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Comment 23 May 2017

To your point, yes practically speaking it makes no sense for a recruit to pick uc over osu, but recruiting is a personal thing and in that recruits mind it makes that is what he wants. Don't fault him for it. We are not making the decision he is, and one or two make pick uc for their own personal reasons. 

If fickells son turns into a 5 star prospect, would you fault him if he stays in cincy to play for his dad as opposed to Columbus? I still see him going to Cumbus but you never truly know

Comment 23 May 2017

Never say never. Unlikely yes. If it is for an Ohio recruit I say pretty much never. However, Cincinnati kids are unique and have a strong allegiance to the home team. Things are similar in Louisville too. Could the top player in Ohio choose UC of OSU? Absolutely, If the kids is from Cincy and went to a Cincy high school, they most certainly could elect to stay home (even if it is illogical). The Ohio State pull in Cincy is not as strong as other parts of the state, and there is a very strong Notre Dame pull too. So most definitely can I see a chance where Cincy beats OSU for a top recruit (not often) someday. Hell Houston got Ed Oliver to go there over other top schools, so never say never.

Comment 17 May 2017

Been a buckeye fan since 1986. The nadir of my Buckeye experience was 1988 and 89. Coops first 2 years. When you see a team that is always ranked nationally fall to that level, it was painful to watch. The string of second tier bowl games and losing in them added additional insult to injury. It was not until 1996 that things got better, albeit minimally, and then we were finally rescued and restored to greatness once Senator Tressel took the helm. It pretty much has only been up from there, outside of the blip from 2011

Comment 10 May 2017

Meyer will just move up his recruiting deadline from Feb to December. Put the press on people to sign and lock up the class 2 months earlier and get committed pledges to flip a couple of months earlier. Even with Stellar senior years, OSU will get in the game late and if they have to cut a few top players who may fall out of grace or have a bad senior year (i.e. the RB from NJ a couple years ago who ended up in MI). Urban will still be able to flip his recruits, it will just give the ones who get cut a little longer to scramble. 

I think the biggest fallout on this is going to be with the kids. Instead of giving them more time to make their decision, and to take some time after football and the All Star games are complete to make their announcements, it makes them make their decision much sooner and they may make that critical mistake. By end of December, the coaching carousel has not finished moving yet, and kids could sign with a program that completely changes direction a week later.

OSU will be fine and still thrive. I think the benefits lesser schools are hoping come from this change will not come to fruition.

Comment 23 Apr 2017

Agreed, I don't think MSU takes much blame for Nasser. His scandal is much bigger than anything he did at MSU. USA gymnastics gets a bigger black eye.

Comment 17 Apr 2017

Being an Ohio State fan has left you confused. That is not a photo of Miami's Spring game, it is a photo of their best attended ACC game last year.

Comment 05 Apr 2017

There have been head to head battles before, Xavier and Dayton have won. Not for 5 star recruits but head to head battles. But I don't see OSU getting many 5 stars lately so it is a moot point I guess

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Look at the playing field. In football, Ohio State looms highest above all. There are maybe ten programs who have the nationwide reach of the Bucks. In basketball it is much different. Schools like UD and Xavier have access to similar resources that Ohio State has and not having to support football allows them to invest more heavily into the bball programs. There are some intangible differences at schools like that, which Ohio State cannot compete with.

Facilitywise, the Schott is a nice arena, but so is UD Arena and Cintas Center. In fact, it can be argued that the smaller size of those arenas creates a more intimate feel for the college athlete which may appeal to someone. In addition, if you wonder why a 5* player could pick XU or UD over Ohio State, there are other intangibles too. Take the lack of football. When you go to UD or XU or Butler, Villanova, you are the BMOC. At Ohio State, even Greg Oden was overshadowed by Troy Smith. Hell, even Lebron would have played second fiddle to anyone on the football team if he went to Ohio State. For some of these big ego players, that means something. Look at all the basketball powers out there and how they do in football and vice versa. Typically, football schools are not as successful for a reason. Florida, OSU, Michigan are some rare examples of being able to have success at both ends.

So, I don't think it is as easy to say that OSU it the biggest and has most resources so it should dominate basketball the same way it does In football. There are more recruiting intangibles at play in basketball.

Comment 20 Mar 2017

Does Ohio State have the brand?? In football, no question. In basketball, it is debatable.

For much of the last 25 years, Cincy had a bigger brand in bball than Ohio State. I remember living in Cleveland and Cincy basketball was bigger than OSU at the time. Xavier and Dayton have also developed niche brands in the state too. In football, Ohio State dominates all corners of the state except maybe the Cincy area. In basketball, Dayton is UD first, Cincy is UC, XU, UK first. Cleveland is pretty fair weather on college basketball on the whole. So, I do not think OSU basketball is the brand that it is in football. if anything it rides on football's coattails to get there.

Comment 13 Mar 2017

It is interesting how football recruiting in the state has changed. It seems that more and more of the higher level prospects are coming from the Cincy and Columbus area now whereas up until the 2000's the top talent in Ohio was in the Northeast and East part of the state.  For so long, when the NE Ohio schools dominated state championships in football, it was all about their brute size over the Cincy, Cbus kids speed and athleticism. Now it seems like the Cbus and Cincy kids are winning more and more state titles with faster athletes.

At least this was my opinion based on cursory evidence.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

I hate comparisons like this. Academics don't like it because of jealousy, but Yes, The football coach is more important than University President. The football coach is responsible for raising more money for all areas of the university than the president is or does. Yes, they raise a ton for athletics, but they do so much more. Urban does a ton for academics too. Just think how much harder Michael Drake's job would be to get alumni donations without Urbs bringing good press to the school. Imagine how much money is donated by wining and dining donors at football games, pep rallies, bball games, etc. Yes, you have Wexner who gave a ton of money to the university, but athletics has helped with those donations immensely over the years. So when people complain about people's priorities being misplaced between academia and sports, they need to get a life because sports helps drive academics.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

It was more for recruiting purposes. I don't think any high school kid today knows who Kent Graham or Tom Tupa are. The only reason why Herbie is there (and I personally love Herbie, but he was far from a great QB) is because these recruits watch Gameday and recognize his name and face on Gameday.