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Comment 20 hours ago

I agree, it is too early to place the blame squarely on Beck.

First - We all forgot 2012, Yes we were undefeated but we had a lousy pass offense that year and relied heavily on the run, especially Braxton. It was the first year the staff was together and it takes time for the coaches to gel. You have to remember there are 2 new offensive coaches this year and cohesiveness has been an issue. IF things are the same next year, then yes, Beck needs to go.

ALso, when Beck was at Nebraska, the offense his first year was no where near as effective as it was the last year he was there.

Finally, remember the D back in 2013, when everyone wanted Fickell's head on a platter. They figured it out. Let's let Beck have an opportunity too.

Comment 26 Nov 2015

I don't see inch getting in because of their schedule with two fbs teams. Winnin your conference is great but your schedule is worse than Baylor. I still see Clemson taking a spot even with a ccg loss because they have 13 data points. 12-1>11-1

Best we can hope for is bama losing in iron bowl, ole miss winning sec. No sec team gets in and no pax team gets in if Stanford loses pac championship. Then we have Sparty Clemson and big 12 champ. The last spot would go to either a one loss osu, 2 loss bama at 10-2, 3 loss Stanford or Baylor if they do not win big 12.

i like our chances there because no 3 loss team will trump a one loss osu, baylor does not have the schedule and is not the same without Russell at qb.  Bama is a two loss team that did not win their conference and the sec is not as vaulted as they have been in the past

Comment 25 Nov 2015

The big difference between the Big 12 this year and last year is that the committee prefers conference champions. Last year the decision was Ohio State BIG champs vs Baylor or TCU Big 12 champs. This year Ohio State, non BIG champ vs Big 12 Champ with one loss. Secondly, being BIG champs, Ohio State had a 13th Data point. By not being a champ, they will not have that 13th data point. It makes the argument closer, and preference is to champs which is why OK State or OU would have an edge.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

It was the last time I was at the game in person.

we were sitting in the end zone when that happened. When santonio scored on the prior drive we knew they were going to win it. You could see Troy come alive that drive and nothing was going to stop him. when gonzo caught that ball it was the most amazing catch I saw live. What a great game

Comment 25 Nov 2015

If MSU wins out, the only path to the playoffs I see would be pure chaos.

ND would need to lose to Stanford and Stanford would need to lose in Pac Championship.

OU loses Bedlam and Baylor wins Big 12. Baylor's weak SOS would hurt them and you have 2 similarly comparable one loss teams, so it is a judgement call there.

I would then say either Clemson loses to UNC as a one loss OSU would trump one loss UNC. The question is whether one loss Clemson trumps OSU? I do not think so IF Notre Dame loses to Stanford and would drop below Michigan.

Add the element of Bama losing and then Ole Miss winning the Soo Easy Conference West - Then win SEC championship. THen who gets in?  One loss Sparty is a lock, One loss Baylor as Big 12 champ. Then you have to decide who gets last 2 spots, it wont be a 3 loss PAC team, it wont be 2 loss Notre Dame. IMO it would be between 1 loss Clem, 1 Loss OSU, 2 Loss Bama, none who won their conference championship. I would say you have to put Clem in because they have highest winning % 12-1 v 11-1 or 11-2. Then do you take 2 BIG teams or 1 SEC team who did not win their division? You almost have to take the Bucks if only because they won it last year and all things being equal, shouldn't they get a chance to defend (if all things being equal it can be the last tie breaker)

Comment 25 Nov 2015

2006 was by far the best. The thing about 2006 was that is was the year I feel we exorcised our demons and was no longer intimated by TTUN no matter how they were ranked. In prior years we were ranked significantly higher or lower and either were expected to win or pull off a major upset. 2006 all the pressure was on Ohio State and they showed up and won.

2001 and 2002 were the next on the list. 2001 because Tressell called his shot, and I was there in AA to see it. We even painted the rock on Washentaw in AA with a big block O and it was still that way the next day as people walked to the game. Plus for once, we ruined TTUN's chances at getting a tie in the Big Ten after so many times they ruined our chances

2002 was great because of the National Championship

2005 is also up there too because of Troy and Gonzo's catch.

