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Comment 01 Jul 2015

This article has nothing to do with the SEC and borders on the quasi political realm. It is really not appropriate for this blog.

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Tennessee has at least been willing to schedule decent non-con opponents in the past. They went to OU last year, I remember them going to Notre Dame 10 years ago and going to Cal not too long ago.  Of all the SEC teams, I am willing to give them a pass for at least doing decent on scheduling.   Georgia and Auburn get honorable mention but they still typically are not travelling outside of their footprint to do so.

Comment 22 Jun 2015

I love watching the Bucks and I love going to games in the Shoe, but when given the choice to bake in the sun and see them slaughter FL A&M for $80 or watch a competitive game of someone else on TV, I no longer waste my time going to see the Bucks. Hell, I don't even watch these games on TV anymore (I do flip back and forth some).

Why do we watch sports? It is the competition. If we know the outcome before the game where is the thrill in that. There is a bit of a thrill watching OSU play an overmatched BIG team because anything can still happen. In a game with FL A&M the only thing that is unknown is how bad the final score will be.  Life is too short to watch that crap

Comment 21 Jun 2015

I remember the Michigan game that year. We were in the student section counting on going 3 for 3 under Tress and the team just looked flat that day. It was not as if Michigan was that much better, but the Bucks looked flat and off that day. I remember sitting in the student section being spit on and having things thrown at us for wearing buckeye gear just hoping for a win to have the chance to play LSU in the Sugar Bowl. Alas it did not happen that day, but it was a great season and it was great seeing them throttle K State in the Fiesta that year .

Comment 14 Jun 2015

No, because

1) Urban will not coach long enough to equal Woody's Tenure. He may get as many wins or have a higher winning % than Woody though

2) If he gets more than 3 more Nat Championships, maybe but....

3) Woody was a far more iconic legend even off the football field. I was not around to ever see him coach, but he had a lore about him that was above life. Woody was a celebrity in a way, at a time where the coach was not a celebrity. Urban has come of age at a different time where the coach is the center of the team, and the coaches personality does not affect an entire state the way Woodys personality did in Ohio. Now, granted, I may change my opinion if Urban is at Ohio State another 20 years but I think the fact that the times are different and the game is different relegates Woody to legendary lore.

Comment 12 Jun 2015

As far as flavors go Jeni's offer a unique flavor combination, but as far as richness and quality, Graeters is far superior. I like Jeni's but it almost reminds me of more of a Ben and Jerry's style. If I want a regular chocolate chip or vanilla or a black raspberry chip, or even the choc & Peanut butter, Graeters cant be beat. If I want an exotic flavor, that Graeters will not produce, then Jeni's is the place to be.

Comment 11 Jun 2015

This is an easy question to answer. You want to cheer for the team that has proven success and either won the most championships or competed for the most championships in your lifetime. In baseball, it is easily the Reds. You remember them winning, you were alive to remember the Big Red Machine and the dominant team from 1990. Unless you are retired, I don't think you can say that about the Indians. Therefore, you have to go with the Reds, just because of the success factor.

Football is a bit more complicated because both teams have been total train wrecks for a good portion of their history. I still say you have to go with the Bengals because of the 2 Super Bowls and the fact that they are currently in better position to compete for a championship than the Browns. Up until the mid 90's I would have said you had to go with the Browns but the last 15 years have swayed toward the Bengals (not because of anything the Bengals have done, but namely because the Browns franchise has been such a train wreck).

This should make your decision easy. Basketball is easy because the Cavs are Ohio's team. Hockey - Well, you need to go with the Red Wings obviously because the Penguins are from Pittsburgh and everything Pittsburgh sucks

Comment 11 Jun 2015

The 96 D was in a long line of dominant D's OSU had. Starting with the Big Daddy years in the early 90s. I loved the 96 team with Vrabel and Springs and Greg Bellesari. The only problem with the 96 D was that Springs slipped when it mattered most, otherwise they would have been celebrating a national championship too.

Pretty much the D from 93-98 was a force in those years. I still would give it to the 2002 team because those Cooper teams had dominant offenses too (Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Boston, Eddie George, etc) whereas the 2002 team relied so much on the Defense to carry the load.  

