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Comment 01 Oct 2015

If you want to improve Beaver Stadium, put a giant block O at midfield. All you need to do.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

FSU wont run the table. They look weak in all their wins so far, so they really are of little concern. Clemson is the best team in the ACC by leaps and bounds.

ND getting in means the deal worked for ND but not the ACC. I personally despise the ACC because of Swofford and what he did to create the mess of realignment. He started it in 2003 and added to it in 2011 when he broke up the Big East. I would love nothing more than to see them relegated to the role the old Big East played and have their teams be passed over in bowls games in favor of Notre Dame.

Comment 28 Sep 2015

Playoff team, heck no.

However, this team is not the joke of the last 2 years. Remember, the last 2 years, this team struggled to get by UCONN, Akron and lost to Rutgers. They had 5 star talent and underachieved in  a way only TTUN could.

The big take away from the last 3 games is that they no longer look inept and also they are beating teams they should beat. They are doing it convincingly too. While their schedule has been easy, the big difference is that instead of squeaking by Oregon State, and their MAC team, they are now beating them convincingly.

Comment 22 Sep 2015

I think it should be based on the average RPI over a 5 year period. Schedule wisely but hold spots open for these teams at the end because they can count. Along with Cincy and UConn, I assume you can add Boise and maybe Air Force to the list too.  If UCF and CSU and Memphis stat hot, they could qualify too I suppose. I also assume UConn will likely drop out if they continue their slide. 

Since 2007 Cincy has been a worthy competitor for many conferences. They have beat their share of ACC, BIG and PAC talent over that period. They played Oklahoma close, They beat an SEC team in a bowl a few years back.

Comment 21 Sep 2015

The thing I took away from the ESPN article was that Urban may have won to National Championships at UF but he was also still developing as a coach. It is heavy lifting to do it all by yourself and he won by outworking everyone else to sheer exhaustion. Unfortunately, while Urban was a great, coach, there was no foundation at Florida, so once he wavered or could not give it anymore, the program faltered.

The big difference is that he understands now how to build a program beyond him. He appears to have a much better system in place at Ohio State to not only win but sustain the success even when he is not there 24/7. While he still works hard, I think he now knows how to build the checks and balances into the system so it is not all on him. - At least that is my hope.

Comment 18 Sep 2015

You just don't understand how hard it is to go undefeated in the SEC. I mean the competition week in and week out is just outstanding. Look at what happened to Bert in Arkansas. That is because they play an SEC schedule. Look at Auburn, again it is an SEC schedule.

Ohio State uses the guise of the BIG mandate to avoid playing a challenging schedule by leaving off the Jacksonville States of the world. You seriously don't think the Bucks would still be undefeated if Jax State came in the Shoe?

Remember the last time Ohio State played Toledo in the Shoe? Well, it may have been different than the result Arkansas had in Arkansas but that is only because when Ohio State played Toledo, they were not an SEC caliber team worthy of being on an SEC schedule. As you can see that changes everything.

Comment 15 Sep 2015

Tressel won 1 National Championship and played in 2 others. Prior to his arrival, it was 34 years before Ohio State last won an undisputed National Championship. Prior to his arrival, we had John Cooper 2-10-1 against TTUN. Prior to his arrival Ohio State was an average team no better than the Penn States, UCLA's and Texas's of the world. They were a good but not great team that appeared to forget how a great program should act. They were content to build on the hope to win a championship once every 4 years, it was not a period of continued dominance.

Tressel changed the culture at Ohio State. He not only won, but he instilled a sense of pride, dare I even say entitlement. Ohio State was always on the national radar and nationally relevant. He put it in position so that Urban would want to take over. Dare I say that Urban may not have been as excited to take over the Ohio State program if he proceeded Cooper since they were coming off 2 years of poor performances and mediocre or no bowl games.

I hear your rant about Tressel being a mediocre coach because of how the team performed in 2007 and 2008 but that is just crazy talk. By these standards, if Urban does not win a National Championship every year you will think he failed too. But Tressel going to 8 BCS Bowl games and winning 5 of them is a phenomenal accomplishment that speaks to his greatness. Name one other coach that could match this during that era? Not even Urban or Saban matched that over the BCS period.  

Comment 13 Sep 2015

would love to have Sparty be #2 when we meet them in November. If it means a few more people have to vote them #1 right now so be it. What an epic game that will be.

That said, I know the competition was much better, but I was more scared about what TTUN did yesterday than how Sparty looked. They had a lead and almost gave it away (almost like the Nebraska game last year). TTUN played an inferior opponent but pretty much controlled the whole game. I have not seen that out of them In years. They are starting to look inspired, which they have not looked like in years.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

I don't know if OSU does it. I am sure other schools do it to some extent. I know the bowls do this.

It is poor taste though. The visiting band adds to the game day experience. When the band does not show it makes it less exciting. I love going to games with the dueling bands. It is what college football is all about.

Yes, you can monetize those seats but it is a drop in the bucket to the school with 101,000 seat stadium to let the opposing band come for free. You take away a reason why people enjoy the games so much and you make it corporate and vanilla and no different than the NFL. When your product is the same as the NFL, why go to college football because the talent level is far less than the NFL. This move is penny wise pound foolish

Comment 09 Sep 2015

If the Browns have the #1 pick Cardale should return for his senior year.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

I love how UM fans are talking about the cupcake schedule OSU faces. Correct me if I am wrong, but UM's schedule is pretty much the same. Yes, it is a lot tougher than the Bucks but only because UM is a crappy team and schools like Indiana will actually be a challenge for them.

Comment 08 Sep 2015

I heard that comment last night and was like huh? OSU has no control over that. Plus, the BIG is starting dynamic scheduling next year I believe where they will pair OSU up with the Nebraska's and Wisconsin's more often.

Comment 07 Sep 2015

The first touchdown was nothing compared to the sick move he had on the second one. That spin move is right up there with the Penn State play. WOW, just WOW. That run is the play of the year.