interest in seeing and wonder why no one shows up. While the TV money has gone up considerably, the product on the field is being diluted considerably.  My wife went to Notre Dame in the mid 1990's and looking through her old yearbooks, the ND football team played only BCS caliber teams plus the service academies. Now they play MAC schools and low level ACC schools as part of their schedule.  This is a national trend and needs to stop for the good of the game. 

Comment 14 Jul 2014

I could care less about the tradition. I think Brandon should do what it takes to fill the place but Fireworks?? c'mon. As I mentioned earlier, if the real problem they have at Michigan is the lack of student ticket sales, how will fireworks change this. The students pretty much live in the area and can see the firework show from their front porch. They can be a free rider here. It just seems that Brandon is throwing darts and while he has identified the problem, he is clueless in how to fix it. For the price they are spending on fireworks, maybe they should lower student ticket prices or offer a contest to students to win a semester of free tuition if they are present at the game. I am not saying I have the answers but these are still better than fireworks.