Comment 11 Jun 2015

The big difference between Sparty and TTUN or any other BIG team is that if the Bucks don't win the BIG every year (and realistically there will be an off year every now and then) then I want Sparty to win it. They are a blue collar team that is not pretentious and they understand the value of Ohio to the BIG. Plus Dino is their coach and I will always be fond of Dino because he was the coach of the greatest D that Ohio State ever fielded in the 2002 championship game.

Comment 10 Jun 2015

That is great, I was just commenting on how when I was in Cleveland in the 1990s during Frateillo's years at the helm, the Browns were more popular than the Cavs and the Browns were not even around during that period. People seemed more interested in UC, Xavier and Ohio State basketball than the Cavs during that period because they played boring basketball. I am glad that things have changed. I have been to a few Cavs games, both before Lebron and after Lebron, and it is amazing the difference (not just in win loss but in fan passion)

Comment 10 Jun 2015

I live in Cincy, I have lived in Cleveland too. Pretty much the NBA is a yawn. After March Madness people don't care about basketball. It is all about baseball season at that time. The Cavs in the finals are pretty much a yawn in Cincy. Of course when I lived in Cleveland, the Cavs were a yawn in Cleveland too.

Comment 05 Jun 2015

1) they have already awarded the 2022 cup, they are not going to take it away.

2) Giving it to the US after the DOJ indictment is akin to a shakedown. Would not set good precedent, otherwise every world government would do that when their country gets screwed.

3) The reason for the shakeup at FIFA has little to do with the DOJ but much more to do with unhappy European countries who hold the financial power but not the voting power to get him out. There was threat that much of Europe would boycott the world cup which is why Blatter stepped down.

Comment 04 Jun 2015

Too bad US is probably not getting a world cup anytime soon as long as the DOJ case is still out there. I don't think FIFA officials would be too kind to the US for trying to put them in jail. Now, if the case goes away in exchange for a world cup, does that mean the US has taken bribery to a new level.

Comment 03 Jun 2015

What a hack job. He clearly does not understand football before Urban Meyer. In Tress's last year, OSU was BIG co Champs and won the Sugar Bowl against a highly ranked SEC team. The year before, they were underdogs and beat a top 10 Oregon team. If Tress had stayed, it would have been much of the same. Maybe they win a NC maybe not, but top 5 and top 10 finishes on the national scene would remain the same. The Bucks have the best winning % over the last 15 years in major college football. It has more to do with Tress than Meyer at this point.

Comment 01 Jun 2015

There is a reason why the SEC is the best. It is a conference filled with winners (even when they lose). The SEC West is the best division because EVERYONE Is a champion. If you make it through the SEC West Gauntlet, you are a champion. I mean look at the SEC, they invent national championships from small insignificant newspapers from the 1930's just so they can post a banner in their stadium and hold out that they won 15 titles and whatnot, even when the rest of the world says someone else won. This my friend is the sign of a champion. The BIG teams and PAC teams just are not champion enough for the SEC because they cant invent championships like the SEC can. THIS IS WHY THE SEC IS THE BEST 

Comment 29 May 2015

While winning the recruiting battle is nice, I would be more concerned that he can coach and develop talent. He has proven that in the past which is what makes him a bit scary at TTUN. 5 Star recruits are nice, but it seems like about 40% of them will washout.

Comment 28 May 2015

The core principal of the SEC is that the student athlete comes there to play football first and represent the university second, if there is time, he can get a degree. There should be nothing to interfere with being able to get the best football talent and if the schools are put at a disadvantage in any way, then we must eliminate the obstacle first, by trying to eliminate the competition from coming in, and if not successful there, joining the competition at their own game. This is the SEC Mantra.

It show how hypocritical the conference is when they talk about how these camps "exploit" the student athlete, yet the next day agreeing to do the same thing when they see they are not going to win the national debate. At least Delaney and the BIG have principles. While the SEC over signs and gray shirts and exploits a bunch of high school kids, the BIG programs don't do that even though it creates a competitive disadvantage for them.  

Comment 27 May 2015

Funny how when the SEC tries to remedy an injustice, it is only because of a relatively minor thing that actually can help level the playing field, instead of tilting it in their favor (Satellite camps). However, when there are egregious things that harm the student athlete like oversigning, they are silent about that because it is their built in competitive advantage. When the SEC starts actually looking out for the welfare of the student athlete, then I may actually give a damn about what they have to say about fairness and competitiveness.