Sad to say, I don't have any good memories of games in the 80s and 90s. I was at the game in 98 but that was a bit of a letdown after dropping the game to an unheralded Sparty a few weeks prior and missing out on the Rose Bowl.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Baylor does not get a free pass. People crack on their OOC schedule every week. The ESPN guys defend OSU's schedule by comparing it to Baylor saying at least OSU scheduled a P5 team that was historically good when they were scheduled.

9 conference games should help in the future. I wish we would schedule an Okalhoma type school every year and then a Tennessee or North Carolina in the same season. That way it would be super tough if both are doing well but the odds both suck and are in a down period are remote.  1 MAC team a season is plenty.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

FWIW, Ohio State would never travel to Houston to play Rice. So I guess you can give props to Baylor for scheduling that one. Rice football used to be a dominant school. Back in the day they went head to head with Univ of Chicago in football battles. So again props to Baylor.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

If we are going to lose I hoped it would be to sparty.

1) it would hurt scum chances to win the division 

2) they could not ruin our title hopes next week if we lost up there

3) I would die if scum were in the playoffs

4) I at least respect Sparty and like Dino for everything he did with the Bucks

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Maybe it was something to the photo with Clinton yesterday. I am not sure if there could be some NCAA issue given his influential status.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

I am not yet writing them off. I believe there is going to be mass chaos in the last two weeks. I hope we are not part of it. However I think inch will beat Clemson in the acc championship, I see no undefeated big 12 team and our losing bedlam. I can see Bama losing the iron bowl, but winning the sec still.  I think there will be two obvious teams in and the last two will be a giant cluster like in 2007

Comment 11 Nov 2015

I want Bama and I want them in the first round for 3 reasons. 1) I want the Soo Easy Conference to be shut out of the championship game for the 2nd year in a row. 2) I don't trust other teams to do our dirty work and 3) I want to own Bama when we are done so Bama fan cant consider 2014 a fluke.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

wont automatically get it down to a lower charge, you are correct on that, however, practically speaking, without the breathalyzer the evidence is usually not there to show the driver was drunk. There may be other evidence that is circumstantial, but if you don't blow and don't do a field sobriety test, it is pretty difficult to prove.

You are better off losing your license for a year, then getting the charges plead down and getting your license back.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I got busted for purchasing under age with the intent to consume. It was treated the same way as DUI (at least at that time) and using a Fake ID to do so. - I went to MADD meetings, paid a fine, etc. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth the whole process. While I knowingly disregarded the law, I got caught and paid for my actions (not mistake). I did not get another fake ID again but it did not stop me from drinking. It did not stop me from going bars, etc. I just was more careful to ensure I would not get caught. That is all it did.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

Unfortunately, OVI rules have gotten really out of hand. You have always been killed by insurance rates skyrocketing. That alone is worse than any fine or legal sanctions you get, but the problem is that DUI laws are now not to protect people from drunk drivers but rather trying to essentially backdoor prohibition (IMO). If you look at the accidents where alcohol is an issue or accidents where people are severely hurt or injured by a drunk driver or the driver hurts himself/herself they are often the people driving well over .1 and .15. Often times they are habitual offenders. The people who get nabbed on the low end like JT are the casual folks who did not realize they were over and certainly would not knowingly drink to the point of severe impairment and still drive. The majority who get pinched are like this. I just wish there was a little more leniency  at this end of the spectrum.

Comment 03 Nov 2015

First, I was not driving so the only person harmed by my actions was me. The only harm done was to my pocketbook. While illegal, I do not find underage drinking to be morally wrong. I separate the moral aspect and the legal aspect. There are many things that may be illegal but that does not mean they are immoral and don't make you a bad person, just that if you get caught you must pay for your actions. In this case, I accepted full responsibility for my actions, I had no one to blame but myself and dealt with the issue on my own. So I don't know what lesson you expect me to take for it other than, I broke the law, I paid the consequences and I owned up to it. Do I agree with the law? I do not, I still don't. I respect the law to the fact that if I break it I suffer the consequences, but from a moral standpoint it does not reflect on me as a person nor does it reflect on JT as a person. Just because he broke the law does not mean he is a drunk, or even a bad person, just that he broke the law.